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Author's Comment: Well, only a few chapters to go - three to be exact. I've been thinking of a sequel or continueing story...you want it? If I get a good response to this then I'll probably do it.


Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

My training continued with Cyril and Joe. We seemed to be together all the time I was invited over to their flat and spent the weekend together. I never have seen Joe because I always have my shades on. Joe gave me the nickname of Hawky and everyone else that we knew started calling me that even the cast and crew that I knew.

Joe is always playing tricks on me like I was walking a long doing quite well, if you please. Joe had found a wet mop so he held it up in the air head height. A cane only warns you of obstacles that are from your waist down, so splat! Right in the face. "SHIT! Damn! Fuck!" I exclaimed.

I heard Joe laughing and Cyril giggling too. I stood there my face sopping wet and all down my front.

I started screaming, "My eyes! My eyes! OooooW! Owwww! It's burning!"

Joe dropped the mop and ran to me.

"Swat!!!" was the sound of my cane as it hit Joe's backside and he let out a yelp.

"I gotcha!" I exclaimed in triumph and commenced laughing.

Joe realizing I wasn't hurt but had just gotten him back joined in my laughter. Cyril came up to us and was in front of me.

Joe said, "Hit him he was the one that put me up to it."

"No way, he's got a cane and would probably challenge me to a duel."

"Ah ha, a du-el, mon ami! En guard!" challenged Cyril.

Rising to the challenge and not realizing the exact position my cane was I swiftly brought it up until it hit a barrier...Cyril's balls.

I heard goans from Cyril, hysterical laughter from Joe.

"Cyril? Are you all right?"

More groans.

"Cyril, I'm sorry I didn't see your balls." More hysterical laughter from Joe.

"Mean, I didn't know my stick was between your legs." Not only did Joe start another fit of laughter but Cyril joined in.

"You are a horny little boy! Putting your stick between my boyfriends legs," said Joe sending both he and Cyril into fits of laughter and causing me to blush.

"Awww Cyril, he's blushing."

I swung at Joe with my cane of course I missed. He must have ducked and in the process hit the mop, which hit the bucket of water, which turned over and emptied its contents.

"Damn, I'm soaked," laughed Joe.

I began to laugh my ass off. It took a while for us to get back to normal and get back into my training. When I am with them or with Alex life almost seems perfect.

I loved listening to the interaction between the two, sometimes they joke around, play tricks on each other and there were times when they'd just stop whatever they were doing just to snog a bit. Joe kept trying to get me to take my shades off and I refused, giving him the excuse that I didn't want to die from fright when I saw his ugly face.

Late Sunday afternoon I discovered a keyboard. Joe and Cyril were in their bedroom and I figured it was for personal reasons.

I like playing the keyboard/piano almost as much as the guitar and I love singing too. I want to be a pop singer, I don't know if I'd be that good to ever be a super star but maybe nightclubs, weddings or even busking in the streets.

I started messing about with the keyboard I had figured out it was like mine. I sort of got carried away and started really singing and playing. Because of my theatre training I don't sing quietly and I sort of throw myself into it like I do with my acting. I was envisioning Alex being there in the room with me.

I started singing "If" you know the song (If a picture paints a 1000 word then why can't I paint you") I have sung this song a hundred times and it was just a song but now I was singing it to my Alex who wasn't here.

"I don't think I've ever head that song sung so beautifully with such passion. You agree, love?" said

"Hawken, you continue to overwhelm me. You should be a recording artist."

I just figured they were trying to be polite and we all ended up playing the keyboard and Joe's guitar and singing until bedtime.

It's funny, I have met most of the crew and cast who all seemed pretty cool but I'd never seen one of them I am beginning to recognize people by their voices.

It seemed like Cyril and Joe had become my local publicity agents. Because people were always coming up to me and telling me how cool I was to be really getting into character. Not just the general workers but also a couple of directors and producers.

Monday went great I got to talk with Alex and told him about my weekend. I told him that Friday I was going to surprise him with something. He was begging me to tell him but I wouldn't.

I had a call from Trent to say he had a studio arranged for Tuesday at one p.m. Cyril called to tell me that the morning training was cancelled and mentioned I could sleep in.

