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Body Shop

Chapter 4

[Just then a woman in her 30's walks into the front room and sees us. Her eyes lighten with recognition just as mine and dad's do the same.]

It's Margo. She and my cousin Laurie were best friends in high school. I hear that when they were younger, they were inseparable. I remember, until I was seven she was always visiting at my Aunt and Uncle's house. She had gotten pregnant at a young age. If I remember right, she had a boy that was just a few months younger than me. He and I used to play together in the tall grass at Bob and Sharon's. Margo met a really nice man and they had two more boys before they moved away one summer. Oh, how I cried when I heard that they were gone. Until now, I had all but forgotten about Margo, the nice man and the boys. I almost shed a tear, but I refuse to let that happen in front of everyone.

We are quickly ushered into the dinning room and practically pushed into seats by an over enthusiastic Margo. She just babbles on and on, none of it is registering with me, I am still quite shocked. Nothing new for me today. After all I have been through, what's one more shocking revelation? Margo yells up the back stairs to Rodger to get down stairs. Her yell is followed by a slow plodding sound, shortly a very quiet and shy looking Rodger comes in the room looking like he is about to burst from fear.

I feel my muscles tense like I am ready to pounce on him. I want to hug and kiss him. I have to control myself, as hard as it is. Our eyes meet and I mouth the words "Sorry, So Sorry." Margo is still talking non-stop, it all sounds like she is talking in tongues, it is so fast and excited.

"Rodger, do you remember Jamie?" She asks

"Yeh, we've met," He says, like she is crazy.

"I know you have met, But do you remember him?" she asks.

A confused look crosses his pretty face as he shakes his head. He has no idea what she is talking about. Thankfully my father butts in. I don't know if I can stand anymore of Margo's yelling, my ears are starting to ache.

"Rodger" He starts "I am Denny, and you have met Jamie. Do you remember when you were very young and you used to play over at Bob and Sharon's house? You and Jamie used to run and play all day over there."

A look of understanding starts to cross his face. I think I even see a hint of a smile. He just nods a barley perceptible nod. He is still a bit shocked, just like me.

Dad continues, "My wife, Jamie's mother, is Louise. Not Laurie, Laurie was your mom's friend, she is Jamie's cousin"

His nod got a bit more perceptible.

Then like a light bulb, his face goes bright and he says, "You're the people that bought me that green wagon. The one with the wooden sides and the dark green paint! That was like eight or nine years ago. I was all pissed off because it wasn't red. God, almost ten years later and I still feel bad that I acted like a shit."

My father, obviously having forgotten that, is floored.

"You know Denny, can I call you Denny?" he says, looking nervous again.

My father just nods and smiles.

"I have kept that thing ship-shape ever since, both my brothers have used it but I always repaint it green when it gets rusty."

Margo just beams, I can't hide the tears in my eyes now. Dad is laughing like no tomorrow and Rodger turns bright red. He's obviously embarrassed himself. I don't care, I can't help but think that red is the best color on him and it only makes me fall more in love with him.

I am never one to steer a conversation, but I am getting embarrassed here. I am crying like a two year old, much to my dismay. So I speak up.

"Listen boys and girls, I hate to kill the moment, but we got some business to attend to here. Can we work out how we are gonna get this done before we are here all night? After we finish we will reminisce about the salad days."

It gets quiet, I don't know if it is from shock or to let me continue but I take the opportunity and run with it. "So this is how I have it. Stop me if I make a mistake or anything. The boys here (pointing to the three Thompson children) are home schooled. Young Rodger here decided to run Cross Country, correct?" I look at Margo for a confirmation.

"Actually" Margo says "He wants to swim come winter, and the coach said that it would be good conditioning"

I continue, "Did you have any problems with the swim coach?"

"Not a one" She answered "Chuck remembers me from twenty years ago before I got knocked up. He actually called me when the new law went on the books. He has watched all three boys swim at the public pool and wanted Rodger and Sean on the team"

"Great" I say "So what happened when you went to get him on the Cross Country team" I ask.

