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Sam Lakes


by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Seven

Taylor needed Julian. It only took him five minutes to decide to leave, and over an hour to walk to Julian’s.

When he arrived and knocked on the door, it was Julian that answered. “Taylor! Omigod, what’s wrong babe? Where’s your car?” Taylor stood there looking lost, and Julian reached out and grabbed his hand pulling him along to his room.

Julian took off Taylor’s coat, and hung it up before returning to Taylor who had remained silent, but had lain down the bed on his side. Julian lay down on his side, facing Taylor.

“Babe, talk to me,” murmured Julian.

“They just threw me away like they couldn’t give a damn. I’ve always known that I was sort of a burden. A few years ago, I learned I was a mistake, and the only reason they got married. Dad was always gone, except for the weekends. He always seemed nice, like he sort of cared, but that was just a façade. Mom always worked. It’s like I’m the reason she has a miserable life – she resents me.”

“So, what happened?”

“They’re getting a divorce. Dad’s moving to New York, and Mom is moving to London.”

“You’re moving!” Julian said, in a panic.

“No. I have to stay with Uncle James.”


“Yeah, no privacy. I can’t even take my own computer, but worse than that, I’ll be in a different school district. Eight weeks left, and I’ll have to transfer to a new school.”

“Well, at least no one will hassle you.”

“I’d rather be hassled and with you, than no hassling and not you. I hate this! I just want to go away somewhere with you – far, far away from here, like New Zealand or Australia!”

“That would be so great. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, ever since I saw Lord of the Rings. They speak English there.”

“Yeah, but with a funny accent. G’day mate,” laughed Taylor.

“That’s Australian, like that guy on animal planet that died and Wolverine.”

“I think I’d prefer to speak with an English accent, you know like baah-th or ahhsk or sort the way Harry Potter speaks. Speaking of which, I think he’s hot!” said Taylor.

“Hotter than me?”

“Well, you’re not hot, you’re sizzling,” said Taylor, with a wicked grin.

Julian rolled his eyes and blushed a bit. His face became serious but soft. “I want to live the rest of my life with you. Someplace nice, where the majority of people won’t freak out if I kiss you or hold hands with you when we walk down the street. We should get online and chat with some gay guys in New Zealand and other places, mused Julian.

“Yeah,” muttered Taylor, remembering that his computer would be going into storage. Then an idea struck him, “Babe, my computer is supposed to go into storage because there’s not enough room at Uncle James’. What-if I store it here and then we could checkout New Zealand, and other places?”

“Hmm,” Julian thought for a while, “Well, it would have to be on a roll-a-bout cart, so when I’m not here, I can roll it into the closet. But yeah, that would work.”

Taylor smiled as he remembered about Julian’s closet. Julian had re-hung the door so that the hinges were on the inside of the closet and there were two deadbolt locks, plus he installed a deadbolt lock on his bedroom door. Julian’s comment was, “When you live with a whore who’s also a junkie; ya gotta protect your stuff, otherwise you’ll find it at the local pawnshop.”

“Cool,” beamed Taylor, “We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna go far, far away, to a place we can live together for the rest of our lives.  Agreed?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Julian nodded profusely, and then moved in for a passionate kiss that was interrupted by a knock on the front door.

Julian sighed and got up to leave, “If that’s one of them watchtower idiots I’m going to tell them they are too late cuz I’m going to hell with my boyfriend!” He laughed, and Taylor smiled.

When he opened the door he was greeted by the smiling face of Uncle James, the cop.
“Hello, Julian, I’d like to come in and speak with my nephew.”

Julian hesitated.

“I’m just here as his uncle, not a cop.”

“Yeah, well, too bad mom isn’t here – it would be great to see her freak out,” Julian smiled, “Don’t be mad with him. He was really upset.”

“I’m just here to talk.”

Julian invited him in, and led the way to his room. Of course, the first thing that grabbed James Forrest’s attention was the nearly complete mural of rich colors which pictured Saphira, Eragon, Brom, and Arya standing on a high cliff overlooking a valley.

“Wow! You painted that?” asked Uncle James, in an awestruck voice.

Julian nodded.


Julian gave a quick shrug of his shoulders before joining Taylor, who was sitting up on the bed with his back against the wall.

“Grab a chair or sit on the bed if you want,” said Julian, politely.

“Your parents are worried. You should have told them you were leaving. If I hadn’t remembered Julian’s last name, we wouldn’t have known where you disappeared to. You know you are welcomed in my home. You are my favorite nephew.”

“I’m your only nephew. Don’t tell me that they care, because I know different. I was their mistake, and that’s how they’ve always felt. Dad’s been nice enough when he’s there, but that he cares about me is just bullshit.”

“That’s not true.”

“Yeah? He has an interesting way of showing it. Most dads wouldn’t think twice about having their son move with them, rather than dump the kid on someone else. Ergo, I’ll be moving in with you.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t want you, or love you – it’s just that his situation uh…well, his work, uh,  wouldn’t give him the time to spend with you.”

“Ergo, his work is way more important than me, or my happiness. There is nothing you can say that will convince me differently. I’ll move in with you and your family, until I’m eighteen, then I’m gone. I want my car. I’ll pay for the maintenance and insurance, myself. I’ll get a part-time job. Julian gets my computer. I don’t want it to go into storage. What they pay you is between you and them. As far as my college fund, they can stick it up their ass. From this point on I NEVER want to hear from them or anything about them, unless it’s about how they died a horrible and painful death.”

James knew the real reason his brother couldn’t have Taylor living with him. He also knew that Taylor was hurt and upset. He’d argued with his brother about not being honest with his son. He figured Taylor would have understood the truth, but it wasn’t his responsibility to say anything. He had always liked his nephew and thought he was a really smart and resourceful person. He hoped that things would go well and that he would eventually change his mind about going to college.

Editor's Notes:

It seems that James is really a good person, and really cares about Taylor.  All we can do is hope that things will work out for Julian and Taylor, and that they will be happy.

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