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Birthday Boy - 3


PJ Franklin

The paper refuse remains of Corey Zabek's food forage to the village for the trio soon had a lot in common with Joel Pasmore's teen libido. Neither would be cleared up any time soon. Poor Joel, do you know how difficult it is to concentrate on munching through a pile of delicious hot salty fries, chomping through a juicy double meat burger  and slurping down a large creamy chocolate shake, when what you really wanted to do was munch, chomp and slurp on the two hot guys you were rubbing knees and elbows with on either side of you?

Neither was he mollified when Corey would point at the T.V. program they were watching and start to chortle,

"Dudes! That is so wicked funny!"

That would only set off Aaron on the other side of him as well. What could a boy do, but smile at their guffaws and then play like a tennis match fan, his head swinging to stare at one crotch, then back over to the other one. It was funny, however, when finally bored by the ridiculous antics of two dimensional T.V. entertainers, Corey and Aaron started to see who could make the most disgusting or lewd slurping sounds through their milkshake straws, at one point Corey finally making Aaron spew bits of strawberry shake from his mouth as he laughed at Corey's latest winner.

Joel did finally join the crowd in true-blue adolescent fashion by proudly uttering a mighty belch which sent both of his compatriots into more hysterics. Beneath it all however, Joel Pasmore's heart was soaring about as high as his libido. I mean, were there anywhere on the planet, two better friends? That was as seriously doubtful right then as was the seriousness of Joel's newly found determination to do something about taking advantage of his new opportunities.

Joel sprang up to his feet, hands on hips and looked at Aaron, then Corey, "OK, who's first for dessert?"

"Yea baby, that's what I'm talkin'. Right there is YOUR dessert!" Corey said with quick clarity, jutted his bulging crotch out from his seat cushion and pointed down to it with his three middle fingers.

Joel grinned and looked at Aaron Mancini who grinned back, "You ever suck cock before?"

"Nope!" Joel replied cheerily on the outside, but winced just a little on the inside. He was not in the mood for disappointing himself or his companions with amateur efforts.

"No problem my man, you have right here, two masters of the classic blow job. Now get on your knees, school is in session!" Corey said with supreme confidence. Joel nodded and tried to look cool while inside, he breathed a big sigh of relief. Wow, so this is what friends were for, huh?

Heart pounding, Joel kneeled on the throw rug at Corey's feet, Aaron swiveling himself over and to the side, ready to pounce on any idea that might come to mind to join the action and already, several had. Corey kind of ripped open his cut-offs, sans undies of course, and out came the pre-hardened dessert as requested.  Corey then comically licked his own envious lips as he stared at his hot looking meat-pole and used one hand to stand it straight up,

"Good thing I can't go after that stud by myself, I would NEVER leave my bedroom!" but that was no revolutionary thought to anyone else in the room and only gained knowing nods. Corey then bounced his eyebrows up and down at Joel,

"Use your tongue bro, lick it like candy, up and down on the sides and then when I start to leak, you snatch that hot frosting off with your tongue, it's the best!"

Joel shuddered as he moved into his target, sniffing, his nose confirming that the scents of his fellow males in heat was indeed his cup of tea. His tongue flicked out at Corey's rigid shaft and he tasted, flicked again and quite

literally was instantly a cock-jockey or was that a cock-junkie? But he did as was he was told and slowly slurped up one side of the boy pole and down the other, like he'd been there before.

"Fuck me! Pasmore you natural faggot cocksucker, you!" Aaron grinned admiringly. Joel's head was turned towards Aaron when Aaron said the slang  words that in their proper context forced his own cock to beg for release from his shorts to play with his two other buddies.

That's also when Mt. Zabek's volcano started to ooze thick boy-lava from its gaping mini-caldera. Joel hesitated at first and Aaron's eyes got big and his finger-tip almost snatched the vanilla white sweetness for himself, when the back of his hand erupted in a stinging pain! Joel's had slapped his hand away!  "MINE!" he yelped, then quickly swept his wet mouth muscle's center right over the dribble, gone, just like that and with a smack of Joel's lips, "Mmmmm, tasty."

