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I have made some changes that make the story more modern so you won't have go ask your parents what this phrase means or what that is. At some points in this story things may become graphic and some times to graphic for some readers I urge to read with cation and I will try to warn you when something to graphic but it may be hard while trying not to reveal the chapter. For those of you who have a weak stomach include that in an email and I will warn you ahead of time or in the informing email if you wish to.


By: Anonymous

My name is Cameron Esplin. I'm 15 years old and attend Basic high school in Henderson Nevada. Henderson is just on the other side of the valley from Las Vegas. I have lived here my entire life. I stand at 5 foot 9 inches tall and weigh 145, mostly muscle. I have sun bleached hair from all the years swimming with friends. my eyes are kind of weird though. They used to be dark blue but now they have faded to gray with a hint of blue and sometimes green.

I am a Sophomore this year at Basic and turning 16 in October. I'm your typical student with average grades and average friends. I'm one of the kids that has a ton of school spirit and will paint their face for a football game or a rally. All my close friends know I'm gay and all are okay with it. My best friends would have to be Lucas and Andrea. They have always been there for me no matter what it was and they were the first people I told I was gay and ever since then we have been closer than ever.

Me and Andrea always have fun going to the mall and just 'shopping' for guys. Andrea never trust me when I say a guy isn't totally straight. When I'm with Lucas I will joke around and when he really starts flirting with a girl I'll come up and make some remark about us being together which sends him into a furry but we laugh it off later.

My parents have money its not like a ton but its still more than most people. My parents have excepted my life style and support me 100% of the way. My dad has taken a surprising interest in my life and schooling. Hes always asking if anyone is bothering me or how things are going. My mom and me always joke around and compare guys. I really enjoy our time together.

I've tried dating a few guys before but all have failed miserably. I want love not a hook up and a quick fuck in the back seat of some guys car. All of the guys I have dated just want the quick fuck and nothing more.

I had one real crush and the memory of the day I fell for him is fresh in my memory:

It was the first day of my Freshman year. I was walking down the hall towards homeroom and my eyes were down watching my feet and I just turned a corner and ran right into him burying my face in his chest. God what a perfect chest he had.

"Oh. . .I'm so sorry. . ." I stammered out as I looked up at him.

"No its my fault I wasn't looking." He said scratching the back of his head. "So where are you headed?"

"Umm. . .315."

"Cool so am I. Come on its this way."

"Thanks. I'm Cameron."

"I'm Devin. Nice to meet you. What grade are you in?"

"Freshman. How about you?"

"Same. I could have sworn you were at least a Sophomore."

"Thanks." We started walking down the hall towards our class all the way we walked in dead silence and after a while I could have sworn he was he was looking at me.

"So. . .tell me about yourself Cameron."

"I guess I'm just your average guy. I've lived here my entire life. I'm not the most popular guy but I have a good amount of friends."

"Cool. Same here."

"But aren't you like THE most popular guy in school?"

"Where did you hear that?"

"Its pretty much known to everyone in school even us Freshmen."

"Damn your funny Cam. I'm just your normal guy. Hey how about we eat lunch together today? All my friends can get annoying and you seem like a pretty cool guy."

"What lunch do you have?"


"Damn I have first."

"Damn is right. You seem like a great guy and would love to get to know you better."

"Aww you're making me feel special." Devin just stood there looking at me until I busted up laughing. Devin just kept looking at me like I was crazy until he started laughing as well.

"You are funny as hell Cam. I'm glad I met you."

"Thanks. I'm glad I met you as well."

We walked in silence for a few more minutes until we got to our homeroom and I was surprised when Devin sat next to me instead of with his buddies.

After that we became closer in a relationship and would spend lots of time together. Now I guess I should tell you about one of the most moving points in my life. It takes place over a few months and I will be skipping over parts of it but for the most but only to make it go faster and to help get things rolling.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To catch you up to one of my better times in life here's a quick recap of my Freshman year.

As I wandered the halls just before the bell rang to let us get to class. Everyone else was gathered in the quad or cafeteria so I had the halls to me, my thoughts, and the chilled air that floated through the halls.

Hey Cameron. Wait up!” Called my friend Blake. He was one the select few who knew my secret.

