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Body Shop

Chapter 2

It was sweltering today. We had just finished our first meeting for drama club and I was heading to my Jeep to go home. It looked like it might rain when I left home this morning so the top is up baking my interior. I plan to put that down and swing down to the back side of park and watch the Cross Country team run. I step outside and the sweat just pours from me almost instantly and I haven't even started to lower the top. Without much effort I was able to get it lowered. With that done, I push in my newest CD and pull from parking lot.

I leave the main road just behind the old train depot and shift into 4 wheel drive. It takes me just a few minutes of pushing through weeds and over a few small saplings and I am sitting on a ridge overlooking the town park below me. Just over the river about 20 yards away I can see and hear the team getting ready to run some wind sprints on the short field just below where I am at. I discovered this place a few weeks ago. I can only come here on very sunny days in the afternoon. The only time I would want to anyway. With the sun shinning from fairly high in the sky no one can see me perched up here looking down on the show. I take my usual position, sitting with my legs dangling over the side of the cliff I watch as the boys begin their run. Back and forth across the small field they sprint, taking a 10 second break after each short run. The objects of these short runs are to hold there breath for the run then take 2 breaths as they are resting, then repeat the cycle. I watch as the boys get sweatier and their legs, the muscles lacking oxygen, begin to turn to Jell-O when they run. I can't help but laugh, they look like Bambi on ice and they are almost as cute. I feel like I can reach out and pat their bottom when they stumble they are so close, but I don't, wouldn't think of it. After they finish 25 "hypoxics" they trot over to get a drink of water then for a 2 mile run. I know the 2 mile course will bring them even closer to me. So I get ready.

I know I have about 5 min before they will come partway up the hill then run within 20 feet of my hiding spot. As long as no one decides to stray from course, I am safe. My cock hardens knowing what is to follow. I kneel in a small stand of trees and shove my shorts to the ground, no boxers today. I absent mindedly fiddle with my pecker as I wait for the team to make there pass. Sooner than I expect, about three and a half minutes, I hear the first runner approaching. As he runs through my tight field of vision I can see he has shed his shirt. His running shorts, that never leave much to the imagination, are clinging to his legs. Then, he is gone. My only complaint; I only get each guy for a split second. But I can still hear him, his steady deep breathing I find so sensual and the thumping of his shoes. The leader of the pack is followed shortly by the rest. Again I watch in awe as like a slide show gone awry boy after shirtless sweaty boy glances by and continues on down the trail. By now I furiously stroking my cock, and, like the runners, panting like mad. I still have my t-shirt on and can feel the back starting to cling to my back with sweat. Just as I think it can't get any hotter on this planet, my body bursts into a sweat like I have never felt before and explode all over the ground. Long ropes of cum shoot from my piss slit and land in the dirt, on some plants, and a few drops hit an ant hill, the ants scurry away, but I stare as I see a few return to explore this new thing that has landed in there mitts.

I start to get up with the intent of shedding my now soaked shirt and pulling up my shorts, but I am startled by the sound of foot steps and heavy breathing, so I jump behind a bush. The breathing this time is very ragged and sounds more distressed. I look up just in time to see a young blond guy maybe 16-17, his hair stuck to his forehead with sweat, stop within feet of me. He bends at the waist just enough to lean his hands on his knees like he needs to catch his breath, he does. We only have a middle size school, and it is uncommon for a new guy or girl to come to our school without you at least seeing them once or twice. I have never seen this boy before. He must be new to the school and the team. I assure myself that I will find out who he is very soon. He stands like that for about 20 seconds then stands up. I am frozen, he is looking directly at where I was kneeling seconds ago, the only think keeping him from seeing me now is a small bush I am hidden behind. Still huffing and puffing, the boy reaches into the waistband of his running shorts and pulls them out from his body and looks down. Then his fingers stay in the waistband as he runs them around the whole circumference of his waist, a short trip by all means, about 29 inches, and he quickly shoves the short down an inch or two in the fronts. Oh goody, he needs to piss. He fishes in his shorts for a second like he can't get his dick out, then with an exasperated look shoves his shorts to his knees to free his cock from his shorts. Now I understand why. With a limp, 6 inch, dick in those minuscule running shirts, mixed with sweat, I am sure he was all tied up in there. He outwardly groans as he relives himself on the side of the trail, inwardly I do the same. As he is pulling his shorts up he mumbles a string of obscenities the only portion I understand being "I'm not a fucking runner (breath), let me swim to get in (breath) shape" then he just grunts as he starts down the trail again. Having had enough of a show for one day, I wait until I am sure the last of the pack is across the river where they won't hear my Jeep, I start it up and leave; much happier, far less horned, but just a bit intrigued by this new boy.

