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Sam Lakes


by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Ten

Taylor left the kitchen with eyes red and puffy. He stopped at the entrance to the family room where his uncle was watching TV. Uncle James looked over to him and smiled, “Go on get out of here. Go see your boyfriend.”

In an instant Taylor was on his way back to Julian’s. As he approached Julian’s front door, he heard a woman yelling, “Open the door you fucking faggot, and give me my cards.”

Taylor quietly snuck around to the back of the house to Julian’s window. He could see a half naked boy lying in bed with headphones on. Julian was reading a book. Taylor tapped on the window, but of course Julian didn’t hear it. Taylor dashed back to his car, retrieved a flashlight from the trunk and returned to the window.

Taylor flashed the beam of light at Julian. Julian jumped in fright, and Taylor laughed. Once Julian realized who it was, he went over to the window and opened it. “Asshole! You scared the fuck out of me.”

“Aww,” Taylor laughed again, and then climbed in the window. They embraced and kissed then moved to the bed. Taylor told Julian about his dad’s call. Julian cried when hearing that Taylor’s dad said he could bring Julian.

“Hey!” yelled Julian’s mom, “Who’s in there with you? Your fag boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I’m in here,” yelled Taylor, “You want your cards, right?”

In a bit nicer tone she replied, “Yeah, they’re mine.”

“Here’s the deal, tomorrow morning, we all go to a bank – you sign a document giving my dad power of attorney over Julian, and you’ll get your cards. Then Julian and I will be out of here, forever.”

“Fuck you!” she replied.

“Fine! Then here’s the only other solution. You won’t get your cards. Julian and I will go to children services with my dad’s lawyers, you’ll be arrested for child abuse, and children services will give my dad custody of Julian.” Julian looked wide-eyed at Taylor who smiled then added, “Your choice, the bank or children services.”

“You don’t say nothing to nobody – I sign the paper and you fags disappear, right?”

“Yep, we disappear, and say nothing to the authorities,” replied Taylor, knowing she’d probably scam the state and still get money for Julian.


The next morning when they left the bank, Julian’s mother said, “Be out by the time I get home tonight. What a relief it will be not to have to share my house with a spouge sucking fag.” She turned and walked off.

Julian wanted to say, “What a relief not to be around a crackhead ho,” but he didn’t. The moment passed, and he was free. Taylor looked at him, then back to her as she strutted away, then back to Julian and smiled, not saying anything. He gave Julian a quick kiss on the lips before they both got in Taylor’s car.

Taylor reached into his pocket, pulled out his cellphone and called his dad.  He, Julian, his dad and Erik, his dad’s lover, talked, laughed and at times cried. As it turned out Erik’s parents had property on Long Island near a place called Bird Grove. His parents had been trying to get Erik and his dad to move in there, as they spent most of their time traveling or in their house in Palm Beach. Erik had called them earlier, and said his parents were delighted with the idea that Martin, Erik and the two boys would be living in the house in Bird Grove. It was decided that Uncle James would rent a trailer for Taylor’s and Julian’s belongings. Taylor and Julian were so excited they figured they could leave in a couple of hours! That brought a round of laughter from Martin and Erik who said they needed time to get their stuff packed and moved, so it would be best if the two boys didn’t leave for a few days.

After they hung up, they sat in silence for a moment, hardly believing how their lives had changed. “You know, we could leave tonight, or early in the morning. It’s awfully crowded at Uncle James’.”

“Yeah, we’d be really early getting to Erik’s parents place.”

“Well,” Taylor’s eyes welled with tears and his voice went soft, “We could go to Niagara Falls for a honeymoon.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Julian, and his eyes gushed with tears. The two looked at each other's tear ridden face. “God! We are so emo!” said Julian, which cased both boys to start laughing.

After they calmed down, their stomachs growled in unison, which set them off again for a few minutes. With their minds on food, they pulled out of the bank parking lot, and headed for a place to eat. They pulled into Mickey D’s and as they sat in the long line of cars going through the drive thru Julian spoke. “Taylor, there is one thing we need to talk about.”

Taylor looked at Julian and nodded, “Yeah, Mark Johnson.” He sighed.

“I don’t feel right about what we did. I mean the situations changed, and yeah it would pay for art college, but…”

“Yeah, I know.”
Neither said anything for a moment and without a word Taylor tossed his cellphone to Julian, as he pulled out of the drive-thru line and out of Mickey D’s.

“Call Mark and tell him to meet us for lunch,” said Taylor.

Mark wasn’t happy hearing from them, but agreed to meet them in an hour and a half at a restaurant in German Village, because he had a staff meeting in twenty minutes that he couldn’t cancel. The boys agreed and went on to the restaurant, where they ordered a huge lunch and then sat and waited for Mark. When he arrived he didn’t look too happy.

