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By: Anonymous

I awoke a few hours later to a dimly lit room. I was still in Lucas' bed with him asleep on the couch in his room. I walked carefully into the bathroom not wanting to wake Lucas. I looked in the mirror and I looked like shit.

I didn't sleep well so I had bags under my eyes. I went to the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom.

Lucas, wake up. Come on and lay down in your bed.” I whispered to him trying to wake him up.

Cam. . .Cam. . .Cam.”

Yes its me now get up.”

Yes sir.” His eyes shot open and he just looked up at me.

What no smile?”

“I always smile around you.” His smile was warm, welcoming, and sweet. His lips were perfect. They seemed so soft. They were plump, a soft pink, and luscious. I wanted to lean down and just kiss those lips.

Your so damn sexy.” Lucas said with a smile and a soft look on his face.

Whoa what.”

I knew it. You were spacing out. You need to quit that.”

You ass.” I said with a laugh then I fell onto Lucas and our laughing quieted to nothing. Lucas rested back and pulled me with him and I rested my head against his shoulder. I breathed in his scent and wanted to just nuzzle his neck and shower it with soft kisses. I wanted to rip our cloths off and feel the skin on skin. I wanted to feel the warmth of his bare skin rub against mine and rub my hands all over his hard, smooth, perfect body.

My hand slowly rose to his chest and rested there. My other hand snaked up his back and rested on his shoulder. The hand resting on his chest began to rub his pectoral muscle left to right then up to down. His shirt was thin and I could feel the warmth of his skin, and the slight bump his erect nipple had created. His breathing was heavy and warm against my shoulder that was exposed. My fingers rolled his nipple and rubbed over it. His hands had wrapped around my waist. I felt his fingers make small circles in my back.

His legs had a light coating of dirty blond hair. His calves were strong and hard. They were warm and felt nice against my own. Lucas' breathing was getting heavier and much stronger.



I feel strange.”

How so?”

Its hard to explain.”

Try to. As best as you can.”

Well this feels good to me but I don't think I'm attracted to you.”

How do I make you feel? How does it feel when I smile at you? When I hug you? When we're together alone?”

You make me feel special. Your smile warms my heart and makes me smile. When we're alone I feel. . .like. . .like. . .like. . .”

Like there is no other place you want to be? You want to get closer to me and just hold me?”

We never made eye contact but just sat with me looking off to the side and Lucas Looking straight ahead. He didn't say much for a few minutes, just staring off into the distance.

Lucas I want to try something.”

What is it?”

I want you to kiss me. With passion, and as much desire and love you have for me.”

Okay but promise me no matter what happens nothing will change.”

I promise you.”

Thank you.”

I sat up and turned so my legs were on either side of his waist. My fingers danced across his cheek. The flawless, tanned, skin was soft to the touch and was oh so perfect. We leaned in close together and slowly our lips met. Slowly his tongue flicked at my lips and slowly I parted my lips to let him enter. His tongue was rough and strong. He ran it over my own, under it flicking the tip as he went, and over my teeth. His hands slid up and held my face in a gentle hold. He pushed slightly forward almost causing me to fall back but he kept us from falling. When his tongue retreated back to his mouth he pulled back slightly signaling me to come after his tongue.

I pulled him back with me. I was underneath Lucas with my legs wrapped around him and our tongues fighting for power and my hands on his face and his on mine. The kiss seemed to last forever and I was close to heaven but I wish we could have gone further. My hands had a mind of their own and they slid down to the bottom of his shirt and then up under it. The taught skin stretching over his defined abs and tight chest was warm, flawless, and soft.

I had pulled his shirt up revealing his torso. I ran my hand down the back of his shorts and squeezed his ass. It was a bubble butt, yet firm and perky. I rubbed up and down his cheeks and I could feel the warmth of his ass and thighs. I was trying to pull him closer to me.

Lucas had my shirt all the way up and my shorts undone and was doing the same to my ass. His hands were very large and each could hold one of my ass cheeks. They were rubbing my cheeks and pulling them apart slightly. I ran my hands over his thighs and then going forward I slid them over his crotch feeling his rick hard cock.

His fingers were tweaking my nipples and then slowly sliding down to my crotch. His hand gripped my cock. He began to stroke it, and with his other hand he tweaked my nipple.

Lucas. . .Lucas. . .Lucas. Stop.” I said trying to get him to stop.

Cam I'm sorry I. . .wow. . .I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry.” Lucas sat back with his head low.