Rodger fires in now "They held my papers until the last minute, made me start the season late. When I did get on the team the coach made it a point to tell me I sucked and wasn't wanted there"

I look at dad, he looks at me. We both sigh. We know that is Steve Potter's way of doing things.

Margo takes over, "Steve Potter hates me. Denny, you were the one that helped me and Laurie force his hand into forming a girls track team when they didn't have one twenty years ago" Margo starts to beam again but is cut short by Rodger.

"I know mom, you and Laurie were the first two female runners at this school, I have heard the story a hundred times" Rodger chuckles and rolls his eyes at me, shaking his head.

Margo starts to talk again but I am fuming at this point. I hate Potter more than he could ever hate her, and I burst and cut Margo off. "You just tell Steve Potter, that flaming dildo, to lick your hairy nut sack and tell him I feel the same"

Opps... I catch myself. My father takes in a deep breath, I think Margo craps, and Rodger spits out a mouth full of water.

"I am so sorry" I gush. "You two must think I have Torettes, and in front of the other boys, I'm really sorry"

"Jamie, What are they teaching at that school? " Margo gasps.

At first I think she means because I am talking this way but then she continues.

"Sweet heart, Women don't have nuts or nut sacks. And If I did, I would not let it get hairy before I did something about it!"

Now it is my turn to spit water, obviously taking after dad because he does the same.

"You never lost your sense of humor did you?" He says. "Now Jamie, that was inappropriate, despite everyone in this room's feelings"

Margo moves on with the narrative "That, well flaming dildo, as you so eloquently put it, turned the whole team on Rodger. Had them all calling him `Home School' that changed to `Homey' and that to `Homo" she says. "Last weekend at their meet, some boys rubbed feces on him"

I turn red, remembering that incident and Rodger's blood shot eye's.

I decide to jump in now. Looking to dad I say "I only made matters worse. I was at the meet and I called Rodger the wrong name. He was sure that I was also picking on him as well." Turning to Rodger I look in his eyes pleadingly "I am really sorry dude."

"No problem, man. Once I knew it was just an accident, it all seemed kinda petty anyway"

I want to get to the meat of my plan as quick as possible, the sooner I get Dad and Margo working on the plan, the sooner I can get Rodger alone so we can talk. I can't believe I haven't seen him in like nine years, and now he pops back up and is hotter than a two-dollar pistol as well.

"So Margo, I told Dad in the car on the way over. He has squashed the Principal, the athletic director and Steve Potter more times in the last 20 years than you can count. I hope if I leave you two here, you can figure out how to do it again. Think that can happen?"

They both nod their heads and give us a sign to get out. Taking our cue, we both rise and looked at each other "Well, Show me the damn wagon"

Rodger leads the way out the back door to a small shed. Opening the door I see his Bronco sitting there with the top down. Seeing my eyes, as I looked it up and down, he winces. "Dad and I were going to restore that for me. But now I can't do it alone. He was so good at all that stuff. Every time I repainted this wagon he helped. We were going to paint the Bronco green just like the wagon. I don't even have a top for it. I can't drive it if it might rain. I hear it is going to pour tomorrow" He barley gets the last part out before he is racked with sobbing and falls against a fender.

Again I want to hold him, but I am afraid. Finally I say "Shit" and wrap my arms around him. I could care less what anyone thinks. He buries his head on my shoulder and cries. It must be twenty min before the tears slow and he looks at me. My shirt has a huge wet spot.

"Sorry" he crooks, "I must look like hell. And I drug you down with me."

I just push his head back to my shoulder again and we both begin to cry. Five minutes pass when I get an idea.

"Do you remember when we used to hide in the grass so no one could find us?" I say with a sly smile. "It would be time to go home, and we would dash out into the field and lay down. We would just lie there trying to be quiet. Sometimes we would put snacks in my wagon and pull that with us"

His eyes lighten just a bit.

"Yeh" he says "they would be looking everywhere for us" He is giggling now.

"Grab the wagon," I say.

He takes it out from under a tarp in the back. It's forest green with black letters and trim and looks brand new, like the day he got it. We sit it in the driveway and I grin. "Go get some Oreos and milk" Rodger dashes in the house and returns a minute later. With both his brothers on his heals.

