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Book Worms

Chapter 2

Rafael and I were quieter around each other for a few days. It’s not that we kept away from each other. In fact, we probably hung around each other more… in the library, that is. But I had almost kissed him. We both knew that. We both knew he would have let me. He might have let me do even more.

He was like a boner magnet. Every time I got around him, my cock started to thicken. I was forever standing behind counters or carrying books low to cover myself. Rafael seemed to have the same problem. I wondered if mine was as visible as his – Rafael appeared to be well-hung. And that was distracting as well. It was unsettling that I couldn’t keep my eyes off his rather prominent package.

We met the next Friday night at my house, and my two new friends met my mother. Mom was cordial, but shaken by Claudia and Rafael. It was a great night.

We met the Friday night after that at Rafael’s house. Two of his older brothers were at the football game, but I met his dad, and his oldest brother, as well as his youngest brother who was ten. They seemed to like me. His dad was more than pleased that I was a ‘jock’. Rafael’s mom, who seemed to consider Rafael her favorite, loved me. It was almost embarrassing how much she endeavored to wait on me.

Though I didn’t hang with Rafael or Claudia outside of the library, the more I was seen with them inside the library, obviously being friends, the less my friends hung around me or welcomed me to their group when they were just hanging. It occurred to me that I was becoming marginalized, like Rafael and Claudia, though the worst name I overheard for myself was ‘librarian’, which wasn’t so bad.

Rafael, Claudia, and I started calling each other our own nicknames. Mine was Ahdy, of course, but we started calling Rafael, Rahfy, and Claudia, Claude.

Whenever I worked at the library, I worked near Rafael. The more I worked near him, the more we brushed arms or shoulders, the more we bumped into each other, or rested the outside of our legs together when we sat together.

In late October, Miss Gutierrez began talking about the Dallas ‘convention’, scheduled for early December. Rafael, Claudia, and I would all be going, along with four of the older girls. She mentioned we’d be staying in a hotel, and that Rafael and I would share one room while the girls shared two others.

The news that I’d be sharing a room with Rafael had a dramatic effect on me. In public, I laughed off any teasing as being unimportant. But inside, I was excited; I was beyond excited. I knew for a certainty, that he and I would finally kiss. We would do more than kiss.

For the first time, I let myself imagine sex with another boy; with Rafael. At night, in my bed, I dreamed of things that might happen, and I jacked off. It’s not that I knew that much about what two guys could do. I’d certainly heard about things like cocksucking and cornholing, and I did my best to imagine Rahfy and me doing those things. Ironically, I still didn’t let myself think of myself as being gay, but I did think of Rafael that way.

Football ended. Guys began getting ready for basketball. I didn’t give it much thought.
Basketball was never my best sport anyway, and it wasn’t like Coach came looking for me to play. Besides, I didn’t want to give up Friday nights with Claude and Rahfy.

A week before Thanksgiving, Rahfy was quieter than usual. He started to say something and then didn’t. The second time he did that, I simply asked, “Rahfy, are you trying to tell me something?”

He smiled weakly. “It’s just… for Thanksgiving, I… I asked my parents if I could invite you over because I knew you liked football and my dad and brothers like it, too, and I wondered if… ” He took a deep breath and turned away. “I wondered if you’d like to come.”

We always went to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. My mom visited with her sisters. My cousins fought. My granddad and uncles watched the game. It had been okay in the past, but suddenly, it looked like a poor second choice to me.

“Sure,” I said. “I just gotta clear it with my mom.”

I was nice to her that night, and she noticed it, instantly. She kept eyeing me suspiciously. So I waited.

I was nice to her again the next night. She was suspicious again, at first, but then seem to relax.

Sunday, after church, seemed a good time to ask.

“Mom?” I said, as she drove us home. “Rahfy’s invited me to his house for Thanksgiving. His dad and brothers are all huge Cowboys fans and they make a big deal of watching the game and all, and I was wondering if I could go over there Thanksgiving.”

Mom frowned. “You know we always go to your grandmother’s.”

I nodded, still trying the ‘nice’ approach. “But none of my cousins are my age,” I pointed out. “And the grownups all crowd the TV for the game and talk too loud for me to hear anything. Please, Mom, just this once?”

