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Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

Dad came down and we stayed in a hotel for the evening. The next day Mr. Smith arrived from England and Trent, Peter and Jack arrived from L.A. We all flew up to Lake George. I was excited to see everyone even though inside I was still a bit miserable. I thought I kept it covered up pretty well.

Peter and Dad sat together, Trent, Jack and Mr. Smith sat together, and I sat alone and pretended to sleep most of the way because I didn't feel like talking.

As I was walking to the terminal Peter caught up to me. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Nada. I was tired. I still am and I'm grumpy so best not talk to me."

"I love you."

"Yeah, doesn't everybody," I mumble.


"Please Peter not here, not now in front of everybody."

"Are you pissed with me?"

"No," I said. I stopped and hugged him, "I'm just a bit out of sorts. I love you Peter -- I love you so much. If you and Dad don't work out, promise," shit I could feel my tears starting to flow, " Promise me you'll never stop loving me." I stood there with my arms around Peter bawling my eyes out.

Luckily Dad and the others just carried on. And then I felt bad that it wasn't Dad whose shoulder I was crying on. I had said nothing to him even though he asked.

"I-I should be crying on Dad's shoulder not yours. Now he's gonna be upset."

"Nah. Tony's cool. So cool. He knew there was something up and to be honest handling a teenager like you he really feels out of his depth, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Don't forget this is all new to him. Besides I've known you longer," he chuckled.

"Hawken, are you all right about me and him?" I nodded my head. "Good because I am madly in love with him. I'm like you, you know."

"How so?" I mumbled softly still holding our embrace.

"You and I tend to fall in love with people instantly. While your dad he has to think things over and make sure what he does it for the best of everyone concerned. Sort of like you and Robert."

"You knew?" I said pulling back.

Peter smiled, "No, I guessed. The give away was you called your dad at seven a.m. And by the way, he figured the same thing out too. Your dad was nearly in tears about you. You have to learn to trust him with your feelings. So, I am not going to ask you about Robert right now. You, your dad and me can talk about it later. If we're going to be a family then we have to do things as a family. Okay?"

"Yeah." That sounded like a plan.

When we got to the terminal Grandfather greeted Peter and I. Apparently, Dad had taken Trent, Jack and Mr. Smith to the house for lunch.

Grandfather was taking Peter and I to lunch elsewhere for lunch.

"He wants to give you the third degree," I said with a giggle.

"You are absolutely right, Hawk, but Peter, I promise I don't bite," laughed Grandfather.

Once we got in the car Grandfather started firing questions. Most of them pretty general, but some surprised me like what was his religion, how many sexual partners had he had, was he HIV positive and were any of his sexual encounters unprotected sex. What was the longest relationship he'd had and why did it break up? When was the last time he had a sexual partner.

Not only was Peter blushing so was I.

I had asked Grandfather why he was asking all these questions especially with me being present.

Peter answered before Grandfather did, "Hawk, I love you very much, I have nothing to hide from you, Tony or your grandparents and as embarrassing as some of the things may be -- believe it's better for you to know all about me. If either of you want to question me further in more detail either now or in private you just have to ask."

"Hawk, long ago I accepted Tony as my son and I love him dearly. I love you dearly. I want to feel the same about Peter. And it's my fatherly right to ensure the best for my two boys."

Peter had been in three serious relationships and had two one-night stands when he was twenty. His relationships had been protected sex. His last relationship ended when he found his boyfriend in bed with another person. That was seven years ago. I could tell there was a lot of pain and hurt from that relationship. In all three relationships he had always been faithful. After the last one he swore that he'd be more cautious in choosing a partner.

I thought of what he had told me earlier and wondered if I being like him and so easily falling in love with someone, would I end up being heartbroken my whole life.

I remained fairly quiet throughout lunch and not really paying too much attention to what Grandfather and Peter were talking about. Instead I sort of phased out I thinking about Robert and instantly wanted to cry. I missed talking to him and just being with him. I missed being with Alex. Then it occurred to me that the two guys I was in love with were both blind. Was I just feeling sorry for them?

