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Blind Love

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 9

In my heart I knew I loved Alex. I also know I was feeling things I'd never felt before towards another person. I decided to call Mr. Ambrose to see if I could patch things up with him. I knew without his trust being with Alex would be an impossibility.

"Hello," said a very groggy voice I knew was Mr. Ambrose.

"Mr. Ambrose, sorry if I woke you. This is Hawken Sugarstone."

"I thought I told you not to call," he said angrily.

"Sir, I wasn't calling Alex. I wanted to speak to you. I want to know what I have to do to get in your good books."

"Hawken, if you really love him then always put him first and look at the future consequences of your actions. Hawken let's say that you tell Alex you love him and you take the relationship to a higher level of commitment -- sex. He's going to follow. And a day, a week, a month, a year you decide the newness and fun is over and having to take him here and there, having to help him buy clothes that look good on him, not going to movies because you don't feel like describing what's happening because it is getting to be a bore and a drag and you drop him as a partner. How is that going to affect him?"

I began to see the reality. I wasn't sure what to say.

"Hawken, are you there?"

"Yes sir. I love Alex. I don't know why, but I would never want to do something that would hurt him."

"Well, I think you should make an effort to find out as much as possible about blindness and what it means and to understand it as best you can."

"Yes sir, I promise I will do that."

"Well, when you've done that then call me but until then do not call Alex. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." He hung up.

I started thinking about my life. As a kid I wasn't happy or unhappy I just did as I was told. Nothing and no one really meant anything to me. Having no friends didn't even bother me. I was always busy -- acting classes, dancing classes, karate classes, swimming classes, auditions, cattle calls, photo shoots I was always kept busy.

When I was thirteen I was sent to England. The excuse mom gave me was she had been driven into drinking and drugging by me and had to go to rehab for a few months. The few months turn out to be almost a year. If Aunt Vicky hadn't been planning to move to Australia I'd probably still be with her.

I went there full of hate and anger and with Teri's help managed to overcome most of it. But when I came back being around Mom was difficult at best.

I found out I had grandparents, grandparents that I had never seen or heard of. They were my father's parents. My father, I don't even know what his name was -- somebody Sugarstone. I think it was the lack of things to do I had time to think and question and to feel.

Now here I am. I'm homeless, but not friendless and I guess for the most part happy. I have Alex, who every time I think of him my heart feels like it's gonna burst. Peter who I can't begin to tell you how much I love him -- I wish he were my dad. Trent and Jane seem more like a big brother and sister.

I'd out witted Jocelyn for once, but for how long. She would have found me gone by six-thirty and guessed that I probably left with Peter. She didn't know his last name. But she would call the only friend she knew I had -- Trent. I had to warn Trent.

I called Trent.

"Trent? This is Hawk. My mom hasn't called you has she?"

"No, and if she had I'd hang up on her. She called Jordon Edwards and told him to find someone else for you to work with. Not only that she told him I was making sexual passes to you."

"She what!"

"According to Jordon I was virtually down on my knees giving you a blowjob," he laughed.

"Your not going to stop working with me are you?"

"Nah! Jordon knows me better than that."

"Good. I am relieved -- at least I will be after our next session." I laughed.

"Asshole, stick with Peter he's more your type."

"Nah, I got someone else."

"Oh! A little English boy?"

"Yeah," I blushed.

"So is this love or what?"

"I don't know. I miss being around him. But I have to be careful. I don't want to lead him on. His dad said a lot of stuff to me and he was right -- I need to find out more about being blind and stuff. But first I need to find my grandparents if they are even alive."

"Well, that shouldn't be too hard. Didn't you tell me they own your house?"


"Well, there you are there will be a record of who owns the house and who pays the taxes. You should be able to find out that information from the county court house."

"Thanks, Trent. I'll check that out tomorrow."

The next day I found out that our house was owned by Sugarstone Properties, Ltd. I manage to get two phone numbers.

