Chapter 2


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2006. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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      A soft voice awakened me, "Happy New Year." A tongue entered my mouth and dueled with mine. I wrapped my arms around the broad muscular shoulders as a hard cock dug into my groin making my cock twitch and jerk as new life filled it to its upstanding position. "Let's get a shower. The party is about to begin." He moved away as the body to my left moved into me. I didn't realize this one was here. Again my lips parted to admit a tongue and again my senses were raised to the very peak of exploding as I heard the crack of a flat hand on naked ass. "Move it fags. I'm waiting."
      Two figures drug me from the darkened room into a bathroom filled with steam. The three of us stepped into a large shower with two heads spraying hot water over us. Soapy hands begin to tantalize every inch of my eager flesh. I took a bar of soap and scrubbed at the body before me. As my eyes focused I realized that I was washing Randy's hard body. Robby went to his knees and washed my legs and feet then up to my butt. He spread my legs apart and washed my crack and my hole carefully. My hole was tender but the hot water and soap made me feel good.
      I was turned around and I went to my knees. Robby stood up as I began to wash his feet and legs. Robby had a big red hand print on his right cheek so now I knew who slapped whom. He was washing Randy as the three of us set up a routine. I finished at Robby's cock and moved to Randy's then down to his legs and feet. We stayed in the hot spray until our skin began to wrinkle and prune. Robby giggled so we shut the water off and began to dry one another. Somehow I am sure that I got the best end of the deal as two beautiful boys worked over my body and dried every inch of me.
      We headed back to the bed and lay together, naked and comfortable with each other. Randy started off, "I can't believe that I got my fondest wish on New Year's Eve. I have so perved on you for the last two years. I am so fucking happy. All I wanted to do is to suck you, all night long but when you had me fuck you...I almost cried I was so happy. I hope you don't mind but I love you."
      "I have known forever that I am queer but I was so afraid to come on to anyone. Tonight when you walked through that gate into Lisa's yard I knew I had to have you. When we got stuck in the door way my mind ran away with me and I pretended I was drunk. I couldn't believe that you actually were taking me to your house and when you pushed me on your bed..."
      "I thought you were drunk and I said to hell with it. I was going to do you. If you beat me up or outed me tomorrow I would have to deal with it. You were on my bed and you had a hard on. I needed you.
      "And you, little brother, where did you come from? I didn't know you are gay."
      "I have been hiding it for almost two years. I perv on your friends. I dream about what we did here. I heard Ryan yelling and I got so turned on. I came into your room and you were plowing him. Your ass was a blur as you fucked like crazy. I watched your balls swinging and when I saw him launch that sperm missile I went for it. That was the first cock I have ever had in my mouth and the first cum I ever tasted. I love it and I want more. And I love fucking you but now you guys have to fuck me."
      We lay there and kissed for a long time as our hands roamed over each other's bodies. I heard what sounded like a door shut somewhere down stairs. Robby rose up. Randy pulled him back down and kissed him. I could hear people shouting, "Happy New Year" somebody set off a loud firecracker. Cars were starting up and peeling out as they roared down the street. In minutes it was all quiet.
      Randy kissed me. He ran his hand through my pubic hairs. "You ready for more." I grunted a yes. He asked Robbie. He said he was. "Follow me. No lights. Just watch your step." We got up and followed Randy through the house, still naked. He went down the stairs into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and took out a coke. He offered us one. Cokes in hand he turned to the basement door and opened it. He led the way down into the darkness.
      There was less light below but I could make out the walls and some furniture. "Who's alone?" Randy called out.
      "I am." That sounded like Bobby Feldman. Randy pushed me toward the voice.
      "Tell him where you are," Randy said.
      "I'm here." The voice was right in front of me. My knees hit a bed. A hand reached up and brushed my soft cock. It gripped my cock and pulled me down. He pushed me into a sixty nine and began to suck me. I found his cock and sucked back.
      "We're two more. Anyone want to change?"