“Rafael has brothers?” she asked, surprised.

“Sure. And they like football a lot.”

“What about Chuy, Michael and Able?” she asked. “I never see them around anymore.”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to. She knew they all played football, and that I’d missed the entire season with them.

Mom chewed her lip. I could tell that she didn’t want to tell me ‘no’. Me going to my grandmother’s wasn’t that big a deal to her, and she probably figured she owed me a lot of ‘yes’s.

“Are they like Rafael?” she asked. “I mean… honey… isn’t Rafael just a little bit effeminate?”

I shrugged, feigning indifference. “He’s okay, Mom. And his brothers are all plenty macho.”

She considered, turned the corner onto our street, and then nodded. “Alright.”

I arrived at Rafael’s at mid-morning. His little brother was watching the Macy’s parade on TV. His mom was in the kitchen and the entire house smelled of turkey and vegetables and pie.

Rafael took me back to the room he shared with his little brother, and showed me his books – much fewer than mine; he used the library. He showed me what games he had, and a chess set his grandfather had hand carved for him.

“Who’s that?” I asked, pointing to a picture on the wall of a boy who looked like Rahfy’s little brother when he was even younger.

“Me,” Rafael said with a smile.

“You were a cute kid,” I told him.

He grinned. “I have other pictures,” he told me.

He grabbed up a shoe box and we sat, side-by-side, on his bed while he showed me pictures of him as a kid, playing, Christmas mall pictures, cub scouts, and such. He handled the pictures lovingly; his long fingers tracing over them fondly, almost wistfully, especially the photos with his granddad. It struck me that he must have been very happy as a little kid.

I stole glances at him; comparing him to the remarkably cute little boy in the photos… a little kid with large eyes, who had large eyes still. Our sides were together as we sat. I grew hard. So did Rafael. His boner traveled down his pants leg, and looked huge – I wasn’t used to seeing other guys’ boners, and on a slender fifteen-year-old like Rahfy, it really did look big.

He finished with the pictures, and sat there, holding the last in his hand. Our sides pressed comfortably.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said softly, then looked up at me with a smile, his face only inches from mine.

“I’m glad I am,” I told him.

He smiled, and his eyes dropped to my lap. Our boners were obvious.

“I’m not sure I can stand up,” I whispered.

Rafael laughed, and looked up at me, a surprised grin on his face. And then his eyes dropped to my lips, and we sat there, looking at each other’s lips, until he put the pictures back in the box.

“We probably should go back out,” he said.

We stood and turned our backs to each other to rearrange inside our pants. Then we went out to join his little brother watching the parade.

His older brothers, the ones I hadn’t met, liked me as well as the others did. They all liked me. And they sympathized with me not being able to play football. I sat beside Rafael at the dinner table, and he seemed really happy – happy that I was there, happy that his family liked me.

His dad and brothers called me Rojo, which means Red. His mom called me Flaco, which means skinny, though it’s not quite the same in Spanish.

We crowded in the living room to watch the Cowboys’ game. Rafael and I wound up lying on the floor because the couches and chairs were full. I was on my side with my head propped on my elbow. Rafael’s little brother, Danny, used the side of my waist as a pillow for the back of his head.

After the game, the Hinojosa brothers decided to get up a scratch game of flag football.

“C’mon, Ahdy,” the oldest called.

I glanced at Rafael.

“Ralph never plays,” one of the brothers said.

My eyes met Rahfy’s. “Come on,” I told him. “It’ll be fun.”

It had been cold, but now the sun was out and the air was still. It felt good to move around. When one of the brothers took off his shirt, I took off mine, too.

Rafael made a point of not staring, but I could tell he looked and liked what he saw. His brothers looked me over, too; the way one guy sizes up another before taking him on in football.

I made sure that Rafael and I got on the same team, and it was obvious that, indeed, he didn’t play much. I helped him. I showed him how to catch, how to block, how to go after the quarterback.

“We’ve tried to show him stuff,” one of the brothers said. “He never listened to us.”

Rafael blushed.