I didn't want to sleep in I want to work I only had a few days to go to be ready for my trip to Lingfield and I knew I was no where near ready for a trip like that.

Finally, I got a call from the studio say I needed to be on the set Saturday 10 am.

I woke at my usual time for the last week and a half and after breakfast by myself. I left for the backlot we had been practicing in unfortunately it was being used today, which is why Cyril cancelled my training.

Mark Peters a friend of Joe & Cyril offered me a ride on a cart. I accepted knowing that the last place I needed to be was in a production area. He dropped me off at the sound studio I'd be working at. I sat on the floor against a wall, in the recording room. I had the headphones on so I would hear the audio engineer and fell asleep.

I was woken by the sound of voices coming through the headphones. What surprised me was hearing Cyril's voice.

"Yeah, Joe and I had a week planned to go to Calais but Danny Smith called me and begged me to trained this kid. I tried to get out of it I mean my holiday I had to give up my holiday for some pain in the arse American brat! " Cyril said.

I yanked of the headphones. I couldn't believe what I had heard but I had heard it. Cyril was pissed because he had to give up his holiday for me. I began thinking I probably was a pain in the ass to him and Joe. I was always with them.

Why had they invited me to their flat for the weekend? Maybe Danny insisted. That was probably it. I finally stood up and put on the headphones.

"Hi, I'm here," I said into the mike, "Can you give me an audio check?"

"Oh! Are you Hawken? I am Peter Johns. I wondered where you'd gotten to."

"I fell asleep in here."

"Afternoon, Hawken," said Cyril.

"Oh, hi Cyril," I said blankly, "Can we get started?"

For the next hour I got positively nowhere I was messing up worst than I ever had before and I was getting more and more frantic over the time it was taking me. Cyril would occasionally try to get me to calm down but it was no use I couldn't get it right. I couldn't get into character any character.

Scampers voice sounded stupid half English and half American accent. All the time I was thinking what a pain in the ass I was being to Cyril.

It was too much. I was beginning to realize all the things I used to create my voices I had to see the expressions not so much for the syncing but for the emotions expressed - emotions that I was blind to. I wanted to rip off these shades I wanted to see again it was too hard being blind.

"I'm sorry, Cyril," I cried, "I'm sorry I've been such a pain in the ass. I didn't know you had to give up your holiday for me. I'm just a pain in the ass. I-I can get this right because I can't see. I want to show Mr. Ambrose that I could be a part of Alex's world I'm just no good at it I can't even cross the street without ending up in the middle of the intersection!"

I was sobbing as I took off the headphones and dropped them to the floor. I was reaching up to remove my shades when someone stopped me.

"Don't you dare take those off," said Joe as he pulled me into a hug and I cried.

"I'm sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to ruin your holiday."

"Ruin my holiday? Since when did you ruin my holiday?"

"I heard Cyril say Danny Smith begged him to train me. He thought I was a pain in the arse. I didn't mean to be. I love Cyril and I love you I just wanted to be with you. I'm sorry"

"Lovie, you only heard part of the conversation," said Cyril from beside me.

"It's your holiday and I'm ruining it."

"No. You are making it worthwhile," said Cyril, "In the beginning I was doing it for Danny Smith. I owed him a favor; he got me my job here. I thought you were going to be some rich spoiled American brat. I mean everyone knows that your grandfather is one of the major financiers for his production."

"I begged Danny not to make me do this because I knew you'd be such a waste of my time and my and Joe's holiday. He said work with him for four hours and if you want to call it quits call me Monday afternoon. I didn't call him until Monday evening to tell him he had to pay for my room and Joe's and my meals."

"He said to me you've fallen in love with him, which I of course denied. But truth is I did fall in love with you. You're professional, talented, persistent, great sense of humor, kind and caring. Both Joe and I envy Alex in a way because he holds the heart of the most wonderful guy in the world."

"Next to me and Cyril, of course," interjected Joe.

I half giggled. They both had me in a hug Cyril from behind with his head resting on my shoulder and Joe in front of me. They both kissed me on the cheek at the same time.

"So, you don't hate me?" I asked.

"We love you," said Cyril.

"I'm not a pain in the arse?"

