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Birthday Boy - 2


PJ Franklin

Corey Zabek carefully navigated the large black SUV into the small seacoast village and then slowly meandered along the narrow streets and finally into the driveway of the corner lot, dune-side beach house. Joel had spent at least some of the rest of the trip in the back seat with Aaron talking; just idle chit-chat, mostly.

Even after Joel's spectacular and generous introduction to Corey's kiss and Aaron's oral service, Joel's mind was still reeling, albeit in a good way. I mean, he had just come out of the closet, really came out and though he felt that he had a million questions, it wasn't that easy to put any of them into words at the first.

But towards the end of the journey as they were pulling into the village, Joel finally asked,

"So like, how long have you guys been, you know, doing it and stuff?" and even then Joel felt like he was prying.

Aaron might be gung ho to have gay sex, but even he knew there were far more important questions to be answered, including ones about him and Corey.  Aaron sighed,

"Hell, I didn't even know he existed for over a year. You know how big the school is, we never even had any classes together until sophomore year. Yea, then we had P.E. together first thing off that fall, what a trip! … "

"You better keep your eyes off my butt Zabek, I don't like homos!" the larger boy scowled with a modest threatening gesture at Corey as they walked out of sophomore P.E. class a good two weeks into the new fall term.

Corey Zabek cringed and wisely said nothing, coming to a dead stop while the very perturbed boy walked backwards and away from him before he turned and joined a small group of other boys on the egress from the gym.

Yes, he had been stealing stares at Dave Triplett's ass and cock and yes, his hot muscular boy body that particular class period, but Triplett wasn't the only boy his eyes spied out during P.E. activities and later in the showers or adjacent lockers. His new high school was loaded with good looking guys. The trouble was, none of them seemed to look back, save some that didn't gracefully feel like they wanted to be checked out, not by another boy anyway.

For Corey Zabek, knowing that he was gay since very late in his junior high school career had not been the easiest realization. He was definitely on the shy and cautious side and had no non-solo sexual experience to speak of. He was not out to anyone save himself and was very well aware of the dangers out there in the form of a lot of disapproval of his feelings, including not a lot of good vibes from his parents on the subject.

Aaron Mancini had also known he was gay since junior high, but unlike Corey, Aaron was much more comfortable and had a natural knack for spying out the hotties and not getting their attention, much less having had some success in attracting a little sexual fun here and there for the prior two years.

Only by accident that Indian summer day had he overheard Triplett's angry negative use of the "H-word" at the new guy Zabek. His locker was on the other side of five long rows in a very large class of boys. He had seen Zabek, but knew nothing about him. Might he be a homo (in the positive "H-word" sense) like Aaron knew himself to be? He was certainly cute enough in Aaron's discerning mind, if looks was a criteria.

Mancini shook his head as he watched Dave Triplett turn and walk away then walked up to Corey,

"You gotta be careful about guys like Triplett, "was all Aaron carefully said. Unfortunately, Corey was in no mood for any sympathy, empathy or advice,

"Fuck you! I'm no homo! Leave me alone!" Corey replied, then stomped off, hurt and angry. Aaron just stood there a moment, then yelled towards Corey, "Never said you were!" then said to himself, "Yup, he's gay all right."

"So like how did you know so easily?" Joel asked as he helped Aaron get the beach house up and running for the overnight.

"So what are you fags talking about, me I suppose?!" Corey interrupted as he found the pair after bringing his gear into the small house. "Ooops! Sorry, "Corey quickly added. Joel smiled, "No, it's OK, I know it's not meant to be mean, I got a lot of stuff to get used to, right homo?" Joel directed back at Corey with a much more confident smirk. Corey smiled, "Right!"

"Not everything is about you Zabek, but yea, I was telling Pasmore here about how you were lucky enough to have me drag your ass out of the closet!" Aaron grinned.

"Aaron would take credit for the discovery of French fries if you let him, but yea, but did he tell you it was because we both got shit-faced at a party?" Corey responded.

"I was just getting to that part! … " Aaron rebounded.

Melissa Starkey was proving very adept at party making for those high school guys and gals she deigned good enough to attend. Her rich parents were pretty lax and if some or even a lot of alcohol flowed, well, so much the better; but Melissa was not dumb. If you were going to get drunk, she was going to take your car keys and you were staying overnight.