The next day at school, I am beside myself, 2 quizzes in my first hour class and home work in several others. It might feel worse being I am so geeked up. It's Friday and my parents are leaving town for "Parents Weekend" at my brother's school. Just me for the weekend. Me, my hand, and a whole string of internet porn.

I get home and find the house empty other than the dogs. Twink and Chunk are in there crates and very excited to get out. Twink, my parents still have no idea why I named my dog that. I put them out; Twink promptly jumps the fence and runs away. LIKE USUAL. I have to search the neighborhood for over an hour to find the little bastard. After such a stressful day and afternoon I need something to relax. I head to my room, I guess I will pull out some pics and get one off. I try to get started, but it just won't get hard. I try and try but all I can achieve is a partial erection and I just feel so disinterested. Finally I throw the pictures beside and close my eyes; I immediately start to see images of my mystery man from yesterday. The straggler from the rest of the group, I started to wonder why he was by himself. I started to feel akin to him, being left behind by the rest of the pack, lagging a few steps back from the group. I know how it felt to be left behind. I closed my eyes and envisioned his heaving chest, his legs, then I landed on his face. He was so hot, yet I couldn't put my finger on why, it was the whole package, it all made him just so. As I imagine his lips touching mine, we caressed each others bodies; I run my hands through his blond locks. I cum, not a violent surge accompanied by a groan like usual. It all feels different, tenderer, with each pulse I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper for a guy I had never even met.

I try to relax after cumming, but I couldn't. I had to find out who this boy is. My mind was going a mile a minute. No sign of him in school today, but he must be on some list at school. I fear that I may be starting on the road to stalking, but I can't stop. I decide to start my search on the schools web site. The school does a short Bio on new students when they transfer in. No luck there. No new students. My next check is the cross country team rooster, nothing. Wonder if he was just a tag along for the day? I know he mentioned swimming, so I try the swim team rooster, but it is too soon, in the year. The coach hasn't even started to assemble one. Well, I tell myself, if he is a swimmer, then he may be on another schools team. I start to search teams from other schools around, looking for pictures that might include him. I turn up nothing, nothing, and nothing. I can't seem to stop myself, I keep telling myself this is useless, but my mind keeps coming up with more searches. I finally start to run out of ideas. On a whim, I decide to search public pools also. That is when I hit jack pot, a picture of a group of boys and girls sitting on the edge of a public pool in town. Seated fourth from the right looking a few years younger, but it is definitely him. In the caption it says that this is a group of home schooled children. Until this year, children schooled at home were not allowed to take part in school sanctioned sports, but the law was changed this past year. I now know why he is only on the team but not in school, but now I need a name.

The rest of Friday is spent lying around on the couch. I drift off to sleep about 9 and start to dream, my dreams are always so strange, and the places never fit right. Take this dream for instance, I am at school, but the school is at the top of the cliff in the city park. I am looking out the window of my math class watching the cross county team practice. In my dream they are running in a pool that's just sitting in the middle of a field. I can feel myself getting aroused. Suddenly, I look around the math class and I am by myself. In walks my mystery man, the essence of perfection. Without a word or either of us touching me I promptly drop a load in my jeans then he kisses me. The kisses are nothing like I expect. This kinky boy! He seems to be licking my face, then my neck and finally my hands. Then I wake with a start to find both the dogs bathing my face in kisses. What a way to end a wet dream, wake up with your dogs licking you face. But I had to laugh they are so adorable. I remove myself from the couch and go upstairs, strip, quickly shower to get the cum out of my pubes and head to bed.

