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Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

I had the most fabulous day of my life. I spent it with the person I love. I got to do something for the Fosters that wouldn't have happened and would have resulted in just another year passing in their married life.

I love every moment I spend with Alex. When we were shopping and he was modeling the clothes I was so proud of him. He was so hot looking and I could see his confidence in himself building by the minute and with each change of clothes. I love hearing other's commenting on how gorgeous he looks.

I loved today. When I was with Robert asking him things I need to know about being with Alex he told me never show him pity. Make him part of your life and let him participate show him your world. Do things that let him experience sight through you.

In a way I did that today when I had him help me with Mrs. Foster's make up.

Alex was so excited at dinner with Mr. Ambrose telling him of his day. Mr. Ambrose at first wasn't too pleased that Alex and I went to Brighton by ourselves. I told him it was my decision because I had surfed the net and I hired a taxi to take us there and back.

When Alex told him that he was modeling clothes and there was a crowd of people watching him and making comments about how handsome he was. Mr. Ambrose saw how proud Alex was of himself.

"Father, did you see Mrs. Foster this evening before they left?"

"Yes, I did and I almost didn't recognize her she looked twenty years younger."

"Did you think she was beautiful?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Hawken and I did it!"

"Really? How?"

Alex went into detail of what we did and how he helped. Mr. Ambrose kept looking at me while Alex described how I explained in detail the why and how. I had never used terms without explaining them.

"Father, Hawken explain highlight to me. He showed me with his hands so that I felt the word and got the concept of what he was doing even though I could not see with my eyes. It was so awesome."

I was really tired when we got home.

"Well it seems you two had a good day, but Hawken you look exhausted," said Mr. Ambrose.

"Yes sir I am. I think the flight over here finally caught up with me. Goodnight, sir. Pleasant dreams."

"Well, I think you guys should take it easy tomorrow and do things around here or rest."

"Yes sir."

I fell asleep before Alex came to bed. I think he kissed me goodnight. I wish we could cuddle together like I did with Peter.

I smiled when I woke. Alex and I were cuddled together - his arms were wrapped around me and he was spooned up against me. I could feel his morning woody poking me in the butt. It felt nice to have him holding me so close.

As much as I wanted to stay in bed all cuddled up I had to pee so, slowly I extricated myself from him so as not to wake him.

I took a shower and got ready for the day. It was ten o'clock on the kitchen clock. Mrs. Foster had my breakfast ready. I sat and talked with her about her dinner. The subject slowly changed to Alex and me.

She told me Mr. Ambrose was asking her all about Alex and I putting on her makeup.

It upset me because I knew he not only didn't trust me but also didn't trust Alex. "Why would we lie about such things? I love Alex. Yesterday, when we put on your makeup did you see how excited he was?"

"I've never seen him so happy in his whole life. You are good for Alex."

"And he is good for me Mrs. Foster. He gives me and my life purpose - a meaning."

"Mr. Ambrose is a good man he's very protective of his son. I think he's afraid of someone hurting his son again," she said.

"You me like someone did before? The teacher?"

"Alex told you?"

"Yes. I told him that I love him. I told I thought it was meant for us to be together but I had to get his father's trust."

"Well, I think you should go wake your boyfriend before the day is over."

I walked into the bedroom Alex was still sleeping and now hugging a pillow instead of me. He looked so cute. I had to kiss him. So, I started giving him little kisses on his neck, ear and cheek.

"Wake <kiss>up<kiss>my<kiss>love<kiss>"

"mmmm. I was having such a wonderful dream," Alex said sleepily.

"Awww! <Kiss> I love you<kiss>. I'm sorry I fell asleep last night. Yesterday was the most wonderful day of my life because of you<kiss>."

Alex placed his hands on either side of my face, pulled me towards him, and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss or sexy it was a simple kiss on the lips. When we broke the kiss he said, "You make everyday the most wonderful day in my life." I kissed him again on the lips.

"Anyway, Mrs. Foster told me to come wake up my boyfriend <kiss> so <kiss>you<kiss>have<kiss>ten<kiss>seconds<kiss>to<kiss>get<kiss>up<kiss>or<kiss>else," I said lovingly.

"Or else what?"

"I<kiss>start<kiss> tickling<kiss> you<kiss>," I giggled.

"Oh," he smiled.

"Ten seconds is up!" I said and I immediately started tickling him. He has the most wonderful laugh and giggle.

"Okay!<he-he>" he said and got up. I couldn't help noticing his morning hardon poking out of his boxers but I decided not to say anything.

After breakfast we went for a walk about the garden and I found an old bike.

"Wow! A bike!" I said.

"I think that it's my father's old bike he and my mother used to bike a lot."

"Could I try it out?"


I hopped on the bike and rode it around a bit.

"Come on then," I said to Alex.


"Ride the bike with me. Trust me. It will be fun."

I steadied the bike as I helped Alex get situated on the seat. Then I pushed off. I was a bit wobbly at first but I soon got things under control. Alex was squealing with delight like a little kid as I peddled around the drive.

"Okay now your turn to peddle!"


"Of course!" I showed him what to do and how to balance himself holding on to the handlebars. I sat on the seat with my hand on the handlebars too to steer. This took a little longer for him to accomplish and we fell over a couple of times but never got a scratch.

