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Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 8

"So how's you little cripple boyfriend?"

"Don't start it Mom," I muttered.

"It is so obvious you are queer for him. Is he a faggot too? God how pathetic you are even for a queer."

"Mom, go back home. Go back to your drugs. How are you getting the money for your drugs huh? Are flat backing for them?"

"Why you little bastard!" she went to hit me again but this time. I was ready. Five years of karate had taught me a lot.

I grabbed her wrist, "Don't you ever try to hit me again. Because next time I will punch you out!"

I knew she must be coming down because that was the way she acted when she was coming down off a high - mean and vindictive.

I called Alex as soon as I got to my room I knew he wouldn't be home yet but I want to leave him a message to let him know I cared. I did care. I also missed him. I called him again an hour later and he was home. His voice sounded so good. I wanted to be with him.

While I was talking to him I remembered that the porter had taken my laptop to Mom's room. I ran up to get my laptop. I had a key card, which I got from the front desk clerk that checked us in.

I heard her in the bathroom talking to someone. I was about to let her know I was taking my pc when I heard her say, "I absolutely hate the little faggot. He is just like his dad. I expect to catch him sucking some guy's dick like I caught his pathetic father."

"Jerry, I don't know if I can last three more years it just isn't worth nine million. Trying to keep him out of feature films is becoming harder and harder. Hold on a sec, who's out there?"

"I just came in to get my laptop I want to see if I have any email."

"Well get it and get out."

I was in shock I guess. Our relationship was strained since I came back from England but she never showed me how much she hated me until I told Jack to get me the audition. She wanted to stop me. Why? I just didn't understand.

And then the stuff she said about catching my dad sucking somebody's dick. If she hated him so much why did she have me? Why not abortion or adoption? Why would she get nine million by keeping me out of feature films?

I ended up walking around London in a daze. I knew I should have called Alex but I didn't want to burden him my problems and there was no way I could hide my despondent attitude. I began to reason that he didn't really need someone like me in his life.

Jocelyn never talked to me about my dad or my grandparents. Why would anyone pay her nine million dollars to keep me out of feature films? The only people I knew who were rich were my grandparents because they own our house. Why did they hate me? I'd never even met them. I didn't even know who they were. Was Sugarstone my rightful name?

I needed to talk to someone and the only one I knew was Trent or Peter. I got back to the hotel after eight pm and called Trent. I talked to Trent for an short while. I told him about meeting Alex. I wanted to call Alex but it was too late.

I sent an email to Jack asking him to call me or to email me. I sent Alex an email and apologized for being such a lousy friend and I could understand if he never wanted to hear from me again I needed some time to sort myself out and I didn't want to burden him with my problems.

I cried myself asleep. An hour later Peter called. I was a wreck I cried the whole time I was tired and totally emotional. I remember telling him about Alex and started crying again because I'd fuck up so badly in being a friend. I finally just hung up. He didn't call back and I cried even more. I just felt so alone, so ashamed of myself, so ashamed of my father.

I was beyond tired but I couldn't sleep. At five A.M. I went for a walk came back after two hours, collapsed on my bed, and slept. It was Peter again. He was concerned and checking on me -- I thanked him for calling. I cried again after he hung up.

I checked my email there was nothing. I cried because I wanted so much to hear from Alex. I called Alex on the phone but there was no answer. I went to pee and then crawled back into my bed and cried. I missed Alex so much. I felt so screwed up.

I couldn't sleep so I turned on the tele.

A half an hour later someone was knocking on my door.

"Go away," I muttered half asleep.

They kept knocking. I staggered to the door and opened it. It was Peter.

"You look like shit!" he smiled.

I started crying. He picked me up and lay me down on my bed. Peter stripped of his clothes except his boxers. He got into bed with me, took me in his arms and just held me until I fell asleep.

I slept in his arms until early afternoon when there was a knock at my door. I start to get up to answer and Peter said, "I'll get it."

"Who the hell are you?" I heard my mother say.

"Peter and you are you," asked Peter.

She looked past Peter to me.

"Oh my God! You filthy little whore!" she directed to me, "Do you have any idea how old he is? Or even who he is?"

"Yes, he is Hawken Sugarstone and he is fifteen years old."

"You fucking perverts. I could have you arrested! You fucking disgust me!" she said with venom in her voice.

"Ma'am whoever you are, you are the pervert or you high on drugs. Would you please leave or I'll have to call the management."

