BOLERO: A Trilogy by A. Terenas
Part I: The Stranger
Chaper 5: Stitches

Lover, there will be another one
Who'll hover
Over you beneath the sun
See the things that never come
I finally gained control of myself, and I sat down at my desk. I was so angry, angry at Tom and at James, angry with myself for allowing this to happen--no wait, Chris, nothing to be angry with yourself for. In the all-too-famous words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tommorrow is another day."
Oh boy, today was going to be a smasher. I had Tom first period and James second, and they both owed me explanations but I wasn't going to force anything. Let them come to me. So there I sit, first period Latin I, it's about thirty minutes before school and I hear

"Christopher?" I turned around.

"Yes, Tom?"

"About yesterday. Look, James just wanted me to tell you--"

"Then James can tell me himself. Where is he?"


"Thank you." With that, I left for his room.

I got to the door, pointed at him, and then gestured for him to approach. Tom was right behind me.

"Christopher. I--"

Anger overtook me. "You WHAT?"

"I want to apologize."

"For going at it with a straight guy? Don't apologize, explain. This is more confusing than offensive."

"Tom seduced me."

"Did not!" he said.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, BOTH OF YOU. NOW, Tom, James, what in the HELL is going on?"

"Christopher, it's over between us. I'm with Tom now."


When you'll see me fly away
Without you
Shadow on the things you knew
Feathers fall about you
Pointing the way to go.

And for the next four years, ninth through twelfth grade, I set my sights on greater things. My chief new target was Sam. Sam and I had known each other for several years prior to this one, and although he was quite handsome, I had never seen him with a girl. In fact, I strongly suspected that he was gay. In the summer between ninth and tenth grades, Sam was at my house about twice a week. We would walk around the neigborhood and talk, and I assure you that in the summer of 2001 there was a lot to talk about. President Bill Bradley (oops, wishful thinking) had done away with Social Security (oops again) and our parents paid subsantially reduced income taxes We were at war with China (I have GOT to stop fantasizing about the next couple years), and winning (of course). On a smaller scale, Nashville was a happenin' city of about 3 million, a population that had exploded from 586,000 in 1999. James, Tom, and their puzzling relationship were distant thoughts even though I had once loved James.

It was at the end of one of those CNN-esque walks in the summer of '01 that Sam and I hit it big. I was walking toward my front door when Sam and I made the quick decision to spend the night at his house. I left a note for my ever-absent parents, packed up a couple things and some equipment "just in case" and headed three streets over to where he lived.

I came in and we watched TV for about an hour, all the while conversing about different teenage topics and yelling about Governor Bredesen's (AARGH! STOP, Chris!) graduated-licensing programs which would prevent us from getting our learner's permits this year. Eventually around 11 PM, the MTV and the small talk stopped at once.

We went to bed, and that's when the real fun started. I slipped down to my briefs and he to his, and we both got into his double bed. Lying there must have made us hot for each other, because I couldn't resist for much longer.

We locked eyes for a second and then he broke out into a big grin, showing a set of amazingly sexy teeth. Sexy teeth? Shit, I'm really horny. Sam got up on his knees, and I "assumed the position". He put his long rod (9'') on the edge of my hole and shoved in. It felt so good. I wanted this to be the first of many times.  He kept pushing until he was
all the way in and then he lay down on top of me.
"Oh God! Sam! Fuck me. Oh yeah, fuck me, Sam." I was really getting in to this.

Sam did.  He raised up and pushed back in hard. My moans rose in volume with the force of his dick in my ass.  He
plowed hard and pushed my prostate, heightening his pleasure (and mine, obviously). He drove into me with a force that created a slapping sound in the room and caused the bed to bounce with our humping. I helped him, raising my ass and squeezing my ass muscles to caress Sam's bone-like cock. Our entire bodies rose and fell, ever closer to achieve their goal.   Sam raised up and pulled his dick all the way out. I whined at the sudden exit. Sam pushed it back in with a powerful lunge and
touched bottom.  He pulled it back out and plunged back in again and again and again. He did that many times. Faster, harder until we were both so close that we could no longer stand it. Over the edge we went, taking reality with us. I've never been so happy in my entire life.

Lover, there will be another one
Who'll hover
over you beneath the sun
See the things that never come

End Part 1, Chapter 5.

Text from "Birds" Copyright Neal Young.

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