Lucas it's okay. I was apart of it as well. Its just our hormones. We are teenagers.”

I know but still. . .”

“Lucas how do you feel now?”

What do you mean?”

How do you feel about me?”

I'm honestly in love. You make me happy and feel great in every way possible. Every time I see you I want to hold you and kiss you. I want you to feel the same way I feel now.”

Lucas. . .I. . .I. . .I don't feel the same way about you. I used to wonder how it would feel to kiss you and to be held by you in nothing but our bare skin, but now I don't. I'm sorry”

It's fine. Hey remember we promised that no matter what nothing would change between us.”

Are you sure its okay? You seem sad and disappointed.” I scooted closer to him and wrapped my arm around his shoulders.

Yeah I'm fine.”

I have one question. Are you gay or bi?”

I know I'm bi, definitely. I've known for sometime now.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Time crept on and my birthday was only a couple days away. I knew Lucas still had feelings for me and it was getting hard for me to see him like that. We still had our time to just me and him. We hadn't told anyone what we did but we both knew that everyone thought something was up. I had tried dating some other guys, all of which failed miserably. I hadn't told Lucas knowing it would only make him sadder than he already was. I just wanted him to be happy. It was getting harder to see him but the only way I knew I could make him feel better was by dating him and I didn't have those feelings for him any more.

My parents were, like always, they're usual perky, happy-go-lucky selves that just seemed to infect everyone except me. I was beginning to wonder what this all meant. Why had my feelings for Lucas just disappeared? I finally had the chance to have what I wanted the most and then I didn't want it. Was I that selfish that once I had something that I couldn't have I didn't want it any more?

All these thoughts were tearing me up inside and I had to figure out why. I had an idea on what to do and knew that once I had my license and my car I would do it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

On the morning of my birthday all my friends woke me up by singing to me and holding some home made cake thing with 16 candles all lit. after I blew the candles out I got up and got ready for the day. After a quick shower and dressing in comfortable clothes I headed down stairs to find my 10 closest friends sitting eating breakfast that I knew my mother had made. Luckily there was enough left for me. My mom had already left for work but my dad was still home and had one of those shit eating grin on his face.

Morning champ.” My dad said drinking his coffee and reading the paper.

Morning dad.”

Here, Can you go move the car into the garage.” He tossed me a key fob which had a BMW sign on it, but no chain and no keys attached to it. In fact there was no key on it for the car. I didn't recognize the fob at all.

Okay where's the key?”

Geez you love cars and yet you can't find the hidden key.” I pressed down on the BMW emblem on the fob and the key popped out. I stood there playing with it for a few minutes.

Hey champ. Can you go move the car in now?” My dad asked breaking me of my trance.

Yeah sure.” I walked down the hall leading to the garage door and opened it to see my dad's BMW, a 750Li, already in the garage. My mom's BMW Z8 wasn't there so I began to wonder and instantly I thought they got me the BMW X5 I wanted. I opened the garage bay and walked out.

In the driveway was a brand new black BMW 645Ci convertible with black rims, tinted windows, and blacked out head lights and tail lights. The rims were 19 inch, multiple spoke, BMW rims. Even the white in the BMW emblems were painted black. It was the car I really wanted but my parents told me no coupes or convertibles for my first car. It had a huge red bow on top of it and card under the wind shield wiper. I walked over to the car and read the card.

Dear Cameron,

We know we told you no coupes or convertibles but when your councilor called and told us that if your grades stayed this way all through high school you would be valedictorian for sure. We decided to get you the car of your dreams since your living up to our dreams for you. We also know how hard it can be for you at times and so this car is to help you escape every thing and outrun your bullies if anyone tries to hurt you. Just remember be safe and use the radar we got you, we won't pay your tickets. Have fun kiddo and remember we will always love you.

Love Mom and Dad.

(To this day I still have the card in the glove box in the same spot as when I put it in there.)

After reading the card I laughed and a few tears dropped from my eyes. I knew my dad must have written it just by the way it was written and what was written in it. I hit the unlock button on the fob and the car chirped. I walked around the car inspecting it as I went. After my inspection I took the bow from the car and opened the driver's door and started the car. The first thing I did was put the top down. I put the card in the owner's manual and slipped that into the glove box. The interior was beige leather with dark wood accents. It had an automatic transmission which was good 'cause I really couldn't drive stick. Everyone walked out in toe of my dad. When they got to the car I stepped out and hugged my dad.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I said feeling like a kid in a candy store.

I'm surprised you're still here.” He laughed.