I shrugged. “Some coaches have it,” I said, “some don’t.”

Rafael’s brother smiled.

“Hey, Rojo,” the oldest asked, as we prepared to go back inside. “Are your short hairs red, too?”

I laughed. “Yeah.”

“No shit?” the second oldest said. “Seriously?”

I nodded.

“Let’s see,” he demanded.

All five brothers, including Rafael and his ten-year-old little brother, crowded around me, expectantly. I laughed.

“I’m not taking off my pants in the middle of the street,” I told them.

“Just pull the front down,” the second oldest said.

I glanced at Rafael. He cocked an eyebrow, amused. Then his eyes dropped to my jeans.

With a sigh, I opened the front of my jeans and pushed down the elastic of my briefs to reveal my pubes.

“That’s weird,” one brother commented.

Another said something in Spanish and they laughed. I felt my cock begin to thicken because Rafael was looking at my pubes.

Then the second oldest leaned in, pinched a couple of my pubes in his fingers, and pulled. I yelped, and he held two red hairs up triumphantly while I quickly zipped up.

“You shouldn’t have done that, George,” the oldest said, clapping him on the back. “Rojo doesn’t have enough of those to begin with.”

The brother with my pubes laughed and tossed them away.

The brothers headed back inside, clowning and back clapping. I walked over to pick up my shirt and Rafael followed. He glanced back toward where we’d been standing in the road. “You can go inside,” he said. “I’m gonna go collect two red hairs as souvenirs.”

I guffawed, pulling on my shirt. “Forget it. I’ll give you more, later.”

Rafael’s jaw dropped. Then he grinned widely. His eyes dropped to my belly as my shirt fell over it.

“You have a very nice body, Ahdy,” he said, quietly.

We watched the rest of the second game on TV. By the end, it had grown dark outside. Mom called to say she was done at my grandparents and would be by to pick me up. So Rafael and I went outside to wait.

We drifted away from the front of the house, and moved to the side to be out of the breeze. It had grown cold. We shuffled our feet as we talked.

Rafael wore only a sweater. When he shivered, I said, “here,” and pulled him into my jacket. As simple at that, his slender body was in my arms, his cold cheek against mine.

He slipped his arms around me, inside my jacket. I wrapped mine around his back. Our packages pressed, and as we stood there, they grew hard. Holding his smaller, slender frame, with strands of his long hair blowing in the breeze, was like holding a girl. It was better than holding a girl. Rahfy had an erection.

His cheek against mine was warm, soft. His torso felt harder, firmer than that of any girl I ever hugged. I could feel his hipbones against mine. I could feel his strength as he hugged me back. The more sensations I felt, the more I realized that holding another boy with an erection to my body and my erection, aside from the thrill resulting from its forbidden nature, was a hell of a lot more exciting than holding a girl.

I placed my lips on his. He had firm lips. His breath smelled of Thanksgiving cookies. We kissed, and pulled each other tighter. We pressed our erections together. I’d frenched girls a couple of times. I did it to Rahfy. Our mouths opened and the kiss grew incredibly hot. That Rahfy was a boy, kissing me back, made it even more so.

We paused for a ragged breath, pressing cheeks. “I’ve been thinking,” I whispered, “about how we’re going to share a room when we go to Dallas.”

Rafael nodded. “Me, too.”

His beautiful long hair was cold against my face, but the scent was rich, like the roots of healthy hair. His forehead rolled against the side of my head. We kissed again, longer, grinding our erections between us.

“We should stop,” I whispered. “My mom will be here soon, and I don’t want my pants all wet with cum.”

We separated, but only a moment. And then he was back in my arms, hugging my neck. I pulled him to me, his belly to mine. My hands dropped to his rounded bottom.

Suddenly, headlights reflected off the tops of trees. We stepped apart.

“Tell your folks,” I said, “that I had a great time. My best Thanksgiving ever!”

Rafael smiled.

“Something’s different,” Claudia said the following evening. She said it as soon as we sat down at her kitchen table and her mom left the room. “I can tell,” she said.

I glanced at Rafael. He grinned.

“What is it?” she demanded. “C’mon, I know something’s happened.”