Now it was Corey's turn to look at Aaron wide-eyed, "The boy's got talent!" and they chuckled, but Joel didn't. Just that little taste of lust-cream relaxed his mouth and his jaw and he started to hog the dessert for himself, slipping Corey's shaft into his mouth.

"Ohyeaaa, now you use that tongue muscle and swirl the tip my man, and you'll make me very happy!" Joel's ears heard and his mouth obeyed. Aaron grinned as Corey's eyes pulsated widely again and Aaron could see the side of Joel's mouth, his cheek, slowly bulge out here and there like something very alive was crawling around in there.

"Class is over, he's gonna be just fine," Aaron nodded in conclusion and swept his lips onto his desire of the moment, Corey's awaiting mouth, Corey's hands caressing his friend's head with both hands as they proceeded into immediate French kissing mode.

Aaron made sure to pet Joel's head, running his fingers through Joel's long hair with one hand and with his other gently swept his fingers through Corey's hair. Joel was not oblivious to Aaron's presence and while one hand was slowing stroking up and down the lower part of Corey's erection aiding his oral effort, Joel's other hand found opportunity in searching out, finding and squeezing down on Aaron's bulge.

The room was filled with the combined moanings of three boys, so much so, that the T.V.'s sounds were drowned out and were it possible, the characters on the screen would have paused and gawked slack jawed at the pornographic entertainment that could be seen back out of the T.V. and on the couch.

Aaron did not break lip-lock one second as he used his considerable agility to move Joel's hand gently to the side, divested himself of his clothing, then guided Joel's palm around his bared thick rigid shaft. In a second, Joel's mind could picture and almost feel how difficult it was going to be to take the jaw-busting, beer-can girthed dick up his own ass when the time came.

In fact, Joel paused from sucking Corey's dick, turned his head and stared at the mini-Godzilla, wondering how in the hell Corey had managed it in the hot tub. Naturally, Corey and Aaron noticed the shift of gaze and broke the kiss. Corey spoke for the both of them,

"Don't worry my fine man, that thing down there is for experts only! I'll be keeping that fine ass of yours busy with my stallion for a bit before you graduate to T. Rex there!

"T. Rex … " Joel chuckled, " … Fuck me!" Joel gawked for a few more moments. "Oh you will, patience son!" Aaron grinned as Joel sighed and he and Corey high-fived.

"Off with your clothes, off with all clothes!" Aaron announced and they all stood up and what clothes were there left besides T-shirts? They were all gone in under two seconds and the boys stood in a tight nose-touching circle, Joel's lips finding Aaron's and then Corey skillfully joined in.

Tongues were out all around, licking on lips, other tongues and the insides of mouths, all eyes closed, all hands either fore or aft, tugging, petting, stroking and fingers flicking, rimming and poking. Once again, the room filled with the satisfied throaty evidence that this three-way was not going to end soon.

Joel's toes were curling and uncurling and he swept his hands up both of the long bare backs of his friends to their necks and then slowly back down again to their asses, his mind taking the time to notice how hot a boy's back muscle curves really were, luxuriating himself with the skin under his palms as his mouth continued to multi-task upstairs. The words "I am alive!" had some real meaning for a change.

As they stood there, Corey took the time to enjoy the new feel of Joel's hot full butt cheek on his side, filling his hand up with its nicely muscled flesh, kneading it thoughtfully, rather than greedily. Aaron on the other hand prepared to go for the gold, digitally speaking anyway, and not bothering even to wet two middle fingers started to tap and rub with the tips, firmly rimming around the edges of two boy holes.

Corey knew what to expect from his dominant boyfriend, his hole already prepared from the hot tub action it twitched in anticipation of more pleasure. Joel felt Aaron's finger and was not na´ve. His body tensed a little, but he wanted to experience it, no matter the burn and hurt that he might feel. Aaron's dominance was pretty evident and sexy to Joel.

"You ready bro?" Aaron made sure to ask Joel. Joel let out a breath and nodded, "Go for it!"

