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Chapter 4
I’d better leave
Jamie Lockhart

Oh my god! He was still on the line when I said I love him. I was so embarrassed and mix that with fear that he’d know I was gay, “Oh, shit!” I said and hung up. I sat there and wondered whether I should call and try to glass over what I had said.

The phone rang. I knew it was Aaron; maybe I should just not answer. I reached for the phone ready to take the onslaught of cussed at me and ready to face what I thought would be the end.

It never came. Instead Aaron told me that it was okay that I said I loved him. And he said that he loved me. HE SAID THAT HE LOVED ME! Well he added as a best friend. Still HE LOVES ME!

After I hung up I scream, “YES! HE LOVES ME. I LOVE YOU AARON DUBOIS!!!” This was followed by an almost an immediate knock on my door. “You decent?”

“As decent as I’ll ever be! Come in.”

She came over to my bed where I was sitting up with my knees bent and me hugging my legs and looking at my mother with a smile that was my impression of a Cheshire cat. “Mom he said he loves me!” I said excitedly then added “As a best friend. He said he thinks it’s okay that best friends express their love…he said Good night, I love you Jamie Lockhart<dreamy smile and sigh>.”

“As a best friend,” she said.

“Yeah, but it’s a start! Mom, I never thought this would happen to me,” my tears began to flow, “I never thought he’d be nice to me or that we even spend a day together. I, no we, we both had so much fun today. He wasn’t sad looking at all today – that spark was back and, and we just both had so much fun being together.”

She smiled and gave me a hug, “Honey I am truly happy for you but I just don’t want you to get your hopes up too high in case is not gay and doesn’t want to take the relationship that far. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Yeah, I know, but I can’t help it. I can’t help but hope that he really loves me more than a best friend because I love him so much.”

“Well, I think we know that you at least have a friend in him and…” she smiled, “Anyway, they have invited us over for dinner tomorrow night.”

“Mom, you changed the subject! You said ‘and’ and then paused. What were you going to say?”

She smiled thinking.


“Well, it’s just my feelings and something Edmond and Kathy Dubois said. But you have definitely made a good impression on them – I think they are more interested in meeting you tomorrow night than anything else.”

“Why what did I do?”

“You made his son happy.”


“And that’s it. I gathered they have been seriously concerned about him for the last few years. Well one day with you and he’s a changed boy. As Edmond says and I picked up a bit of emotion in his voice and definitely in Kathy voice, “I got my boy back! The old happy, cheerful, funny boy is back. They were pretty upset that he cut school until they saw him and he was so happy and totally willing to face the consequences of his actions,” she smiled, “Hmmm, sort of like you were with me.”

I giggled. “I swear mom we didn’t plan it.”

“Well, you better get to sleep,” she said getting up then gave me a hug and a kiss good night.

Sleep came quickly and morning seemed to come even quicker I was running late and I knew going by to pick up Aaron was going to make me late for practice.

The phone rang.

“Hey Jamie, it’s me Aaron. What are you doing?”

“Toweling off – I just got out of the shower.”

“Ooooo nice,” he giggled.

I blushed.

“Is that you blushing I hear?” he laughed.

“No. Well, yeah,” I giggled.

“Look if you come to pick me up your going to be late for practice, so go straight to school. Dad will drop me off. Okay?”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I’m positive!” he replied

“Only fools are positive!” I said.

Are you sure?” he asked.

“I’m positive! Huh! I felt for it I should have known!”

He laughed! “Ferngully – conversation between Jack and Batty! See you at school Dad is calling. Gotta go! Love you. Bye.

“Uh. Love you too! Bye. See you soon!”

He hung up. I stood there naked holding the phone. He said ‘love ya’.

I was two minutes late and coach made me do three laps but told me to do five minutes of stretches first. I was nearly finish doing my stretches when I saw Aaron talking to Coach Moore he had his bike I wondered what he was up to. He jumped on his bike and started riding it coach was watching and the next thing I knew he did a three foot bunny hop I started my run and he caught up with me.

“You were late!” he kidded, “Coach gave me permission to ride my bike around the track. You are coming over to dinner aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “Why?”

He smiled, “I was just making sure. Well I better get moving or coach will catch on that the only reason I am out here is – is ugh, never mind – gotta jet!” he blushed and then took off. I did my three laps and joined my other team members occasionally seeing Aaron doing trackstands and bunny hops.

Coach called us together and was about to give us his usual pep talk or make some announcement when his jaw dropped and he said, “Holy Shit!”

We all turned to see Aaron who obviously was listening to music and you could hear him singing off in his own world but what he was doing with that bike was unreal. We all stood there gawking not saying a word The song obviously change to a slow piece of music and we could all just hear him sing but not in English. He was literally dancing with the bike but it was so smooth so coordinated, so incredible.