      "Here." Movement on the bed behind me. Somebody got up and somebody lay down. I saw two forms lay on another bed under the window. Then nothing but the sounds of slurping as cocks moved in and out of mouths. I had a sweet mouthful of cum in a few minutes as he sucked my cock dry and continued to nurse me.
      When I awakened the room was barely gray with the first light of morning coming through the high small windows around the basement. I was in one of six beds. One appeared to be empty. I moved around and saw that I really was in bed with Bobby Feldman. I had just sucked this dudes cock. I lay back down and took it back into my mouth as he suckled me all the way back into his mouth.
      When I awakened next Bobby was crawling over me. "Gotta piss." With that he was across the room. Jimmy Walker and Will Hamm were peeing in a floor drain. Bobby scooted up next to them and let fly his hard morning stream. The three of them stood naked and peeing as they talked to each other as if this was the most natural thing in the world.
      Will shook a much longer cock than I could ever have imagined and ran back to his bed. I kicked off the thin blanket over me and there was a real chill on the air. Aaron James followed a huge erection out of his bed after he kissed Tom Byrd. He ran to heater hanging in the rafters and hit the thermostat. As he moved to the drain to release his urine the heater came on wafting warm air about the room.
      I was now on my feet and moved to the drain. Bobby squeezed my ass and ran the back of his hand over my face. He looked down at my cock, "Sweet, dude, hurry up and come fuck me. I got to have that up in me."
      Robby slid up next to me and wiggled his nose, "Smells like piss." Randy came up but ran to the wall and turned on the water. A short piece of small water hose dumped a thin stream of water across the floor. Jimmy was shaking a huge trouser snake of his own then he turned and picked up the hose and let the water run all around the drain, washing away the spattered piss.
      Tom Byrd was the last to walk up to the drain. His huge morning erection pointed the way to Mecca. "Can't get the fucker down this morning," he grinned at Aaron as the two came together for a kiss. A small squirt of pee shot out of Tom's cock as a loud fart let loose. Every body ewwed and covered his nose as Jimmy ran the water on Tom's back. Tom squealed as the cold water hit him but his cock went soft and his piss stream flowed. "You are so dead, Walker."
      "Yeah, where have I heard that before?"
      "Just get ready, you wanted my cock last night. I'll give it to you."
      "That was last night. You chose Aaron instead of me."
      "I chose? I chose? Listen to the fucking whore. I chose. You fucking attacked Will. You lip locked that dude and shoved your cock up his ass before I had my fucking shoes off."
      "Well, you didn't see him wave that cute ass of his in my face and you know how much I love him," he giggled. He moved over on his bed and held the covers back, waving his cock at Tom.
      I shook off and ran back to my bed. Bobby lifted the blanket for me. He was holding up a solid cock that looked to be all of nine inches. I scooted in against him. He jerked away then snuggled back to me. He put his arms around me, "Fuck, you're like ice. Let daddy warm you up." He grabbed me. I pulled away and stood up. "What??"
      I stood beside the bed shaking. I began to cry. Randy was right there. He held me. Bobby was next to me. He held out his arms and I melted into him and began to bawl. Everyone was up and around me. Randy said, "His dad fucks him." Everyone hugged me and ran their hands over me as they stated how sorry they were. Bobby got me back into bed and Randy scooted up to face me. I was meat in their sandwich as I shook and cried. I never knew how much I hated my old man until that very minute.
      "You talk in your sleep, pretty baby. You told me all about it last night. You carry on a complete conversation and even answer questions in your sleep. Don't ever go to sleep around a cop or your dad will be wearing orange and singing love songs to Bubba." I pulled him into me as he let me cry my heart out. Bobby moved to get up. I pushed myself into him. He relaxed and spooned into me, his soft cock laying up the crack of my ass.
