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Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

I had been listening to Hawken for the last two hours I held him when he cried I knew I had had some painful experiences in my life but there had always been love.

When he finished I knew he had been honest with me and I knew I had to be honest with him he had risked all for my love and me so I must risk all for him and his love. Deep down I knew I could trust him deep within my soul I knew he loved me but I had never told the full story of how I found out I was gay to anyone not even my father.

I sighed deeply.

"I love you too, Hawken, but you need to know something about me too. My grandfather is the only one ever talked to about this and not in a lot of detail. I knew I was gay when I was thirteen. I sort of knew it before then too."

"I had been going to a public school, which you would call a boarding school. There was a teacher who I was very fond of Mr. Agler. He was my history teacher and would often help me after classes."

"One day he was reading something our of our history book about the Roman Empire and as he was reading and sitting very close to me he started stoking my thigh. It felt nice but as he got high and higher on my thigh I got a hardon. I wanted him to continue so I spread my legs open a bit to give him better access to my inner thigh. That night I had a wet dream about him."

"After that he stopped. I guess he got scared."

"A few days later I was in the classroom and he was helping me again. He was sitting a little further from me and gradually I scooted closer to him and opened my legs so that my left leg was against his right leg."

"He ignored it for a while but then he started stroking me again and finally after he was rubbing me for a while he asked me if I like what he was doing."

"I told him yes. It felt good."

"He kept it up and I ejaculated."

"Nothing happened for a fortnight or so and one afternoon when he was helping me again he told me that he was sorry for what he did. He did it because he had a crush on me and like me very much but that it was wrong for him to force himself on me like that."

I told him I was the one who force him that I had a big crush on him."

"He asked me if I wanted him to do things like that again. I told him yes. So, it all continued and one day he asked me to come of to his room he'd left some papers there. I did. He sat me down on his settee and then sat next to me and began rubbing me again but this time he unzipped my pants and took out my penis and then he put his mouth on it and sucked me off."

"The same thing happened the next day except this time he asked to undress me I let him and he then asked me if I would like to touch him. I did. I wanked him while he sucked me off. It got to be almost a daily thing, I really like him, and he told me he loved me."

"One day I asked him if he wanted me to suck him off. He said later. Well, I thought he meant later that evening so I sneaked out of my room to his room and we had sex. I would have done anything he asked."

"What I didn't know was that someone saw me go to his room and he threatened to tell everyone I was a poofta unless I paid him to keep quite. I knew my teacher would get in trouble. I paid him twenty pounds not to say anything. I told the teacher what had happened. He told me I was stupid to have paid the money and that I was not to pay the boy another penny."

I stopped talking to Hawken. We sat silently for a few moments.

"What happened then?" Hawken asked softly.

I couldn't answer. I could only cry again. I lay prone on the bed my head buried in my pillows and sobbed. Hawken was lying next to me with his arm across my shoulders a few seconds later.

He said nothing but he let me know he was there and wasn't going to leave. I heard him whisper, "Alex, I love you please talk to me." He was crying so softly.

After a few moments I stopped sobbing and turned my face towards him.

"The next day the headmaster called me into his office. My father was there. Mr. Agler's body was found earlier that day. He had taken his own life. I looked at my father who said, `We need to talk.' I shook my head `no'. He took me home."

"For a several days I said nothing, I was too ashamed of myself. I felt it was my fault that Mr. Alger was dead. Poor father was at his wits end was because all I did was sit around lifeless and I guess in some kind of shock. Finally, my father took me to see grandfather."

"When I saw my grandfather he said `Come on buddy, let's talk' I shook my head `no'."

"He led me to his office sat me down on his settee and said, `Alex I know you are gay. I know you loved Mr. Agler. Let's talk about that okay?' For the first time since I had been told of Mr. Agler's death I began to cry. Grandfather took me I his arms and held me while I sobbed and assured me that he loved me."

"Grandfather and I did eventually talk and my father joined us. My father was really the one that made me see that Mr. Agler didn't really love me as much as I thought he did."

"My father said `Alex if a person really loves another person would he ask that person to do something that could harm them. In other words, if I asked you to shoot somebody would I really love you? That's what Mr. Agler did to you he asked to you to help him break the law. But he did it in such a covert way he used your trust in him and didn't even tell you what he and you were doing was a illegal.'"

I paused for a few moments.

"On the plane when you pretended to be blind I was a bit upset because I thought you were not being honest with me but as time went on and I guess when you confessed to like Back Street Boys and Aaron Carter and such I knew you were trying to be honest. When you came back after my father had words with you you proved to me your honestly and sincerity to be my friend."

"I think we both have had some pretty bad things happen in our lives. I love you. I know I will always love you but if you want to go tomorrow then that will be your choice."

I had barely spoken those words when I felt his lips touch mine.

"That's my answer Alex. I want to be with you forever."

I smiled and pressed my lips to his.