I planned to sleep in and then head to the auto parts store for some mud flaps and install them today, but no luck on several fronts. I wake up at 7am and can't get back to sleep. Exasperated I get up and dress to go to the parts store. They don't have the mud flaps I want. I ask them to call other stores, but it seems that the company that ships to all the local stores has screwed up there shipments and there are none within 100 miles. At a loss for what to do today I figure I will just drive around town and hang out. I decide to head to the park. Park my Jeep and take a hike. Much to my dismay the park is full of people and school busses. I head into the lot and see a sign "Parking $3.00". I am about to pull a U-turn and leave when I see a guy, Greg, from school.

He comes to my door, seems surprised to see me, and says "never knew you were into cross country?"

"I'm not, I came here to go for a hike, guess I chose the wrong weekend, huh?"

He laughs, "Yeh, guess you did. There is a big invitational meet today 15 schools here. If you want to hang out and watch and get in a bit of a hike at the same time, I will let you park for free. Just return the favor some day."

I can't help but put a sexual connotation to that in my own head, yet I know that is not what he meant.

"Sure" I answer. I have always felt that I needed more school spirit, yet at the same time, I can't help but think what 15 boys Cross Country teams all in one place must look like.

I find parking, and get out of my Jeep. Luckily, I had dressed for the weather, or I may have been miserable. I start across a large open field and can see the banners of all the different teams staked out around the field. I decide I will just wander around and peruse the merchandise. After walking about 10 minuets, I started to need a drink of water. Drooling does that to me. I decide to head to the water fountains on the east side of the field. As I am walking, I notice my school's team is set up right next to the fountains. Guess that is the luxuries of the home team, picking the choice spot. As I approach, I hear the guys joking and carrying on about different things. A few of the team's groupie girls are hanging around, "lifting moral" if you know what I mean. When the guys and gals see me coming they're shocked see me, and a few of the guys seemed pissed that they have to take there hands out of where they were exploring. I've read a few research studies on sex before competition, but I have never heard that finger fucking some skanky hag before an athletic activity betters your performance.

I just chuckle, look around and very quickly apologize for interrupting. "Sorry guys, I was just coming for a drink of water, didn't mean to ruin a good thing you had going.

A few guys that weren't busy asked what had brought me here. I explained that I was just here to get some exercise and sun, but since there was a meet happening, that I would make sure to root them on as well. As I am walking away, on of the runners from our team yells into the men's bathroom "Hey, got that shit off you uniform yet?" I cringe every time I hear those words, and even more, I feel like hell for whoever is being subjected to them. I turn around just in time to see my mystery boy from the last few days emerge from the bathroom, his eyes puffy and a big wet spot in the middle of his uniform.

How someone can be so self important to think they have the right to pick on another person I can never know. That thought ran over and over through my head as I walk a secluded trail deep on the back side of the park. In the distance, I hear a gun shot starting on of the races. I could tell by the colored lines on the ground, I was walking on the course. I make a mental note to keep an ear out so I didn't get run over, or worse, get in someone's way. I would hate to be the reason someone or a whole team lost a meet, because some idiot was aimlessly day dreaming in the middle of the course.