Why is that?”

Well I figured you would have gone on a test drive or something.”

I can?” I asked wide eyed.

Whose stopping you? Didn't you look at the registration?”

No. Why?”

The car is in your name.”

What!?” I asked almost jumping into the car and digging through the glove bow until I found the DMV envelope. I opened the letter and looked over the papers to see that, in fact, the car was in my name.

So I can take it for a test drive?”

Sure. Go for it but don't get pulled over.”

Thanks dad.” I started the car again and this time put in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

I put the car in gear, revved the motor, and checked my mirrors. Since our house was at the end of a very long block I had a very long race track. The road curved around the side of a hill and around the man-made lake that was the key point of our housing development known as Lake Las Vegas.

As I raced down the road I passed all my neighbors either in cars, walking down the street, or pulled over. When I reached the gate that blocked off the sub-development, where we lived called South Shore, I pulled in behind a BMW 550i sedan, a Cadillac XLR, and a Mercedes CLS-550 and just sat there while the guard at the gate opened the gate letting each of us leave one at a time. All of these cars lived on my block and I knew whom they belonged to.

Hey Mike.” I said to the guard in the hut.

Hey Cam. Happy birthday and nice car.” Mike was one of the first guards working at South Shore and Lake Las Vegas in general. Every year on his anniversary all of us who knew Mike, and actually had conversations with him when we could, would go and buy him something really nice and since his 25 year anniversary was this year we decided to get him a nice car. My dad suggested a 1973 Chevy Corvette. Mike had always wanted one and my dad knew where to get one. My dad was actually the one who suggested this little gift giving idea when he was living here as a teenager with his parents.

Thanks Mike. So how does it feel that your 25 year anniversary is only a few months away?”

Honestly, it makes me feel really old. I'm just happy that even an old guy like me can keep a job so easy.”

Well I'm glad you can as well. You're a great guy Mike. Well hey I have to finish my test drive. I'll see you later Mike.” When he opened the gate I sped down the hill passing the huge line of cars wanting in. I made a mental note to use my code to get in if it was like this.

I sped down the main road passing the golf courses, ponds, the lake, and the 3 cars that were ahead of me at the gate. I turned right out of the development, towards town. Lake Las Vegas was fairly far out. We were only a few minutes from Lake Mead and had a nice view of the strip.

I drove for about 15 minutes with the music blaring and then I realized I needed gas. This didn't surprise me since it was my dad who most likely drove the car home and he never really put gas in a car until it beeped at him. I turned onto Boulder highway looking for a gas station. I pulled in and looked for a pump with a short line. While I was waiting for the guy ahead of me to leave I did a more thorough inspection of the interior.

When I pulled up to the pump I hit the button to pop open the fuel valve door. I shut the car off so the attendant out there didn't say any thing to me.

Cameron?” I heard my name being called form the other side of the pump and looked around to see who it was.

Jason? Jason Michelson?” Jason used to be one of my closest friends when we were younger but when he moved to the other side of town we lost touch.

Yeah. Hey buddy. Its been a while.”

Yeah it has been, buddy.”

Nice car.”

Thanks just got it today.”

Well happy birthday.”

I can't believe you remembered.”

Well you and me were inseparable for the longest time.”

Yeah until your parents moved.”

Yeah but do you remember when we tried to pack you in a box and my mom caught us?”

Do I? Do you remember that she also gave us that lecture that seemed to go on forever?”


You got a cell phone?”

Of course.”

Let me see it.” Jason dug his phone from his pocket and handed it to me. I put my number in it and told him to call me. He assured me that he would and we both left. Him going North and me South. I headed home and while waiting at a stop light a car filled with the varsity teams center, quarterback, running back, and a line backer pulled up next to me and revved their engine. In return I revved mine. The passenger, the center, rolled down his window and after turning to talk to the running back, who was driving, he turned to me.

Hey kid. Chad says his Mustang can beat your pieced of shit BMW.”

Oh really now. Your has a what V-6 while my BMW has a V-8. I think its clear who would win.”

Okay then a bet. We race. First one to Burkholder wins.”

What do we get if we win?”

The losers car.”

“Okay but you have to write me a bill of sale when I win.”


The light turned green and we raced. Since I was in the right lane I could drop onto the side roads easy while they had to go through the lights. I made it to Burkholder first and pulled over.

Well Chad here's a piece of paper and a pen. Write me my bill of sale and give me the keys. Hope you guys have another way home.”

Here.” Chad handed me the bill of sale and the keys. They walked away with a huff.