Her eyes went wide and she leaned across the table. “Did you two… ‘do it’?”

I frowned.

“Well, something’s happened,” she said with a frown of her own.

I glanced at Rafael. He looked uncertain; like maybe I wouldn’t admit what I did with him, even to Claude.

I shrugged. After all, it was Claude. “I kissed him,” I said.

Her smiled, widened. “I knew it!”

Rafael leaned forward with a conspiratorial smile. “He didn’t just kiss me,” he said in his quiet, delicate voice. “He really kissed me. I had to hide the wet spot on my pants when I went inside.”

Claudia’s mouth dropped and her eyes went wide. She looked at me.

I shook my head. “I didn’t do anything to his pants,” I protested.

“No,” Rafael quickly said, grinning. “He did it to me. I did it to my pants.”

“No shit?” I asked, with a surprised chuckle.

“That had to be some kiss,” Claudia said. “I wanna see.”

“We can’t kiss here,” I told her.

“Come back to my room,” she said, rising from the table.

“Claudia,” I protested, trying to keep my voice down. “We’re here for our meeting.”

“Bullshit,” she said, coming around to my side of the table. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Then holding my hand, she grabbed Rafael’s and dragged us both back to her room, shutting the door behind her.

“What’s your mom going to say?” I asked. “Two boys in your room with the door closed.”

Claudia waved her hand dismissively. “My mom doesn’t care. She likes you two.” She sat on a chair which she had at a small desk and turned it to face us. Leaning back like she was about to direct a scene, she nodded. “Go ahead.”

I glanced at Rafael. His eyes dropped to my lips. This was going to be a lot better than the evening before. We were inside and no jackets.

I stepped up to Rafael. His eyes never left my lips. As I slipped my hands behind his waist and pulled his belly to mine, he slipped his arms around my neck. Our lips met, and for a few moments, we simply kissed. He ran his fingers into the back of my hair, and I ran my hands over his lean back, feeling bone and muscle.

Our bodies pressed. We grew hard. Our mouths opened. I dropped my hands to his bottom and squeezed, pulling our erections together, harder. He had a nicely rounded bottom; not large, but pleasantly fleshy.

Rafael melted even more to me, one of his legs coming between mine. I slid a hand up to the small of his back to pull him tighter, and my hand slid under his shirt. His skin was soft; surprisingly soft. And warm. I ran both hands up his back, under his shirt.

“Take your shirts off,” Claudia encouraged with a slight tenseness in her voice.

I didn’t need encouragement. I pulled Rafael’s shirt up and off him. As it went back over his head, it pulled his hair way back and it made his face look different… more finely featured.

His torso was lean, and I was surprised. I could see the outlines of flat muscles, including his abs. He was one of those guys with naturally low body fat.

His olive skin had a glow. It was soft to the touch. His small nipples were dark, his shoulders, which he always held back, were angular. I ran my hand over them, admiring, as he gathered up the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up over my head.

It dropped to the floor behind me and we came back into each other’s arms, skin on skin.

Rafael’s hands roamed my back, my shoulders, my biceps, my pecs. Neither of us had forgotten that Claudia was in the room, but we didn’t really care at the moment.

Fifteen-year-olds experience passion. Rafael and I sure did. We pawed at each other’s butt and ran our hands over one another’s body. I wanted more. I wanted to strip him. I wanted us to fall back onto Claudia’s bed naked. But we couldn’t with Claudia there. We were somewhat helpless to go much farther, standing in the middle of her room.

We slowed. Rafael leaned his head on my shoulder, nuzzling into my neck. He sighed. We held each other. I rocked him in my arms.

Claudia got up quietly, walked to the door, and stepped outside, closing the door behind her.

“Does she expect us to keep going?” I asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” Rafael said, kissing the nape of my neck.

“I want to,” I said. “But I want to wait, too. I mean… I’ve been dreaming about us having a hotel room, and I… you know, I want to do it right.”

Rafael nodded. “I know,” he said, stroking my shoulder and chest with his fingers. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

I shook my head. “You’re the beautiful one,” I said. “Your hair, your eyes, your face.”

