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Birthday Boy


PJ Franklin

Story Note/Summary : This story comes about after a wise reader suggested a three-way theme. It's Joel's 18th birthday and a special present awaits in the form of an invitation to join two hot buddies at the beach!

* * * * * * * * * *

Joel's eyes popped open just as his bedroom door flung open and a high pitched girlish voice came bounding into the room in the form of little sister Annie, "Happy Birthday big brother wake up!!"

Joel blinked, smiled and frowned at the same time. Annie was not supposed to do that, just come in unannounced. What if he had been laying on his back, bed covers flung off to the side just a few minutes before and was doing what he did most mornings now that school was done, not only for the year, but for life, high school that is.

Joel's knees automatically lurched protectively to around his chest to hide it. It wasn't easy to hide, thank god! He turned his head towards his bedroom door after first making sure that his total nudity would not be shown to the happy little tyke.

"Annie you little squirt! It's not my birthday, it's YOUR birthday!" Joel grinned playfully at the five year old then reached out and tickled her under the chin.

She grinned and giggled, "Uh, huh! It's YOUR birthday, mommy said so!" and then thrust out a crayon colored birthday "card" she had made for her big brother just after she had got up from sleep over an hour earlier. Joel took the gift,

"What's this?" Joel smiled and carefully examined the orange and green drawing of stick figure big brother Joel with a big awkward "one" and "eight" scrawled off to one side, an arrow pointed back to the figure standing in front of a five year olds depiction of their home. He could barely make out the "Happy Birthday Joel" caption at the bottom of it.

Joel looked up and past Annie. Cynthia Pasmore, mom, was standing in the doorway, "OK little girl, kiss your big brother and scoot out!"

"OK!" Annie grinned, pecked Joel's forehead and reached out for a hug. Joel hugged the little one and she went scurrying out the doorway past mom.

"Sorry, she just couldn't wait, you won't be disturbed again," mom winked.

Joel smiled a bit wanly as the door closed and he sat up, half covered with a bed sheet at first, then he flung it off and looked down. He was only half hard now, but that was easily taken care of. Joel sighed and lay back down, his right hand starting to stroke.

Yes, it was his birthday. Yes, he was eighteen now and a high school grad. He was supposed to feel all that birthday joy and happiness stuff, but memories of the prior weekend crept into consciousness, Becky's conspiratorial voice lingering, "Come on Joel, let me help you tell them, please? You deserve to be happy too!"

"Nooo! Don't you dare!" Joel had fired back and Becky just sighed and hugged her "bestest" friend.

The senior graduation road trip to the coast was supposed to be the best road trip ever with the best friends a guy could ever have and what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing and that even after Joel had promised himself his own graduation present, to say something very personal to Aaron and Corey about himself. But he had waited too long, too many months had gone by and he just couldn't and that made him feel stupid and small and very sorry for himself, both then and now.

Why was it so hard? Why couldn't he just come out and get over himself? Aaron and Corey had, sort of. That is, everyone knew they were intimate, didn't they? All the girls talked (translated: fawned over the rumors … ) about them as if they were a couple, but girls were always looking for the love and romance in anyone that didn't run away from them.

The point is, some things you just don't reveal about yourself, not to just anyone, well not to guy friends, even if you think they'd totally understand, right? That felt really fucked up and unfair, but even if Mancini and Zabek were intimate, that didn't mean squat or maybe they were just fucking around with people's minds, it would just be like both of them.

Becky swore she caught them kissing one day in Aaron's car out in the parking lot. Yea, maybe Becky was just playing chick games with his mind. She was good people, but start talking about romance on any level and most girls' minds, including Becky's, go off into half-assed lala land and you'd better be careful after that.

Usually a very positive person, Joel Pasmore was having a difficult time convincing himself at that moment that turning eighteen was anything much more than just a punched ticket towards less fun and more adult responsibility and that high school had been the best and most fun life could possibly get. And even that had been blunted by the realization about eighteen months before that he probably was, gay. Fuck.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Ok bro, you ready to do this?" Aaron optimistically grinned as he pulled his dad's big black SUV up in front of Joel Pasmore's house, parked and turned the engine off, glancing at the digital chronometer. It read 9:00 AM.