Hey Blake.” I said as Blake came running up and placing a hand on my shoulder.

So wheres your boyfriend Devin?”

You know we're just friends and nothing more, even though I would love it if I could have even one kiss from him, but we all know that will never happen.” I said beginning to allow my mind to drift into space and into a place where all my dreams came true. I called this place My Reality.

In this place all my dreams come true even the most absurd fantasies. I have kept a journal on my Blackberry of these dreams and I add to them daily. If anyone got a hold of those entries I would die of humiliation. Not one of my friends have read them, not Andrea, not Lucas.

Hey Cam. . .Cam. . .Damn it! Cam come on back to reality.” Blake said shaking me back to reality.

Whoa. . .sorry Blake, I spaced out.”

Yeah, I noticed. You've been doing that lately, a lot lately.” He said emphasizing a lot.

Sorry. Come on let's get to class before we're late and before you're seat next to Devin is taken.” The ball rang freeing the other students from the classrooms and flooding the halls.

You know you will always have a special spot in my heart all of you guys will.” I said putting my arm around him as we walked down the hall.

During class we had to work on a fun and entertaining project where me, Devin, and Blake all worked together, and somehow got our work done between our laughter. Devin is far smarter than he let's on.

As the day went on I added more and more to my 'journal' any chance I got. When the last class was finally over I walked outside to find Devin standing there looking for me which I found so damn adorable.

Hey buddy!” Devin called to me and waving his hands.

Hey stud.” I said walking over to him.

How did your day go?”

Same old same old. Hows it hanging today?”

Same as always. So what are you waiting for?

You of course. Hey my dad's gonna pick me up if you want to get a ride.

Thanks. So where is he?”

He should be here in a few minutes. So what do you want to do today?”

Well we could go see a movie then have my mom pick us up.”

Good idea. And look there he is.” Devin said pointing to Ford F-150 pulling into the parking lot.

Devin's dad didn't have a problem with us going to the movies and then he even said Devin could stay the night if he wanted, and if my parents were okay with it.

While we were waiting for the movie to start Devin put his arm around the back of the chairs and to me it felt as if he was putting it around my shoulders. I decided to joke around and rest my head on his shoulder and look up at him. I batted my eyes and acted all innocent. He just looked down at me and chuckled then wrapped his arms around my shoulders and gave me a great big bear hug.

His arms were so strong yet he was gentle like a mother lion with her cubs. I had always hopped one day he would be holding me in those arms in a bed under the sheets in nothing but our skin as we passed soft kisses. Unfortunately I knew that would never happen and that broke my heart every time I thought that.

As the movie went on I would look over at Devin who was intently focused on the movie. I really wished I could just lean back over and rest my head on his shoulder and feel his arms embrace me.

I leaned over to Devin and whispered to him. “If you get to scared just lean over and I can put my arm around you're shoulder.”

Shut up.” We laughed at that and after a few minutes Devin leaned over and rested on my shoulder slightly shivering.

Hold me Cam. This moving is scaring me and I'm cold.” He whispered to me as he looked up at me and asked in a desperate voice as if he was really scared.

You don't even have to ask Devin I will never let you go.” We stared at each other for a few minutes until we started laughing. Devin rested there for a few more minutes and returned his attention to the movie while still laying on me. I really didn't mind him laying on me because it gave me a chance to feel his warmth and his firm body against mine. I realized He had drifted off to sleep after a few minutes causing me to chuckle. I was beginning to enjoy this and was beginning to hope I could feel this everyday.

After the movie I carefully woke Devin up and got him some coffee to wake him up witch just made him slightly crazier.

While we were standing out front of the theater we talked about school, life, what we wanted to this weekend, and anything else. I could see my mom's white Lexus RX400 pull into the parking lot then right up in front of us. We got in and not a lot was said between the 3 of us. Which to me was very surprising. She took us to Jack In The Box for dinner using her excuse of it had been a hard day at the office. After that she took us home and after dinner we thought about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

We decided to go swimming and after a while we headed inside to chill and relax. After our swim we watched some TV. By the time I had finally checked the clock it was already 9:45 and getting later. I looked over at Devin and noticed he was fighting sleep. After a few more hours I was beginning to fight sleep as well.

