The contents of this story is purely fictional not based on real life happenings in my life or anyone elses. All names are fictional. The content matter of this story may contain intances of love and sex between males teenagers. It also contain some content of violence. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

Author's note:

This story is about two teenage boys who deperately want to change their lives. Their desperation turns to an unusual, somewhat clever but illegal solution. Do they get away with it? Maybe and maybe not you'll have to read the story.

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by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Chapter One

Julian Cotswold walked in to the office and up to the counter.

“Can I help you?” ask an older woman.

He handed her a note.

“Oh, yes, Ms. Graves is expecting you. Second office over there,” she pointed.

Julian walked over and stood in the doorway.

“Hi, Julian, please have a seat,” said his guidence counselor Ms. Graves.

Julian took a seat next to another student.

“Julian, Mr. Wilkins tells me you’re not doing well in his class he suggests that you get some student tutoring.”

“Yes ma’am,” he mumbled.

“This is Taylor Forrest,” she said introducing him to an older boy who gave him a friendly smile. “Taylor this is Julian Cotswold. Julian, I set it up so that you will have a Taylor working with you in the library Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for half an hour after school. I’ve left a message for your mother as she will have to provide for your transportation on those days as your bus will have left by then.”

“Yes, ma’am,” acknowledge Julian. He knew it meant he’d be walking or hitching a ride home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday knowing his mom wouldn’t arrange diddlely squat for him.

“Well, I guess that’s settled. You start Friday. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled. He was not looking forward to this at all. Why of all the people in the school did she have to pair him up with Taylor Forrest?

As they left the office together Taylor said, “So, dude, guess I’ll see you Friday.”

Julian nodded while looking at the floor and muttered, “Yeah, okay.”

“Hey, it’s not that bad, dude. We’ll get your grade up. Math’s my favorite subject.”

Julian forced a smile, “Okay. See ya later.” He turned and walked away from Taylor.

“Hey! Tay! Suzie and I wondered if you and Diane wanna come over Friday?” asked his friend Matt Yang.

“Can’t. I’m tutoring.”

“Aw, dude that sucks!”

“Yeah. Anyway I gotta go, lata,” said Taylor as he thought “Spending a Friday with you Suzie and Diane is not what I want.” He turned and headed for the parking lot.


“Why Taylor Forrest? The one guy I crush on. I know I’m gonna fuck up. He’ll figure it out and I’ll be dead. He’s got a girlfriend. I’ve seen him with her, I think. Maybe, I can just not go to school Friday. Oh, yeah, spend the day with Mom, NOT! That reminds me I gotta get the cards from her purse before she goes and blows it all. Let’s see I need money for lunches, pay the rent, the gas and electric, phone then go buy food and a little extra for me.”

When he got home there was a strange car parked in front of the house. “Hmm, great. Mom’s fucking someone,” he thought. That meant the front door was locked. Walking around to the back of the house he opened his bedroom window and crawled in. He heard loud moans coming from her room. Yep, they were fucking.

Quietly he opened his door, went into the living room, picked up her purse and took out the food stamps card and her ATM card. He quietly tiptoed to the front door unlocked it, opened it and then slammed it shut.

“HEY MOM! I’M HOME!” he shouted.

“What the fuck!” he heard some strange man’s voice.

“Don’t worry, hon,” she said to the man in her bed, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE YOU LITTLE SHIT!” screamed his mother.

“FUCK YOU WHORE! I LIVE HERE TOO!” he yelled as he walked down the hall and stood at her doorway. Some fat ugly guy was naked on top of his mom. “Hey, mister I hope you’re practicing safe sex. No telling what STDs she has. You’re the fouth guy she’s picked up this week.”

Julian turned and went to his room as his mother yelled, "You fucking little faggot. Get the hell out of my life."

He heard the man cuss as he slammed his bedroom door shut and locked it. Two minutes later the front door slammed. He smiled.


Taylor Forrest arrived home to an empty house as usual. Both his parents worked long hours. They made good money and provided for their son like responsible parents, but as a family they were not close. He knew his parent did not get along and were probably both having affairs on the side. Nothing had ever been said, nor would anything ever be said. Neither showed Taylor much affection now or for that matter ever. Despite his popularity at school he was lonely. He wanted someone he could love and someone who could love him. Girls didn’t attract him although he had a ‘girlfriend’. He was sort of attracted to his ‘best friend’ Matt Yang but Matt had turned him down when they were twelve and when he suggested they do a circle jerk. Matt said it was gay to do such things. Of course there were gays at school and although he considered some of them were hot he wasn’t going to risk losing his popularity by associating with gays.

All that was left to him was the internet. There were gay ‘dating’ sites where guys could meet for sex. They were free to join but you had to pay for anything more than being listed. Paying members could look at your photos and profile and email you. His free membership allow him to be viewed on webcam by paying members.

He lied about his age and they never checked. When guys would chat with him he’d never tell them his true age. He never chatted with guys in his area. That was too risky. A few times he jacked-off on webcam being careful not to show his face. One time there were 86 people watching him.

He would get two or three emails a day from guys in his area wanting to meet for sex. He never replied to them.

Today was a good day for him. He thought he’d have to tutor some dumb jock or dumb girl when Ms. Graves said she had a student she wanted him to tutor in math. If that happen he would put on a friendly face and tutor them without a single verbal complaint coming from him, but inside he would hate every minute.

As it turned out she introduced him to Julian Cotswold. He had seen Julian numerous times in the halls of their school, but never approached him. Being Julian's tutor made his day. Man that boy was so cute. Julian was a babe.

“But you were so sad looking, Julian,” he said to no one as he lay in bed. “If only we could become friends and then maybe even lovers,” he thought. “God I hope you're not straight and homophobic.”


“Open this door you little faggot!” yelled Julian’s mother.

“Fuck off,” he mumbled.

“Give me back my cards, faggot! Or I’ll break this door down and beat the shit out of you!”

“Oh! Like I’m scared,” he said sarcastically, “You know the deal, Karen. You’ll get the cards day after tomorrow. Don't forget I have a phone in here and I’m not afraid to call children services! So, break down the door and beat me to death. I don’t fucking care.”

“Go to hell, you little faggot.”

"After you whore!"

A few minutes later the front door slammed. "God! I hate living here," yelled Julian.


So what's going to happen next??? Hint: A cliff hanger!! LOL. Any editors want to volunteer to edit this story before I make to many misteaks?