"Pasmore is going to shit bricks when he finds out what happy birthday REALLY means, " Corey  smirked back at Aaron, then leaned over and the couple kissed on the lips, albeit briefly and not with a lot of passion, then sat back, waited and sipped at their Starbuck's. It was an early Friday morning, too fucking early for sex even.

Anything before noon was like too early to be out of bed for summer vacation, especially this summer vacation between high school graduation and college. Oh well, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, what could be a very fun drop on a boy, a good friend, whose life was about to drastically change.

"But what if we're wrong about him?" Corey said, his face getting a little pensive. Aaron rolled his eyes. Of the pair, if anyone was more prone to doubt things he wasn't 102% convinced, it was Corey.

"We are not wrong. We have talked to his parents and half the girls at school. Becky begged him to say something to us last weekend, remember?" Aaron said and then they both noticed the figure of an adult male walking up to Corey's window. Corey lowered it and the face came down,

"Game time, hey guys?" Mr. Pasmore smiled a little uncomfortably.

"Hey Mr. P," Corey said for both of them and smiled back, pretty much sharing the man's obvious mild skepticism.

Loren Pasmore had been less than convinced at the first about this plan that Aaron and Corey had hatched with his wife, Cynthia, about whisking his son back to the beach on his birthday. They would hang out at Aaron's parents' beachfront property just as they all had the prior week at the senior graduation fest. This time, it would be just the three boys by themselves on the off chance that maybe Joel would finally find his level with something very personal with their ample encouragement, of course.

"He's still in bed I think, "Loren sighed, "Look, I know you guys mean well, but if he freaks out a little, don't be surprised, OK?"

"No problem Mr. P, it's all taken care of, don't worry. We'll be gentle!" Aaron grinned.

Loren chuckled, "Right, and guys … um … don't do anything I wouldn't … I mean … well, do your thing, OK?" and stood up, patted the top of the SUV and walked back into the house. Corey pushed the button up to close the passenger window back up and pointed his finger at Aaron,

"OK, pal of mine, you got us into this and I will kick your ass if you back out now!" Corey said to cover up some of his anxiety.

Aaron pointed back at him, smirking, "Yea dumbshit? You just remember it was MY idea when this thing flies like perfect!" and the two piled out of the SUV dressed in sweats and hoodies.

Having Annie burst into his room had affected him much more than anticipated, so much for a first AM wank. Joel sighed and nursing a half-hard, got out of bed, slipped on a pair of red and black baggy house shorts and padded down to the bathroom to take a leak. He left the bathroom door cracked open. If anyone wanted to take a peek at his dick, they were welcome. Privacy was at a minimum at times anyway and he had nothing to be ashamed about.

Aaron and Corey slipped into the home aided by Cynthia Pasmore and then making sure Annie was well out of the way, shown the two boys the hallway bathroom door. They stood themselves on either side of the door, hoods in place over their heads to make their appearance a little menacing and could hear Joel's bladder emptying.

They had not known what to expect upon entering the house or just exactly how to surprise the affable older teen, but now it was obvious, at least to Aaron, the "master planner." Aaron nodded silently to Corey for them to pretty much ambush Joel as he emerged from the bathroom. Now even Corey was getting very excited. Aaron was a lot of fun this way with his massive instincts for surprise and he nodded back his readiness to follow the leader.

Joel looked down into the toilet bowl and shook it off, tucking Mr. Happy back inside his shorts. He would spank the monkey later, he was clearly out of the mood right then. Now it was time to shuffle into the kitchen, get a kiss and hug from mom and a greeting from his dad and get on with it. Birthdays could be a bore and he had no idea of any plans about a party, although mom usually tried to surprise him, yea right, like that was possible anymore. Joel strode over and opened the bathroom door …

"What the fuck!!? … " Joel blurted as two hooded strangers pushed him reeling backwards into the bathroom and then they closed the door!

" … Mancini?? Zabek!? What the hell?!" Joel completed his realization. Then the two conspirators flipped off their hoods, grinning, Aaron confidently, Corey apprehensively.