The first number was a Manhattan Office and Mr. Sugarstone rarely came into that office.

I tried the second number.

"Hello, Sugarstone Enterprises," said a pleasant voice.

"Hello, I need to speak to Mr. Sugarstone, please."

"Who may I say is calling?"

"This is his grandson, Hawken Sugarstone."

"One moment please," I was really nervous and scared.

"I'm sorry; Mr. Sugarstone is in an important meeting," said a man's voice.

"Can I wait on the line?" I asked.

"No. It could be a long meeting."

"When should I call back? It's very important."

"I'm sorry he just doesn't have the time for you."

"Why? What have I done? Why does he hate me? I've never even met him or talked to him. I didn't even know he existed. Did he hate my Dad?" I was crying, "Why does everyone in my family hate me? WHY?" I screamed in pain.

I began sobbing and hung up.

The phone rang. I picked it up "Hello" I sobbed.

"Hawken Sugarstone?" asked the voice, "This is Tony Marcelli."

"Why does he hate me? Why?" I sobbed.

"You don't remember?"

"What's to remember I didn't even know I had a grandfather until I had to live in England and then it was my cousin who told me?"

"You were in England?"

"Yes, while my mom was in rehab."

"If you work for my grandfather you should know that, he paid for it."

"When were you in England?"

"Two years ago. I lived with my cousin and her mom. She now lives in Australia."

"You've never seen your grandfather -- Alfred Sugarstone."


"Why did you call?"

"It's sort of personal," I replied.

"Well, I'm his personal assistant, I need to know."

"Oh, are you like family personal?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Well, I'm homeless, but I have friends. So, I won't be a bother to him, sir. I'm not trying to get a free handout or anything. I just need understand a few things and I thought he might know the answers."


"Well, yes, my mom hates me. So, I moved out and I'm going to try and find a guardian so I can work. I'm an actor and model."

"Why does you mom hate you?"

"Do I have to tell you?" I asked.

"Well, if you don't then what do I say to you grandfather?"

"Did my grandfather, ever hate my dad?" I asked.


"Well, Mom hates me because I'm like my father. She caught him in bed with another man. I told my mom I was gay -- I'm still a virgin but I sort of have a boyfriend. He lives in England."

"Hawken, I'm leaving on our corporate jet -- the person you are staying with can I speak with him?"

"Peter's at work, but he has his cellphone."

I gave him Peter's cell phone number. Mr. Marcelli told me he was on his way out to see me he would probably be taking me back to meet my grandfather.

A few hours later Peter picked me up in a taxi and we arrive at one of LA's smaller airports. From being a might take me to meet my grandfather it had turned into a definite so I had all my bags, my laptop, guitar and boom box. We arrived early so to keep occupied I started playing my guitar and boom box with background instruments.

Of course Peter being a basic showoff like me joined in singing `Take a Look at Me Now'. We drew a small crowd. Somebody from the airport came can said we couldn't play the boom box. So, we stopped much to the disappointment of the small audience.

I asked if I could play my guitar while I waited and that seemed to be okay. So I played and sung "Blackbird". When I finished a man walked up to me. He was well dress and extremely handsome probably in his late thirties.

"You have got to be Hawken," he said.

I looked at him and smiled, "Yes sir, and you must be?"

"Tony Marcelli," he shook his head, I could see a lot of restrained emotion, as he seemed to stare at me. I blushed.

Peter moved to stand by my side.

"You must be Peter Blake."

"Yes, excuse me but do you have any ID. I'm not about to turn Hawken over to someone I don't know," said Peter.

Mr. Marcelli showed him some Id and then he showed it to me.

"We need to get going, your grandfather is waiting," he smiled.

Suddenly, I was pissed. "No! I'm not going anywhere! Not until I know why my grandfather hates me!"

"He doesn't hate you," said Mr. Marcelli.