About 10 min into to the race, I hear what sounds like a girl huffing and I jump to the side of the course. Seating myself on a park bench, I watch the girl's race, cheered on several people I know, and giving words of encouragements to some young ladies who, despite their best efforts, are lagging behind the pack. As what seemed to be the last runner, a slightly pudgy girl, passes me by, I start to follow her. I have to walk slow as not to overtake her, she was trotting at such a slow pace. I do my best to stop on a regular basis so she can get farther ahead. After what seemed like an eternity, we emerge into the large open fields again. Hardly a sole is around; there is no one there to cheer this girl on. Even her own team is nowhere to be found. Feeling tightness in my chest, I break into a run, keeping 15-20 feet from her; I shadow her as she "sprints" to the finish line, shouting words of encouragement the whole time. As she crosses the line, the few people left, mostly officials and timers start to disperse. This girl, having used all her strength to finish the run begins to stumble, then as if her legs were taken away, starts to fall face forward toward the ground. Without thinking, I lunged forward and grab her around her waist. I had under estimated how much "pudge" she has and quickly realized that I alone was not going to hold this girl up. I started to look around in terror. Not for me but for her. How embarrassing, come in last in a race, pass out at the finish line, then be to heavy for the guy who grabbed you to hold up. Just as I am sure we were both going to fall to the grass in a pile, I feel a set of strong arms wrap around her, just below where mine are. Together me and someone else hoist her to her feet and walk her out of the finish shoots. It not until we are out, away from the other people, I say "Thanks" and peaked around the front of our runner to see who the other set of arms belonged to.

I almost pass out myself. It's him, my dream guy, my mystery boy, what ever I have been calling him, and now we were face to face. Well, almost, we were facing one another with a sweaty fat girl between us. He just smiles and said thanks back, and then asks the girl, Michelle, he knew here by name, if she thinks she could walk on her own. She says not just yet, and thanks both of us for helping her. He assures here that it was not a big deal, and she turned to me. I tried to say the same, but my mouth just won't work. I squeak something like "its ok" not what I wanted to say, but it does for now. We walked Michelle for another 10 min to keep her from tightening up. All the while, he is talking to her about her breathing and how to slow her racing heart. When she can talk in full sentences again, he says he needed to get to his team; his race was coming up and asked if I could walk Michelle to her team's area. Dumbly, I just nodded my head, unable to speak. He smiles, a million watt smile, kisses Michelle on the cheek and runs off.

I asked Michelle which way we need to go; she points the direction, and edges out of my arm. Thinking that I was making her nervous having a tight hold on her, I quickly apologize.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you nervous"

"No not that at all" She says, "I just figured that you didn't want to get all sweaty."

"Actually I hadn't even though about it, shirts and shorts can be washed, I just want to make sure you are ok."

"I am fine now" she answers as we come up to several large tattered blankets spread on the ground.

"This is my team area, Thanks for walking me here" she says as she drops to the ground.

Just as I was about to say my goodbyes and head off, someone who looked like a coach walks up with is hands on his hips. Looking less than happy, he starts to lecture Michelle about not having boys in the team area and how this is the area where the girls came to get ready for there run and relax afterwards and boys aren't aloud. He then turns to me, almost daring me to say something, and I do.

"Well for you information, she didn't invite me over here, I helped her walk over here after her run because it didn't seem that you, any of your coaches, or any of her teammates could be bothered to be at the finish line for here." I was on a role now, and I didn't even know why. "So you arrogant fuck, I will be more than happy to leave now" I spun on my heals like a diva and started to walk off when I am passed by the coach leaving as well. Thinking that I might have made the situation worse instead of better, I made sure the coast was clear and walked back.

I start "Sorry about that, I never swear in front of ladies. I probably just made the situation worse instead of better"

She laughs and shakes her head. "No what you did was just fine. I hope I am not keeping you from something though?"

"No" I answer, and explain that I just happened on this meet by accident. Michelle grabs her water bottle for a drink, but finds it empty. Seeing her plight I grab it and walk a few feet to a cooler to fill it. I handed it back to her, and try to figure out how to slip in some questions I have. I am forced to beat around the bush with questions about her, her school and her running. I find out that she was new to her school. She used to be home schooled but here parents both took full time jobs to make ends meet and now she is thrown to the wolves of public school. She started to run this year. As is evident by her finish (her words) she has some work to do. So now I figured that is how she knows, what's his name, but I have to at least get a name.

