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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Two

Thursday seemed to go at a snail’s pace for Taylor. He wanted the day to be over. He wanted to be tutoring Julian. He had seen him once since the meeting in the office. It was only a brief glimpse in the hallway on Thursday. He was about to run after Julian when Diane grabbed his arm.

“Taylor, Matt says you’re not coming over tomorrow. Is that true?”

“What? Oh, yeah I have tutoring tomorrow.”

“What all night? You can come over after tutoring,” she cooed.

“I have plans. I can’t. Rents – ya know?”

“Lately you always seem to have some excuse! Well, I’m sure George Bonnet would like coming over,” she said knowing that Taylor disliked Bonnet.

“Suit yourself, Diane, if scum like Bonnet is to your liking, I say ‘Go for it’,” he said calmly hoping she’d take the hint.

 “Maybe I will,” she said angrily and stormed off. Taylor felt bad. He liked Diane as a friend just not as a girlfriend.

Catching a glimpse of Julian had been the bright spot of the day.


On Thursday Julian had seen Taylor three times and each time turned and went the other way. The last time he was relieved but slightly hurt when he saw Taylor’s girlfriend grab her boyfriend’s arm. He knew there would be no chance for him as Taylor was definitely straight. “I just hope I don’t fuck things up. I’ll have to avoid starring at him. Oh, God! What if I get a boner while he’s tutoring me! I know I’ll just think of Mom and the gross trick she picked up yesterday. She is such a skuzzy whore.”

During study hall all Julian could think about was Taylor Forrest. He’d even sketched a picture of him. It was a good likeness.

After school he walked a mile up hill to the ATM withdrew enough cash to pay the rent plus fifty dollars for him. He called the electricity company, the phone company, and the gas company and paid their bills using him mom’s checkcard. He walked another mile to Wal-Mart got a money order for the rent and then did the grocery shopping.

Tom Everett was there. Tom was a security guard who befriended Julian and often helped Julian get his groceries home. The first time they met Julian was pushing his shopping cart off the property and Tom stopped him. Julian had promised to bring the cart back. When Tom said he couldn’t allow him to do that. It was against company policy Julian ask him if he could put the cart somewhere safe while he took what he could carry and would be back for the rest. Tom agreed. An hour and a half later Julian returned. Tom noticed he had a black eye and enquired. Julian mumbled something about running into a door which Tom found hard to believe. In the end Tom put the remainder of Julian’s groceries into his pickup and drove Julian home. Since that time he always helped the kid.

“Hey there Julian! How’s it going?”

“Okay, Mr. Everett. How’s that pup of yours?” asked Julian.

“Getting big! You need a ride today?”

“Sure, I can pay you for the gas.”

“That’s not necessary, Julian. I enjoy your company.”


It was Friday and Taylor Forrest was up early for two reasons. First he hadn’t slept for more than two hours and second he wanted to spend time getting dress this morning as he wanted to look his best. He wanted to impress Julian.

The day couldn’t go fast enough for him. After lunch he managed to meet up with Julian and reminded him of their meeting after school. Julian seemed a little nervous, but then so was he. That was weird because he’d never felt nervous talking to someone he didn’t know before. It only helped his infatuation with Julian grow.

As the day progressed he found it harder and harder to keep awake. Finally, when the last bell rang he headed off for the library to meet Julian who turned up a minute later.

Taylor waved Julian over to his table.

“Hey,” said Julian shyly.

“Hey. I guess we’d better get started,” Taylor said as Julian sat down in the chair Taylor had pulled out for him. “So, what do you need help with?”

“Math,” replied Julian.

“Oookayyy, like what in math?” asked Taylor.

Julian blushed, “I guess I don’t understand negative, uh, stuff, uh like when you subtract negative numbers you add?”

For twenty minutes Taylor worked with Julian and still Julian couldn’t grasp the concept. Taylor could feel Julian’s frustration which fueled his own disappointment in himself.

“Look you’re just wasting your time with me I’m too dumb,” said Julian and then mumbled, “It doesn’t matter anyway.” He felt so stupid and figured that he’d blown it with Taylor. He was a loser and no one wants to be a friend with a loser.

“You’re not dumb! It’s me! I just haven’t explained it well enough,” said Taylor disappointedly. Taylor’s sleepless night was catching up on him. “Just let me think for a second. And it does matter. You matter.”

Julian began thinking too, “He said I mattered…I wonder what that means. Does it mean I matter because he gets extra credit or does it mean I matter to him? I wonder if he really likes me. That would be too much to hope for. Oh man! Please like me Taylor. Please let me really mean something to you.”

 A minute passed and Julian began to doubt. “Maybe he’s trying to think of a way to dump the dummy. Maybe I should just go and save him the trouble.” He looked over to Taylor who was bent over resting his head on the table.

