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Book Worms

Chapter 3

We met at Rafael’s. His parents had an old Chevy, and his dad told us to climb into the back seat.

“I get motion sickness,” Claudia told him. “I need to sit beside a window.”

Rafael’s dad nodded and motioned her on in. Claudia gave us a wink, and I realized she’d said that so Rafael and I would have an excuse to sit together.

Rafael took the middle, and I took the other door. We talked. We talked a lot on the way, but part of my mind stayed on the feel of Rafael’s shoulder and arm against mine, and his calf beside my calf. The bare skin of his arm was absolutely smooth.

The farther we got from Sequin, the more relaxed I became. Once Rafael’s parents dropped us off, we’d be far from anyone we knew, and I could let myself really enjoy being with Rahfy.

The farther we got from Sequin, the more relaxed Rafael became as well. At least, he seemed to smile and talk more. The three of us in the back seat leaned together to chat, and the time passed quickly.

North Star Mall and Central Park Mall sat across San Pedro Avenue from each other. Rafael’s parents dropped us off at North Star, the larger of the two, just as it was opening for the day. Rahfy’s dad told us to be back out front at five.

As they drove away, and we stepped inside, I put my arm over Rafael’s shoulders and hugged him to my side as we walked; something I would never have done back home, but that I’d been tempted to do many, many times.

Claudia, on my other side, poked me, and so I threw my other arm over her shoulders as well, and the three of us strolled through the mall, side-by-side, my arms over their shoulders and their arms behind my back.

My mom had given me money for clothes. Claudia’s, and of course Rafael’s, parents had given them money as well. We simply wandered at first, but then found a bookstore.

Inside, we drifted away from each other. But then Rafael came to get me and led me over to the section of books labeled “Social Sciences”. It contained books unlike any in our high school library.

Pulling me close beside him, he opened a book entitled, Show Me, and turned quickly to a page that contained a picture of two teenage boys, about our age, embracing. It showed them from the waist up… without clothes.

“Oh, shit,” I murmured, leaning the side of my body to his as I looked more closely.

Rafael flipped to another page. The same two boys were naked on their sides in what I recognized must be a sixty-nine. The picture was taken in such a way that you couldn’t see their privates, but the rest of their bodies were visible.

“Oh, shit,” I murmured.

Rafael showed me more. The book was supposedly written to help parents teach their children about sex, and it had children in it, including more than one photo of a prepubescent boy with a hard-on. It had pictures of teens, too, including the two gay boys, and of adults, copulating. It included a close-up of a dick going into a vagina. People don’t realize, but back then, in the seventies, stores could carry books like that because they were educational.

There were other books on sex, a few with illustrations. I found one with a section on “Homosexual Sex Practices.” I covered the heading with the heel of my hand because ‘homosexual’ looked so… prominent.

“Rahfy,” I whispered. “I think I’ve hit the jackpot.”

He closed the book he was reading and looked over my shoulder, resting the front of his shoulder against the back of mine. I held the book up so he could read it, too.

The beginning of the section had a blurb about how homosexuality was finally becoming accepted as normal in the psychiatric community. Then it got to the ‘good stuff’.

I could hear his breathing. He could probably hear mine. The section briefly described frottage, intercrural sex, fellatio, and even anal sex.

Rafael rested his hand on my back, about the time I got to the anal sex section. I figured he was there as well.

Anal sex, it said, is favored by many gay men. With proper lubrication, both partners can find the experience pleasurable, particularly if the penetrator uses his erect penis to stimulate the prostate of his partner, even to climax.

“Lubricant?” Rafael mumbled softly.

“Prostate?” I mouthed.

The section mentioned positions for anal sex. If both partners are slender, it said, and if the penetrator has at least an average length erection, they can achieve a missionary type position, face to face which allows a greater intimacy than other positions. This works best when the penetrator is the taller of the partners.

I swallowed hard. Beside me, Rafael barely breathed.

I finished the section and handed the book to Rafael, and reached for the Show Me book again. I quickly turned to the page that had the close up of a dick going into a vagina. I thought they could be the missionary position, though the guy had his knees splayed to the sides under the back of the girl’s legs. And sure enough, I thought I could see the girl’s anus.

Rafael was watching me. I handed the open book to him. He looked at the picture and flushed deeply. We grabbed other books. I wanted to find a diagram of a prostate, and thought I’d have to go looking for anatomy books. But then the word, prostate, caught my eye on a page with diagrams of the male reproductive system.

Rafael was a foot away. I figured he probably knew what a prostate was, but showed him the diagram and pointed to it. He in turn, showed me a book with a paragraph on personal lubricants and substitutes.

He didn’t look me in the eye, and I didn’t try to look him in the eye. My face was hot. He looked flushed. “Damn,” I whispered, trying to lighten the mood, “wouldn’t it be great to have these in the library?”

He chuckled.