Aaron Mancini was already getting his buzz on pretty good. The punch was spiked with Vodka, that was for sure! It had gotten to a couple of hours before midnight and the music was just pounding away, raucous and window pane vibrating loud. Melissa swore her parents were gone until Monday morning, so party on and everyone was!

Aaron was checking out every guy in the house and there were a lot. He knew girls were checking him out and that was fine. He had been asked by several girls, a couple of them in pairs as well, if he wanted to get down and dirty in one of the house's many bedrooms. Aaron politely declined, of course.

It was about 10PM by then and that's when Corey Zabek showed up. Melissa liked the hot looking sophomore, but the invite had nearly been turned down. It had been a couple weeks since Dave Triplett had issued him that rude warning and Corey was still emotionally stung feeling. But he was bored and liked Melissa, so he made his way to Melissa's party that night.

Aaron was watching the front door when Corey came in. Aaron felt tingly just seeing Corey and still felt bad about what he had transpired between he and Corey the day Triplett had rudely spoken to the cute boy outside of the gym. Melissa invited Corey in and got him a plastic glass of her special punch. Aaron took his time and kept out of sight until Corey had downed two full glasses of the yummy cold red liquid, then "pounced."

"Hey man, sorry about a couple weeks ago!" Aaron said, having cornered Corey away from the crowds. Corey felt badly too. He had even taken the time to check Aaron out (albeit very carefully now) in the showers in P.E. and wow, what was there not to like?

"It's OK. I guess I just have issues," Corey responded, his alcohol buzzed mind finding it really hard not to scan his eyes head to toe over Aaron's body.

Aaron smiled, "You been drunk before?" and already Aaron had fully scanned Corey. Fuck, what a nice body, what a cute face!

Corey gave a sloppy grin, "Only once, at a wedding. That punch shit is great, makes me want to say things!"

"What things?" Aaron asked, rapidly getting excited downstairs.

"You don't want to know," Corey said, the last vestige of inhibited speech starting to fade from the alcohol lightweight's control.

Aaron was now hornier than hell and motioned for Corey to follow him into a hallway past the press of partying boys and girls and the din of the pounding music. Corey followed from behind Aaron's hot ass and he quickly toppled over the edge of horniness into the boner zone and panicked just a little at first, trying for a quick adjustment to his jeans.

Aaron caught the effort as he stopped and turned, leaning up against the hallway wall, but didn't say a thing about it,

"So, what things? Come on, you can tell me!" Aaron urged, sipping a little punch from his glass.

Well, one thing was for sure, Corey didn't mind leaning back on the wall right next to Aaron Mancini, it sure felt good! But even drunk, Corey felt too cautious and just shrugged. It was do or die as far as Aaron was concerned, he leaned way over to Corey's ear,

"Dude, you're way hot. I want to get it on with you man, I'll find a bedroom and if you're up for it, come on in!" then Aaron disappeared down the hallway, but on the way gave his rump a firm and very confident little spank along with a pretty loud, "Yea baby!" into the empty hallway.

"Fuck me!" Corey said staring after Aaron, his out of the blue come-on easily mixing in with his alcohol buzz. He looked down at his tented jeans and mumbled, "I dare you not to follow." His jeans answered back, "Go fill your glass you little stud and get going!" and Corey did.

"Yesss … so you did it, you found Aaron?!" Joel grinned excitedly at Corey as they were all walking through the spacious kitchen front-room and out onto the patio decking that overlooked the swirling dunes of sand and ocean in the short distance below.

As they gathered shoulder to shoulder at the railing, a huge gust of wind whipped all of their longish hair about under the high sunny sky. Joel even dared to think that finally, he was in the right place at the right time with the right guys as he watched the wind re-sculpt the shifting dune sands below.

"He sure did!" Aaron grinned ear to ear to Joel's left. Corey rolled his eyes, "Go ahead, make me sound like a drunk whore," but smiled as he did and Aaron gladly continued …

Corey paused at the bedroom door that he had seen Aaron slip into. He took a sip from his renewed punch glass and sighed in a now or never kind of way. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe Aaron Mancini was just drunk and was messing with his equally as drunk head. Maybe this, maybe that, oh fuck, just get on with it! Corey opened the door and slipped inside, closing it as if something else evil was going to follow him in.