"In the flesh my man! Happy Birthday, surprised?" Aaron said with great relish, his tongue poking out the side of his mouth, very pleased with himself. Joel looked like he was seeing ghosts.

"Well, Jezus!! I mean, what are you guys … what?"

"Road trip my man, back to the beach, just the three of us overnight. Don't worry, your 'rents are in on it. They gave up their precious little baby boy on his eighteenth so he could chill with his buds. The goofy family party with your relatives is tomorrow. We promised we'd have you back in one piece by tomorrow afternoon," Aaron crowed.

Joel's emotions were all pretty much tangled up half in confusion, one quarter excitement and the rest apprehension and that rendered him pretty much speechless, much less what the two teens standing in front of him then did.

"So, just so there's no mistake what this is all about, check it out my man," Aaron said, then turned and locked up Corey in a full on French kiss. This even surprised Corey, but not for long. Corey moaned as Aaron's wet love muscle gently asked permission to mate with his and permission was quickly given and the pair hugged as they kissed, letting it linger just a bit before breaking off.

Joel stood there mouth gaping, pretty much stunned. Funny thing though. When a guy sees another two guys kiss, it either causes a great cringing need to flee and get the hell out of town or his stomach knots up with a kind of anxiety that unconsciously tells him that maybe sticking around is not such a bad idea. Corey was definitely flirting with the latter.

"Close your cock holster Pasmore, we'll let you know what it's time for that," Aaron smirked, opened the bathroom door, "Get a move on, we want to get going, it's never too early to party, right?!"

"Cock-what?" Joel said, kind of trace-like, Corey pushing him towards the door entrance, now really enjoying himself. God it just fucking ROCKS to catch a buy way off guard like this!

* * * * * * * * * *

Somewhere between his bedroom and to under the vehicle's protective belt restraints of the bench seat right in back of the two captains chair of the large SUV, Joel Pasmore finally began to wake up to the fact that he had been benignly kidnapped or maybe even saved from a bland and ordinary birthday, maybe even one that could never be forgotten.

Mancini and Zabek had kissed in front of him in his own bathroom in a way that left no doubt about what both some girls and boys at school seemed to have known all along. The question was, what was he supposed to do now? And he was not really all the na´ve. He knew what a cock-holster was.

The Starbuck's drive through service was fast and efficient, but Joel really wasn't in the mood for the hot caffeinated beverage that Aaron insisted he order. There was in fact no conversation yet, the sound system was blaring the latest in favorite teen music and yet the mood seemed a bit somber.

Aaron decided to not be over the top about anything and just bided his time, keeping his eye on the road. Corey was uncomfortable for Joel and now harbored doubts about having played SS trooper as they had. Maybe that had not gone over so well. Corey looked back,

"Dude, you OK?" he asked loudly, seeing the tall white and green logoed paper beverage container nestled up tightly to Joel's crotch.

Joel's face was down at the time, his mind lost somewhere between enjoying the music's hardcore beat and in a kind of obsessive mind fuck recollection over seeing Mancini and Zabek kissing in his own bathroom! He looked up and faked a smile, "Sure!"

Corey blew out his cheeks a little and looked over at Aaron. They were not even fifteen minutes down the road with a good hour of driving left and even Corey felt unsettled, if not a little feeling like turning back. Aaron saw Corey's face and rolled his eyes. He knew his best friend and lover quite well by now and it was usually up to him to take the initiative and be daring or at least firm, "What?" he said.

Corey sat back and shook his head, grinning out of nervousness, "Nothing." Aaron re-focused on the road ahead and made a decision. They didn't have all the time in the world, not really. High school was over now and even though he and Corey would most certainly make a serious go of it together at the university downstate, the fantasy plan was for Joel to join them, do something really different, more of a three-way relationship.

Nuts? Premature? Doomed to failure? Maybe, maybe not; but why not try and find out! If Joel was not up for it, they would have fun that weekend and then that would be it, no real harm done. But at least Joel would get the chance to safely do his thing, maybe fly a little, hell, maybe soar! Who knew?  Aaron leaned over to Corey and whispered over the booming dim,

"Get your ass back there and try and start something."

