This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There may be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme. If you are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of that copyright.

Author's Comment: As I have said before this rewrite is done all 18 chapters. By popular demand I continue posting them here at Nifty and I also post them at www.crvboy.com.

What can I say...I had a great week! I started on a new story and am really excited about it - unforunately it's a sci-fi/adventure a bit gay but there will be very little if any sex. But don't get me wrong the two characters in it have a definite 'love' relationship but they've asked me to butt out - LOL. I say unfortunately sci-fi because very few of you go there to read stories so I have heard and there are some really decent stories there.

Did you know that 'The Secret Life of Jonathan Greenwich' is complete and posted? It is my second favorite story that I've written next to this one - Blind Love rewrite.

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Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

"Jocelyn Sugarstone. I'm please to meet you Mr. Ambrose. Hawk, this is wonderful! Mr. Ambrose my son was just telling me..."

"Please call me John. You were saying?"

"Well, Hawk was just saying his teachers were getting on him about improving his reading. Hawk? Don't you have something to say?"

I have never experienced stage fright in my whole short acting career, but I was getting a good dose of it right now. It seemed like hours passed before I spoke, "I-I can't! I can't find my cane." Oh great adlibbing, NOT! "You, you don't understand -"

"Hawk, I do understand. My son is blind," he said so gently and sincerely, "He needs a friend, he needs someone around his own age. He needs someone like you. Now come along, you don't need your cane. I'll lead you back to my seat. Alex really wants to help."

Like a robot I stood up. He guided me back into coach before I even knew what was happening. Somehow I was thinking that his son would be some little annoying twelve-year old, but when we stop I found myself staring at the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. I froze. I couldn't speak. What sort of horrible creature was I to play this foolish game? I felt ashamed, embarrassed and would have given my life not to be standing there.

I couldn't bring myself to stop this play-acting. Maybe that seems cruel, but I in some insane way I thought could get away with it. That it would be easier - that it would be less embarrassing for me and less painful to his son if I just played along, after all in a few hours we'd probably never see each other again (no pun intended).

In a few moments I was sitting next to him. I closed my eyes. I had too if I was to be convincing and besides if I didn't I'd be lost in his beauty and fuck everything up.

"You have a neat name," he said. His voice was so smooth not like an angel just nice and soothing to my ears; maybe it was his accent. "You want to get started?"


"Yeah, learning to read Braille. I'm pretty good at it. It takes a bit of time but you'll get the hang of it. Give me your hand," I gave him my hand. A slight smile appeared on his face. I closed my eyes. "Relax! We're not engaged, he giggled. "I'm just showing you how to read."

He held my hand gently palm up. "Braille is a tactile code made up of raised dots. Six dot positions comprise each character, called a Braille cell, with a total of 64 possible dot combinations. Braille cells represent the alphabet, numbers and punctuation. The six dots of the Braille cell are arranged and numbered like this: 1, 2, and 3 in a vertical line..." I felt him touch my palm three times in a vertical line.

For the next hour he taught me Braille. I didn't have it down too well but I could remember a few things.

We started talking about things in general. I managed to keep my eyes closed most of the time but not because I was playing a part. It was because I loved hearing his voice. I loved his accent and I noticed I was beginning to copy his accent.

"So what kind of music do you like?" Alex asked.

"Uh. Hmmm." Dare I say Aaron Carter or the Back Street Boys? What the heck! "You promise not to laugh."


"Blink182" I said chickening out.

"Why would anyone laugh at you for saying Blink182? They're pretty cool."

"Uh, yeah, they're cool..."


"So, what?"

"Who did you think of and not say?"

"No one, really!" I said slightly agitated.

"All right, ya don't have to tell me. I mean it's not like were best mates or anything."

"Have you got a best friend?"

"You talking to me? Yeah right! Who'd want the likes of me as a best friend? I'm a boring person," he replied in a sad but slightly angry tone.

"Back Street Boys."

"Back Street Boys? Why would Back Street Boys want me as a friend?"

"No, silly! That's who I thought of and didn't say. I'm just embarrassed - you know it's not macho, hard rock rap crap. But I like their music and Aaron Carter and the Mommas and the Papas, Blink182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, even Russell Watson. I guess you can laugh if you want." I felt like shit!

"If I laughed at you I might as well laugh at myself. I like them too. But I do like some Rap but not Emienem - he's too full of hate."

"Yeah...I'd be your friend if you want."

I could hear the smile in his voice as he said, "Yes! I want." I was so wrapped up in his response that I didn't see Mr. Ambrose.

"So, how's the acting going, Hawk?" he said in a stern and pointed fashion.

To be continued -