Aaron was laying flat on the bed when Corey entered, then turned to his side towards the door. In way he felt kind of sleazy approaching Corey as he had. Aaron's instincts told him that maybe there was more to Zabek than just another notch on his belt, not that he had a lot of those mind you. On the other hand, he had to get in Zabek's pants if it was the last thing he did that night! Aaron sat up,

"So, first time?" Aaron asked. Corey nodded, excited downstairs, apprehensive upstairs. Aaron smiled, "Your choice. You can come over here and sit next to me and we can make out or, I can come over there, take your dick out and see if you like a guy sucking it."

Corey relaxed some. At least he didn't have to think about making out, kissing. Boys kissing boys? He was ambivalent about that one as yet. "I'll let you," Corey said with a slightly unconfident warble in his voice.

Aaron jumped off the bed and walked over, got on his knees and brought his hands up to Corey's jeans, "Just enjoy it man," and Corey watched and felt, blinking and sipping punch in a kind of surreal haze. Maybe drinking too much of the punch was having too much influence, but whatever it was that Mancini was doing, he could keep doing for a year without cease.

"Like that huh?" Aaron said after giving Corey's hard shaft a full introduction to BJ 101, stood up and walked back over to the bed and sat. "Sorry, my bad, " he grinned, "I should always finish what I start, but was kind of hoping you might  join me over here now."

Corey sighed, drank the rest of the punch, forgot that his jeans and boxers were bunched up around down near his knees and promptly fell over onto the carpet taking just the first step …

Joel cracked up, so did Aaron. Corey reached around in back of Joel and punched at Aaron who deftly ducked away, "You love that part, fucker!" Cory smiled, recalling the event with a great deal of real affection …

"Dude!" Aaron said, jumped off the bed and helped Corey up, "Oh fuck I'm so drunk, I'm dizzy!" Corey said and Aaron helped him over, sat him down and then up onto the bed, laying flat. Aaron then propped himself up and looked down at the sight of a crazy cute drinking-lightweight of a boy.

Corey looked up and blurted, "So, you gonna rape me now?" and Aaron's guys got really big, but so did Corey's at his own unexpected question!

"Well, not unless you really want me to!" Aaron responded and suddenly Corey belched about as loud as you can without calling 911 sending both boys into stomach cramping hysterics.

"Fuck! That was awesome!" Aaron said, then he did the same, albeit not nearly as loudly and with only a little residual laughter afterwards.

"Wouldn't mind you finishing what you started over there," Corey asked.

"Mind if I strip off some first?" Aaron countered. Corey nodded and smiled, "Strip tease," and Aaron was all too agreeable. The influence and advantage of alcohol was now very evident. Clothes started to go all over the place, from both boys eventually before Corey Zabek found himself on his back, naked and with another naked boy for the first time, Aaron Mancini at that.

Aaron was not about to be denied the pleasure of slowly breaking Corey into the ways of basic boy on boy sex that night, but would not kiss Corey, not that night and not with alcohol in their bodies. That was Aaron's private secret, romance, getting a real boyfriend and up to that point, he had no idea it would ever happen, but now his suspicions would be strong.

"So how far did you guys go that first night?" Joel asked, looking to his right, then to his left, really enjoying the revelation. Aaron smiled over at Corey, "You tell him," and Corey chuckled and shook his head, "Not very far, but it was still the coolest thing … "

Nothing much can beat straddling over a cute naked boy, both hard dicks in your fist for the first time and you making sure that both of them will shoot a ton of semen straight up like a huge fountain of lust and at the same time. Aaron knew he could blow Corey easy, but decided to do that later. This would be fun as well, so he went at it.

Corey was incredulous and so turned on. Aaron's hot body loomed over him and having him control his dick in concert with his own was an experience he had never thought of, even in fantasy. But even as Aaron brought them both closer and closer, all Corey could think about was Aaron Mancini behind him, doggie style, and fucking the shit out of his tight boy hole, now that was a fantasy!

"No way! You thought that?" Joel asked, his dick reviving to hardness, right at the railing.

"Yup, totally, it was then and still is majorly HOTT!" Corey grinned and looked over at Aaron, who smiled, "Good thing you didn't say that then Zabek or I would not have waited to pop your cherry right then and there!"