When he saw Taylor he did a double-take. “So what do you guys want, more money?” he asked, harshly.

“No, I told you that, already,” said Julian, softly.

“Actually, we want to give it back,” said Taylor, calmly.

“Yeah, in exchange for what,” Mark said, snidely.

“Dude, cut the attitude, you’re being an asshat and we’re trying to be nice. You know we could walkout of here and you could kiss that money goodbye,” Taylor said angrily.

Mark glared at Taylor for a moment, then looked away, because the boy looked so different from yesterday. He’d hardly slept last night, because of the whole affair.

He looked back at Taylor and with less antagonism in his voice, asked, “Asshat?”

Taylor rolled his eyes and started to reply, but Julian cut in, “Babe, a picture says a thousand words, or so.” He smiled at the two and quickly drew a cartoon sketch of a guy with his head stuck up his ass then handed the drawing to Mark, who was still standing.

Mark got the point and failed at suppressing a smile. This kid did something to him.

“Have a seat,” smiled Julian. Taylor looked less antago.

Mark sat, sighed and said, “What next, Matt?”

Julian thought for a moment. “First of all, my name is not Matt Yang. Matt Yang was Taylor’s best friend, until Taylor came out, because of me. I’m Julian, Julian Cotswold. We don’t like Matt very much, so I thought it fitting to use his name in case you were secretly connected to the mob.” Julian smiled, as only he could, and reminding Mark of how beautiful this boy was. “Taylor had it really rough, but we stuck together then his parents divorced – neither knew about us, or that he was gay, but neither parent wanted him with them. His mom didn’t because she never liked him, and his dad didn’t for other reasons. It really hurts when someone just abandons you.”

Mark looked at Taylor who was solemn faced. A few times yesterday, he’d seen sadness in his eyes that didn’t seem there today. Maybe it was because his moustache was gone. He looked so young. When Taylor saw Mark looking at him he smiled. He thought no one could have a greater smile than Julian. He was wrong. He could feel himself blushing as he returned the smile.

“Enough about me, babe,” said Taylor, “The thing is my life’s life, a walk in heaven when compared to my love’s.” He gave Julian a quick peck on the cheek. “To say the least, Julian lives in an abusive household. His mother is a crackhead, and a whore who has beaten him numerous times. I witnessed the aftermath of these beatings three times; the last time was less than three weeks ago. Now, before you admonish me for not going to the police or children’s services, think and look.” Taylor’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at Mark, then continued, “You’ve seen him naked and you couldn’t keep your hands off of him, even though he told you he was only 15.” Mark looked away in shame, and his eyes became watery.

Softy and with gentleness, Taylor spoke, “Dude, I’m not trying to make you feel bad.” Then he lightened the moment saying, “Fuck! I popped a boner when I came into the room, and saw him naked. The thing is how long do you think he’d last in a state facility, before he got raped!” Mark nodded his understanding.

“We wanted to get away and start a new life together,” said Julian, “That’s why we did what we did. We were desperate.”

“So, why do you want to return the money?”

“First, we were elated. Man we’d done it. We were free. It was so easy. And then after last night, everything changed.” Taylor told him about the talk with his dad, and pretty much about his dad wanting both of them to go live with him. He didn’t say that his dad was gay, just that they’d cleared up some misunderstandings.

“Neither of us felt good about what we’d done. Yeah, it would pay for art school, but I just didn’t feel right about taking it. It would probably catch up with me, or something ya know bad karma and stuff,” said Julian.

‘So, where’s the money, now?”

“At home, in my closet,” replied Julian.

“We call it the vault, you'll see, if you want to come with us to get it, otherwise we can bring it to you later, cuz we have to pack up all Julian’s things. We’re going to Niagara Falls for a few days until Dad says for us to come on to New York,” voiced Taylor, as he gave Julian a little hug.

Mark hesitated before agreeing to go with them. Were they going to trap him again? “Nah,” he thought to himself, “They look too happy.”

When they got to Julian’s room, Mark was impressed by Julian’s mural. They gave him the bank bag of money, which they’d never even opened. They said their goodbyes, but as Mark started to leave Taylor said, “Mark, you made a lot of mistakes. First of all, you met Julian without ever meeting in a safe place, like a Starbucks. Next, you should have asked him for some ID, because he looks so young. Don’t let your horniness blind you. I’m not telling you to not meet other guys. I’m just saying, take it slow, and check things out first. We’re single and we had nothing to lose. Stick with guys of your same ilk – guys that have something to lose.”

Mark smiled and left.

Julian and Taylor were on the road to Niagara Falls by 8pm.


The End

Editor's Notes:

That was a real good story. It was real nice of the boys to give Mark his money back, and it was real nice of them to give him advice on how he should have behaved.  I have to wonder what happened to them later. Maybe an epilogue. Oh well, I can hope.

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