"So, You two don't go to the same school, how did you know that other guy?"

"Rodger?" she asks, "Oh, he isn't my boyfriend if that is what you think, we are just friends" She seems way too eager to inform me "I am not dating anyone!!" "Rodger is home schooled" (I already knew that but don' tell her) "We used to swim at the same pool when we both were being home schooled." I close my eyes for a second and see her sitting next to him in that picture from the internet last night. Now things were looking up, I had a name and now I have the inside scoop on my dream guy. I didn't want to seem too interested and raise any suspension, so I have to change the subject, but I decided to keep this line of communication open. "Listen, I am not looking for a girlfriend right now, but I really like talking to you, can we exchange numbers and e-mails?"

"Sure" She answers, but does look a little disappointed, as she digs in her athletic bag for a pen and paper. As she and I write our vital information, she trudges on. Hers was the first race of the day, her first race of the season, first race ever, there are two more races. She really wants to get home, she has a party tonight, it is with her cousins, her parents couldn't make it today, blahhhhhhh. Sure is a sweet girl, but she sure can be a drama queen. I have to take the wheel in this conversation or we will be here all day and night.

After steering her back to the present, I hear another bang. I jump, not because of the gun, but I think that I may be missing the boy's race and I am NOT going to do that. She sees my face and comforts me.

"That is just the junior high race" she says. "It should take half an hour then the boy's race after that"

"Great", "Half an hour" I inwardly groan. "Well, I guess I could have a very deep interest in this race" I tell myself. I start to get up.

"I think I am going to go see this race" I say, "Do you know where I can get a map of the course?"

Michelle laughs "turn that paper over"

On the back side of the paper with her number is a course map. Making sure that I don't make it possible for here to tag along I smile, say I will send here an e-mail soon and damn near run away.

I watch the junior high race from a distance. I fell so guilty, am I supposed to be looking at guys that age. Aren't there laws against it? No one can really police people's minds, thank god. Finally the boy's race was up. I had checked the map and chose several places along the course where I could hit without having to run around to much. I put myself at the first point and wait. I hear the gun and felt a lump jump up in my throat. It was just a few minutes when the first few guys ran by. I clap and cheer a number of the guys on, but I am still waiting for the one person that will make all this worth while. After what seems like forever, second to last, Robert rounds a bend and starts to approach. I have to contain my excitement, at seeing him. I start clapping and yelling for him. Good job, looking good Rob. Keep it up. As he passes me, he looks over at me, looking very confused. I keep yelling until he disappears around a corner. I stop and move to the next spot. When I get there, a number of the runners have already passed and I only have a few minutes until he gets here. Again I yell for him, same words, but I also get a bit braver and even yell a bit louder and longer. Again he gives me the same look and just keeps on running. I take myself to the 3rd spot I had chosen on the map. By the time I get there, he is already approaching; I yell, jump a bit and clapped like crazy. I was feeling so good about myself; here I was encouraging my schools team. This time as he passes, I am not sure, but, it looked like he gave me the finger and a very dirty look. I have to run to get to the finish line. I get myself there just in time to see him cross the finish line, fall and begin to sob. I try to get closer to him, to give him a hand getting up, but before I can, the team coach was yelling at him to get up and get cooled down. The bus is leaving in 10 min and he better be on it. By the time I get to him he is walking off, away from me. All I see is his back.

I am on a high, I have his name, I have a friend who knows him, and I have gotten more fresh air today than I had gotten in weeks prior. But at the same time, I am at a loss. Did he really flip me off? If so, Why? Something I said, something I did? Is he jealous I was talking to Michelle? I was so drained, a short trip to the auto parts store had turned into a whole day affair and I hadn't gotten anything done that I wanted to. I went home and collapsed on the couch. I woke later that night, went to bed and woke Sunday. All day Sunday was taken up with driving from auto part store to auto part store finding mud flaps and installing them. I had to keep myself busy to keep Robert off my mind. My parents got home late Sunday night while I was doing my homework, we all went to bed.