Corey felt like he was going to explode through the bedroom ceiling. Aaron just rode the bucking bronco, Corey's pelvis started to buck and jerk and Corey's head bent backwards, his mouth starting to gurgle and growl as their dicks were shooting bullets of liquid lust, some coming up to Aaron's eye level even! Fuck!

But what Aaron didn't know until later, is that Corey Zabek had slipped his right hand under his own ass and jammed his own middle finger up into his own butthole just before they shot their loads and made the fantasy of actually being fucked by Aaron just a little closer to reality.

"Nooowayy! Fuck! Corey!" Joel interrupted, blushing. How many times had he already done that to himself?

Aaron sighed with that inevitable feeling of wishing an orgasm could last forever, but instead he toppled off of Corey and onto his back, licked off all of the spent spunk from his own hand, then started to finger it off of Corey's pubes, dick and anywhere else as Corey was still in a state of bliss before he caught up to what Aaron was doing.

"Wow," was all Corey could say and after Aaron had got what he wanted , Corey got a little for himself and tasted the combined boy juices.

"The best part was that Aaron told me that every time before, he would just want to do it and leave. That night, well, after we spunked, he looked at me point blank and insisted, 'dude, get your ass up here, lay your head on my chest.' I was like 'what?' and he kept looking at me like if I didn't; he was going to make me anyway, so I just did it. Fuck, it was the coolest feeling I ever had."

About then, Aaron walked around Joel and Corey turned towards the house, back to the railing. Joel watched Aaron's mouth land on Corey's and they started a long deep French kiss, their hands on either other's waists, their obvious bulges pressed tightly together as well.

Joel let out a very low whistle of admiration at the sight in front of him that only he could hear due to the swirling winds still whipping off of the beach from the ocean, but he did let a hand drift down and squeeze his own package. The kiss broke, Aaron and Corey both looked down at Joel's hand and then up at Joel and motioned him to join in.

Joel swallowed, pretty hard. Getting pecked on the lips in the SUV was one thing, this was quite another; but finally, on instinct alone, Joel stepped into it. All three boys were just about the same height, Aaron and Corey let one hand each land on top of Joel's shoulders and his heart pounding like hell, Joel just closed his eyes. Corey smiled and nodded to Aaron who let his lips slide gently onto Joel's.

Joel's bare toes curled underneath of his own bare feet causing a "white-knuckling" effect, the kiss was so electric. Aaron didn't attempt to French Joel and let go of it, but Joel next felt Corey's lips. No amount of wind could prevent any of them listening to Joel moan with delight at how natural this all felt now. Corey and Aaron's hands slid down to Joel's waist and finally, his toes relaxed.

"So like, what happened the rest of the night?" Joel asked when he opened his eyes and the kiss with Corey stopped.

"Nothing," Corey replied. Joel's forehead frowned a little and he looked at Aaron, "Well, yes and no … "

Aaron's hand cuddled the long haired cutie's head after it settled down on his chest. Even he had never gone this far before in allowing certain feelings for another boy to emerge. Was it the booze? Was it love? Or a crush? Or just a quirky moment in time? Whatever it was, it wasn't lust, at least not just during that moment.

Corey had little else to go on as well, save the feeling that having given into Aaron's insistence, he found himself strangely at home, not moving, not doing anything really. And oh yes, he could hear Aaron's heartbeat! God! He had never done that before with another human and it caused his head to lurch up and he looked up at Aaron.

"What's wrong?" Aaron asked. Corey smiled and lay his head back, "Nothing."

"Is this freaking you out?" Aaron asked, actually a little concerned for himself. He wasn't sure why he had asked Corey to do this.

"No, I like it," Corey said. Oddly enough, it would take Aaron Mancini months and months later to admit to Corey that those four words is what "did it" for him, making he and Corey boyfriends, even if just in his mind.

Things were getting just a tad maudlin, not something Aaron was very comfortable with, so he reached up and pinched a naked nipple, one each on Joel's and Corey's bare chests then took off running towards the end of the deck and the stairs that led down to the sandy dunes below.

"Motherfucker!" Corey yelled and grinned, "Come on Pasmore, let's get his ass!!" and they took after Mancini, Joel after Corey, not even realizing consciously, anyway, that he had never felt happier.

