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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Five

“Hey Matt!” said Pete Meyers, the co-captain of the football team.

“Hey, Pete, sup?”

“Nothing much, I heard you beat that faggot’s ass. Right on dude, those guys are so disgusting! So, did he wanna suck your cock or something?”


“Who, duh, your friend Taylor or maybe I should say your ex-friend. I hear he and Cotswold are butt buddies.”


“Yeah, they cut school today to go fuck each other.”

Matt was surprised and then angry that he had to find out about Taylor this way. It made sense. That’s why he broke up with Diane. God! She is so hot and he wasn’t interested. He’s a fucking queer, bent, faggot.

“You’re right he is my ex-friend cuz he’s a fucking faggot. He was trying to come on to me and called my date a slut. Yeah, I kicked his ass! God! And that fucking queer has probably been butt fucking Cotswold since I don’t know when. No wonder Diane broke up with him! I ought to kick his ass again just for leading her on.”

“I’ll back you up all the way man! I’d love to see that prick get his ass beat. He always acts so fucking superior to everyone,” said Pete, “It’s about time the faggot gets taken down.”


Taylor Forrest walked into school feeling pretty happy. Well, why not – he was in love. His happiness wasn’t to last.

“Taylor, you need to report to Ms. Graves,” said his homeroom teacher.

Taylor did an about face and went off to Ms. Graves office.

“Ah, Taylor, come in please and close the door.”

“Ms. Graves, if the is about me cutting class yesterday. I-ugh, I can explain.”

Ms Graves raised her eyebrows then spoke, “No, Taylor it isn’t. What I have to discuss with you is sometime a lot more serious than that,” she sighed, “Please sit.”

Taylor sat.

“Taylor, I have three students who ask me to reassign them to another student tutor. Each is claiming it is because they feel sexually harassed.”

“What! I’ve never…”

“Taylor, please. Let me continue.” Taylor shut his mouth. “Thank you. Each one of them had virtually the same story. They said that you spent a good deal of the time staring at,” Ms. Graves sighed, “at their crotch and they were very uncomfortable with that. Taylor, are you gay?”

“No!” Taylor responded but looked away. He knew had lied.

Ms. Graves said nothing but continued to look at him for a few moments.

Taylor knew that she knew he lied. He’d blushed and he couldn’t even look at her. Taylor gazed at the floor. “I never did what they said. I mean how could I? I was always seated at the table across from them in the library,” he said softly with a quivery voice as he examined his hands. They were sweaty.

“Taylor, I have no problem with your sexual orientation. You are what you are. I simply don’t want this situation to get out of hand. I’m taking you off the list of student tutors.”

Taylor nodded sadly. It seemed like the worse day of his life.

“Now about cutting classes yesterday,” said Ms. Graves. Taylor looked up at her.

“I went to see Julian. I’d been really mean to him and I had to apologize.”

Ms. Graves gave him a questioning look. Taylor told her about the movie and nearly everything that had happened.

“I-I love him and he loves me. We’ve kissed but that’s all. My parents will probably kick me out when they find out that I’m in love with Julian. So, I’m not telling them. They’re rarely home anyway. In fact you and Diane are the only ones I’ve said anything to.”

Ms Graves thought for a moment, “Taylor, you should be aware there are rumors about you and Julian. I don’t know who started them but someone saw you leave yesterday and the word is the two of you were – hmm, uh, ‘doing things’.”

“Ms. Graves I swear we’ve only kissed. We haven’t even really made out!”
“Well, I think we'll let yesterday slide. Just don’t make a habit of it.”

“I won’t. Does this mean I won’t be tutoring Julian?”

Ms. Graves nodded her head. Taylor looked really sad. “But you know I would never stop a friend helping a friend,” she said with a smile. Taylor returned the smile and then left the office.

The bell ending homeroom rang and students poured into the halls. Taylor made his way to his locker and started getting out the books he needed. Some guy walked by and coughed, “Fag! Fag!” No sooner than that happen then someone shoved Taylor hard knocking him off balance and he fell. “Keep out of my way you faggot!” boomed the voice of Jon McAllister, one of the students Taylor had tutored.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same. The only class he had with Matt was history which was the next to last class of the day for Julian. After that it was study hall which he’d always spent tutoring.

His seat of course was next to Matt. Taylor took his seat and glanced over to Matt. Matt gave him an angry look and Taylor looked away.

“Stop trying to look at my crotch,” said Matt angrily.

Taylor ignored him. It was just more of the same shit. He had come to realize all his ‘friendships’ were pretty shallow. The truth was staring him in the face – he had no friends. They were all a façade. He felt so hollow and numb.

He hadn’t even seen Julian. Had even Julian deserted him too? No, he wouldn’t, not Julian. Julian said he loved him. He needed him so bad. He needed him now.

After history Taylor took his time leaving the classroom. The halls were practically empty by the time he got to his locker. He stowed his books and left for the parking lot. Seeing as he wasn’t tutoring and he had no homework he didn’t think twice about cutting out.

Barely aware of anything, simply driving on autopilot Taylor made his way to Julian’s.

Julian saw him getting out of the car. He’d cried half the day but now he was pissed with Taylor. There was something different. It was Taylor’s demeanor - Taylor looked really down not like he did when he’d apologized before.

“Well, tough,” he thought, “he’s probably come to apologize for telling Ms. Graves he didn’t want to tutor me. Well, fuck him! I’m not going to be hurt again!”

Taylor was about to knock when Julian opened the door. “What the fuck do you want? Come to apologize for telling Ms Graves you don’t want to tutor me!” Julian said with bitterness.

Taylor stood silently. His world was crashing. And yet another person seemed to hate him. The person he loved had yelled at him. The words didn’t even register only the emotional tone of Julian’s voice. Taylor’s face showed such pain as did his voice when he uttered, “Please not you too…” Then taking an unstable step backwards with a contorted face he cried, “Why you?” A few moments passed before he turned to leave.

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