Corey's chest immediately tightened and he replied, "You do it. I'm freaking scared of him."

"Scared? Are you whacked? He's terrified of us, not vice versa, now get going!"

Joel looked up, his two friends talking back and forth, about what he couldn't hear over the din. But suddenly he saw Corey undo his seat-belt and squeeze himself back between the seats. Joel's heart started to pound, he would be knee to knee with the hot fellow senior boy in seconds. Let's be frank, despite Joel's physically closeted high school years around Aaron and Corey, his mind's fantasy life over the duo was about as full as it could be, almost like an old fashioned daily cartoon panel in a newspaper.

Aaron grinned, turned up the volume on the hardcore beat and settled back, adjusting and glancing frequently in the SUV's rear-view mirror at what he hoped would be a hot, hot show.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm popping a boner. I've never touched a boy, much less Corey Zabek. I wish he would just go back up in front and … "then Joel's panicked thought was interrupted as Corey leaned over towards him.

"What's up Pasmore? Having fun yet?" Corey leaned into him, his knee touching Joel's but more like because the SUV hit a bump and it was accidental.

Joel shrugged, he was eighteen, not a kid and certainly not a wuss, but this was unnerving, "Sure!" and brought the way cooled down Starbuck's to his lips with Aaron watching. Having positioned the SUV in a very safe position on the road, no traffic around them and not being one to miss an opportunity to break the tension, Aaron carefully but decisively tapped on the SUV's brakes and swiftly jerked the steering wheel to the left, then back to the right.

The sudden shift worked like a charm, if not better. The boys not only bumped hard into each other, but the Starbucks container lid somehow caught on Joel's clothing, went flying off and the creamy beige contents went splashing onto both Corey's and Joel's sweats.

"MOTHERFUCKER!" Corey grinned, reached forward and punched Aaron's right upper arm, Aaron already howling with delight. Joel blushed, but finally blurted, "Thanks a LOT Mancini!" but there was nothing to be done. The coffee beverage was only barely warm and already soaked up by the sweat clothes material.

Joel leaned over to Corey, trying hard to smile over the discomfort of the engineered spillage, "He put you up to this?"

Corey nodded, "Pretty much, well, me coming back here, not this fucked up mess."

"So, what's your mission Zabek?" Joel asked, proud of himself for even asking.

"Make out with you," Corey said, proud of himself for answering. Aaron looked up at the mirrored reflection of the verbal exchange in back of him and smiled. It was going to work.

"Make out with me?! <gulp!> What, you think I'm gay or something?" Joel said "the word," just like that, his face falling down; but maybe the din of the very loud car stereo system helped to blunt too much of it getting out into the universe all at once where it might actually be too much to deal with all at once.

Corey felt his gut churn. Maybe it was all too true, Joel was far more closeted even to himself than anyone knew and maybe this wasn't a good idea, but at least he could empathize and suggest,

"It hurts a little at first, then you get used to it, then you find a crazy ass boyfriend like Aaron who makes it all seem worthwhile."

Aaron did a double-take glance into the mirror. He couldn't hear a thing, but the softness and seriousness of Corey's face proved to him that all along, he knew it would be Corey to talk to Joel, not him. Aaron might be the energy of the duo, but not the heart and soul.

"Boyfriend?" Joel asked, starting to tremble a little again. Never would he dare that word to be true concerning himself. Being "g-a-y" was one thing. Saying that other word quite another yet again.

Corey nodded, "Yup" and their knees bumped again, this time a bit more purposefully on Corey's part. Joel noticed this time.

"Um … you guys look good together, "Joel replied and then realized how much he envied both of them.

Corey then paused and thought before he launched out something really risky. He leaned over,

"We want you to join us Joel."

Aaron had been watching. Just then he knew Corey had "popped the question," just came right out with it. "Way to go Corey!" Aaron's thought in silence, his usual calm and cool busting into a real excitement.

"What do you mean?" Joel replied, knowing full well what Corey had meant.

"Get it on, learn how to do it with us man. You deserve to be happy too you know!"