      Relaxed again I settled back. Randy kissed me then slipped out of bed. Aaron had his cock up Robby's ass so that left Will. Randy didn't get in bed before his cock disappeared into Will's mouth. I turned over and looked into Bobby's eyes. He had been crying. "I am so sorry, man. I am so sorry." Tears again welled up in his eyes. I pulled into him and held him. I moved to him as he met me. We kissed the kiss of love. His cock rose to meat me. I wanted him. We ground together for several minutes. "I have never seen a cock as big as yours. I have to have you in me. Will you fuck me, please. Be my master. Lord it over me. Be rough. Make me pay for my sins." Did Bobby say I had a big cock?
      "Shut up, dude. You're making me loose the mood." I laughed in his face. He was moving to his back as I followed and I was now on top of him. Our tongues still taking pot shots at each other, not willing to call a temporary halt to the battle as the big guns were brought up in the rear.
      Locked together we finally managed to get the major anchor sunk in. Bobby moaned as my cock was surrounded by the warmth of human flesh and gripped by the tightest surroundings I could ever imagine. I shot a load almost at once. Bobby pulled me in tighter and kissed me as if it would be the last kiss for anyone on earth. My cock throbbed and was ready to go again. Thirty seconds after ejaculation I was ready for another launch. I slid in and out of Bobby's tight fuck hole as I felt my own cum lubricate me, slicking the path before me for a really nice ride. I stayed with Bobby for over half an hour. He would get close and pull at my cheeks to stop me. We would lay there and enjoy our union.
      The other guys came over singularly or in pairs. They sat on the bed and kissed our faces or ran their hands on our backs. My balls were squeezed as were Bob's. A finger or two went up my ass which almost made me loose it. Then it was just the two of us on our own long fuck fest as we truly enjoyed being one together like this. Then there was silence as we were left alone in our embrace. I never knew what love was or even what it could be. I only knew that it could never be for me. Bobby changed all of that. He loved me. I was joined with him. For once it was not somebody using my body, I I wasn't using him. I was joined as one with him and for the first time in my life I knew what it was to love another person. I don't know how Bob was taking all of this. Maybe I was just another fuck to him. I had to control myself.
      We lay together. My head was on his right shoulder, his right arm around me. He talked small talk in my ear as he told me how good I made him feel. The emotions were running away throughout my body. A voice quietly called down from the stairway. "Anybody hungry?" We answered as one but before we could arise everybody came down the stairs carrying trays of food.
      The six of them had prepared a monster sized breakfast and brought it downstairs so that we could all eat in bed.
     It was really a terrible breakfast. The coffee could have made it down the stairs under its own power it was so strong. The hotcakes may have been hot a few hours ago and the eggs...well let's just say that cold and runny scrambled eggs leave something to be desired. The only good part of the meal was the company sharing it. I could not ever rememeber a better meal.
      Aaron broke the silence. "Ah guys, I think that maybe something is wrong with me... I mean, seeing Bobby and Ryan together, that's what I want. Florence is a cunt," we all broke up laughing. "No, really. She's a fucking pig bitch. It's all about her. We go where she wants. We do what she wants. We talk to whomever she wants. I am not allowed to have friends in whom she does not approve."
      "Listen to Mr. English man, in whom she does not approve."
      "Okay, so she is making me improve my grammar. She has done a few good things but I have needs and she couldn't care less. I am tired of coming to the Blue Ball Bash every weekend just so I can get off."
      "You're not leaving us are you?" Tom tensed up.
      "Just hear me out," Aaron moved next to Tom and put his arm around the muscular hunk of delicious looking meat. "I watched all of us this morning. Something changed and I for one think I like it. Tell the truth, we're all friends here so no lying, please. Has anybody here ever been fucked in the ass before this morning?"
      I sorta raised my hand. Randy and Robby raised theirs. Everybody else just sat and looked down at the floor or whatever. "Why did we all fuck each other today? I mean I rolled over and pulled Tom's cock into my virgin ass and he fucked me with love and emotion and I loved it. It didn't hurt. It felt fucking A good.
