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Sam Lakes


by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Six

Taylor didn’t leave. He just didn’t feel like he could. The day had been pure shit for him. It just couldn’t end like this. He slowly turned back to Julian. “Why do you hate me? I didn’t do anything. I love you. Please tell me why you hate me now?”

“I don’t hate you, but I can’t take you dumping me any more.”

“I-I never dumped you. I tried to find you all day.”

“Ms. Graves told me you won’t be tutoring me. I think that’s dumping me!”

Taylor shook his head no. “She took me off tutoring everyone, not just you!”

“Everyone, Why?”

“Because I’m gay! I would never dump you Julian, I swear!” Taylor began sobbing as he stood in front of Julian. Julian pulled him into a hug. He felt bad that he’d been unjustly angry with Taylor.

“My bad, babe. My bad. Let’s go inside, I’m sorry. I was wrong for getting mad at you.” Julian led Taylor into his home and in to his bedroom. They lay down on the bed with Julian cuddling Taylor.

Taylor told Julian about his day with some tears and anger. “I realize now I didn’t really have any friends. They only liked me because…because I don’t know.”

Julian kissed the back of Taylor’s neck, “I’m sort of glad.”

“You’re glad?”

“Uh-huh, cuz you’re all mine. I love you Taylor and I swear on my life I will never assume the worst when it comes to you. You didn’t need that from me today of all days.”

Taylor rolled over to face Julian. “You’re all I have…all I want. I so don’t want to go back to school tomorrow.”

“I’ll be there. I’ll try to see you after every class. Yeah, we’ll get harassed but give it a few days and the novelty will wear off and they’ll find someone else to humiliate. Been there,” said Julian.


Three months later…

Life at home was the same for the most part. His parents were gone Tuesday through Friday on business. He tried to spend most weekends with Julian but a couple of times his parents insisted they he tag along to visit relatives. About the only relative Taylor like was his Uncle James who was a police officer.

Julian had been right. The novelty of their relationship and Taylor being gay had pretty well faded away. He had a new set of friends for the most part and although by nature he was friendly and polite only two people did he really trust – Julian and Diane. Sure there was the occasional nasty slur which Taylor learned to ignore and life at school wasn’t too bad.

“Hey, guys.”

“Hey! Diane,” said the two guys.

“Wassup,” smiled Julian.

“Well, I wondered if you’d  like to go to the movies tomorrow?” asked Diane.

Julian looked at Taylor. Taylor’s smile had pretty much disappeared.

“Just us?” asked Taylor in a restrained tone.

“Well, yeah and Mike.”

Taylor shook his head ‘no’, “Thanks, if it were only you – absolutely. If it were even you and someone else – fine but you and him ‘fraid not,” said Taylor.

“Hey, Tay!”

Taylor didn’t have to turn around to know who was now behind him. Julian noticed Taylor’s whole appearance become cold.

“So, are we a go for tomorrow night?” asked Mike cheerfully moving to Diane’s side.

Taylor forced himself to relax a bit. “Funny, Mike I was just telling Diane. I’ll repeat it to your face. If we were going with only Diane absolutely! If it was Diane and someone else probably. But Diane and you no way.”

“Come on man! I made a mistake. I’m sorry,” pleaded Mike.

Taylor thought for a moment before speaking. “Yeah, a mistake, we all make mistakes. I made a serious mistake too. I believed I had a best friend, one who would stand up for me no matter what. You didn’t, Mike. In fact you turned and stabbed me – not in the back – right through my heart. I knew you were straight. I knew there would never be an ‘us’ but I loved you for being you and being a friend. Having known you all my life I never expected you to turn on me. Well, you killed any love I may have had for you right there in history class. It’s dead, Mike. I learned my lesson – never ever trust Mike Yang.” Taylor took Julian’s hand and quickly walked away before Mike could see any tears.

Later that day after Taylor had dropped of Julian at his home he arrived home to find both his parents vehicles in the drive. He wondered why they were both home on a Wednesday.

“Hi, Mom. Hi Dad,” he said as he enter the foyer.

“Taylor, we’d like to speak to you,” said Mr. Forrest.

Taylor walked into the living room and took a seat in the recliner as both his parent were sitting solemnly on the couch.

“Taylor, your mother and I have filed for divorce.”

Taylor shrugged his shoulders as he’d wondered why they had kept up a pretense of marriage for so long.

 “I am taking a position in New York so I will be moving out this weekend. Your mother has accepted a promotion in her company’s London office and will also be moving this weekend. Neither of us will have the time to look after you so you will be staying with your Uncle James until you’ve finished high school. As you know your college fund will more than cover all your educational expenses if you decide to go to college. If not then when you reach twenty-two you will have access to those funds for whatever purpose you choose.”

Taylor’s face remained expressionless. It hurt that neither of his parents wanted him but he refused to let it show.

“Okay,” Taylor muttered.

“Actually, your Uncle will be over here when his shift ends to help you move your stuff. As you know there’s not a lot of room at his place so some of your stuff – well most of it expect for your clothes will go into storage until you go off to college.”

“What about taking my computer?” Taylor asked.

“Well,” his father half smiled, “No room for your computer, but they have a family computer that you can use.”

Taylor jumped up, dug into his pocket, took out his keys and threw them at his parents. He missed and the keys hit the wall then fell behind the couch which pissed him off even more.
“You’ve taken everything from me you might as well take my car! You know what mom, I heard you talking on the phone to Aunt Sonja three years ago. I heard you say that you hated him,” Taylor pointed to his dad, “I heard you say you should have considered abortion like he asked you to do. He was right. You should have had an abortion!”

The look on his mother’s face was surprise.

“Son, I know you’re upset but…”

“UPSET!” screamed Taylor, “OH! I AM BEYOND THAT!” He turned and ran to his room, slammed the door closed and locked it. He crossed the room to his stereo, pushed play and cranked the volume up to its limit.

An hour and a half later his room was plunged into darkness and silence. The power had been turned off.

“Taylor, its Uncle James. Open the door.”

Taylor didn’t answer.

“Dude, come on open up,” pleaded Uncle James.

James Forrest shook his head at his brother then the two of them kicked the door open and rushed into the room. The window was open and Taylor was gone.

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