* * * * * * * * * *

Twenty minutes later …

"Fuuuuuckkkkkk!" Joel yelled mostly to himself into the stiff breeze, soaked to the bone with chilling seawater and naked as a jaybird, Aaron and Corey having pantsed him in a little spur-of-the-moment original adolescent birthday ritual while the three of them romped in the surf. Aaron and Corey took off running back to the beach house laughing their asses off, also soaked, but still wearing their cut-offs and flinging Joel's up to the deck before they ran up the stairs.

The strange part for Joel was that having been forced into nudity against his will, he quickly looked up and down the beach. It was vacant of humans and for just a few unusual moments, he just turned fully around a couple times, the surf lapping at his mid lower legs and kind of felt a raucous freedom that most humans are never allowed as adults.

Then he grinned and ran up to the beach house, his stuff flapping before him, his body covered with a slime of silt, sand and brine. He padded quickly up the stairs and saw Aaron and Corey, already safely nestled into the swirling hot water of the hot tub at the other end.

Joel stopped, kind of posing. Aaron and Corey grinned, "Hey bro, looking good!" Aaron yelled and pointed at a small table where a tall long-necked beer bottle awaited him. Joel walked over to the outdoor shower head next to the hot tub, pulled the cord and was treated to a nice hot rinsing shower, then whipping his wet hair back, went to the table, grabbed the beer bottle and joined his buddies, stepping into the tub. Right away, he was surrounded, one on each side, each of them sipping beer, legs and feet starting to co-mingle, hands starting to wander above and below the bubbling hot tub waters.

"I wanna fuck!" Corey said after a short while, catching Joel's attention of course. Aaron just went with it, "Pasmore, sit your ass up on the edge, suck his dick Zabek, you'll get your fuck."

Joel moved quickly, his dick already primed and ready. Corey didn't need to be asked twice, he stood up, bent over at the waist and went down on Joel, nearly to the hilt on the first pass. Aaron bent over at the waist in back of Corey and his tongue started out a hot and heavy rim job, Joel's jaw dropping at the lustful sight of it.

"Don't let him cum!" Aaron reminded Corey, but Corey knew how to keep Joel off of his peak while Aaron went back to lapping at his back door. Joel tipped the bottle back and he took a long draft of the beer, then set the bottle down just as Corey was zooming up and down his shaft, popping his dickhead out at the last pull, then looking up, "Having fun Pasmore?"

"Fuck yea, " Joel growled, the little bit of alcohol already helping him to relax and realize that life could not get a lot better, though it might get a lot more sexual. About then, Aaron popped up to standing and lightly spanked Corey's ass a couple times, "You ready bro? You ready to get your ass screwed?!"

Corey grinned and looked back, "Stop wasting time, just pound ass, OK?" and then his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth, Aaron nodded, "Aye, aye captain!"

Joel watched as Aaron didn't waste a lot of niceties, he just drilled into Corey's butthole like some kind of oil rigger. Used to the pain he still experienced at first entry, Corey just hugged himself to Joel's waist and grimaced a little, "Fuck!!" and then relaxed.

Aaron smiled at Joel's wince, "It's OK bro, fucking is not a lot of fun at first, but it's worth it, right Zabek?" Aaron said, then playfully slapped at Corey's thighs and started to fuck the tight hole surrounding his dick.

"Ohhhyeaa, " Corey said and finally went back down on Joel's dick, Joel biting his lower lip as Corey seemed to be sublimating some of his butt pain by sucking even harder on his shaft, clear to this pubes too! But even in doing so, Corey's hands crept up Joel's torso and went for Joel's nips, quite gently pinching them off a little.

At first, Joel didn't know what to do with his hands, Corey's attention to his nipples quite a nice distraction.

"On his face, control his face with your hands, he likes that!" Aaron suggested, so Joel did. It worked. Corey started to moan like a whore in heat and now Joel could hear Aaron's pubes just slam into Corey's pelvis now. This was not going to last much longer and did not.

"JEZUZ FUCK!" both Aaron and Joel yelled in unison as Aaron started to pump pure liquid boy lust up into Corey's ass and Joel's stuff started to stream into Corey's cock holster. Joel could even hear Corey swallowing and swallowing his stuff down like it was necessary for life.