“Maybe I should just leave and save him the embarrassment of having to deal with a dummy like me,” thought Julian, “I’m such a fuck up!” A few tears escaped from Julian’s eyes. “I better go before he sees me crying. God! Why was I ever born?”

Julian quietly got up from the table and left the library. He stopped by his locker and dropped off his books.

As he got to the entrance and looked, outside his temper flared! “FUCK!” he screamed silently. It was raining and he had at least a four mile walk. There was no use in getting angry as he quickly quelled his emotions and stepped out into the downpour.


“Young man, you need to wake up. You need to go home,” said the librarian.

“Huh? Oh, shit!” exclaimed Taylor.

The librarian smiled.

Taylor gathered his things and left. “Great! It’s raining,” Taylor said to nobody and then ran to his car.

As he sat in his car Julian’s last words to him kept running though his mind, “I’m too dumb and it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh, God! I so fucked up. He probably hates me. I totally failed him!” Taylor thought as started driving home.

Taylor hadn’t driven too far when he pulled over to the side of the road. He couldn’t see the road. Not because of the rain but because of his own tears. He laid his head on the steering wheel as he cried.

There was a knock on the passenger window and when he looked up he saw Julian. Julian looked like a drowned rat, but a really cute and beautiful drowned rat.

“Are you okay?” asked Julian with a concerned look.

Taylor rolled down the window, “Huh? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Are you okay?” repeated Julian.

“Yeah, uh. Look, Julian, uh, mmm. You need a ride home?” asked a slightly embarrassed Taylor.

“I’m soaked. I wouldn’t want to get your car all wet. But thanks,” Julian smiled.

“Dude! Get in the car.”

Julian got in.

They drove on for a while in silence.

“I’m really sorry, Julian, I fucked up; didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Well, it’s okay – it’s not really your fault. I’m not that smart but I can draw. Which is probably the reason Mr. Wilkins didn’t just flunk me. His wife is my art teacher and she’s madly in love with me. Turn left at the next light.”

“His wife is in love with you? I would have thought he’d flunk you.”

“Nah! She probably told him he’d have to sleep on the couch by himself,” Julian laughed.

Taylor laughed too.

“Turn right next street third shack on the left,” said Julian.

Taylor pulled up in front of Julian’s house.

“Thanks for the ride,” said Julian as he started to get out.

“Hey, you want to go to the movie,” Taylor asked, “My treat.”

“Nah,” replied Julian but saw the instant look of disappointment appear on Taylor’s face. Julian couldn’t help but smile, “I can pay for myself, and you don’t have to treat.”

“No, no! I want to pay. I insist!”

Julian beamed. It was more than he’d hoped for. It was like a date. “Okay. But I’ll buy the popcorn and stuff. I insist.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up in an hour,” said Taylor.

Julian got out of the car, “See you in an hour. Bye.”

A very happy Taylor drove off home.

Julian entered his house.

“Who was that? Your boyfriend, fag?” said his mother.

Julian ignored her and carried on to his room.

“I want my cards back,” she yelled.

He stopped got out his wallet took out the checkcard and threw it at her. “Fetch.”

“And the other one?”

“Fuck no! I’m not giving you the food stamp card for you to buy food for those no good assholes you sleep with – bitch.” Julian turned to walk to his room when a broom stick handle slammed across his back. Turn turned to fight her off when he was hit across the side of his face. Julian staggered backward falling into his room. Another blow and he knew it was over. He only hoped she wouldn’t take his money. He wanted to buy popcorn and soda for Taylor.


Taylor hurriedly took a shower and got ready for his date with Julian. It was a date wasn’t it? It seems so right to be dating a boy! “I love you Julian!” he shouted to an empty house. He sighed, “I will tell you Julian, I swear I will tell you that I love you.” He sighed again and added, “When I know I won’t lose you.”

“I really don’t think he’s homophobic. He doesn’t seem the type. GOD HE’S CUTE!!! I swear I won’t let anything bad ever happen to you and I’ll get you through you math,” thought Taylor as he took one last look at himself in the mirror to make sure he looked perfect. Perfect for Julian.

The rain had stopped as twilight approached. Taylor pulled up in front of Julian’s house. He got out of his car and walked up to the front door. The door was ajar so when he knocked it opened a bit more.

“Hello. Julian?” There was no response. “Julian, it’s me Taylor.” He waited still but still no response. Something didn’t seem right. He steeped into the living room from the front door.

“Julian, hello,” Taylor called a little louder. No reply came.

Hesitantly, Taylor walked down the hallway to the first doorway and looked in.

“Oh, no! Julian!” he cried.

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