We got ready for bed and then got in bed I was almost asleep when he said, "Alex are you awake?" in a whispered voice.


"What religion are you?"

"C of E. Why?"

"What's C of E?"

"Church of England. Why?

"I was curious. My mom was an atheist so I've never been to church. I think maybe there is a God. I think he might of thought we needed each other. I mean what are the odds of me ever having met you on an airplane. I was in first class and you were in coach. What do you think?"

"I think you may be right."

We both fell asleep I think it was probably later than my father would have liked.

I woke feel two soft lips kiss my cheek. Hawken smelt so clean and fresh.

"Hey sleepyhead! Time to wake up," he said then made a sniffing noise and said in one of his cute voices, "And you shower is definitely waiting left you plenty of hot water."

"I like being woken up with kisses," I giggled.

"I'll make a note of that Ways to keep my love happy wake him up with kisses." He said cheerily and kissed me again on the cheek. I turn my face so his lips were on mine. "Mmmm" he moaned. "Enough! Or we'll waste a whole day just snogging. And it's a beautiful day for shopping! So get up!"

I was amazed he was losing is harsh American accent. It was still there but only a hint.

"I'm going to help Mrs. Foster with your breakfast. Oh and I have put out clean clothes for you shirt and trousers hanging on the door, socks and clean boxers are on the towel rack to the left of a fluffy towel all clean and toasty warm for you. " That said he left the room.

When I was dress I went down for breakfast as I approached the kitchen I could hear music and Hawken's awesome voice singing along I think it was an old Beatles song called `Michelle', which was Mrs. Foster's name. I could her giggling like a young schoolgirl of sixty.

Again he amazed me. His French pronunciation was perfect way better than the original singer.

"Oh, good morning Alexander," said Mrs. Foster, "Don't you think Hawken has a beautiful voice? I think you and him would make a good duet."

"Oh! Definitely!" exclaimed Hawken, "We are going to be the best I think, do you agree Alex?"

"Well, I think it would be fantastic. We could call our selves the Hawk and the Blind Mouse," I laughed.

"Hmm or Blind Love," said Hawken as he came over to me and kissed my cheek.

Some Backstreet Boys song started playing in the background.

"I like that name," said Mrs. Foster. Hawken had certainly stolen her heart.

"Do you know this song?" asked Hawken.


"Yep. Sing it with me."

"What now before I eat my breakie?"

"Baby I can't help it, keep me drowning in your love" he sang. I had no choice we sang and it was fun.

I realized as I was eating my breakfast that Mrs. Foster had seen Hawk giving me kisses on the cheek and me returning them. She had said nothing. I wondered if she approved or not.

"Alex, did you know it is Mr. and Mrs. Foster's fortieth anniversary? Well, when I found out I told her and Mr. Foster that they must come to Crawley with us. You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all. Congratulations, Mrs. Foster it must me a very special day for you."

"Oh I forgot! I must call your father Alex. What's his number?" asked Hawken.

I gave him the number and he rushed off to make a call.

"He's quite a lad, Alex and I think you two were made for each other," said Mrs. Foster. I choked on a bite of sausage. She laughed softly. "Did you think I didn't know? Oh, Alex dear, Denny and I have known for years you were gay."

I blushed. "I love him, Mrs. Foster. Does it bother you that we kiss in front of you?"

"Oh you mean those quick little pecks on the cheek? Alex, if that boy couldn't do that to you he'd explode you are his world. When you walked into the room his face lit up like Christmas. When you two sang - I've never seen you so happy looking."

"He reminds me of Denny when he first started courting me forty years ago."

"He's an amazing boy when he found out it was my wedding anniversary he rushed out of the house to see Denny. I still don't believe it but somehow he persuaded Denny to take the day off and to go with us to Crawley. I can tell the little darling has something planned for Denny and me but he pretends innocence."

"Yes," I thought to myself, "Hawken has stolen her heart!" She said I was his world. Is that really true?

I wondered what Hawken had planned.

When we arrived at Crawley Hawken directed us to a beauty salon/ spa where he ushered us all in.

"Hello, I am Hawken Sugarstone and this is Mr. and Mrs. Foster you are expecting them, now don't forget I will be doing Mrs. Foster's makeup. You can do Mr. Foster's makeup," Hawken giggled then quickly added, "Just kidding Mr. Foster."

"See you in four hours. Enjoy. Come on Alex we have shopping to do."

I took his arm just above the elbow and he led the way.

"Taxi!" he called.

"Where are we going?"

"Brighton! I surfed the net and Brighton has better shops!"

Half an hour later we were in FCUK on East Street in Brighton. It was our first stop, then Cecil Gee, Hanger and others. In each place Hawken would run around gathering things for me to try on and model.

Early on he said, "This is not working. Hmmm. Wait here one sec I'll be right back." Five minutes later he pulled me into a dressing room.

"What are you doing?" I asked as his fingers gently touched my face with something cool and creamy. It felt nice what he was doing.