Funny, that's what Becky had said last weekend, "Did Becky put you guys up to this?"

Corey smiled, "Everyone put us up to this, the girls anyway, but more of the boys than you'd think and especially your parents!"

"My parents??!" Joel said in a special jolt to the old system. Corey just nodded, "It's OK man, they get it; but it's up to you. I think you're hot, so does Aaron."

"Me hot?" Joel thought. But why not? He was a great looking guy and yes, he was hot and so were Corey and Aaron.

Suddenly and kind of out of character, Joel both relaxed and got more excited than a whole eighteen years worth of living up to that moment. Then again, a quickly emerging boner was physically helping along the lagging mental reservations by leaps and bounds. Maybe this was just his time, but he was still very nervous, "But I don't know what to do!"

Aaron looked back up into the mirror feeling the urge to jump back there and join them, a little envious of Corey now. Corey smiled; he definitely was boned up now and looked down saw that Joel was right there as well. Aaron was right, this was going to work,

"Just close your eyes," Corey instructed and Joel did, his palms pressing down on either thigh, his right foot nervously tapping the floorboards. Corey grinned and nodded to Aaron who nodded back.

Corey's left hand slipped past Joel's arm and his palm landed firmly on Joel's bulge, Joel's mouth opening up in a predictable response, "Whoaaaa," and then a soft smile crossed his face. So THAT'S what being touched down there by another boy felt like, way different than doing it to yourself, too!

Corey gently squeezed a few times, Joel starting to push his hips up, then Corey pulled his hand back towards himself, but midway, Joel reached out and grabbed his wrist, "Don't stop now!" Joel said, their eyes meeting. Corey grinned, Joel grinned and seeing it all, Aaron gave a huge war whoop, "Yeaaaaamannn!" and rotating his palm back, high-fived with Corey.

The boner count in the vehicle was now a solid three for three, the driver desperately trying to think of an excuse for Corey to drive, so that he could carry on with Joel, but it was too late. Oh well. Aaron sighed and kept driving and glancing into the rear-view mirror.

Joel's emotions were now competing with his aching stomach for attention, both building up very fast. Corey eased himself into Joel's side and Joel didn't back off.

"Like that huh?" Corey said, slipping his left arm in back of Joel's shoulders and his right hand went back down and firmly rubbed over Joel's expanded bulge.

"Uh, huh!" Joel's voice broke up a little. He didn't know what to do with his hands, but Corey took care of that and grasping Joel's wrist, brought Joel's hand back over to his bulge. Light bulb number two turned on. So that's what it felt like to fondle another boy's hard tackle!

Talk about quick study, "Want to try a kiss?" Corey asked, his heart just pounding with excitement. Aaron was driving with one hand, pawing at his crotch with the other and taking a lot of glances into the rear view mirror, but still driving very safely.

Joel nodded in the affirmative, but apprehensively now. Another boy actually kissing him? This was big step. Joel closed his eyes. Corey glanced up at the rear view mirror, then moved in and slowly brought his lips to Joel's. Aaron could only sigh to himself, "Ohhmannnn," as Corey would get that all important "first kiss" with Joel.

There aren't many moments in anyone's life that you can truly feel that time stands still for you, for just a few moments, but this was one of them for Joel. Joel first felt the warmth coming off of Corey's skin as his face approached, then his nose caught the scent, a boy's scent, a strange kind of pungent musk. Joel's nose wrinkled at it at first, but then Corey's breath quickly followed. It was amazing, it smelt sweet and inviting.

But nothing trumps when lips softly touch for the first time. Corey gave Joel just a soft touch, lips to lips, then backed off a little and waited. It was almost just automatic; Joel wanted more and craned his neck forward until they touched again. Both boys moaned simultaneously and Corey slipped his left hand behind Joel's head.

Aaron slumped down into his seat a little, his usual hardcore countenance softening some. He stopped looking in the mirror, his emotions melting him down into a knot of remembrance for his first kiss with Corey Zabek so many months before.  They had been flirting with each other for weeks before finally Aaron took the bull by the horns and invited Corey over to his house.

