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we're jes kidding folks were are not into any kinky stuff although Eddy is awfully cute when Aaron has him sitting on his chest. hehe. This chapter was written by me - Im not a great writer but it's from the heart! Have fun until next time. Go well!


Chapter 2
A Jock with Tears in his Eyes
Jamie Lockhart

I see you everyday
You smile and I can’t think of what to say
Except that I long for your love – for that simple kiss
That would make …

“Shit!” I said as I tore yet another sheet of paper out of my notebook and tossed it in the wastepaper basket. “Great life you have, Jamie,” I said to myself. I just go blank and I just can’t seem to express what I feel.

Since I was thirteen I had a crush on the same person. The problem is I never hung out with him – yeah he’s a him – and I’m gay. And two days before we left for California I finally spoke to him and helped him deliver a colt. He wasn’t at school the next day so I never saw him again until this year when school started again.

I hated California. We lived in the fucking desert and then my parents got divorced. I came back to Columbus with my mom – I don’t hate my dad. I just hate the desert. We arrived two weeks after my crush left for Australia. Australia!

Six months ago my mom asked me if I was gay. I nearly died. I denied it of course but then she said, “Then who is it that has gone to all these gay web sites?” Well, I never had anybody over to the house and we were the only two living in our house. I was trapped into telling the truth, fully expecting to be kicked out or something but it didn’t happen.

“Well, I suspected it since you were thirteen and I, uh, found a letter you wrote to some boy called Aaron. I figured it was a phase at the time but as time went on you never seemed to have a girlfriend except for an occasional dance so I started reading up on gays and I knew I’d just have to wait until I had more than idle suspicions. Honey, I love you gay, straight, or bi, just don’t get hurt and if you have sex – well make sure it’s safe – use a condom.”

I told her I was still playing the straight guy because I just wasn’t ready for others to know and to be honest there was no one I was even vaguely interested in. I was still in love with Aaron. Nobody could match his intensity. Everyone else I’ve ever met lacked that special something Aaron possesses.

When school started again I saw him and became infatuated with him once again but he’s changed a lot. He seemed distant with people like there was a barrier between him and others and he kept everyone at a distance – the sparkle had dulled.

So many times I wanted to walk up to him and say ‘Hi’ but I felt out of place. I mean it’s well known that his parents are so rich that he’d never have to do a day’s work and just spend his parents money and he’d have to spend two lifetimes before he’d ever run out of money no matter how frivolous he was. Mom and I aren’t poor by any means but nothing compared to his family. He rides a bike that costs $6000 or so.

The day when we heard him singing I thought he had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard and I wasn’t the only one. Nearly all the guys were amazed by his voice. That’s why we all kept quiet until he finished. We really didn’t mean to freak him out.

When he ran past me with tears rolling down his cheeks and embarrassed, I followed him. He left so quickly that he left his backpack and I called after him but he continued running. I took my shower, dressed, took his backpack and went off in search of Aaron. To my horror I found him passed out on the floor and took him to the nurse’s office.

Afterwards I wanted to tell him I wanted to be his friend, but I got embarrassed and so it didn’t happen but the next two weeks was horrible for me because it was so obvious that he was avoiding me. I was so depressed that my mom was getting worried. All I told her was that I was in love with a boy, the boy Aaron, the one in the letter, but he seemed to be deliberately avoiding me.

She told me to confront him. So I decided that was what I was going to do. It was at morning practice when I saw him riding his bike to school again and I knew he would be taking a shower. I told the coach that I was feeling sick and left for the showers.

Aaron was humming and showering. He doesn’t have a six-pack, not muscular, nice dick though. He’s not skinny but I loved his wide shoulders and his butt! He looks so soft and cuddly. I will have to admit I was getting a boner just looking at him. Then he looked over at me.

And went to leave the shower, not saying a thing.

I had to say something. I had to find out if I had even a slight chance with him, just being a friend would be fine with me. I don’t expect anything more than that, just a friend, just the chance to be a friend. Was that so much to hope for?

He was passing me without a word – cold as ice and my emotions got the better of me as I desperately spoke to him.

“You really hate me, don’t you?” I asked on the verge of tears.

He stopped and looked at me – I knew it was over. I knew I was about to hear him say, “Yes, I hate you.” And I wasn’t prepared for his response.


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