We were all literally mesmerized by him and the bike then song ended with him riding it normally but arms stretched out from his sides and head thrown back. After a few seconds he stood up on his bike his feet balancing on the bar and hands griping the handle bars and then in one swift flowing action he tilted the bike forward and in a flash his body sprang forward and somersaulting in the air landing on his feet while the bike also somersaulted and landing to his right and his hand grasped the bar.

We all applauded and cheered. Aaron looked around smiled and took a well-deserved bow.

“Lockhart,” shouted Coach, “Go tell DuBois I want to see him in my office now! The rest of you take two laps.”

I ran off after Aaron.

“Aaron! Dude you were incredible! Fucking awesome, bro! You should have seen the look on Coach Moore’s face! Anyway he wants to see you in his office right now.”

In a perfectly straight face he said, “You said the F-word” and shook his head.

“Oh shit, Aaron I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you it just short of slipped out.”

“Now you fucking said the s-word!” he giggled.

“You little ass!”

He gasped in mock surprise “Now the a-word” he said as he took of running. I got undress to hit the showers as he walked into the coach’s office then went to take a shower. Two minutes later he was in the showers with me. For some reason I felt embarrassed and turn a way from him.

“So what did Coach Moore want?” I asked.

“He asked me if I would do an what I do on my bike at one of the football games. I said no.”

“No? Why?”

“I freak out too easily.”

Not realizing it I turned to face him. “Yeah, but we were all watching you and you didn’t freak.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know that I was in my own little world and I was far enough away from you that I knew nobody could hear me sing. I’d be a rock star if I didn’t freak so easily. Anyway, how was practice or whatever you call it?”

“Good.” I couldn’t help looking at his body as much as I knew I shouldn’t stare I couldn’t take my eyes off him.” He was washing his privates and I was mesmerized.

“What is there something wrong?”

“Huh? Oh sorry,” I blushed, “I sort of phased out there.” I really have to watch myself or he’s going to figure it out that I’m gay.

We had lunch together. I picked and empty table and we sat down and within a few minutes the whole football team was there. Everyone told him he was the king of bikes! We all had a great time at lunch and everyone was in such high spirits and there was no arguing. Now that was unusual.

It puzzled me practically the whole afternoon. There was like some dim past memory and finally it clicked. It was Aaron. In grade school he was popular and he was always cheerful and happy and it wasn’t so much charisma but his personality was such that he would brighten up the dullest day. He’d say things and do things that made others happy. He was funny and goofy some times but not excessively so.

Also although he never said I was his best friend or me say he was my best friend but everyone at the table knew we were best friends. Ralph Swanson the quarterback said to me “Your friend is awesome, man! How long have you been best friends?”

“A while we knew each other in grade school.”

“Man that is so cool. Anyway, see ya Lockhart. I’ve got chem.”

Mr. DuBois was right Aaron was back; the sixth-grade boy I had met helped deliver a colt with and fell in love with was back and as much as I loved him I feared that telling him I was gay and in love with him would possibly revert him back to the lifeless person of a few days ago. I’d rather cut off my testicles than make him unhappy.

I rode with mom that evening to the DuBois’s residence. I still had the security gate card that Aaron gave me I was excited and very nervous to meet Aaron’s parents. If they knew that I was gay they probably forbid me from seeing Aaron afraid I would turn their boy queer.

“You’re awfully quite,” remarked my mom.




“Why? They think wonders of you! Honey, relax. They are going to love you as much as I do”

I was unconvinced.

We arrived at the front door and I made one last check in the mirror to make sure that I looked presentable. Mom smiled and shook her head.
“What? I have to look presentable. You know first impressions do count! How many times have I heard you say that?”

She laughed.

Mom rang the doorbell and a short Mexican lady opened the door and beckoned us in and told us Mr. and Mrs. DuBois would be right with us.

The marble foyer was huge easily five hundred square feet; ahead of us were French doors, which I imagined, opened on to a patio or something; a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and there were several paintings on the walls everything looked expensive. To our left was a wide carpeted staircase and on the right a hallway.

As if on queue Aaron came bounding down the stairs and a man who was definitely Aaron’s dad, a very handsome grownup version of Aaron.

They arrived in front of us at nearly the same time. “Good evening, Audrey and you must be Jamie.”

“Yes sir.” I said. Maintain eye contact and smile and shake his hand with a nice firm but not crushing grip.

“I am very please to meet you Jamie!”

“Thank you, sir. It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Audrey, this is my son Aaron.”

“I am very please to meet you Aaron,” said mom offering her hand.

“The pleasure is mine,” said Aaron as he gently took her hand. He glanced at me and smiled.

We met Mrs. DuBois, a very attractive lady and they took us on a tour of their mansion. It was incredible! They had a fully equipped gym, indoor swimming pool, sauna, library, study, formal living room and a dinning room another room that they called the family theater with a 62-inch wide-screen HDTV and a THX sound system really comfortable seats that were more like two-seater couches. I could picture Aaron and I cuddled up in one seat. The kitchen was as big as my bedroom, which is pretty big.

