Chapter 4


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      Life in highschool can be great. My life became so much better than I could have ever imagined. I had a boy friend. Wow, can you comprehend that? I had a hard time realizing that it was true. Bobby moved into my room the very first night and slept in my bed. He slept. I leaned on my arm, bent at the elbow, and stared at his perfect beauty. I was totally blown away that anyone as wonderful as Bobby Feldman would even so much as look at me, let alone sleep with me. He wanted me. Abused and used, fucked up, me. He loved me. Oh, I so much love him. He begs me to fuck him, over and over. He says that he loves my cock in his ass. He has never let anyone else fuck him. He swears that his ass is mine and mine alone. I love him.
      We go to the Blues club just about every weekend and sometimes get together with one or two of the dudes through the week. I still like to suck Randy and Robby is a trip. I have to admit that I have a bit of hero worship for Will and Aaron...what can I say? I would walk on my knees on water to get into that boy's pants. All of the Blues Club members are open with each other. We all suck each other as often as we can but for the most part we keep our asses for the one we love.
      I am still not comfortable with getting fucked by anyone except Bobby, Randy, or Robby. Bobby doesn't like to fuck me for some reason but he love the hell out of a hot sixty nine with me while on of the Koch's fuck me with their sweet cocks. I have to admit that it is a turn on to lay there and suck Randy while Bobby plows his tight ass. Bobby will fuck Randy or even Robby, and love it, but only if they are sucking me at the same time. I have tried to get him to fuck me while I make out with someone but he says that when we fuck it is between us. So we don't fuck each other, at all, when anyone else is around. I guess that we really don't fuck at all, we make sweet, sweet love to one another. I know that I love doing my man and when I can get him to do me it is so sweet. I'm about to wake him up to fuck me right now.

      Bobby's parents were gone much longer than any of us thought. They didn't come back for nearly eighteen months. Bobby and I were seniors and about to graduate. At least they got back in time to see their only son walk across that stage. He looked so cool in his cap and gown. Only I knew that he was naked under that gown, except for a pair of pant legs that we cut off of a pair of old jeans that we made into shorts. He took a pair of suspenders and held the pants legs on his legs and wore a pair of sneakers with ankle socks. His cap and his gown were the only other things that he had on. I was so boned all the way through commencement but I was afraid that his gown would fall off and everybody would see what belonged to only me.
      The week following commencement he nearly killed me. He told me that he was in love got it, a girl. He told me that he would always be mine but he did promise his dad a grandson and Trish was there and he...I couldn't take it. I locked myself in the guest room and cried for the whole weekend. I suppose I would still be there except that tragedy seemed to be on my menu that week. My mother died.
      Mom had not come down for breakfast. It was past noon when Aunt Sylvia went up to her room and found her. She had passed in the night. The doctor said that she had just given up. I know that she hadn't been the same since my dad died. I couldn't understand how she could love that bastard but then, well...I did love him too, I suppose. He was always good to us. Even if he did fuck me. He was a child molester and I can never get over what I missed growing up. I had no innocence. I was his sexual play toy, there only for his pleasure. Okay, I'll shut up. Between Bobby deserting me and now mom dying I don't know if I want to go on.
      Of course the house was mine. It was a big place and worth a lot of money. There was a guest house in back where Bobby's parents were living. I offered to let them have the big house. I didn't want it with mom gone. Bobby was getting married in August and I would only rattle around in there by myself. I decided to go to college. I had a perfect grade average and was third in my graduating class. I could just about name my school. I chose one as far away from everything as I could find at the last minute. I went to Berkeley.
      Souther California is nice and The University of California at Berkeley is a great school. I decided to go for a major in computer science. IBM had a big plant in Tucson and I could find work there. I had no idea that they would close that huge plant down before I would graduate.
      I became androgynous. I let my hair grow long. I have soft features with no facial hair, to speak of. My clothing was nondescript. In fact I was a throw back to the hippie sixties, according to many of my professors who looked on me as a breath of air from their past. I know that they were coming on to the soft, sweet little fag boy but I wanted no sex. This may be hard for some of you to believe but I didn't even jack off. I was so lost in my sorrows that I wanted nothing that would bring me pleasure.
      The fourth week of my second year at Berkeley changed my life. I was strolling across the campus with my head up my ass when I knocked Aaron James on his ass. It looked like Aaron only he was in drag. He looked fine with his make up properly applied and his hair neatly put up. When he opened his mouth I felt like digging a hole and crawling into it. It was not Aaron, but his younger sister, Cindy. Cindy was a year behind Aaron and me in highschool and had a come to Berkeley for an education in the arts and humanities.
      She was overjoyed to see a familiar face from home. We struck up an immediate friendship that ended in marriage after she graduated. We moved back to Tucson and into my house. Bobby's parents were off to new fields of endeavor while Bobby was struggling to raise his son on his own. Trish had not been able to deliver the baby and died during child birth. The baby was delivered by caesarean surgery, like Julius Caesar. I told Bobby that and he named his son Julian. Bobby and Julian lived in the guest house on my property and Cindy and I moved into my old house.
      Cindy and I got along alright but I had my thing for Bobby. He and I started keeping each other company when ever we could. Cindy had two babies in short order so I settled in to become a daddy. Two years later Bobby's parents came home and things began to get tense. I have never learned exactly what transpired but Bobby and Cindy were at each other's throats one afternoon when I came in from work. I had seen Aaron drive away as I came up the street but nobody wanted to tell me what was going on.
      Bobby moved out and into a house with his parents. They wanted to dote on their six year old Jules. I can't say as I blamed them, the boy was precious. Aaron never came around and was only slightly courteous when we met in passing. Cindy would not even acknowledge him and he would turn red and walk away. One afternoon I came home to find a video tape playing on my tv. Right up there in full living color on my fifty two inch projection tv was me getting fucked in the ass by Chris Dickson--see Traveler">Traveler-- while I sucked Robby Koch's cock in Randy's basement nine years before. Where had that tape come from? I found a torn envelope on the kitchen table with Randy's mother's name on the return address.
      I ran to my bedroom to find it empty of all of her clothes. All of the kid's things were gone. She had left me over a video tape of me in my highschool youth. She never let me explain. I confronted Bobby and found out that she had walked in on him and Aaron getting it on while Jules lay asleep in the other room. She knew that her brother had been bi in highschool but she thought that he had outgrown it. Now here he was with his old highschool buddy. Then the frosting on the cake was the video of me.
      Bobby, Aaron and I sat down and worked things out between us. Aaron felt that he had violated my trust by fucking Bobby. I held him close and kissed him as he cried on my shoulder. I pulled Bobby in and we talked into each other's mouths as we slobbered onto and into each other. The tears rolled and soaked us throughly. Somewhere along there we got naked and fucked and sucked our way back to the friendship that had been laying just beneath the surface. We did love each other and had always been there for each other. We just let society try to change us.
      Eight year old Jules crawled into the middle of our naked huddle. We were shocked but didn't make a big deal of it so as not to traumatize the boy. He liked being naked with all of his "uncles." We didn't do anything to him except let him lay with us. We kissed his little cheeks and hugged him. We did not have sex in front of him but did let him see us hug and kiss while nude. He was comfortable with that and agreed that it should be a family secret. He said that some of his friends at school didn't like naked people. We let that slide for another time.
      Aaron had come over one afternoon and found Bobby alone. They kissed each other and were groping, big time, when Cindy walked in on them. She couldn't handle it and yelled at Aaron. She told him that she had been the laughing stock of her friends during school because so many of the kids knew that he was a fag. When Aaron and Tom showed up on graduation night as a couple she washed her hands of him. She only saw him around their family but she had kept quiet about what she knew. None of us knew if Aaron's folks knew he was gay before he and Will came home from college and sat up house together.
      Aaron had completed his Master's of Education at the university in town and began teaching English Literature at our old highschool. He and Will Hamm had roomed together as freshmen in college and fallen in love with each other. Jimmy Walker was with Tom Byrd for awhile but Tom drifted off after a skirt. Life had disillusioned him and he was without direction at the time. Jimmy had studied acting and had chosen to teach drama and speech at our old school.
      Robby Koch and Steve Long were in San Francisco. Their dad's were a couple and still living in Randy and Robby's old house. Jeremy Combs was working for the state's child welfare service. He hooked up with a kid a few years older than us by the name of Bull Pitt. Bull was studying law and was in his final year when eighteen year old Jeremy Combs came into his life. They were quite an item until about 2003 when Bull became a junior partner in a law firm called the "Doggs of Warr". He got a major conviction against a child predator that Jeremy Combs had uncovered. The two of them split as a couple during the ongoing trial and never hooked up again.
      Nobody knew anything about the tape that Cindy had received. I talked to Mr. Koch and he assured us that he had no knowledge of his ex's where abouts. Bobby and I decided that we would get back together, where we belonged. He moved back into the big house with me. I needed him and Jules as I adjusted to life without Cindy and my two little guys, one year old , and three years old .
      Life continued to move on for us. Robby and Steve moved back home. Robby's mother had found him in San Francisco and tried to make his life miserable. She showed pictures of him and me to his boss and his friends. She didn't know that they were all gay and the pictures only made him a hero. He brought a civil suit against her and won a large settlement that bankrupted her and made her have to go to work to pay him. He had become embittered and moved back home to get away from her. Their dad's were glad to have them home, as were all of us.