He lifted his head and we kissed again, longer.

He pressed his cheek to mine. “I’ve got a wet spot again.”

I nodded. “Precum? Me too.”

He nodded. He hugged me tighter.

“It’s gonna be a helluva long two weeks,” I said, beginning to think we maybe should get off together, somehow, after all.

But Rafael stepped back, pulling from my arms. He took my hand and kissed it. It was strange to have a boy do that. He turned my hand over and kissed my palm, then held it to the side of his face. I pulled him on around and back to me, his back to my front. I hugged him back with my free hand. He kissed my palm; I kissed the side of his neck. His bottom rested back against my hip.

The door opened and closed.

It was Claudia… standing just inside. “Shit,” she said. “I thought you two would be farther along.” She smiled, sadly. “Mom says supper’s ready.”

After supper, with just the three of us in the kitchen, Rafael and I moved our chairs side by side across from Claudia. The sides of our legs pressed.

“You could sleepover at one of your houses,” Claudia suggested.

Rafael shook his head. “I share a room with my little brother.”

“And my mom would freak,” I said. I glanced at Rafael. “No offense, but she… ” I shrugged. “You know, I should just tell her I’m having you over.”

Rafael laid his long-fingered hand my thigh. “Two weeks,” he said with a smile.

They were two of the longest weeks of my life. And yet, it was fun. The three of us were in our own world in the library. Others noticed.

“Ahdy,” Michael said, one day after he and Chuy had pulled me aside between classes. “When you go to this librarian thing in Dallas, trade with one of the girls to sleep in a girl’s room.”

“What?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah,” Chuy agreed. “Get Morticia to sleep with Rahfy and you sleep in with the girls.” He grinned. “Who knows, you might get lucky.”

“Yeah, right. I might get busted,” I pointed out.

Michaels’ look grew more serious. “Look, Ahdy, people are starting to think you’re hanging out with Claudia and Rafael cuz you’re going, like, queer. Don’t hang around with them so much, and, shit, man, don’t share a hotel room with Rafael! Just don’t go to Dallas. Tell them you’re sick.”

My face grew hot. There was no way I was going to back down from going. “I’m going,” I said. “There are gonna be girls from Houston and Dallas there.”

“Yeah, you told us,” Michael conceded. “But I’m serious, Ahdy. If you go up there, get laid. It’s really important, okay?”

I nodded. And then I smiled, sincerely. “Getting laid in Dallas sounds great to me!”

Michael smiled, uncertainly. “Good.” He clapped me on the back, and they headed for the next class.

Friday, one week before we were to leave, I found Rafael waiting excitedly for me in the library. He led me back to the returns room, where we stepped away from the door.

As I took those short steps to follow him, my eyes fell to his hair, slender frame, and his bottom. He walked so lightly. Now that I was making love to him nightly in my imagination as I jacked off, everything about Rahfy excited me even more.

He turned to face me, grinning, and I lifted my eyes to his.

“My parents are going to San Antonio tomorrow to see my mom’s sister,” he said. “They’re going to drop me off at the mall so I can buy clothes. You know… so I have something to wear in Dallas. And they said I could ask if you want to go with us.”

“Cool!” I told him, smiling, getting hard like I seemed to constantly do around him now. “Let me check with my mom.”

He grinned. He glanced at the door. I glanced back at it over my shoulder. We weren’t visible from the front. No one could see us unless they walked in. We hadn’t tried kissing in the library, but I knew what was going through his mind… my mind, too.

I pulled him into my arms. Even as I did so, he wrapped his arms around my neck. Our lips met. Our hardnesses met. Our bellies pressed. Our mouths opened.

It was stupid, it was crazy. Any of the other librarians could walk in on us. Fortunately, Claudia was the one who did.

“Whoa!” she said from the door. “You guys starting a fire back here?”

We jumped apart.

“I came to see what you two were talking about,” she said. “Some conversation.”

“We were talking,” Rafael said. “We’re going to San Antonio tomorrow; clothes shopping.”

Claudia’s eyes lit up. “Can I go, too?”

Rafael glanced at me. I shrugged.

“Sure,” he said.

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