No. I wasn't. Did Robert really have feelings for me? What-if they both loved me? What-if I had to choose one or the other? How do you know if the person you love is the right person? I thought that Alex was the one for me until the other night when Robert kissed me. But then he slunk away like a coward not able to proclaim his love for me. Alex had. Alex was also comfortable with his sexual orientation.

I finally decided while we were in the car after lunch Alex was my true love. Robert is just a wimp! I felt pretty good about my decision. Grandfather and Peter seemed to be getting along well.

"Well, Peter it's been a wonderful lunch. I really hope things work out between you and Tony, but if they don't please know that you will always be welcomed in my house."

"Well, Hawk, I am glad to see you smiling again, not so serious in thought," said Grandfather.

"Yeah, Grandfather I figured it all out. Robert is a wimp!" I declared and "Alex is still my true love!"

"Robert? Oh yeah, I meant to tell you, your grandmother said some boy Robert Evans has called nearly every hour since nine o'clock."

"What? Robert has been calling me!" I ejaculated. I took off to find my grandmother.

I ran into her office. She looked up at me and smiled, "Hi sweetheart."

I went over and gave her a kiss, "Grandfather said that Robert called."

"Oh, yes quiet a delightful young man. He's called at least three times," she smiled, "Sounded quite desperate to talk to you. I think he thinks you may hate him. Do you?"

"No! I could never hate him!" I said as all my feelings of love rushed back into my heart. She handle me his number and I rushed off to my room to call Robert.

Nervously I dialed Robert's number.

"Hello" said Robert.

"Robert, it's me, Hawk"

There was no response.


"Hawken, I'm so sorry. I know you must hate me for what I did, but I freaked. I thought Dad would kick me out. I just left you to take the blame." He began to cry.

"Did you get my note?"

"Yes," he sniffed.

"Then you know I love you. But I don't know where that leaves us -- if there is an us. When I got home tonight I thought I had it all figured out. But you called and I'm not sure what I think other than I still want to be friends."

"Dad was angry but it wasn't so much as with you as with me -- he thought I took advantage of you because you are so much younger than me. I love you, Hawk, but I'm not sure I could live a gay life. I'm not sure I could go further than kissing, but I'd probably try just to please you. I'm not sure that's gonna be enough. Hawk I love you so much I never want to be out of your life or have you out of my life and if I have to be gay to have that then I'll try to be gay for you."

"Oh, Robert," I almost started crying, "I love you, but I don't want you to change, stay yourself because that is the Robert I love, you never have to change for me. We can always be best friends you don't have to be gay. We can always be a part of each other's life."

"Best friends then?" he asked.

"Forever, Robert."

He and I stay on the phone talking to each other for an hour and I think we could have talked forever but Dad said I was needed to discuss things regarding the movie.

As I walked into the living room Jack stood up walked over to me, took my hand, and shook it saying, "Congratulations. You have the part!"

"Oh." No audition, no screen test, I've not said more than ten words to Mr. Smith -- they bought the part for me. I guess I should be pleased but I wasn't. I had put some work into the part and it really didn't matter.

I loved my grandparents and my dad. I appreciate the effort they were making to make up for lost years. But money was not what I wanted. If I got the part I wanted it because I got the part; I put forth the effort.

"Thanks," I said, turned and left the room. As I walked away I heard Mr. Smith say to the others, "let me talk to him."

Seeing me leaving the room and not being overjoyed he probably saw the money fading.

"Hawken, one second," he said. I stopped and turned.

"What? You got your money -- that's what you wanted. My grandfather brought me the part -- that's what he wanted. A week ago I wanted this part so bad I would have done it for free! Why? I thought it was my opportunity to be free of my Mom, but my dad, grandparents, and Peter rescued me. I am free from my mom. But the desire to get the part hasn't fade. I wanted the part because I love the part and because I thought I could get the part through my own efforts where I could prove to you but mainly myself that I was the best person for the part. That I -- I am good enough at my trade to warrant the part."

Smith smiled, "I believe you are good enough." I started to say something, but he asked, "Hawk, please just hear me out."

"I came here because Jack said there was a possibility of getting the remaining finance for the film but also because there were a few people who believe in your talents. I had already seen your commercials and you were on the shortlist. I would have talked to you on the plane but you looked a bit out of it."