"I'm putting makeup on you I want to enhance your eyes bring them out more." What the heck I love him and I trust him.

"Now I'm going to line these clothes up in the order I want you to wear them. You're going to model each set and I'll choose one set. I think." He showed me exactly where each set was and then we walk out of the room five steps stopped turned to the left turned to the right and to the right again and the back to the room. He even made me practice it.

What he didn't tell me was the small crowd of people that would be watching and helping him to choose the outfit. Or that he was photographing me. However, I figured it out the first time I came out of the dressing room. I was a bit embarrassed.

Hawken was great though he put me right at ease just talked me through it. I could hear the comments from the people watching all were positive if not slightly embarrassing things like "Oooo! He is so hot! I wish he were modeling underwear," said some girl.

When we got back Mrs. Foster was ready for her makeup.

"Mr. Foster how was it?"

"Awesome, Hawken I feel ten years younger."

"Well, Mr. Foster you look twenty years younger!" complimented Hawken.

"Now, let's turn back the clock with the Mrs. Alex I want you to see what I am doing."

"Okay, Hawken," I replied knowing somehow he would get me to see.

He sat me down next to him in front of Mrs. Foster. He took my hands and had me feel the shape of her face, describing everything in detail as his hands guided mine over her face. Her explained exactly what he wanted to highlight and emphasize. I was with him every step of the way. It was so incredible. He had me helping to put on her makeup.

I was sharing his world and had to hold back may tears of joy so many times but each time I got close to crying he'd crack a joke or say something funny and at least five time he whispered "I love you."

One time it was a bit loud and Mrs. Foster smiled. When we finished we called in Mr. Foster to see his wife.

"Blimey, luv you are beautiful and you look thirty-years younger! Hawken, you are incredible!"

"Well, thank you sir, but I can't take all the credit. First your wife is naturally beautiful and secondly Alex help."

"Yes he did luv it was both of them."

"Well, then, thank you Alex and Hawken. You are both incredible and I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

I could hear him hug Hawken and then Mr. Foster gave me a hug and whispered, "Never let this boy, Hawken, out of your life and you will have a happy life."

As we walk to the Foster's car I walked with Mrs. Foster and Hawken walked with Mr. Foster,

"Now Hawken, I know this must have cost a bomb and to pay for an evening out that's out of the question."

"It's my present Mr. Foster to you and your wife!" argued Hawken.

"You don't even know us," said Mr. Foster.

"So, it's not how long the friendship is it the quality of friendship, besides this is your fortieth there won't be another fortieth anytime soon. You deserve it and she certainly deserves it."

"Your right there,"

"Right, sir, listen to me. Do you play the pools?"

"Occasionally, why?"

"Give me a fiver. Come on hand it over your gonna play Hawken pool. Fiver is the fee. I'm going into the stationary here and buy two envelopes. In one will be a note saying you won an evening out and in the other a blank note. Deal?"

Mr. Foster let out a sigh and said, "Okay then, but no cheating!"

Hawken ran off.

"You know Denny he is going to win somehow someway he's going to see that you get that evening out with me."

"Yes," he laughed.

Hawken returned. "Right! Two envelopes! One winner one loser! So that I am not accused of cheating Mrs. Foster you take the envelopes and mix them up. Okay and further to prove that this is pure chance Alex you choose one envelope open it up and hand the note to Mrs. Foster to read."

I chose one opened it up and handed the note to Mrs. Foster.

"Here, let me hold that," said Hawken. He must have taken the other envelope while she opened up the note and read, "Winner."

"Show it to Mr. Foster."

"Hawk, that's the oldest trick in the book! You simply, put the same note in each envelope," said Mr. Foster.

"That would be cheating, here you open the second envelope and read the note yourself," said Hawken. I could hear the smile in his voice.

Mr. Foster opened the envelope opened the note and read, "Loser."

"Now no more arguing with me Mr. Foster, you are taking this beautiful lady out for the evening. Now you walk with your wife and I'll walk with my best friend."

The Foster's walk ahead of us and I took Hawken's arm. After a minute he whispered "Bet you wonder how I did it?"


"I swapped envelopes when Mrs. Foster open the note I took the other envelope from her and switch it with the one I had in my back pocket when I asked her to show the note to Mr. foster. I knew his attention would be on the note not what I was doing," he whispered.

"You crafty sod," I whispered back with a giggle.

He laughed.

That night Mr. and Mrs. Foster had dinner at a five star restaurant and my father took us to have Chinese in East Grinstead.

I wore my new clothes. Hawken insisted in redoing my makeup and styling my hair.

"Wow! You two are positively handsome," said my father. Through out the night he kept commenting on how bright I looked and told me I was turn the heads of many young ladies and a few young men too."

Hawken and I were in bed by ten. Hawken must have been really tired because he was asleep in no time. I kissed him goodnight. I wanted to cuddle up to him but was afraid of what he might think.


To be continued -