He smiles "Just like old times, we have tag alongs" and I am overcome with laughter.

Like years ago, I playfully grab a cookie and hand one to each boy. "If you two give this to mommy, she will let us stay and play longer" They both look at me like I am nuts, but Rodger gets the joke and laughs. Looking at both the younger boys, I explain, "We used to trick you that way, and then we would run away and hide. This time I think you guys will understand reasoning. We are going to go talk for a while, can you give us some time?" They knowingly nod, before leaving they both come and hug Rodger and say "We love you" then turn to me and say, "Thanks" and leave.

Descending the hill behind their house, we pull the wagon with our provisions. When we reach the creek, we stop and sit on the bank. Mostly the first few minutes are just us throwing stones in the water and sighing deeply. I reach for a cookie just as he does also. Our hands brush and I tense from the contact. Saying nothing I close my eyes and feel like screaming.

Rodger breaks the silence. "I cried for days when we moved away. I hated to move but we did live in a great town up north. It was small. We lived just a few blocks from Dad's parents. I never did forget you or your family. Over time my memories did fade a bit. Jamie got sick when he was 6. We spent almost a year in and out of hospitals."

"Was it Cancer?" I ask. Thinking it may explain why he is stunted just like me.

"Yes, they gave him all kinds of `Methyl-Ethel Bad Stuff', is what we called it" Rodger says "But it worked, he has been in remission for years now"

Knowingly I nod. "Mine was `Methyl-Ethel Really Bad Stuff" I say. "Made me sick as a dog, it did work, but as you can see, I am stunted like him"

Rodger looks shocked. "I didn't even notice you were. I just thought you were, shall I say, Slight"

"No," I say, "I am growing just a bit slower than everyone else. Now I understand why he was pissed when I mistakenly talked to him like an eight year old tonight" I chuckle

Rodger cracks up. "My little brother is not one to be messed with. I assume he set you straight?"

"Oh, yes. In no un-certain terms he did."

Roger just laughs, "He has learned to deal with it, but at times he is a bit over the top. He needs someone to talk to, that used to be Dad. I really should be there for him, but I have been having my own issues."

My body gets taut with nerves, but then I relax "That will all be over soon my man. Leave it to Dad and Margo"

I have so many questions, but I don't want to pry. "Tell me if I get on your nerves or step over the line. EVER. Did you all stay up north when Jamie was sick?"

"Kinda" he says. "That is when mom started to home school us. We were traveling all over the US to different hospitals, so we needed to be taught while we could not be in school. I guess we all enjoyed it so much that we kept it up after Jamie got well."

"When and why did you move back down state?" I ask

"Three years ago, dad changed jobs and that brought us back here. I still had passing memories of when I was younger, but I guess we never got around to tracking down old friends."

"You should have." I almost yell. I can't help but think what kind of friendship may have blossomed had we re-united a few years ago. I'm not hurt, but it nags at me.

"So" he said. "We swam at the public pool, on the summer team over in Saline"

I still can't help but be perturbed that I missed out on years of Rodgers life, but then I have to tell myself that it was me in love with him. Even if we had become friends, he wouldn't have returned my love, so it wouldn't have made a hill of beans of difference in the end.

I don't want to dredge up un-happy times, so I decided to leave it as open as possible when I say it, but I couldn't help but do it. I feel the words leave my mouth before I can catch them. "Listen, I want to be your friend." I want to be his lover, protector and knight in shining armor, but I can't say that. "If you ever need someone to talk to. About anything, your Dad, your Mom, your brothers, school." Again I want to say sex but I don't. "You have both me and my Dad. Tell your brothers the same thing." He just nods a very non-committal nod. I can't tell if I have gone too far or not. I hope like hell I haven't scared him off. By this time we are about out of cookies and the milk is long gone. I feel like I could spend all night sitting here, just basking in the aura that he puts off.

