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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Four

A horrified Taylor saw Julian standing on a chair next to the wall with a paint roller in his hand. Julian was dressed only in shorts oblivious to anyone’s presence due to the fact that he was listening to music thrrough a pair of headphones. The walls of Julian’s room were all dark gray – not one painting was now visible.

At first Julian didn’t notice or hear Taylor until Taylor shouted, “Julian, why?”

“Huh? What? Taylor? What are you doing here?” asked Julian taking off his headset. “Better yet why are you here? You know your friends will think you’re a queer faggot and well you wouldn’t want that to happen,” he said in a contemptuous voice.

“I-I’m sorry. Me staying with my friends was nothing to do with that,” said Taylor.

“Liar! That’s bullshit! I read lips Taylor. I saw what that bitch said to you! Just get out and leave me alone!”

“You could have moved down with us! I asked you to move down with us.”

“Right with them. The fucking homophobes! Good thinking there! I had the best seats in the house for you and me – US! NOT THEM! I wanted to be with you Taylor… not them…just you.” Julian’s voice tapered off as tear rolled down his cheeks. “Just leave.”


“Please, Taylor! JUST LEAVE! Things are bad enough without getting my heart broken. I love you but I need you with me not them…”

Julian stepped down from the chair dropping the paint roller in the nearly empty tray and slumped down in the chair.

“I can’t leave – not yet anyway. I came here to tell you I was sorry. I would have been here on Saturday but the rents made me spend the weekend with them in Cleveland.”

Julian looking down at the floor limply raised his arm and pointed to the door, “leave,” he said in barely a whisper.

“Please, Julian, just hear me out, dude. I broke up with Diane or rather we came to a mutual agreement that – that you and I make a better couple. And as far as Sue Tyarks – she’s a slut and I don’t care what she or anyone else thinks. I had a lot of time to think this weekend and all I thought of was being with you and how I hurt you and what a fucking coward I am.” Taylor had slowly walked over to the seated Julian who was still staring at the floor.

“Please, Julian, don’t make me leave,” Taylor cried softly as he place his hands gently on Julian’s shoulders.

Julian looked up into Taylor’s face. Tears were cascading down Taylor’s cheeks as he looked hopefully at Julian. “I am such a wimp,” muttered Julian, “I can’t resist you.” Julian rose from the chair and the two fell into an embrace.

After a long comfortable silence Julian sighed while still embracing Taylor, “Dude, I gotta pee or we are both going to get wet.” Julian pulled away from Taylor and smiled.

“Go pee,” smiled Taylor.

“While I’m gone – uh, finish painting that wall. Would ya?”

Taylor smiled and nodded his head.

Fifteen minutes later Julian appeared back in the room with a plate of sandwiches, chips and two sodas.

“Ah, perfect timing!” He giggled, noting that Taylor had finished the painting the wall. “I made you a couple of sandwiches – one ham‘n’swiss – one turkey club - some chips and a soda. The big sandwich there is mine. I would have made you one but most people think my favorite sandwich is gross. I’m just going to clean this up,” he said, pointing to the paint materials. If you want a bite of my sandwich – go for it.”

Julian picked up the roller, paint tray, and the empty five gallon bucket of gray paint.

“You want me to help?”

“Nah, I just need to wash out the tray and roller. You eat. I’ll be back.”

Instead of eating, Taylor folded up the plastic drop cloths, setup the card table, and took the cloths to the basement, where he found Julian cleaning the painting  tools.

“Julian, why did you paint over all your paintings?” asked Taylor coming up and standing behind Julian as he finished cleaning.

Julian set the cleaned paint roller aside, turned around and draped his arms around Taylor’s neck.

“Well, I was tired of them…and I was sad, really sad because you didn’t sit with me. I needed something to do to take my mind off you. Come on let’s go eat.” Julian went to go upstairs, but Taylor pulled him into a hug and kissed him.

After a rather passionate kiss Taylor heard Julian’s stomach growl. He giggled, “Okay, let’s go eat.”

“Mmmm, okay, but that was nice,” said a dreamy-eyed Julian.

The two teens sat on the floor opposite each other with the plate of sandwiches and chips between them.

“So, what kind of sandwich is that?” asked Taylor.

Julian took a bite of his sandwich and then proceeded to talk with a mouth full of food. “A Julian Special –(gulp) peanut butter, (chew) jelly, sharp cheddar cheese, (chew) mayo, salami, (chew) English mustard, ham, slice of Swiss, (chew) slice of roast beef and just a bit of horseradish in between two 12-grain organic bread with a generous (swallow) helping of cream cheese on the top slice. Weird, huh? (bite) Wanna bite?”

“I’ll pass,” laughed Taylor.

After consuming the food the two moved to Julian’s bed where they continued to chat about the things they liked and disliked until Julian started yawning. “You tired?” asked Taylor.

“Yeah, not much sleep the last few days (yawn).”

“I better go then and let you sleep,” offered Taylor.



“Would you cuddle me until I fall asleep?”


Julian turned on his side and Taylor spooned him with his arm lying over Julian’s chest. In a matter of a few minutes Julian was fast asleep. Taylor carefully got up and left but only after giving Julian a soft kiss on the cheek.


Knowing that George Bonnet hated Taylor Forrest because Taylor had usurped his position of Captain of the Debating team, and generally bested him every chance he got, Sue Tyarks decided to put into action her plan to destroy Taylor Forrest’s popularity. She had seen the look in Taylor’s eyes whenever he saw Julian Cotswold, she’d even mentioned it to Diane Taylor’s pretence of a girlfriend who chose to ignore her.

“Hey, George.”

“Hi, Sue. Wasup?”

“Nothing much except your best friend, Taylor was at the movies Friday with his new boyfriend Julian Cotswold.”


“Yeah, Matt, I and Diane were at the movies and we saw him sitting with the little faggot. Several times I looked back at them and they were kissing. They didn’t see us and after the movie Matt tried to say something to Taylor and he started calling me names and he and Matt got into it and Matt knocked him on his ass.”

“So, Taylor’s a faggot. I always thought there was something odd about that pretty boy. And by the way for the record we are not friends.”

“Yep, he’s a fag. Matt said he was gone all weekend. I saw him leave right after lunch and guess what Julian isn’t here either. They are probably off doing disgusting things that queer boys do.”

As George walked off Sue Tyarks smiled to herself. She knew that by tomorrow most of the school would know about Taylor and Julian.

See no cliff hanger, but wait there will be more.