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Sam Lakes


by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Eight

Life at Taylor's uncle was not great. They had done their best to make him comfortable and he was, but he had no space of his own. He slept on a davenport in the living room. His resentment of his parents never ebbed.

He was hit with a curfew of 10pm which meant leaving Julian’s by 9:30. Because of the crowdedness of his uncle’s, Julian couldn’t spend the night with him. School was the same old shit, different day. He barley managed to keep his grades up.

He and Julian had talked with some guys in New Zealand, only to find that there were similar attitudes in New Zealand, Australia, and Great Britain as in the US. Still, they held on to their dream.

It wasn’t until Julian got beaten again by his mother, that Taylor decided they had to do something. School vacation was only a week away. He swore they would be gone by summer’s end.

“I get so angry when I look at that bruise on your face,” said Taylor, in a restrained voice, as they booted up the computer.

“I can cover it up with some makeup, if you want.”

“No. We just have to get out of here,” sighed Taylor.

“Yeah, but how? I won’t be sixteen until August, and anyway, being sixteen, the most I can make is seven bucks an hour…” Julian grinned, “Of course, you could be my pimp, and I could probably get $100 an hour.”

“Yeah, good idea, NOT!”

Julian double-click on the Firefox icon, and within a few seconds their home page ‘Google’ loaded. They rarely read any of the news articles, but today a headline caught Taylor’s attention, ‘Sting Operation snares Child Molester’. Taylor reached over and moved the mouse to the headline and clicked. The two read the story.

“Man! Some people are really stupid. I mean, knowing that the person is under age, and trying to meet with them. Pervs!” voiced Julian.

“Yeah, it’s sad in a way. I mean that guy was an ‘upstanding citizen’ with a wife and kids. His life is over, and for what! I mean he’s got a wife!”

“Yeah, I bet he’d give anything to be able to get out of that situation,” said Taylor, thinking about how ruined the man’s life was, as Julian took control of the mouse and clicked on Bookmarks and was going down the list to one of the torrent sites, when he accidentally clicked the mouse.
What came up was a gay adult site, with three rows of thumbnails in the center top of the page, showing images of guys online or rather pictures of dicks and the ages and handle of the person. What surprised him, was a larger picture of a dick that he recognized.

“Now, that dick, I know,” he laughed, and Taylor turned scarlet.

“Oh, fuck!” were the only words Taylor could get out, which made Julian giggle even more at his boyfriend’s embarrassment.

“Care to explain,” giggled Julian.

“I forgot about that site. I-I…it was before I…we got together. Honest. I haven’t looked at it for months and months.” He continued to blush. “Come on, go to a different site. This is so embarrassing!”

“No! I want to see it,” laughed Julian, as he clicked on a link to messages. There was a long list of messages which had not been read. Julian clicked on a message, then read it out loud
“Really nice cock – luv 2 suk it!” Julian giggled, “Yeah, it is! And no you can’t – it’s mine!”

He looked at more messages which were all pretty much solicitous of Taylor’s cock. “Dude, if you charged them five bucks a blow, you’d make a fortune!” He laughed again.

Taylor rolled his eyes. “NO,” he said seriously, “Come on, please, let’s go to the torrent sites.”

“No, this is interesting, besides, there are some hot guys here.” Julian started reading a profile of one of the guys that had emailed Taylor. “Wow! This guy is 36, and married. If he had sex with you he’d go to jail. He’s a pedo. Doesn’t he realize your only 17?”

“No, he thinks I’m 19. You can’t sign up on this site unless your 18 or older,” Taylor smiled, “I lied, and used my dad’s credit card and paid for a membership for a year. The idiot never checks his credit card bill. ”

“Still, what-if his wife found out. Hey you could have sex with him, and then blackmail him,” Julian laughed.

Taylor thought for a while; an idea was forming in his mind.

“Yeah, we could. Julian, we could raise enough money to get out of here.”

To Julian living with Taylor somewhere else than here, meant they would be free from the imprecations of their current life. “No, Taylor, even if you didn’t reciprocate, you’d be a ho. No.”
The two sat silently for a few minutes, thinking.

“I got it!” exclaimed Taylor.


“We pull a sting operation with you as bait.”

“Why me?”

“You’re younger, and besides you’ll never have to do anything. We’ll get him here, and then I bust in and tell him he’s under arrest. I can get one of Uncle James’ uniforms without him knowing. The guy will freak, but I play nice cop, and let him off with a warning, if he comes through with five grand or so.”

“I don’t know…”

“Hey, that guy in the news report that got arrested for trying – trying to pick up a thirteen year old girl – don’t you think he would have gladly paid up? And you’re a boy – even more embarrassing for a guy who’s married!”

Julian sighed. “Stay here and get beat up for the next three years, or do this so Taylor and I can leave and go away to live in New Zealand,” he thought. “We’ll have to plan it out really well. Make sure the guy is married, and has something to loose. Make sure he’s got the money. It will have to be a motel, not here.”

“Yeah, and he has to pay right then, in cash.”

“Taylor, nobody carries five grand around in their pocket.”

“We go to the bank with him. He doesn’t leave our sight until we have the money. So, do we do it?”

“Yeah! We do it! New Zealand or bust!”

“Cool! First we need to update my profile.”

The two of them work on the profile, and finally had what they figured would attract the right kind of guy.

Julian read, “Younger stud, looking for you to pleasure me. Must be discreet as I am not out, nor do I plan to come out. Prefer married guys, as they tend to be more discreet.”

“Sounds good to me. The pics of your body are yummy,” laughed Taylor. “I’ve sent a wink to all those that fit our criteria – 30 to 50, married and living in the right area and are professional, businessmen, own business. If the winks don’t work, we’ll send them a message.”

“Awesome. I am so looking forward to New Zealand,” said Julian.

All they had to do was wait.

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