      "Then he rolled over and I fucked him. I never felt anything so good in all of my life. He squeezed my cock and milked the juice out of me just fifteen minutes or so since I shot my load on him and I had shot at least three loads of cum into his hot sucking mouth through the night.
      "Tom, baby. I'm in love with you." With that revelation he shut up and stared at Tom with tears in his eyes. Tom looked at him with a confused look on his face then his shoulders slumped. He reached across and pulled Aaron into him and the two of them kissed as lovers would kiss. "This is what I am talking about. I don't think the Blue Ball Bash is going to be needed for me. I have a boyfriend. Fuck Florence with your dick. I don't want anything to do with her ever again. If he'll have me, I have my man." He looked back at Tom who was crying softly. The two locked together.
      Will spoke up. "I noticed it too. I mean with the exceptions of Bobby, Robby, and Ryan, we have been coming down here and sucking each other off nearly every weekend since we were like eleven years old. We always said we weren't queer, we were just helping a buddy get off. As we started dating and getting all worked up we had to have an outlet so we named our group but I have to tell you, I am in love with every fucking one of you. Yeah, I slept with and fucked Jimmy last night. I have sucked Tom, Aaron, Randy, and Bobby. I plan to suck and fuck Ryan and Robby before this session is over. My heart aches as I think of each and everyone of you. I am in love with all of you.
      "I think what Aaron is saying is that we are lying to ourselves. We are all gay and we all love each other. "Am I wrong here? Come on, somebody help me out here."
      Everybody nodded and agreed with him. It seems that they did have a love for each other and I was sure I did. I have looked at these six dudes for the last four years, ever since sixth grade and dreamed of having sex with them and all the time they were having sex with each other. What a fool I was trying to hide who I was and letting my own father molest me, every night. I had to tell them.
      "Ah, guys. I have been perving on you all of this time wishing it was you guys doing me instead of my dad." That brought everybody into a group hug and all kinds of comments of love for me and condolence also. "When Bobby moved to town three months ago, I thought that heaven had sent its angels to live with us. I fell in instant love with this big old hunk. Last night I came down those stairs in the dark and Randy asked who was alone Bobby spoke up. I nearly shit myself. I walked over to that bed and he grabbed my cock and without a word he began to suck me. I took his huge cock into my mouth and knew that heaven had come to earth.
      "I went to the party really wanting to suck somebody's cock tonight I took a chance on Randy and decided to play drunk to see if I could kind of feel on him and maybe give him head if he thought I was drunk enough to use like a slut.."
      "I would never do that, buddy. Yeah, I thought you were drunk and I wanted to maybe suck your cock when you passed out.'
      "Hey, when did you ever get fucked before? You held your hand up and so did your brother. You two been up to a little brotherly love?" Jimmy asked.
      "No, this drunk seduced me. I laid him on my bed and started to suck his cock when I thought he was out of it."
      "Take a dude when he's passed out? That's just wrong, man, fucking A wrong. That's queer."
      "Yeah, but if you could have seen the huge tent he pitched up. I had to have that fucker down my throat. But he turned the tables on me. He got up and stripped me and gave me the most pleasure ever. Then to top it off he climbed up on me and sat down on my cock, with no lube yet. He just raised up and sat down, all at once. He hurt himself. He was crying big time but he wouldn't get off of me. My cock felt so good as his body squeezed and convulsed trying to push me out of him but he held on.
      "Then he started screaming at me to fuck him. He rolled over to his back and begged me to fuck him. He was screaming so loud that Robby heard him and came to see what was going on. I got off in his ass in the best cum of my fucking life and he made me pull out and lay down. He got on top of me and sucked my shitty cock as he shoved his cock down my throat.
      "He made Robby fuck him and yelled at him to fuck him hard. He was really wanting....OHMIGOD!!! Were you? Oh, Ryan, were you..." Randy started crying as he crawled across all of the body's to wrap his arms around me. "You were trying to fuck your dad out of you weren't you." I was crying now as we hugged and kissed each other.