"Excuse me if I don't see the logic in your statement sir!" I said with all the bitterness I could muster and continued, "Let's see I'm fifteen years old and I received exactly let's see how many Christmas presents? Zero! Ah well maybe he does not celebrate Christmas, or Hanukah. Still that leaves 15 birthdays -- Oh no he forgot! He forgot 15 times. How many telephone calls, letters, emails, postcards! ZERO!"

"Tell me is my grandfather an invalid, or in ill health? Oh wait he was in an important fucking business meeting! So he sends his personal flunky to check me out!" I could feel the tears running down my cheeks.

"Well fuck him! And fuck you! And fuck my mom!" I cried, "I hate all of you! But most of all I hate my dad somebody Sugarstone!"

In an almost hysterical laugh I said, "I don't even know my Dad's name. Why did he even have me? I should have never happen!"

I felt like nobody cared as I sank into a seat and sobbed. Peter came over and put his arm around me. He said nothing he just held me and let me cry for the umpteenth time.

After several moments and after I seemed to calm down a bit Mr. Marcelli spoke in a soft voice lace with emotion as he knelt before me , "When I was on the phone with you and you said you had never seen your grandfather I realized we had been duped my your mother."

"Hawken, I pleaded with your grandfather to let me come. I knew you were telling the truth. I felt like I owed it to you and your dad to meet you. But your mom had tricked us once before and I knew if you weren't who you said you were your grandfather would have again been disappointed. Your grandfather adored his son more than anything."

"I loved your father, Paul Sugarstone, more than life. I was the guy that was in bed with your father when your mother found us. Oh, God, Hawken I am so sorry. I'll never be able to make up all those years. But please let me try," he was sobbing.

I wasn't sure what to do or say. I glanced at Peter. He nodded towards Tony. I pulled away from Peter and gave Tony Marcelli a hug.

We stayed in a tight embrace until Tony relaxed a bit.

"Thanks," he said.

They say it's a good sign if you can find humor in everything. Mom had screwed all of us. Tony, my Dad, me and we were all gay. And it just seemed funny to me and I started laughing.

Tony pulled back and gave me a puzzled look.

Through my laughter I manager to get out, "My mom screwed us all, you, me and my dad and we are all gay."

Soon Tony was smiling. "Oh, God did she ever!" And he started laughing too.

"Say why don't we all go to the coffee shop, have a snack, chat and get to know each other better. Think that jet of yours can wait an hour or so," suggested Peter.

"Yeah, I think that would be a good idea, what do you think Hawken?"

"Yeah, that would be cool."

I had a half-pound cheeseburger, double order of cheese fries, malt, and coleslaw. I was starved. The other two had a coffee.

"How can you eat all that?" asked Peter.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I'm starved."

"Growth spurt," commented Peter.

"Good because I'm and inch shorter than Alex."

"Who's Alex?" asked Tony.

"His true love," answer Peter.

I blushed.

"What was my dad like?"

"A lot like you, looks-wise. When I saw you singing I thought I was back in high school. I wanted to call you Paul instead of Hawken. Your dad was good looking, smart, and popular. His greatest quality was that he cared about people. People loved him. There once was a boy who was very shy, geekish, clumsy, and a nobody. Your dad picked that boy out of all the other kids to be his best friend."

I guessed that the shy nobody was Tony Marcelli.

I was beginning to liked Tony and I think Peter had a crush on him and I think Tony was sort of attracted to Peter what gay man wouldn't be?

Tony sent me to get a magazine. It was oblivious they wanted to spend some time alone. Before I went back I spied on them from a distance and they seemed to having a good time talking both smiling.

I had a hard time leaving Peter. Must have kissed him a hundred times and hugged him twice as many. We both were misty eyed when we finally parted and I walked out to the corporate jet of Sugarstone Enterprises. I kept having to wipe my eyes.

Before I entered the plane I turned and saw Peter watching me. I waved and scream, "I LOVE YOU, PETER!"

I doubt that Peter heard me, but there was no doubt in my mind that he felt it.

To be continued -