Aaron pulled out and threw his head back, his hands smoothing his hair back. Corey just panted, laying his head sideways on Joel's thigh. Joel said nothing, in quite a state of awe.

"Watch this Pasmore!" Aaron then said and then they did something totally mind-blowing. Aaron reached for his beer bottle, put quite a bit into his mouth and held it, grabbed Corey's hips and led him to the edge by himself. Corey climbed up onto the deck on all fours, Aaron after him, then leaned way over and literally blew the mouthful of beer right back up Corey's butthole, a lot spilling down onto the deck.

Joel swiveled around to watch as Aaron then sucked all that he could back out of Corey's asshole, beer, cum and generally just liquid Corey, right back out and into his mouth, dribbling down his chin. Corey got up, reached for his beer bottle, loaded some into his mouth and then Aaron lurched over just in time for them to orally exchange the strange alcohol boy-brew, swallowing it down as they French kissed, their faces starting to bubble with beer foam.

"HOLY FUCK!" Joel grinned amazed at what boys like Corey and Aaron dared to do with each other. Suddenly though, overcome by the built up pressure of beer foam, they were forced to  part the kiss and spewed it all over the rail, laughing their asses off, jumping around like crazy and high fiving, "Yessssss!"

Joel shook his head, "You guys are fucking nuts!" and of course, Aaron and Corey's reply were one huge combined  belch, to whit Joel had to fall back and laugh into his own hysterics.

"Wha?" was all Corey could manage at 3 AM in the morning when his eyes blinked open, this really nice sensation on his penis. His dick felt hard, but what was on it? Something warm and wet and … oh yea! It was Aaron Mancini, giving him a blow job. A blow job?

"Shut up and enjoy it," Aaron said. They were still in the bedroom, the party long past over, but it was fine. They were drunk and Melissa would not have let them go home anyway. Corey lay his head back and smiled, putting his hands somewhere there was bare flesh to pet in the room's quiet darkness.

Aaron took his time, but soon enough had Corey's eyes crossing, "Fuck!!" and then his dick shot a load, right into Mancini's mouth. The orgasm was so hard, Corey winced and could not prevent his pelvis from jerking up, his dick demanding as much of Mancini's mouth as he would give into.

Then, when he was finished swallowing the hot sweet load, Aaron got up on his knees and taking Corey's hand, put it on his own dick, "Payback," and Corey smiled and started to masturbate his benefactor, gladly too! Aaron shot his load, all over Zabek's tummy, then leaned over and started to lap it all up, tickling Corey, making him giggle a little.

Then Aaron sat back up, licking his lips and wiping his face with the back of his hand and wrist. He looked down at Corey. Corey pulled at Aaron's arm, bringing his head down towards his chest, "Thanks, now go to sleep man," and Aaron almost made it all the way down, but detoured first and pecked a kiss into Corey's lips, "Nite dude," and Corey nodded, "NIte."

Aaron shut his eyes after a small sigh. Corey hugged Aaron's torso into his. So, this is what "that" good feeling felt like huh, whatever "that" was. Corey closed his eyes and let his hands rest on Aaron's bare back, his mind drifting off into a small reverie of how he almost didn't show up at Melissa's party that night. He uttered a final small ironic chuckle; he would never need to look at the Dave Triplett's of the world ever again if he had his way.

Ever take a hot shower in a smallish cubicle really meant for two adults with two other guys, you sandwiched in between, no room to move save by frictionless slippery soap? It wouldn't be the last for the three of them, even that weekend.

Later that afternoon, while Corey took the black SUV back into the small coastal village to get burgers, fries and shakes, Joel sat onto, then lay himself back onto the deck chair next to Aaron. He looked over,

"You guys still in love after all this time together?"

Funny, nobody had even said anything that day about "love." Aaron smiled and looked over at Joel Pasmore,

"Yea, we are, why do you ask?" Aaron asked, very confident in his answer.

"Nothing, just a good feeling about you guys, that's all," Joel replied and then slipping down his shades, lay back on the deck chair and looked up at the high bright sky a moment before closing them. Aaron did the same, but not without staring at Joel a couple moments longer, his face slipping up into a warm smile.

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