      The whole bunch of us lay there until almost nine o'clock. It was Saturday morning, January first, 1994. I had to get home before the rents had my ass. Not like my dad had it every night but you know what I mean. Bobby needed a ride home to check in with his family. We all agreed to meet back here and spend the long weekend in a sexual awakening.
      I took Bobby home with me so that I could use him as an excuse to leave again. Bobby and I talked for a bit. I knew that he had only been at school for a couple of months. He told me that his people were with the diplomatic corps and traveled all over the world as the government needed them. They were more like trouble shooters or something. He didn't know what their work was. It was very classified. He just knew that he didn't get to stay in any one place very long.
      I opened the front door and walked in leading Bobby behind me. I stopped up short. There were people here. "Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?" Bobby said from beside me. I looked at the woman he called mom and I could see my mother. Could it be?
      "Boy, come in and have a seat. How did you come to be here?"
      I explained the party and the after crash at Randy's in a much shortened version and without a hint that Randy and Robby's parents were in Las Vegas until Tuesday morning sometime. I told them that we went to school together and knew each other and we stayed over at Randy's house and the Bobby didn't have a ride home and had tried to call but got no answer, a lie but it worked with everyone sitting here in my house.
      "Well sit back and listen to something that is going to rock your world." Aunt Sylvia was Bobby's mother and my mother's older sister. She hated my dad with a passion and would have nothing to do with us for all of these years. The four of them had met at a big New Year's blow out the evening before and sat down to work things out. Sylvia and Bob needed some help. They had to take a two month assignment in Indo China. They hated to drag Bobby out of school. At his age he was beginning to make social connections which would be important in his future life. They had worked it out with my folks for Bobby to stay with us on one condition.
      "Ryan, this is going to be hard for you to hear but you are old enough that you need to know about it for your own protection," my mom started off. "Your father is bi-sexual. In high school he was notoriously homosexual." She looked at me for a reaction. I sat staring at my dad. "Son, you are at an age where he might make moves on you. I don't believe for the life of me that he has changed from what he was. We are worried about Bobby being here but then again it may be better because the two of you can thwart any advances he may make on you. together."
      By now the tears had clouded my vision. Bobby was looking at me. He moved over and squeezed into the easy chair with me and put his arms around me. The room was deathly silent as all eyes were on us. My lip quivered and my voice broke as I looked at them, "Why couldn't you have solved your differences ten years ago That man you call my father has been fucking me in the ass since I was five years old then he makes me suck his cock all clean before he goes to get into bed with that woman who doesn't even know what planet she's on, let alone what's happening in her own house with her own son and husband. Why couldn't Bobby have been here ten years ago to protect me."
      My uncle Bob was a huge man. He stood up and walked across the room in one step. He picked my father up and held him off the ground with his hand around my father's throat. He growled deep in his throat and threw a hay maker that made my father fly across the room and crash into the wall. "Your own son, you mother fucker. I told you in school that if I ever heard of you messing with a small kid again I'd kill you. I fucking should have done it years ago." Bobby and I were on him, holding his arms and begging him to stop.
      Uncle Bob turned and looked down at me. He must be six foot four. His face went into a painful look as he picked me up and pulled me to his chest, my feet dangling in the air. "I should have been here for you boy. I know what the bastard is. I should have looked in on you."
      My mother was wiping at the blood on my father's mouth. Aunt Sylvia was on the telephone. Bob looked down at mother and with venom he spoke, "You fucking fag hag. You had to protect him. You stood by him in school when every boy in school wore steel underwear with double locks on it. This is what you get."
      "Look, Bob, calm down. I've taken care of it. We need her help. We can't drag Bobby off, not now. And what about Ryan. He needs somebody," Aunt Sylvia said.
      "Bob, we know he's gay. Face it. We've known for years now," she went on.
      "No, we don't. He always has good looking girl friends. That Trish, now she's a looker, eh son?"