Aaron took me to show me his room.

“Take your shoes and socks off,” he said taking off his shoes and socks. I complied and then he opened the door to his room and we entered. Immediately I understood why the shoes and sock had to come off I was stand on a really deep-piled light beige carpet. It felt like I was standing and walking on air.

At one end of the room was a king-size four-poster bed with a satin covered pale yellow eiderdown big fluffy pillows and a tatter old teddy bear sitting in the center. I smiled because I thought the teddy bear was so cute.

“That’s Eddy Bear. I’ve had him ever since I was a baby. He knows all my secrets, but sworn to secrecy,” laughed Aaron blushing a bit.

“Hmm. I’ll have to see if he won’t tell me all.” I said light-heartedly, “He’s cute sitting there amongst the pillows.”

Aaron showed me his cameras and editing studio and computers. He handle me a DVD. “You have a player right? “

“Yeah, my TV has one built in.”

“Well, this – this is specially for my best friend…I hope you like it watch it tonight when you get home. Okay?”




“Come one I have to show you this!” he said grabbing my hand and drug me to his bed, “Scoot over Eddy Bear da big boys are here!” as he got on his bed and patted the space beside him. I sat next to him. He reached over to the night table and got out a remote controller, push a button and a flat panel screen came slowly down from the ceiling. “This is what I call the ultimate in watching TV from bed!” he giggled.

“Wow!” was all I said.

“Some day you’ll have we’ll have to have a sleepover and sit up all night watching movies, you think?”

“Yeah, that would be great!”

“How about tonight? We don’t have school tomorrow? I even have an extra toothbrush – new!”

“I’ll have to asked my mom but yeah!”

There was a knock at his door and we both bounce of the bed and went to answer it. It was the maid. “Your father says it’s time to eat.”

“Thank you, Maria. We will just put our shoes on and be right down.” She left and we sat down and put on our shoes.

I though dinner would be sort of formal but other than having the food brought in from the kitchen by the cook and maid – it was a normal sort of dinner I sat next to my mom opposite Aaron and Mom was opposite Mrs. DuBois and Mr. DuBois headed the table and led the conversation most of the time, but with questions or statements that got others talking. I could see how much Aaron was like him.

As we were nearly finished with dinner Aaron kicked me and then nodded his head prompting me to ask mom if I could sleepover. I pretended I didn’t understand and he started pantomiming sleepover? I was comical and I eventually couldn’t keep from laughing in a sort giggle, which immediately drew attention to us. That in turn made me giggle even more until I was laughing uncontrollably and Aaron was laughing too. The parents were looking at us like we were nuts and we were.

Finally, Aaron said, “You’re supposed to ask your mom if you can sleep over hehe.”

“Mom, hehe, can I sleepover. Hehe,” I laughed.

Mom looked at Mr. DuBois who smiled and nodded. “Well, I suppose so.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Aaron enthusiastically. “May laughing boy and I be excused, father?” he laughed.

We were excused and went back up to his bedroom after taking off our shoes and socks.

“You wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure, this one.” I gave him the DVD he had given me.

“You were supposed to watch this at home on your own.”

“Well, I’m not going home and it’s something you made and I want to watch it with you.”

He looked a bit worried and just a bit embarrassed. We just looked at each other for a few moments and then I said softly, “Please.”

He looked a bit worried, “Friends?”

“Forever,” I said.

“Forever?” he asked.


We sat on his bed the screen came down he put the DVD into the player.

“Just don’t laugh…it’s how I feel…” he said shyly.

I watched it started out with pictures of me at the airport the airport and ticket people and one of him that I took. The background music was very much in the background but it was undeniably the Backstreet Boys singing ‘I Promise’. Pictures from our trip to Chicago faded in and out with special effects but perfectly executed so as not to be distracting smoothing flowing from one scene to the other – it was us having fun and finally to a picture of both of us with I arms over each others shoulder and looking at each other smiling a zoom in to capture just our faces then it faded to black and a voice over of Aaron’s voice “I promise that no matter what roads we travel through life whether separate or together to always be your best friend and to treat you with all the love and respect that I have. Thank you for being a part of my life again.”

To say the least I was affected by what I saw and heard. Teary-eyed I looked at him, “I promise too, I swear on my life.” We hugged. “But, I have to be honest…I-I have to tell you something about me and I can’t go on being your friend without you knowing because you would eventually find out and I can’t hold you to your promise…” God this was so hard for me to do, to tell him that I was gay. I sort of phased out thinking about everything I had had put to this point – how much fun we had had. Was I willing to give it all up to be honest and truthful…Could I continue with out expecting and wanting more than just friendship…could I live with the pain of rejection? All these thoughts and more ran through my head.

“Jamie, what is it?”

”I am gay and I love you.” I mumbled and l looked at him. “I guess I better leave.”

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