      I've pretty much got it all together now. I have my own computer business. I do custom software design for anybody with the cash. I aint no cheap whore who'll go down for nickels. Randy Koch is home from the war and doing well. He is sliding into his father's business but so far no one has his love interest cornered. He is kind of quiet. He told me once that he spends long hours out at the VA hospital in therapy.
      Chris Dickson--see Traveler--has a young man that has come to stay with him for several months while he undergoes therapy with his prosthetic legs. He lost both legs in Iraq and has two new ones but our local hospital is on the cutting edge with a new composite leg that should turn young Tim O'Conner's life on a new course. I was so happy that I cried when I found Randy and Tim locked in a tongue tying kiss. Chris told me this morning that Tim is now down at Randy's house. Good for him.
      Jimmy Walker finally revealed himself to his son. We had taken Jenni Holmes to a party to get Jimmy's cherry. It was sad but we were a bunch of drunk queers who wanted our boy to break into the real world. We made them fuck. He was sick for days afterwards and wouldn't stop washing his dick. As these things happen she was at a peak moment and he was potent. They had a son. Jenni has raised the boy as a single parent for fourteen years. The club has supported her with monthly checks and close friendship.
      Tom Byrd's wife, Judy, lived across the street from Jenni as she raised Tom's son by herself. Tom just can't handle being tied down but he and Jimmy Walker are never seen one with out the other. A neighbor left his barbeque burning in the garage because a storm was coming. He managed to set nine houses on fire, including Judy's and Jenni's. The women used that to bring their sons and their fathers together so now Tom and Jimmy are raising two of the cutest fourteen year old boys you would ever hope to see. A plus for all of them is that the boys are totally in love with one another.
      Bobby Feldman and I are still together. Will Hamm and Aaron James are a couple. Randy Koch has young Tim O'Conner. Robby Koch and Steve Long. Tom Byrd and Jimmy Walker. We're all here and all together. Some of us have been thinking about having a father son reunion of the Blues Club. What a father and son outing that will be.

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