      "Looks aren't all there is, dad. She doesn't put out. I have to have a guy to get off with and I found my guy last night."
      "You mean, you... and Ryan? I... Well I guess I can understand him with his old man but...Bobby, why?"
      "I didn't know it dad. I've fought it for years. This year I decided to really try to make it with a girl but I just couldn't connect. I didn't ask to be this way dad."
      "You could change, son."
      "Not now. No way. Ryan needs me and I love him and he loves me. We are officially boyfriends as of ten minutes ago. Actually we slept together all night long and had sex with each other all night. We fell in love about two this morning."
      Uncle Bob looked beat. The two women were crying as they held each other's hands. Dad hadn't moved. A knock at the door startled all of us to jump. Aunt Sylvia opened the door to let two policemen in. She pointed to my father and told them that he has been sexually molesting me for over ten years. One of the cops jumped on my father and threw a pair of handcuffs on him. The other cop asked me to come into the other room to talk to him. I wouldn't go without Bobby.
      The cop asked me to tell him what happened so I told him the whole ten year old story. He was white faced and looked like he was going to be sick. He told me that the detectives would be in touch with me. I told him that I was going to go to a friends house and wouldn't be home until Tuesday, after school. He told me he understood.
      As the police were leaving my father fell down the front steps causing the large cop in back to fall over him stepping on his back and on the back of his head. We all yelled at my father to watch where he was walking or he could get hurt. When he stood up we could see that his nose was broken. One of the cops found an oily rag laying in the yard where I had dropped it after working on my car. He handed it to dad and told him to hold it on his nose until the para medics could get there.
      We went back in the house and sat down. Bobby spoke up first, "Look, maybe I shouldn't have told you about Ry and me. I should have let you have your dream about grand kids and all. But I want the truth to be out there. Ry and I talked to our friends this morning and they all know that we are gay now. They have no problem with it. We won't broadcast it around school but those who need to know, know. Trish won't know. She'll tell you how many Kotex she uses in a day's period. Bitch can't be trusted to keep her mouth shut long enough to swallow her food.
      "I don't know how this queer stuff will work but Ry and I are going to find out. I really want to stay here while you go to the South Seas. I want a real life. Aunt Susan I am sorry that we came in here and destroyed your happy life but will you still let me stay with you?"
      Mother was really out of it. She was staring out the window at my father and the cops. She really loved the son of a bitch. She turned and looked at Bobby, "Honey, you didn't do any of this. Please don't even go there. This has been going on under my very nose and I let it go because I love that ass hole. I love the money he makes and I put up with a lot of shit from him because I am weak. My son has been hurt, oh so hurt, and I have allowed it. I don't know what the courts will do to me. This will all come out. Ryan will get counseling and it will all come out. Bobby, baby, he will need you. He is going to need someone to love. For once in his life he needs to know that he is loved and has somebody to lean on and count on. Yes, please stay with us. And when your folks get back maybe they will let him come live with you so that he can learn what a real family is." She put her hanky to her mouth and started to cry.
      She raised up in her seat. I raised up to see what she was looking at. My father was being put into the back seat of the police car. The stupid idiot hit his head on the roof of the car and the cop had his hand on his head trying to prevent that. Blood streaked across the police car as the paramedics returned to bandage the ass hole's head.
      Bobby and I went to my room and took a long hot shower together. We stretched out on my bed and just held each other as we talked. We were cousins, first cousins. Would that change anything between us? We decided it would because now we were going to be living together, forever. We snuggled up and kissed each other.
      I awoke to giggles and an, "Oh how precious." I jerked awake just as Uncle Bob threw a blanket over the top of us. He waved the two women out of the room as he sat down on the edge of my bed.
      "I don't know what to make of this. I never messed around when I was a kid. My old man was tough as nails. I had five brothers, all much older than me. My nearest brother was six years older and there were three girls between us. I just never learned much about what you two are doing. I do know one thing. I love you, son. I will always love you. I hope that this faggot here never hurts you." He laughed as he picked me up like a bag of potatoes and hugged me tight.