Aaron thrust his fingers into both buttholes, hard. Corey's lips formed an appreciative "O" and he raised up on his tip-toes, moaning with pleasure. Joel on the other hand, yelped, thrust his hips forward and onto his tip-toes to try and avoid the burn and sting about half-way through the penetration and Aaron wisely did not force things. Joel just stared at the ceiling a few moments, wondering if a red-hot poker could have been much worse, but just let himself relax and calm and did so, bringing his feet flat to the floor.

Aaron smiled, appreciating what it took to do that, "Hmmm, when you're ready bro, just wiggle back, take the rest of it, take your time," Aaron hummed, but in a kind of commanding way that just made Joel melt with desire to please Aaron Mancini.

"Ahhman, just fuck that finger in me man! Fuck it hard!" Corey said for himself, but it helped Joel to hear it, much less watch Corey's hips thrust and buck almost violently backwards, making Aaron have to tense his arm to keep his finger in place for Corey's pleasure.

Joel swallowed, then went for it and pushed back hard, impaling himself. He winced hard, then Aaron, the expert that he was, withdrew his finger just enough to find Joel's G-spot right in front of his boygland and wiggled just slightly.

"Oh MAAAN!" Joel blurted, his dick stiffening up from a slightly slacked position and Aaron grinned, "Like that huh?"

"Fuck yea Aaron, oh god, that's what I've been missing."

"You ain't seen nuthin' yet Pasmore, time to get some tongue inside that hot ass, right Aaron?" Corey suggested and Joel was ready to obey.

Corey stretched himself comfortably out on his back on the couch, his dick the target of Joel's mouth once again, but this time Aaron was on his knees in back and easily started to nose around Joel's virgin backdoor. The trick for Joel was to enjoy both sucking cock and Aaron's wet love muscle penetrating his butthole, not as easy as one would wish.

Joel's head would pop up from time to time, his face looking ecstatic from Aaron's latest sensuous penetration, not to mention Aaron's hands were petting and stroking his cock and balls, Corey would grin and use his hands to guide Joel's mouth back down to its business, but a newbie can't suck cock indefinitely.

Joel took a rest, taking Corey's place sitting up on the couch, Aaron taking Joel's position and Corey did the oral honors on Aaron's back door. This time Joel got to catch Mancini's mouth totally feasting down on his own dick in such a way to cause envy for the thoroughness of Aaron's technique. Though he came close to spewing a couple times, Aaron was in control the whole time and wouldn't let it happen.

Then things changed and Joel lay completely onto his back and Aaron climbed up towards Joel's mouth and Joel found Aaron's huge cock near his lips. It was time to explore its largeness and he did so quite respectfully, not trying to move too much of its girth into his mouth and mainly just shaft licking as enthusiastically as he could.

Aaron teased Joel, "You want to get fucked with it, I know you do!"

Wanting to get fucked with the monster was not the problem, doing it would be the problem, but they all knew Corey would be the first; but speaking of first, all three guys needed to get off, the action had filled up three pairs of nuts that needed relief. They switched positions again, Corey sitting and Joel at Corey's knees once again.

"Swallowing a load is simply a matter of gulping it down like you mean it!" Aaron suggested as Joel's mouth was poised over Corey's for the initial run. First, he brought Corey right to the edge with his fist, Aaron helping by slipping two fingers underneath Corey's hips and into his butthole, then Joel slipped the hard pole into his mouth and between Joel's sucking and Aaron's finger fuck,

"Ohhhhhhgod! Arrrgggghhhh!" and Joel swallowed and swallowed, Corey's dick shooting and shooting until he was totally empty. Joel sat back, "Wow!" was all he said and just watched as Aaron stood up and Corey went to his knees and after Aaron's massive dick. Now that was a sight. How the hell did Corey's mouth manage to engulf so much of Aaron's hard tree trunk? But he did and made the big dog spew, eating every drop of semen that Aaron gave him.

Sucking off Joel was fun. The boys had him stand up. Corey kneeled at Joel's backdoor, Aaron in front. One tongue pleasured Joel's butthole, the other swirled expertly around Joel's dick head and four petting and poking hands with fingers helped Joel to easily and quickly shoot his load. Three satisfied buddies then collapsed onto the couch with grins and sighs of satisfaction, knowing that more was to cum later <Grin>.

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