"I'm his mother! And it's you who should leave before I call the cops! Hawken get your things we are leaving this godforsaken country and you will not be doing this film."

"I'm not going Mother."

"Yes you are young man. You are returning with me to the states and YOU will not be doing this film because I fired Jack Martin as your agent. You little faggot your acting, modeling and singing days are over. You have no legal rights until you are eighteen."

"Hawken she's right you are not of age to sign a contract any contracts you enter into must be signed by your legal guardian," he smiled, "I think you and I should return to LA and start legal proceeding so that I can become your legal guardian."

"Mom, go upstairs, I'll join you in a moment. I just want to thank Peter for his offer and to say goodbye." The look on Peter's face was terrible and I hated saying what I said but I had no choice.

Mom sneered at Peter as she left and called him a faggot as she left the room.

As soon as she was gone I jumped out of bed ran over to Peter and kissed him, "Get dressed. Take my bags. Make sure you have the front desk get you a taxi. I'll meet you a Heathrow. I love you Peter, but if I left with you she would have caused a very bad scene. Here's my ticket, I'll leave here in an hour. Call Trent and Jack, let Jack know he is still my agent."

"You're amazing," he said. His eyes got all watery.

"So are you. You came all the way here to rescue me. To have you as my guardian would be a dream come true, Now get going."

Peter left with my things. I threw on my clothes, went upstairs to my mom's room, and knocked on the door.

Mom opened the door.

I walked in.

"So, what about my voiceover work?"

"You can continue but not with Trent."

"Do you really hate me that much?


"Why because I'm like my father?"

"As a matter of fact yes. He was a homosexual like you."

"So why did you have me -- why didn't you abort me or give me up for adoption?"

"I ask myself that a hundred times a day."

"Do we have to leave today or can I go see a show maybe Bombay Dream or Les Miserables you choose?"

"Did your friend leave?"

"I guess."

She reached for the phone.

"Did an American man just leave the hotel?"

"Yes, one could say he was good looking. Thank you." She looked at me, "So, it appears he did leave. I guess he got what he wanted."

I shrugged my shoulders looking sad then added, "There was really no point in him staying, and you seem to hold all the cards, as they say."

"Yes, I do."

"So, do I pack or do I take a bath and dress up?"

"I'll make reservations for Les Miserables separate seats because I know you don't want to set near me and I certainly don't want to set near you."

"Fine, call me and let me know when to meet you in the lobby. Goodbye Jocelyn"

I returned to my room and took a shower; Mom called and told me to meet her at 7:30 in the lobby. I told here I would see her then. But could she call me at 6:30 to wake me up, as I didn't get much sleep. I knew that would irk her, as she would think that Peter and I had sex all night.

I left the hotel by the employee entrance and met Peter at Heathrow at three and our plane was schedule to leave at four forty-five.

I called Alex from the airport Alex answered.

"Alex, it me Hawken. Please forgive me Alex."

"Why didn't you call me? You promised."

"I ran into some problems. I didn't want to burden you with them. Alex, I have to go back to LA. My plane leaves in an hour."

"No! You were going to visit me!" he was crying.

"Alex, please don't cry. I love you."

"But why are you leaving?"

"I have no choice Alex. I have to see lawyers and do a lot of legal stuff so I can be free of my Mom. She hates me and wants to make me miserable."

"Why does she hate you?"

I had to be honest with Alex.

"Because -- because I love you. I'm gay." I said with my heart in my throat. I waited for him to say something or hang up. He didn't say anything.


"I love you too," he said crying, "Hawken, I thought you guessed that I was gay and you hated me. Do you have to leave?"

He was gay and he loved me. "I love you more than anything. I want to be with you for the rest of my life but I have to handle some things before that can happen. The worse part is I don't know how long that will take but I will call or email you everyday. Oh, God this hurts me so much to leave. I feel like I am being torn it half."

I heard Mr. Ambrose in the background and then Alex screaming at him. "Alex! Alex!"

"Hawken, this is John Ambrose, please don't call here anymore."

"No! Please, please don't take him away from me. I love him."

He hung up. Peter came to get me because the plane was starting to board.

Peter pulled me into a hug and I cried. "You got it real bad, huh?"

"Yeah," I sobbed.

"Come on let's get on board."

My first class ticket was enough that Peter got us to seats in business class. After they serve the food I snuggled into Peter and slept for almost the whole trip.

To be continued -