I nodded with a sort of crooked smile.

"Between Jack and Trent they pretty well had me convinced you were the right talent for the role of Trevor, my biggest holdup was your accent. Trent just happened to bring a few audio recordings -- outtakes. I was amazed. Then Trent gave me a video of you -- there was a guy behind you a Universal and Trent got the guy to videotape your performance. To be honest I was 99% sold so I agreed the part is yours. And yes I got the financing needed from your Grandfather."

"Hawken, when you turned and walked out of the room, you made me 100% certain that I had made the right choice. You see if you'd had no talent you would not have done that. Your pride had been hurt. I've been there. I really want to work with you. You've got the part with or without your grandfather's financing."

"Whoa! Really!" I hugged him. He smiled.

"So, shall we go tell the others?"

"Yep! By the way there is a part of the script that needs to be changed."

"Okay we will talk about that on the way back to London."

As we entered the room I announce, "I've accepted the part! And Grandfather Mr. Smith has decided to get financing elsewhere."

"What!" said Mr. Smith.

"Gotcha! You are so gullible!" I laughed.

"You little --" Mr. Smith started.

"Arse!" laughed Peter, "I told you Danny. He can be an arse! Do you know what he did to me one night when he was on the phone?"

I jumped on Peter who was on the couch and covered his mouth with my hand. "Peter! Don't you dare!" and then I started tickling him.

Thank God, Peter didn't say anything because it would have been too embarrassing.

The plan is Peter, Dad, Mr. Smith, my grandparents and I are flying to London tomorrow.

Trent and Jack will be going back to California.

The best news I had was that Danny wouldn't need me until Monday, which meant I had five days free somehow I persuaded Tony and Peter to take a European holiday and let me visit Alex. I called Alex and told him I had five days free before I had to start work and maybe we could spend it together.

Mr. Ambrose said that I could visit with them after talking with Dad. We landed at Gatwick around 8 p.m. and Dad got me a limo to take me to Lingfield from Gatwick.

I arrived around 10p.m. I was surprised to see their house. It was huge! At least the same size as my house in Beverly Hills, but this was England! I was used to seeing row houses or semi-detached houses when I lived with Teri.

The house I later found out from Mr. Ambrose was recently built but the architecture was Elizabethan style I think -- I'm not really up on such things. The first floor or as Alex kept calling it -- the ground floor -- was a hall or foyer as you entered, off to the right was a study, off to the left the lounge then there was a large kitchen and a dining area Built on to the back of the house was a heated swimming pool and exercise area. The second floor (or as Alex referred to it the First Floor) three bedrooms Mr. Ambrose and Alex's bedroom were the same and both had their own bathroom -- the third bedroom was a home office for Mr. Ambrose. Alex had his own special computer in his room.

On the left side of the house was a large garage with a flat (apartment) above it for Mrs. Foster their housekeeper and her husband. Mr. Foster was their gardener. Both where in their sixties.

The drive was L-shaped and my limo stopped in front of the house. By the time I opened car door the front door opened and there was my beautiful Alex.

"Alex!" I said as I got out of the car and ran to him. We hugged and told each other how much we missed each other. I didn't kiss, Alex as I wasn't sure Mr. Ambrose would approve and he just arrived then started to go get my luggage. I broke away from Alex.

"Oh, Mr. Ambrose, I'll get that," I said as I rushed over and took my baggage from the limo driver handing the driver ten pounds as a tip. The driver smiled and nodded and then got back into the limo and drove off.

"It really is great seeing you again sir. I really do appreciate you letting me visit with you for a few days."

"It's our pleasure, Alex has been so excited all day he hasn't quit talking about you all day."

Alex blushed but then said, "It's true. It's true but then I am in love with the most wonderful person in the world, father." And then I blushed.

"You'll be sharing Alex's room if that's all right with you Hawken. If not we have a settee in the lounge."

I wondered what a settee was. Suddenly I felt shy and nervous. I had slept in bed with Peter but that was way different. I'd be sharing Alex's bed. I know he loves me but he's British and he's upper class maybe sex isn't a proper thing. I realized I hadn't commented.