I can here thunder in the distance, I know the top is down on my Jeep, I am sure that Dad wants to get home. I have lost track of time, but I am sure we have been here a few hours now and everyone has things to do in the morning. I will myself to stop thinking with my dick and I decide to be the voice of reason.

"We need to get going back. They may be wondering where we are."

As if he was waiting for me to say that. Rodger jumps to his feet and grabs the handle to the wagon. For a second, I fear he may have been too quick and I shudder. "Has he just been tolerating me, has he been ready to go for a while? I hope he hasn't been letting me ramble on all the while thinking I am some nut." Slowly, I tell myself to shut up and quit reading into things. Walking side by side, we walk up the hill back to his house. We park the wagon in the garage, next to the Bronco and go inside.

As we walk in the back door I can here Margo and Dad talking in low gentle tones. We walk in the dinning room. Margo is crying, Dad looks exhausted. Rodger walks to his mother, standing behind her; he puts her in a tight embrace and kisses the top of her head. Together, as if one they begin to cry softly. Just then we hear a loud commotion from the front room Margo and Rodger look up, but look to emotionally drained to even move. I walk up front, just in time to see Sean land a solid blow to Jamie's mid-section, knocking the wind from him and sending him falling to the floor. Sean drops to his knees and is about to deliver another blow when his arm is caught mid swing by my arm. Flipping him on his back, I calmly say "Enough." Dad is tending to Jamie who can't catch his breath. I am staring into Sean's eyes. They look wild with anger.

Looking at the wall clock I see it is later than I thought. I say to Dad "Ten o'clock" why don't you take him to bed. I will get Sean up there in a few. My father is a bit shocked by the change in rolls here. I can't explain it. In the last twelve hours I feel like I have matured a lifetime. I have no time to dwell on that right now though. Dad picks Jamie up, I can hear him asking Jamie what room is his, and then I hear a door shut. Looking down at Sean, I ask, "Can you tell me what that was about?" He just grunts trying, in vain, to get up. I loosen my grip and allow him to sit. He lowers his head and mumbles, "Nothing, Can I go to bed?"

"Where is your room?" I ask, "Can I trust you to leave Jamie alone tonight?"

There is no answer. "I take that as a no" I remark.

Just then Rodger appears in the doorway. "Put him in my room. I will sleep in Sean's bed in his and Jamie's room tonight, and thanks." Rodger turns and walks back to Margo, hugging her again. I let Sean up and follow him up the stairs; we make a u-turn at the top of the stairs and go to the end of the hall. We make a right into a room. Like most older homes the ceilings are well over ten feet high and it has a smell of old home mixed with the musty odor of teenage boys a fact that does not go un noticed my by cock. I look around. The room is sparse, just a bed, dresser, nightstand and a few posters. I hitch up my pants and take a seat on the edge of the dresser just like I've seen Dad do a hundred times before I get a lecture. I can feel myself morphing into father mode as I start.

"Listen man, there is a lot of shit going on in this house right now" allowing myself the freedom of profanity to try to get a leg up. "This isn't a guilt trip, but, your mother does not need anymore problems right now. Can I trust you to behave tonight?"

Almost like he is un-willing but knows he has no choice, he begrudgingly nodes yes.

"Sean" I continue, "I may have overstepped my bounds tonight. I probably should have let Rodger handle this, but for some reason I caught myself doing it"

I know the reason. I have fallen in love and I am going to do whatever I can, now and forever. About this time, I see Sean go almost limp and fall on the bed. Grabbing a pillow, he puts it over his face and screams. In an instant I seated am on the bed, pulling the pillow away, I looked down as the tears start to flow.

"I...I...I" he starts to say. I try to hush him with no luck. "I just want it all to go back to the way it was," he says.

For the first time tonight, I am lost for words. I just sit there staring at him when Rodger walks in. Seeing us sitting on the bed, his brother crying, he comes to us, I started to move, but he shakes his head. He comes to the other side of the bed and sits. With Sean between us, we sit and hold him for what seems like an hour before my dad interrupts us. He sees what is happening, and says, "Jamie just cried himself to sleep. I'll be downstairs with Margo. No rush" and he backs out of the room.