After and hour we were doing well and having loads of fun.

"Let's go somewhere, Hawken!"

"Uh, I don't know. Your dad might get upset. I'm trying to stay on his good side you know cuz one of these days I plan to marry you if you'll have me."

Alex went very silent.

"Alex?" I said softly as tears started rolling down my cheeks. I hadn't meant to say that. I didn't know if he had even thought about living our lives together forever. I knew how I felt. "I'm sorry," I cried.

Alex turned around throwing the bike off balance and me too and we toppled over onto the lawn.

"Hawken! Hawken! Are you all right?" asked Alex frantically.

"I'm okay. Are you hurt?"

"No. Hawken, I-I..."

"It's all right. I didn't mean to say that. I don't mean to force you into something."

"Hawken, shut up. I love you. It's just I never thought anybody would ever want me except maybe and old man who could take advantage of me but not someone that meant anything to me." Alex had crawled over and was lying on top of me.

"Last night I kissed you goodnight and I pretended that we were really together." His tears began, "I was thinking that pretending was going to be the most I could ever hope for. When we're alone you seemed to be holding back. I thought maybe you just wanted to be friends, not not lovers."

I took his head in both hands, pulled his head down until our lips touch, and kissed him passionately.

We broke the kiss after several minutes and just lay there.

"So, let's bike somewhere," said Alex.

We got on the bike. I peddled and steered while Alex held on to my waist. When we came to a sign that said East Grinstead I told Alex and he said we should go to East Grinstead. So we did. It was much further than I expected he actually peddled the last two miles.

We walked around the downtown area for a bit looking for some place to eat and settled on pizza. We talked and laughed about all sorts of things and I wondered if we'd ever run out of stuff to talk about.

"You know we have to peddle all the way back," I said.

"Yeah, I'm so knackered!"

"You! Bloody hell, mate I did most of the peddling!" I laughed, "I am beyond knackered! There's got to be a bus."

"Yeah but what about the bike they might not let us bring the bike and if we left it here it would get knicked."

We started back. I biked us as far as I could probably halfway and then Alex took over. It was beginning to get dark and Alex was getting tired so we decided to walk the remaining distance. As we approached the house I noticed Mr. Ambrose standing in the doorway and I could tell he was pissed off.

"Uh-oh. Your father is standing in the doorway and he doesn't look very happy."

"Alex go to your room. I wish to have a word with Hawken."

"Father, we've done nothing wrong. Why are you angry?"

"Alex, please go to your room, we will discuss this later," ordered Mr. Ambrose.

Alex leaned over and kissed my cheek, "I'll be upstairs. I love you." And left.

"Hawken, your bags are in the car. I'm taking you to the train station. Your father will meet you at Victoria Station when your train arrives. You put my sons life in danger by this silly prank and I won't allow it. I can't allow it to happen again."

"I appreciate you friendship for him but as I said before you can't bring him into your world, the world of the sighted because he is blind."

"Please! Please don't make me leave! Please I love him!"

"I'm sorry. I've made my decision. Please get in the motorcar. Your father is expecting you."

I heard the bike fall to the ground as I let go and walked slowly to the car. It felt like my heart and been torn from my body and all that remained was emptiness. I couldn't cry. I couldn't speak until we arrived at the train station.

"I'm not going to give up. I love Alex. Alex loves me. We are going to have our life together. He told me that today. You are wrong, I did not put Alex's life at risk because risk would mean we weren't in control, but we were. You are right I want to share my world the world of the sighted with Alex and I did."

"But for some reason you didn't see it or feel it or want to accept it when he told you yesterday. I've always thought that I had to win your trust I was wrong. It's Alex who has to win your trust."

I got out of the car and walked into the station, bought my ticket and left for London.

Peter and Dad met me at the station. I managed to keep my composure until I got to my room I was sharing a suite with my dads.

The numbness left and the pain came back and I sobbed myself to sleep.

For the next two days I was like a lifeless soul. Dad walked in with the phone and a smile on his face.


"Hawken!" cried Alex.

"Alex!" I cried but through my tears I added, "I love you!"

"I love you too," he cried.

I think for several minutes that all we kept saying to each other over and over.

"I'm not giving up Alex."

"I know my love! I know. He can be such a stubborn man my father, but I'm stubborner. I'm not giving up either Hawken. I love you so much. Mrs. Foster is such a dear. I'm calling from her phone. She'll let me call whenever my father is not around."

We talked until he had to go. My spirits were lifted and life had returned. I felt like I could face the world. Knowing that Alex felt the same as me with his love as my shield I felt like I was invincible!

I walked into my Dads' room with a smile that could not be removed from my face, "I'm starved!"

We went out to eat and I told them everything about my two days with Alex.

They told me that Danny was anxious for me to start training for the film part. I would start the next day. They had booked me a room at a hotel near the studios and I was to meet a Mr. Masters. They said he would be teaching something called Orientation and Mobility training it was only for a few days or so. Trent had a sound studio set up for doing the voiceovers and that would be a week from this Wednesday.

"It's sort of boring for us to be there all the time and I was wondering if you'd mind if Peter and I took a short trip to Italy for a few days or so?" asked Dad.

I laughed and gave him a hug. "Go have the best time of your lives!" I told them.


To be continued -