      "You're my nephew. I love you too. If my faggot son hurts you you just let me know, okay?" I nodded and we all laughed.. "Boys, it isn't going to be easy. The whole town will know about what Ryan's been through. I will use all of my political clout to keep names out of the newspaper. I don't want this tried on the street. I do know that your dad's life won't be worth a plug nickle in prison. Those people in there don't like boy fuckers, at all.
      "One more thing. Please be careful who you let know about you. The world is still not ready for gays and I don't want you to get hurt. I brought all of your clothes and you have keys to the house. You can go get your computer and stuff as you see fit. Please check the house out every day or so. Your mom and I won't be leaving until Tuesday morning but I wanted to take this time to be with you. It might be the only time I can be alone with you for a few months, who knows. You have anything you want to talk about?"
      We did and we sat there and talked for about a half an hour. We did get up and I got us each a pair of jogging shorts to wear as we set cross legged on the bed asking tons of questions. We were still talking and each had a long list of things we wanted to ask when we heard the door bell ring. I heard my mother scream as Aunt Shirley called for Uncle Bob to hurry in there.
      Two different cops stood in the living room. Mom was on the couch crying as Aunt Shirley tried to comfort her. The police car that had taken dad away was hit broadside by a speeding car as they took my father to jail. My father was dead. He died at the hospital of massive head injuries. The cop in the front seat was still in surgery. The driver was in critical condition. The police car burst into flame and was totally consumed. The speeder was a fourteen year old runaway who had stolen his father's car after he had been beaten within an inch of his life. He had been crying so hard that he didn't see the light change. He was being charged with negligent homicide.
      I apologized to my family but I had to get out of there. I wanted to go back to Randy's house. I needed the normalcy of being around a whole houseful of faggots. Bobby and I stopped to get a soda and just talk. We didn't want soda after all. Hot chocolate was the soothing touch we needed. The waitress brought us each a hot mug and looked at us. "I may be butting in where I don't belong, I do that a lot. You've been crying. Rough holiday?"
      "My dad was just killed in a car wreck and I am a little out of it. He's my cousin, my dad is his uncle so we're a little shook up. We thought that hot cocoa would be a comfort food." She patted my arm and walked away. Bobby and I moved next to each other and I settled back against his chest as he sat sideways in the booth. We didn't talk, we just sat there. I was going to miss my dad. He was a faggot bastard but he treated me good. He took me places and bought me anything I wanted. I could see my brand new Honda in the parking lot. It wasn't sporty or anything fancy, it was a sensible car, like my dad would own. It seated six people easy, at least they say it will. Bobby is the only person who has ever ridden with me. It gets great gas milage and I guess that's okay. A dollar a gallon is not to bad for gas but I can put twelve dollars worth of gas in that car and drive for over three hundred miles so I guess it is okay.
      The waitress walked up and set two large slices of hot apple pie with ice cream melting on the top. "This is one of my favorite feel good foods. No charge. It's on me." She picked up our check for the cocoa as she left. We looked at each other and dug in. It did make us feel good. We finished up and left her five bucks. That would have paid for all of the food and drink anyway. She wished us luck as we headed out the door to go to Randy's house.
      It was almost five when we walked down the basement stairs. There were two more boys there that I new from school. Chris Dickson is one of the hottest guys that ever lived. I hear that he is one of the dudes with a true nine and a half inch dick. He turned and walked toward me as Bobby and I came into the room. His cock was by far the biggest thing I had ever seen. I stood with my mouth open and just stared at it.
      Robby was obviously pumping his load into a tiny little thing that he had a lip lock on. He was humping his little five inch rod hard into the upturned butt of a ninety pound nothing who had his tiny legs wrapped around Rob for all he was worth. There was no way he was going to let Robby go, he was enjoying his ride. Robby rose up and saw me and smiled as he yelled hi to me across the room. He got up and I saw little Stevie Long sitting up with a huge smile on his face.