Looking at Rodger, I figure he has this under control. I ask him if I should go. He shakes his head with force, "Please, not yet. Help he get him undressed and in his bed. I'll sleep with Sean tonight, and we won't have any problems"

Rodger picks Sean up, showing not the least bit of trouble and carries him to the next bedroom. He lays Sean on the bed and Rodger begins to undress. I quickly shift my eyes to keep from staring. I admire a picture on the wall, then my eyes fall on a sleeping Jamie anything but looking at Rodger. I try to ignore him for as long as possible, but look back just as he is slipping his shorts to the floor. He is surly not hard, but even so, he has a beautiful package. His chest, which I have seen on one other occasion, is even better up close. He has not a hair on it and very well defined pecs and shoulders. He does not have a six-pack, but has one of the cutest bellies I have ever seen. I am lost in his body and I can't help but stare as I take it all in. I feel a lump on my throat and a larger lump in my shorts that I shift to conceal. Rodger reaches for Sean's shirt and tries to sit the still crying and utterly lifeless boy up. I am still staring and forget to help. With a chuckle, he says "Little help here?" His voice snaps me out of my dream state.

"Oh, Sorry" I say as I reach for Sean's shirt clad chest and help sit him up. We make short work of the shirt and I look down, I can't help but marvel at the resemblance of the two brothers. Coming from different fathers, they look almost identical. Next it's time for the shorts. By this time, Sean has slipped off to sleep. Rodger un-buttons the shorts and we start to pull them down revealing the top of a patch of pubic hair.

"Um, he's not wearing any underwear" I manage to whisper through a very dry and tightening throat.

"No surprise, when he gets lazy and forgets to do his laundry, he is like that a lot." Rodger whispers back. "He'll be fine sleeping naked, As long as he doesn't get to excited and make a mess overnight" Rodger giggles, making me almost cream myself by this point.

We pull the shorts the rest of the way off, and I can't help but admire the lightly haired skin of Sean's pubic region. When the cool air hits Sean's crotch it has the effect it has on most 14 year olds and he lengthens a bit. Still not fully hard, but he looks about five inches now, no telling what a full erection may produce. But I don't have to wait long. As Rodger starts to pull at his younger brothers socks, he lightly tickles his feet, producing a groan from his brother and another growth to his erection. Sean is now full hard at about six and a half inches and he is leaking precum already. Uttering a sadistic giggle, Rodger starts to pull at the other sock, eliciting a whimper this time.

At this point, the man of my dreams is in his boxers. I am hard as granite; between us we have a fourteen-year-old boy who is getting off on cool air and us tickling his feet. Rodger hands me Sean's left leg and foot, I give him a dumb look, having no idea what he wants me to do with it. I start to tuck it in the bed, but Rodger hisses and shakes his head. Lightly he brings Sean's right foot close to his mouth, is he gonna do what I think? He stops short of sucking or licking his brothers' toes. He starts to blow ever so lightly on the bottom of Sean's foot. Sean's dick jumps and a huge stream of precum leaks from the tip. In shock, I look at Rodger, "You've done this before?" I ask.

"Never, I never even knew that doing this could turn someone on. You do it also" Slowly I bring Sean's foot to my mouth, gingerly blowing on his foot, Rodger does the same. Sean is in ecstasy, thrashing around and bucking his hips in his sleep. We keep it up for a minute longer, every few seconds, I look at Rodger and he looks at me and we exchange looks of pure evil. As a finale to bring his brother to the end, Rodger looks at me and me at him and we both, without prompting take Sean's toes into our mouth and suck. It tastes a slightly bitter, but I am so horned now, that I don't care. Sean screeches, his ass knots up as he lifts from the bed and shoots a huge rope of cum up past his head, the last few shots landing on his face, chest and belly. Rodger looks at me and we both laugh maniacally and get up. We leave the cum covered boy to wake up like that. As we turn to leave, Sean's tongue darts from his mouth and scoops up a bit of his own seed. He smiles in his sleep, rolls over, smearing his load all over his sheets.