You think you know a guy, you went to high school with him for three years for God's sake, but then you find out you know nothing. They never made it to Aaron's home that day until much later. Necking seems like such an old fashioned word, something out of the 50's and 60's and not even remotely applicable to two very modern boys. But the car was parked in such a way as to promote privacy and they necked, right then and there, kissing and touching and yes, firmly rubbing and squeezing bulges, just like Corey had just done with Joel.

Corey's left hand firmly encouraged Joel to do as much as he wanted. Joel's lips parted. He knew about French kissing. So what would it be like if he touched Corey's tongue with his? He found out with just a quick thrust towards and back. It felt kind of weird and Corey could feel Joel tense, so he backed off,

"That takes a little getting used to," and smiled, ruffling his left hand over Joel's. Joel blushed and covered his face with both hands, "I can't believe I'm doing this!!" he shouted and grinned. Aaron glanced up into the mirror and got caught up in the moment, "Hey Pasmore you big fairy! Just wait till I get my hands on you!"

Fairy, fag, queer, fudge packer, butt pirate, homo, Joel had predictably heard those and a lot more in locker rooms from boys whose intent was not good. Joel misunderstood Aaron and automatically reacted, his face falling down a little. Corey's face scowled and he reached forward and punched Aaron's arm, "Don't be an asshole Mancini!"

Aaron knew he had misspoke, "Oh man, I'm sorry Joel, I didn't mean it that way bro."

Joel quickly recovered. He knew queer boys liked to talk rough to each other, just like black guys did. Joel reached out with his hand and made contact with Aaron's shoulder, "It's OK man, no harm done, I'm just not used to it."

"How much longer to the beach?" Corey asked with a purpose, the tension of the prior moment already gone.

"Forty minutes maybe, "Aaron replied.

"Pull over, let me drive bro. Get your ass back here to babysit birthday boy!" Corey suggested.

Aaron was all grins and really stoked now, "Yea baby!" and then finding a safe turn out, pulled over, stopped and rushed out of the driver's side and Joel smiled as he watched them briefly kiss in passing, then Aaron piled in next to him, closing his door.  Corey closed his door, belted himself in and then put the SUV in gear, already preparing to pull back into traffic.

Joel looked at Aaron and just said it,

"So, I'm … I guess I'm gay, huh?" and just like that, Joel felt this amazing release. His eyes got a little watery and it was like jumping out into an empty space. Where would you land after saying something like that?

Aaron paused. As cheesy as it sounds, listening to another guy say that out loud maybe for the first time is not unlike a dad hearing his kid say "dada" for the first time.  It commands a lot of respect. Aaron had expected to just sit next to Joel and start making out. He had forgotten that Joel Pasmore was not used to the way a guy feels for the first times of coming out.

Aaron mentally backtracked a bit on all his plans for him and Corey to act as if it was nothing more than a jaunt in the park, the three of them getting together for sex and to plan their futures together, Joel willing of course.

"It took me a long time to say I was gay even just to myself. Wait till you tell your parents, not very easy," Aaron replied, his face getting quite serious.

Joel appreciated the moment, but didn't feel the need to get carried away with it, "Like Corey said, my parents probably already know."

Aaron smiled, "Yea, they do. They're cool. Mine were, but still, it's tough."

Joel smiled at Aaron. He already realized that coming out could often be a very hard and sorrowful act for a lot of guys and he was getting off very easy with a pair of guys that were not only best friends, but gay and so was he.

"So, what's lesson two huh? You're not back here just to talk Mancini!" and Aaron grinned,

"No, I'm not, I'm back here to check you out man, pull off your hoodie."

"Yea baby! Let's see some skin!" Corey shouted over the din of music from the front seat.

Joel pulled his right off, and so did Aaron. The cooler air inside the SUV gave Joel goose bumps, but not more than the way his whole body lit up being even just half naked next to Aaron Mancini, who by far had the most muscular body of all three boys.

Aaron's tongue started to waggle mischievously over his teeth, "Check this out Pasmore," and Joel looked down with not a little wonder as Aaron's head dipped down, came over and his tongue started to flick at one of Joel's bared nipples, a finger of his right hand teasing the other nipple at the same time.