I wasn't going to keep the car so I called , who already had his license, and told him to come find me so he could drive the car to the body shop my cousin owned that wasn't to far from where we were. I explained what was going on and told him to hold it for me. I figured that I let Chad sweat it out then go find him and tell him where the car is. I drove me and Lucas home dropping him off at my place and told him I was going to go get some lunch. He gave me his food order and I left again.

Like I guessed Chad was hanging out at taco bell with some friends. I pulled into the parking lot close enough for him to see me. I had the windows up and the top up so you couldn't see in, but you could hear the faint thumping of the base of the music. I shut the car off and opened my door. Chad already had his head hung low and was trying to hide.

Don't bother Chad I can see you.”

Okay and what do you want?” He seemed kind of ticked off and everyone was curious about all that was happening.

I take it you don't want your car back then. I don't want it. I got my BMW, which kicked your car's ass. And a Mustang is a piece of shit any way. Bavarian engineering is way better than American.” Everyone around him chuckled at, what I was guessing, the fact that a Sophomore out raced a Senior.

So are you going to tell me where my car is because I don't see it here.”

Depends. Do you want your car back?”

Yes.” he mumbled.

What was that Chad?”

Yes, I want my car back.” This was so much fun.

And why did you loose your car?”

I lost my car because it's a slow piece of shit and can't beat your wonderfully brand new BMW 645Ci convertible.”

Your good at this. Have you done it before? That's a stupid question I know you have, especially in that piece of shit.”

I know I am.”

Well come get your keys then.” Chad stood up and walked over to me.

May I pleases have my keys now?”

Sure. Here you go.” I tossed him his keys just a little to hard and they ended up in the trash.

Oops. Guess I threw them a little to hard.”

Yeah I guess you did.” Chad was gritting his teeth and I could tell he was fuming.

I wouldn't leave them in there to long sounded like I hit something juicy.”

Yeah I think you did too.”

Well I'll see you around Chad.”

Yeah see you around Kid.”

Oh yeah I'm Cameron. Your car is at the body shop on Burkholder. Tell the painter, George, that your there to get a piece of shit.”

I got into my car, started it up and put the windows down then the top. I backed out of the stall and was off to my house after picking up some burgers and fries from Jack In The Box for me and Lucas.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I already had taken my written exam for my license and got my permit so my behind the wheel test was in a few days and I couldn't wait. I was so anxious and just wanted to take it the day I got my car but my dad told me that I needed to get used to driving the 750Li since that was going to be the car I would be driving for my test.

The day of my test I was so nervous and excited it was hard to contain my joy. All day I was almost bouncing all over campus and from class to class. Chad avoided me at all costs. Normally I would see him between my last 2 classes and now he was nowhere to be found.

After school my dad picked me up in the BMW and I was so happy to take the test I made up and excuse to drive. He didn't complain and told me that he was happy to let me drive.

The test was simple but I realized that the instructor was more focused on her phone than me driving. After a few blocks I made a U-turn and went back to the DMV office. When we got there I took down all of the instructors information and went to her supervisor.

How may I help you sir?” A woman of average height and slightly over weight. Not to much to notice but enough it showed. Her name tag read Leah.

Your instructor, Janell Whites, was the instructor that was with me while I was taking my behind the wheel test. She was constantly on her phone and not even paying attention to what I was doing or where I was going.”

That's impossible. Janell is one of our best instructors.”

“Well it's possible. I didn't even complete the test. I came back here to inform you as to what your employee was doing and that way I didn't waste any more of my time.”

Well sir I'm sorry about that and will get another instructor for you immediately.”

Thank you.”

A few minutes later another instructor was introducing herself to me and we were driving down the road. After my test I parked the truck in an open stall and got out of the truck.

Well Cam you did an excellent job and here is your slip to have your picture taken.” The woman handed me a slip with some stuff scribbled down on it.

Thank you.” We walked our separate ways with me going into the main building and her into an employees only area.

I waited for a few minutes in a short line to get my picture taken. After I got it taken I was hoping it wasn't completely terrible. It didn't take long for them to print off my License and as soon as I got it I checked over everything. It was perfect. I made my dad let me drive home.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Author's Note: Okay guys here it is. The latest installment. Hope you like it. Nothing that horrible so far. Yes I know I was stupid and a little childish back then. I also realize that doing those things were most likely the cause of some other shit. Anyone want to guess what happens? Since its a real story it won't change what happens, but I just want to find out what you think will happen.

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