I looked over at Devin one more time and noticed he was sound asleep. I woke my self up by splashing some water in my face then walked back into the living room to get Devin.

Devin. . .Devin. . .Wake up Devin its time for bed. Come on you can crash here. My bed is big enough.” I said pulling Devin up and leading him upstairs to my room.

Thanks Cam. You're such a great friend.”

I know. Now change and get in bed.” I said walking into my bathroom.

When I got back there was a pile of clothing next to the bed with his T-shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and even his boxers. Since he was already passed out I lifted the sheet slightly to get a quick peek at his manhood which was soft but still good sized. I slipped off my cloths leaving my boxers on and slipped into bed on the opposite side of the bed. I heard him mumble something then roll on his side facing me.

In the middle of the night I remember Devin rolling over facing me and throwing his arm around me and pulling me close to him. The feeling was better than I thought it would be. The feeling of his chest pressed against my shoulders was perfect. His strong legs against mine was weird at first because of the hair but after a while felt great. And the feel of his arm around my waist made me feel safe. I could tell he was taking in my scent by the 3 long breaths he was breathing in and then with a slight grown after the 3rd breath. I shifted slightly and slightly wiggled my ass making him groan once again into my hair. He never once said a thing to me then and. I assumed he thought I was asleep so as I drifted off to sleep I thought this may never happen again.

The next morning I woke up around 4:30 like I did every morning so I could get ready for school only then to realize that it was Saturday and Devin was still pressed against me from the night before. I went back to sleep hoping that when I awoke next he would have undone himself from me and maybe he was still asleep in the nude so I could get a glimpse of him hard with his morning wood.

When I awoke again Devin had rolled back over and was asleep again. I got out of bed and noticed Devin's boxers were closer to the bed. I picked them up and noticed a good sized white spot on them. I slowly brought them up to my lips and stuck my tongue out and began to lick his boxers which had a faint taste of cock, cum, and sweat. I finished cleaning his boxers and getting a little daring decided I would lie to Devin and keep his boxers for myself and tell him never saw them. I stuffed them under my bathroom sink towards the back under some toilet paper, cleaning wipes, and some soap. As I walked back into my room my eyes were glued to the sheets. What lied under them was a massive rod that hug between Devin's legs.

I was on auto pilot as I walked over to my bed and stopped right at the head as I noticed Devin was sitting up and typing a text. I looked down at myself and noticed I was hard as a rock. I reached down and grabbed my jeans from the day and pulled them on. Just as I buttoned them up Devin turned and looked at me.

Hey. Morning guy.” He said nonchalantly and not even caring that I could clearly see his morning wood, not like he had anything to hide 'cause the boy was hung like a horse.

Morning stud. How did I sleep.”

Not to bad. Maybe if you had held me I would have slept better.” A smile was spread across his face when I asked my question and now it was more playful than trying to hide something like the first.

Well all you had to do was roll over and ask me and maybe after some coaxing I would have done it.” I was trying everything I could to tell him I knew what he did and damn it he wasn't getting my hints.

Well I need to piss.” Devin threw back the sheets totally exposing himself to me and as he walked past me his dick bounced up and down with each step. His balls were slightly tight against his pelvis. I just wanted to reach out and grab him and never let him go. When he shut the bathroom door I let out the breath I had been holding.

I walked downstairs to find my parents gone, most likely at work. I made us some breakfast. When Devin came downstairs he was wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

Hey you can borrow some of my cloths after a shower, if you want.” I said putting some eggs, pancakes, and sausage on the table.

Thanks man. That would be great.”

Okay. So what do you want to do today then?” I asked as I began to eat my food.

Not sure. What ever comes to mind first I guess.”

Sounds good to me then.”

After our separate showers I let Devin borrow some of my cloths. For the longest time we just sat around watching TV and not really doing anything.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Author's Note:

Okay the next chapter will wrap up my Freshman year then I will start my Sophomore year. I hope you guys like this story. At times I know this story will be hard at times for me to write only because it will be opening old wounds that I know will have to reopen to fully heal. I hope that if you do choose to stay with me and continue to read this story that you can understand at times chapters may be spread out over a few months time of posting.

Thank you for taking time to read this and understanding.

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