"Uh, sure if Alex doesn't mind."

"Follow me Hawken," said Alex cheerily. So, I followed.

"This is it," he said as he opened the door.

"Alex?" said Mr. Ambrose, "I'm off to bed, now. Don't stay up all night -- I'm sure Hawken is tired from his flight over."

"Okay, father. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Mr. Ambrose," I said.

"Goodnight," Mr. Ambrose said as he turned and walked towards his own room.

We walked into his room -- it was large like my room but it was plain whereas my room had some posters and paintings on the walls. Whereas mine sometimes got a bit untidy - Alex's room was a pristine example of orderliness. Where as mine had a TV - there was only a stereo. In his dressing room all the clothes were totally organized. Most of his clothes were plain looking and drab like his father had done all the choosing.



"Who chooses your clothes?"

"My father, why?"

"I think I need to take you shopping someday. I mean your clothes are fine -- excellent quality and all, but a bit like a older person not a teen."

"Would you really take me shopping?"

"Absolutely! We could do it tomorrow!"

"I'll ask my father. He's probably still awake."

"Do you mind if I phone my Dad to let him know I've arrived safely?"

"Not at all, the telephone is on my computer desk or you could use my mobile."

I called Tony and Peter and let them know I arrived safely.

"My father said he would have Mrs. Foster drive us over to Crawley -- they have more stores there and in East Grinstead or Horsham."


"Would you care for a bit to eat -- we've got cheese and crackers, chocolate biscuits and some tea or milk?" ask Alex.

I loved his voice and found myself automatically trying to sound like him, "Only if you would."

I followed him down to the kitchen.

"Could you put some water in the tea kettle and plug it in? I'll get tea, biscuits and stuff."

I guessed that the tea kettle was the metal tea pot with the electric cord and sure enough it was.

Alex got out the cheese, crackers, and chocolate biscuits. The chocolate biscuits were in fact a cookie with chocolate on just the topside. Then he got out a ceramic teapot. When the kettle was boiling he poured a small amount of the boiling water into the ceramic pot and swirled it a round a couple of times, poured the water out of the ceramic teapot and then place tea leaves into the pot and filled it with the water which was still boiling away in the kettle then unplugged the kettle.

I helped him put the teapot, a couple of mugs, and the food on the table.

We had just sat down at the table when he stood up saying, "Oops! I forgot the milk!" which he promptly retrieved from the refrigerator.

Our conversation during our noshing was simply friendly social chitchat about things that weren't important. He seemed a bit nervous too.

After we finished we left our dirty dishes by the sink, returned back to his room, and sat on his bed.

"Hawken is there something wrong? I ask because well you seem sort of different. Is it your mom? Is she still giving you problems? Is it your new father? Do you have another boyfriend?"

I realized I hadn't told him anything.

I'd never really told him anything about my personal life. If I told him would he still love me or would he think I was to weird. It had always been likes and dislikes and good stuff. But never about the stuff that hurts. I knew I had no option than to be honest. I loved Alex and it was only fair.

"It's hard to tell you about the stuff that hurts, the bad stuff but it's only fair that you know everything about me you know the good stuff already but not the bad stuff. I've never really told anyone everything -- before I went to live with Teri, my cousin, I was very naïve about life. I never knew love -- mother never held me except when she had to and it was never for reasons of liking me. It was for show or to benefit her in some way -- in private it never happened."

I told him of my loveless life and how I was paraded about but never allowed to have any friends. I had never been too a birthday party and had never celebrated my even my own birthday until Teri's family. I told him about Trent, Peter, Tony, and finally meeting my grandparents. I told him about Robert my feelings and Robert's feelings.

"So this is the real me. I promised your father that I would never do anything to hurt you. I intend to keep that promise. If you want me to leave tomorrow I will. If you don't want to be friends then I will grant that request. Just know that I don't think I can stop loving you."

I look at him.

"Hawken, I love you. You've been honest with me -- I can hear it and feel it."

He sighed heavily and my heart beat a little faster as I thought he my say the worst. I thought he might say goodbye.


To be continued -