When we get in the hall, I look at Rodger. I want to go to him but I can't. He looks slightly embarrassed, but I am sure I do also. Quietly he points to his brothers' room and says. "I'm gonna head to bed with them tonight. Thanks for everything. I will see you soon I hope?"

I am able to get the word "Sure" to pass my lips before I feel like I am going to die.

With a huge wet spot that he in no is trying to hide, he goes back into the younger Thompsons' room and shuts the door. As I walk down the stairs, I am yelling at my boner to go away and as I get to the bottom, it has finally paid attention and I am able to walk normal. I find Dad and Margo talking again. Afraid that if I were to talk, my voice would betray me, I just motion my head toward the door and hug Margo.

Dad says to Margo "Ten A.M., Main Office?"

She says "yes" and we are out the door.

As we get in the Jeep I say to Dad, "Can you help me with the top when we get home? It's supposed to rain tomorrow"

"Sure" he says and we pull away from the curb a bit jerky, I assume due to my nerves.

Very little is said on the drive home. Dad says things are all worked out and will be taken care of tomorrow. I trust him and don't ask any questions.

As we pull in the drive, I park and we get out. Dad starts to head in and I have to remind him that I need his help. He comes back and we start to put the top up. Part way through, Dad looks at me.

"You fancy him, don't you?" he says.

"Fancy" I say. "What are we in England? Has that word been approved to be used in the US?" I ask. All the while trying to avoid the original question.

Obviously flustered, Dad stutters, "You know what I mean, you like him. You, Son, want to jump that boys bones."

"Please father. Must we discuss this?" I ask somewhat nervous.

My father is un-deterred. "Your brothers and I had these talks, I don't see why it has to be any different"

"I guess it doesn't have to be. Thanks for trying. Yes, I do `fancy Him.' I guess I am just a bit nervous talking to you about it. But, I'm even more nervous that I might slip up around him. I'll get over it all."

We finish, I hug him and we head inside. Along the way I say, "Thanks for helping dad, and thanks for trying to understand me. That is all I can ask for."

We walk inside. Dad says "I am going to fill Mom in on the whole thing. You, off to bed. It is late as hell"

I'm off to bed, but that does not mean I am going to sleep anytime soon. As soon as I am alone in my room, I strip and jump on my bed. Fumbling in my desk drawer I pull out a porn magazine and start to jerk off. About two minutes into it, I toss the magazine aside and close my eyes. Again, like every time in the last week, I see visions of Rodger. This time he is sucking on my toes, reaching up and jacking my cock while he's at it. Urgently I pull my foot from his mouth and replace my toes with my tongue. I reach down and jack his huge rod as he does it to me. In no time I am creaming myself and my pillow and my headboard and my east facing window and the wall. Suffice to say it was a big one.

I roll over and try to sleep. Sleep comes very slow and fitful. As busy and eventful as my day was, I am not at all tired. I toss and turn, rolling over and over. When I do sleep, my dreams are all messed up again. I see is little green wagon with Rodger sitting naked in it. He is eating Oreos and has crumbs everywhere. I am jerking him off, and, damn he is so cute. Then, I am pulling the wagon across a bridge, I drop the handle. The wagon careens out of control, crashing head-on with a truck. I wake covered in sweat, shaking like a leaf. I can's sleep again after that. I get up and head to the fridge for a snack.

As I walk down the stairs the dogs wake up. They go to the back kitchen door and want to be let out. I grab a pop tart and a drink and go out to watch them play in the backyard. Sitting naked on the railing, I watch them as they chase each other and roll around, getting covered in dew. After an hour, they come up on the deck and we go in. It is five in the morning.

I lay awake for another two hours and get up the first time the alarm rings. I am sitting in my seat in English class when the teacher walks in. He is even more surprised to see me than I am to be here this early. He asks if anything is wrong. Chuckling, I say, "No, So far everything is right. I just hope it stays that way. Oh, Sir I slept like crap last night. If I doze off just throw something. Let me apologize in advance."

He looks a bit perturbed, but I flash him a grin no one could hate, and put my head down. Off to pleasant dreams I go.