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Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Blind Love II

by Sam Lakes

Two days later Mom and I were in a taxi to LAX. We would fly from LAX to Kennedy.

"So, Hawk you don't mind staying at a hotel by the airport by yourself?" asked Mom.

I did mind. I didn't trust her not to go get drugged or drunk with her friends. But I also felt I had showed her I trusted her.

"No. Actually, Mother, I rather prefer it. I am beyond the age of needing to sleep with my mummy, don't you think?" I answered with my best English accent.

"Good, now if you go to the city tomorrow make sure back in time for the plane. It's an International flight so you have to check in 2 hours ahead of scheduled departure, which is?"

"Nine o'clock departure, therefore seven o'clock check in."

"Good," said Mom.

"Post meridian."

Mom smiled.

"Eastern Time."

She rolled her eyes.

A minute later I added, "Saturday."

"Shut up Hawk," she said.

I smiled and went back to reading the script but my mind kept wandering back to being on stage with Peter, Jan and Jill. Back to thinking how things had changed in my life and how much Trent had helped me. Trent had told me that maybe it was best that Greg left my life..."sometimes people affect your vision and you're blind -- you don't see that special person that could change your life."

"Excuse me, mum, I have to go to the loo," said I after two hours of sitting. I made my way to the first class lavatories, which were occupied so opted to walk back to coach. As I was walking back to I noticed a boy a little younger than me staring at me. I smiled at the boy who immediately blushed. As I passed the boy I heard him say, "Mom, that's him! Scamper!"

I smiled, stopped turned around and said in Scampers voice, "Need a lamppost. It's back here somewhere. Gots to find it! Gots to find it! Gots to find it!" and then continued on back to the lavatory.

Returning to first class I again stopped at the aisle where the boy was sitting with his mother.

"Hi, I am Hawken, Hawken Sugarstone. Most people call me Hawk," I said as put forward my hand towards the boy's mother.

She shook my hand saying, "I'm very pleased to meet you Hawken, I am Judy Samsong and this is my son, Charlie. He tells me that you are the voice of his favorite cartoon characters."

Charlie blushed and rolled his eyes. He was really cute too.

"Hi, Charlie, it's a pleasure to meet you," I reached out to shake Charlie's hand, "You must have been a Universal the other day."

"Yeah, you were awesome, dude. I, uh, I was wondering if I could get you autograph?"

"Sure no problem and I'll give you my e-mail address because you're my first fan I think," I said happily.

"I am? Oh wow! That's tight!" said Charlie.

I signed my autograph and handed it back to him, then felt something tugging at my pant leg. I looked down to see a little boy I guess he was like four years old.

"Hi!" I said squatting down to the little boy's level.

"Can you do Thscamper again?" asked the little boy lisped.

"What's you're name? My name is, is, is Scam-per," I said in character and crossed my eyes.

The boy squealed with excitement then startled me by giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then ran back to his mother. I followed him and introduced myself to the boy's parents.

It was a half an hour before I returned to first class.

"I thought maybe you got lost" Mom said.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Why were you so long?" asked Mom.

"I had to sign autographs."


"Yes, really."

To be continued - short chapter huh?