"Fuckkk," Joel blurted softly and moaned, once again having another boy play with his nips so much better than his own self-efforts. Aaron's hand slipped down and rubbed over Joel's bulge, Joel's hands flying up, not sure what to do with him until it became kind of obvious, then they settled down on Aaron's back and started to rub, his first really purposeful intimate contact with another male.

"OH boy, better take it easy down there!" Joel had to say referring to familiar impending signals coming from his dick.

Aaron's head came back up, "Maybe I should just suck you off, huh Pasmore?"

"Do it!" Corey encouraged from the front seat, rubbing on his own hard happiness from the driver's seat.

Joel felt a sudden need to suppress an embarrassing giggle, his dick begging him to say "yes" to the offer. So why the hell not? He nodded and gave his breathy answer, "Go for it man," and just saying it was a thrill for the newbie.

"Pull yer sweats down my man, " Aaron said rubbing his hands together as Joel revealed himself, a really nice seven inches of hard male lust.

"Sweeeeet!" Aaron said aloud. "Fuck me," Corey said softly to himself, shaking his head and trying harder to concentrate just on driving, but wishing he was sitting back with the duo in back of him.

Joel reached down and slowly pushed his sweats and boxers down past his pubes, then over his erection and lifting up his pelvis, bunched up his clothing to mid-thigh. It wasn't as easy as just doing it. He was exposing himself to another guy for sex for God's sake, another real first!

Aaron on the other hand stared at Joel's tube steak like a hungry grill customer, thinking to himself "Where's the steak sauce please?" On second look however, no steak sauce needed, Aaron spied some sweet looking pre-cum oozing out of Joel's slit. Joel's dick was definitely needing relief whether his owner felt comfortable about it or not.

"You're gonna love this!" Aaron confidently smirked, then leaned way over, one hand reaching over to Joel's far nipple and his mouth descending down toward the target, his other helping hand carefully wrapping around the base of Joel's dick to hold it up.

Aaron's mouth gaped open, incredulous. You hear about blow jobs, hummers, wonder how it would feel and know you can't possibly simulate that kind of thing on your own. "Fuck!" Aaron moaned as Aaron's tongue expertly flicked and lapped up and down Joel's long hard length, a huge shiver ripping through his pelvis, down his thighs and up towards his chest.

Corey glanced up to the rearview mirror, mumbling, "mutherfuck!" and had to force his eyes back to the road. Aaron then carefully licked Joel's red swollen dick-head free of pre-cum, tasting it, treasuring it in his mouth while Joel's head bent backwards in a long moan of pleasure. So this guy on guy sex, huh? He was addicted already.

"You're not gonna last long Pasmore, so don't sweat it, just enjoy this shit man, you are gonna love it!" and then Aaron started to engulf Joel's entire dick up into his mouth, using his experienced tongue to swirl about Joel's dick head in such a way that Aaron's eyes started to bug out in just a few seconds.

"Ahhhjezusmaaaaaan!" Aaron moaned loudly and his pelvis stared to automatically thrust up into Aaron's mouth, but Aaron was ready for it and let his mouth go up with the thrust, using his hand on Joel's shaft to help milk out Joel's boy juices with firm strokes. Corey grinned as he glanced at the action and pumped his fist, "YESSSS!"

Joel just looked dumbly at Aaron as Aaron quickly sat up, pushed down his sweats and boxers and started to bang on his own dick, he had to get off and fast and did as Joel was still slack jawed at what he had just experienced, but watched Aaron spray his own chest and tummy with his own silvery-white spunk.

"So, you want to do more when we get to the beach?" Aaron grinned at Joel. A big smile slowly spread on Joel Pasmore's face, "Fuck yeaaa!" Joel blurted and they high-fived.

Aaron then scooted back up to the front passenger seat and Joel leaned forward as well as he could towards the gap in the front seats.

"Watch this!" Aaron grinned to a smiling Joel who watched as Aaron reached over, helped the driver down with his sweats and boxers and gave Corey a hot little hummer as he drove them all on down the road!

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