      Chris walked up to me and said hi, "I hear you have a nice long, fat cock. If you want to make some serious money come to a party at Charlie's place next weekend." I had heard stories about Charlie but they were always kind of hush hush. I had to ask Chris what it was all about.--See Traveler
      Chris is a junior this year. I hear that he has moved out of his house and is living with a man up on the side of the mountain. That's not fair. I am a snob. We are rich but my father chose to live in town. Most of the money built big fancy houses up in the foot hills of the Catalina mountains along the north side of town. I look up my nose at them as I have to look up to see their fancy houses on the mountain side.
      Randy and Chris told me the story. Charlie is a friend of Randy's dad. He is a full blown homosexual and Randy is pretty sure that Charlie and his dad at least used to have a thing for each other. Charlie had stayed here at Randy's house for several months while he had a home custom built in the foothills. The beds in the basement were from Charlie. He likes boys. He likes to have sex with boys. Chris met Charlie at a party that Randy threw for him one weekend while his parents were gone out of town and Robby was at a friends house. Chris let the old man fuck him and he fucked the old man back and now Chris is the old man's live in lover.
      Chris's dad died the first week of school and his mother doesn't really care where he is so he just stays up at Charlie's house all of the time. I heard stories about boy parties but I thought that it was all Chris. I am getting such a sex education this week end. What a way to start the New Year. Well, anyway, Charlie was having a house warming party for his friends from all over the country the next week end and he needed boys. Chris told us that we didn't have to do anything that we didn't want to do. If we didn't want to be with some dude, for any reason, just say no. If he kept on after us he would be kicked out of the house and never allowed to come back.
      Chris said that if we could let some old fuck suck our dicks and maybe lick our balls and ass holes we could make big money. He told us that these guys would pay fifty to a hundred dollars just to suck a cute boy's dick. I had my pants off now and Chris told me that I could easily get a hundred or more. If I would fuck some of the dudes they would bury me in money, was how he put it.
      I told him that I heard stories at school about him. He took me to a bed in the corner and made a believer out of me. I actually saw a sixteen year old kid with a nine and a half inch cock and it was almost six inches around. Not only did I see it, I sucked it. All of it. I deep throated that fuck stick to the root and sucked it long and for a long time too. I took every bit of it up my ass as Bobby and I sixty nined. I made Chris fuck me for over an hour. He was good and he kept me cumming like a river. Bobby said I never quit leaking and that he counted six distinct orgasms as I kept fucking his mouth wanting more. I knew I was going to Chris's party.
      We lay there recovering and Robby started to tell Stevie that I had been raped also. We all perked up on the also as Stevie started to cry. Stevie is only twelve years old but he loves Robby and had wanted to suck his dick like forever. The two boys are very close. Stevie's dad is an uncle to Randy and Rob. Stevie told Robby that an older kid by the name of Wilbur Franklin raped him during Thanksgiving weekend. Stevie's dad got Charlie to find a doctor to sew Stevie up. Then they found out that Wilbur had also raped Stevie's sister Marcie. We wanted t kill Wilbur but Chris told us to calm down that he and Charlie were going to handle it. Chris pulled Stevie to him and ate the little guy's ass while Stevie and Robby sucked Chris and ate his balls and ass.--See Traveler
      We let Chris rest awhile then Bobby wanted to try to take all of him. I got on bottom so that I could watch as Chris began to shove his huge man meat into my lover. Every eye in the room was on our little menage a trois as Chris slowly made Bobby a very happy fag boy. When we awakened we were still sucking each other's cocks but Chris had gone home sometime during the evening. My ass felt empty.
      We decided to rename the Blue Ball Bash the Blues Club. We were all in love with sex and were blue without it. The eight of us took a vow to never let any cock over four inches in length, hard, with balls old enough to make sperm ever leave this basement with as much cum in his nuts as he came in with. Everyone swinging cock would leave our club area Blued.

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