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Sussh! Anyway, folks this is a story about us and it deals with our love and our coming out to each other and the rents(parents) and maybe a little more if it helps.

A little more if it helps?????

Well, yeah we've only talked about stuff up to the point of us coming out to your parents and my mom. There was/is life after that you know

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Unlike President Moosh( rhymes with) the offical leader and head of the bigot brigade trying to take away yet another freedom you thought you had, Aarons dad is a pretty decent person.

Chapter 1
Poor Little Rich Boy
Aaron DuBois

I don’t think being rich is necessarily the greatest thing. It definitely has its advantages most of the time but sometimes life just likes to fuck with you. It for sure can’t buy true love… it can’t take away this feeling of loneliness. I have lots of people who think that they are my friends, but how many would really be my friend and accept me – just me if they really knew me?

I have friends and acquaintances. Nobody knows how I feel deep inside. Nobody really cares. I guess it’s my fault really because I sort of just keep to myself. I’m not exactly a ‘nobody’ either, I mean I don’t walk around school hiding in the shadows and scared that someone will see me.

I long for the days of my childhood, they were great and I had lots of friends. I was the popular kid and I loved it. But then as happens with normal people you start getting interested in the opposite sex and that never happened with me. By the time I was thirteen I knew I was gay and I knew gay was not the acceptable way to be. Slowly but surely I withdrew into my own world. Oh I have lots of ‘friends’ but no one that’s close. I keep having this feeling that life has fucked me over. Slowly but surely it has fucked me. More and more I find myself alone – alone at school and alone at home. I’m pretty much an only child because my older brother is like twenty-two years older than me. He lives in the UK and runs my dad’s European office. I have a nephew that is a month older than me. I rarely see them – maybe once a year when we go to London. My nephew and I have nothing in common except his dad is my brother. Aren’t uncles supposed to be older than nephews?

So, here I am looking out my window at our Olympic-size swimming pool and grounds of the Dubois Estate, ten acres of perfectly coiffured lawns on a total acreage of around fifty acres. My room is the size of most of my acquaintances’ homes. High speed internet access, not wimpy cable - our house has a T3 connection, sixty-two inch HDTV with a complete THX audio system, a wall of every PS2/Xbox/Nintendo game/CDs/DVDs. This is just in my room! Do you just wish you were me?

Of course I surf the net and stuff and read stories on Nifty and some of the better writers’ websites, not really into the jo stuff – more interested in the romantic stories of boy meets boy and they live happily ever after – You know the stuff that my dreams are made of, the kind of stuff that will never happen to me.

Well, I do have a practically blemish free face so I guess God can’t totally hate me if he really does exist. In my case it doesn’t really make any difference because according to the religious fanatics I’m going to hell – so God if you’re there, go fuck yourself and thanks for making me gay!


My parents spoil me. I have three pc’s and an Apple Power G5 with dual processors and a 23 inch monitor loaded to the max. It’s part of my digital studio for making movies.

They also bought me two Nikon cameras, a D100 and a Coolpix 5700 and to round things out a Canon XL1s video camera. My hobby is photography and videography. I’m pretty good I guess, as I’ve won a couple of local photo contests.

Now you’d think I’d have a BMW or Mercedes, or Viper…ha! No I have a Ford Escort GT 1996, my dad said he doesn’t want to spoil me! Go figure!

We just moved back here in August from Sydney, Australia. G’day mate! I have a bit of an Aussie accent. I like my accent, worked at it real hard. Most Australians thought I was an Aussie. I did the same when I lived in the UK – people there think I’m English.
I live exactly 7.3 miles from school and I rarely drive…told you I was different, I ride my bike, a Litespeed Ultimate! I love my bike and biking of all sorts and I have ever since I can remember. I have these contests with myself and today was one of them and a personal best 20.5 minutes! You’re probably thinking – “Ah! A biker! Hmmm, slim body, oh Yeah!” ‘Fraid not! Slim is something I am not! I’m hoping that biking will tone me up some. When I started I weighed 190 and now after six months I’m 160, which for a 5’9” guy isn’t too bad. Still I don’t look that muscular. My friends say I should do weight lifting but I have no interest in that – just too boring.

I wheeled my bike into the office as usual.

“Good morning, Aaron,” said Mrs. Thompson. I am the only student who is allowed to park my bike in the administration office. I am the only student with a $6100 bike. Do you realize that my bike cost three times more than my car! I will never understand my dad’s viewpoint on that.

“G’day! Doin’ all right are you, luv?” I asked, “Twenty point five minutes!”

“Wow! That must be your best time yet.”

“Yep. Of course now I’m sweating like a damn wallaby!” I laughed, “Well, gotta ‘it the showas. Don’t want to smell like a wallaby, do I, luv?.” I left the office on my way to the showers. I love showers, especially at this time of the day. It would be half an hour before other kids would start arriving and the football jocks will be practicing for another forty-five minutes.

I am like totally into Inu Yasha. Inu Yasha is a Japanese Anime character that is half demon and half human. He’s so cool. I’ve seen each episode at least three or four times. I’d like to be like him. There are a number of music videos that various people have made using clips from the shows. Last night I began thinking about making my own Inu Yasha music video, using a song from Aaron Carter. Don’t tell anybody but I used to have a crush on him.

This morning Aaron Carter’s voice was running around inside my head. God he’s hot! Well there was no one around to hear me so I started singing at the top of my voice ‘Keep Believing’ and visualizing different scenes I’d use for my video.

Anyway there I am singing away with my eyes closed and I get the feeling that I’m being watched. I would open my eyes to see but I’d get shampoo in my eyes and I am so caught up in my visions of Inu Yasha and Kagome…finally I finish singing the song and I step into the spray and rinse off the soap and that’s when I heard applause.