"Nah, only Cyril's balls," laughed Joe, "Poor boy. They are still a bit swollen. I had to give them such tender kisses to make them all better."

"Oooo! Too much information," I laughed.

We stood huddled together for a while.

"I can't do this, you know. I need to see the characters expressions. I'm going to have to take of my shades." I said feeling bad again.

"Hey, you remember what you told me about Alex and putting on that lady's makeup?" asked Joe.


"I'll be your eyes," said Joe.

I hugged him extra tight.

It took the rest of the day to do what I normally did in a few of hours. Joe would have me feel his face as he make the expression of the character he saw or he would draw it out on a tablet and trace my fingers over the lines until I got the concept. There were tons of laughter and giggles but most of all there was love from him and Cyril.

Cyril took over Peter Johns' position as engineer and Peter joined with Joe in showing me that which I couldn't see.

I think in the end Scamper, Purrball and Billy's voices never sounded so good I knew it was because I was using my ears to really listen and make sure I had things perfect.

Unknown to me was the fact that there was a small gathering of people watching Joe, Peter and I work together. When we finished Cyril said, "Great work, luv. But we're not done yet. Tell Joe `phase2'"

"Joe, Cyril says `Phase 2'."

Joe and Peter led me to another studio. I could hear others. Joe stood me behind a keyboard. "Cyril and me figured you needed a bit of fun for today so he gathered a few people to jam a bit and record you singing," he added in a whisper, "for Alex."

"Cool, dude, we're just about set here, how about giving me a sound check?" asked Cyril.

"Testing 1...2...3," I said.

"No, dude, start singing and I tell you when to stop," Cyril giggled.

I started playing the guitar and then started singing "You sheltered me from harm, kept me warm, kept me warm. You gave my life to me, set me free, set me free-ee, the finest year I'll ever knew were all the years... cut! Cut! A few people! That's a whole orchestra!"

"Hawky, you need to take your shades off! And look!" laughed Joe.

"What and look at your ugly face," I jested, "No way!"

"Awww! You know there's a whole crowd here that's just waiting to see your baby blues," he laughed.

"Oh, yeah right!" I laughed.

"Hey, Hawk or should I say Hawky?" laughed Danny Smith over the headphones.

"Danny? Are you supposed to be on the set directing?"

"Well, we took a break and the word got around that Hawky was going to sing and well you know I decided I would join the crowd. There must be fifty people crowded in here. You know there is a bet on what color your eyes are. I know and a few others but we're not saying," he laughed.

"Well, I guess," I slowly went to take my shades off then at the last second I dropped my hands to my sides saying, "you'll have to wait until Saturday." I giggled.

I heard a bunch of awwws.

A few other people said hello. Of course the one person Alex wasn't there so this recording would be for him.

"Ready to jam?" asked Cyril.

"This is for Alex. Hit it!" Everything went quiet and I started singing...It took me about a six takes to finally get it right. I thanked all the musicians and they said anytime. Eventually there was just the three of us.

"Cyril, can I add a message to the beginning of the tape?"

"Sure, dude."

He gave the cue and I started, "Hey Alex, I wish you'd been here today because you are so much a part of me and I wish - I hope your Dad will start to really like me and trust me because I know it just ends up hurting us."

"I feel like I have always loved you and I know no matter what I will always love you. I was having a miserable day today and Joe and Cyril and all my friends wouldn't let me stay down in the dumps they got me to record this song for you cuz it's the way that I feel about you I would...give...<sniff> everything that I own just to have you here with me and to share my life and my friends. If your dad says no to our relationship then I will abide by his wishes until we're eighteen when I will come for you."

Joe led me into the control room where Cyril was busy creating a CD of the song.

"I suppose you want us to deliver this to young Alex using the Studio's delivery service? It will be there in two hours or so."

"Can you!" I ejaculated.

"Of course but it will cost you?"

"Nope! I am not taking off my shades!"

"Aww you're so sweet."

I sighed and blushed a bit.

"Cyril, he blushed. He is so cute!"

I really blushed!

"You know the first thing I want to see when I take these off is Alex."

"Aw! Cyril, isn't that so sweet! Just makes me want to hug and kiss him."


To be continued -