I could feel myself turning red with embarrassment. I turn around slowly and there’s half the junior varsity football team standing there looking at me and applauding. I felt really embarrassed standing there naked with a semi hardon – thank goodness it wasn’t really hard but it was bigger than normal from just thinking about Inu Yasha.

Joe Pasternak smiles, “You are fucking awesome, Aaron! I never knew you could sing.” I never knew he even knew me.

I just stood there frozen with the shower still running. I mean I’m naked and these guys are like watching me and saying things about me. I turned off the shower and quickly exited practically running to my locker.

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am freaked out and by the time I reach my locker I am crying, quiet sobs and silent tears rolling off my cheeks. I couldn’t control it. I’m shaking so bad and my vision is completely blurred so now I can’t unlock my locker.

Someone reaches over and takes the lock out of my hand. “What’s the combo?” he asks.

“23-5-16,” I managed to get out, not daring to look at who he is, but I recognize the voice. It was Jamie Lockhart, a junior; he’s on the JV football team. I knew him briefly back in grade school, then he moved away. Then we moved away for two years. I’ve seen him around, but we never speak to each other, anyway he’s like total jock now. He leaves and I get dressed. I think if my bike weren’t in the office I would just go home.

As I’m leaving I hear Jamie calling out to me and I start running to my homeroom. When I get there the room is empty, even Mr. Edward hasn’t arrived. I’m out of breath and hyperventilating; my chest is killing me.

Things go dark.

Someone was carrying me down the hall and into the nurse’s office and gently laid me on a bed. It was Jamie Lockhart.

“I found him on the floor in Mr. Edward’s class,” he said to the nurse.

I opened my eyes and looked at them and started to sit up and Nurse Bonneville said, “Ah-ah! You lay back down, young man!” I complied and she continued, “What happened?”

I looked at Jamie and then back at her. God, he must think I’m a total wimp. Oh! Why did I have to come to school today. “I don’t know,” I mumbled. I glanced at her, then at Jamie. I felt like a total wimp – and embarrassed. I rolled over and stared at the wall. “I’m tired,” I said quietly.

“I better get to homeroom,” Jamie said to the nurse, “I’ll see ya later, Aaron.” He gave my shoulder a light squeeze.

“Yeah, laters,” I mumbled.

After a moment or two Nurse Bonneville took my blood pressure and spoke, “Tell me what happened before you passed out.”

“I was out of breath and I couldn’t get my breath and my chest hurt, then everything went dark.”

She continued her nursely duties as she talked, “Had you been running or anything that made you out of breath?”

“I ran from the showers to homeroom.”


I just looked at her. “Well?” she prompted.

“I didn’t want to be late.”

She shook her head and gave me a look. I had known this woman my whole life. To everyone else she was Nurse Bonneville. To me she was Aunt Lucy. Then she smirked, “Look AC, I’m not some bozo who doesn’t care. Now what gives?”

I could feel myself blushing. As a kid I could never lie to Aunt Lucy. I always felt like she could read my deepest thoughts and it was never any good to try to hide them from her. Probably why this last couple of years I’ve always tried to avoid her. “I-I was singing.”


“I was singing in the shower…I guess I was singing really loud but I was thinking about making a music video with clips from Inu Yasha. I was really into it and I-I didn’t hear them come in and they caught me.”

“They caught you?”


“You were masturbating?”


“They caught you jacking-off in the shower?”

I know I turned red with embarrassment. I mean, what an embarrassing question to ask a sixteen year-old boy! “No! They caught me singing! I was so embarrassed! They were all looking at me and clapping! I freaked! I was so freaked I was crying and then Jamie unlocked my locker for me and all I could think was I had to get out of there!”

I was staring at the floor, then I looked up at her. “When I was leaving Jamie called to me and I ran because I didn’t want him to see me crying. Guys aren’t supposed to cry.” I looked up at her. She pulled me into a hug. It felt so good.

“Who says boys aren’t supposed to cry?”

“It’s an unwritten rule,” I muttered.

“Well, it’s a stupid rule. Just like that rule that you’re not supposed to like being hugged and kissed by your aunt,” she said softly. I giggled because it reminded me of a time when we had had an upset because somehow I got the idea I wasn’t supposed to like being hugged and kissed, but I did and I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.

I remained in her arms for the whole of homeroom. We talked like we used to before but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about me, my inner feelings, only about my photography and video work and ideas about projects I wanted to do. When I heard the bell ending homeroom I pulled away. “Aunt Lucy I have to go to class. I’m feeling fine now.”

“Okay, AC, but I want you to look at this. You are the richest and poorest boy in this school. You have materialistically more than most of these kids could even dream of, but you lack the real riches of life – friends.”

She had seen right through me. She had looked past all the facades I put up and I was standing naked before her eyes and yet I had to defend myself I couldn’t admit to her that I knew she was right that she had seen my innermost thoughts. “That’s not true, I know just about every person in this school! Anyway, I have to get to class.”

“Well, think about it. You know everybody but who really have you let really know you, the real you? The you I used to know.”

I left hurriedly. As I stepped out of the office there was Jamie Lockhart. He smiled, “You feeling okay now?”

I forced a smile, “Yeah, fine.”

“Oh, here, your backpack,” he said handing me my backpack, “You left it in the locker room.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, trying to force myself to smile, “I guess I was…” I looked away, “Anyway, thanks, I gotta get to class.”


I looked at him. He seemed a little nervous and sad as I looked at him.

“I, uh,” he blushed, “I’ll see you around, okay?”

“Yeah, see ya.” I turned and left. He was trying to be nice and I was being an asshole, but I know if he really knew me, he’d hate me. I don’t care what Aunt Lucy thinks; things are better this way…no one gets hurt…especially me.


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