Claudia wanted to see what we were looking at, and we showed her the Show Me book. She paged through it with Rafael and me looking over her shoulders, until the store manager came over and asked us to put the book away and move to another section. By then, we were all flushed and dry-mouthed.

We walked silently back out into the mall. Rafael and I walked with our hands over our middles.

Claudia looked from him to me and took a deep breath. “Perhaps we should look for clothes,” she suggested.

Buying clothes in the early seventies was a little like walking a high wire without a net; at least for fifteen-year-olds. Almost anything went, except good taste. There were, however, a few tasteful exceptions, and Rafael and I were of similar mind when it came to them.

We showed each other clothes that we liked. We clowned a lot, trying things on. We unwound quickly from the ‘stress’ of our earlier book encounter.

Rafael and I helped Claudia choose well, or at least better than her inclinations. She had a nice body – slender, small curves and breasts – and it was fun to see how things looked on her. As little as a few months before, I might have been turned on by her. Even now, the main reason I wasn’t was that she was Claude, after all. She was like a sister.

We looked more than bought, though. About one-thirty in the afternoon, we ate at the food court.

“I think you should each buy something special for Friday night and Saturday night.”

There were dinners planned, and a visit to a high school musical. “I have a sports coat, already,” I told her.

Claudia gave me an exasperated look and bonked my head. “I meant for later, Ahdy. For when you and Rahfy – duh! – go to bed.”

“Oh,” I murmured, nodding, stealing a glance at Rafael.

He blushed.

“I should take you,” she said. “I should take you one at a time to pick something sexy that the other one can’t see till the night you wear it.”

“Sexy? Like what?” I asked, suspiciously.

“We’ll see,” she said, simply.

A few minutes later, after banishing Rafael to an entirely different floor of the department store, Claudia and I looked through packages of bikini briefs. She frowned.

“I wish I could see these on you.”

“Yeah, right,” I said. “I mean, like speedos are larger than these things.”

She grinned. “That’s the idea.” She grabbed up a loose one; black, and held it up beside my face. It wasn’t much more than a little ball of nylon. “With that creamy skin of yours and that wine-colored hair, black would look so sexy.”

She glanced around. The store was full of Christmas shoppers. Since we were in the boy’s and youth section, there were moms with little kids running around. The entrance to the dressing rooms was in the back corner, and the lone attendant was running ragged trying to keep up.

Claudia grabbed up several loose briefs off the table.

“C’mon,” she said, motioning for me to follow.

“Claudia, I don’t think it’s legal to try on underwear,” I told her.

She frowned at me and grabbed my hand, pulling me with her. With a quick glance left and right, she threaded her way through moms with kids, right into the dressing rooms.

“Claude,” I hissed. “It’s men’s dressing rooms.”

“I know that!” she snapped, leading me down the row of dressing cubicles. “But moms are bringing their kids back here, aren’t they?”

Claudia opened the door to the last one on the end and pulled me in. Closing the door behind us, she shoved the black briefs into my chest.

“Try this first,” she whispered.

My eyes went wide. “I’m not gonna try these with you in here!” I said out loud.

She shushed me. “I’ll turn around,” she whispered.

“What? You think I’m going to model these for you?” I asked, whispering, dangling the little ball of nylon from my thumb and finger.

“Yes!” she whispered and turned her back to me.

“This isn’t gonna fit,” I whispered.

“Try it!” she hissed.

With a resigned, shrug, I turned my back to her, and undressed. By the time I was naked, I had a semi over the thought of wearing something that sexy.

“This really isn’t going to work,” I murmured, stretching the briefs open by the waistband, and holding them to my waist.

“Why? Doesn’t it fit?” she asked turning around.

“Claudia!” I whispered harshly, keeping my naked backside to her.

She didn’t turn back around, though.

“Oh,” she whispered softly. “Ahdy, you’ve got a nice ass.”

I glanced back over my shoulder at her with a frown.

“Put ‘em on,” she encouraged.

“I can’t,” I said. “I’m springing a boner.”

“Really?” she asked, trying to peek around me.

“Damn it, Claude!” I said, fending her off.

“Okay, okay,” she whispered, turning back around. “See if they’ll fit on you anyway.”

I slipped them on, but had to route my now-erect cock out to my hip. The nylon barely covered it. I turned partway to the back wall mirror. Where my cock stretched the fabric, it was almost see-through.

Claudia turned toward me again. “Holy shit, Ahdy,” she whispered loudly. “you’ve got to wear that next Friday night.”

Her eyes rose to mine. “I didn’t know a wiener got that big.” She looked back down at my front.

“I’m fifteen, Claude. Boys have wieners. At fifteen, it’s a boner.”

Her eyes darted up to mine and back down. “Can I touch it?”

“Geez, I guess.”

She pressed her fingers lightly on the underside of my cock, through the fabric. With her fingers there, she looked up at me. “Can I see it?” she asked softly.

I frowned, not sure about the idea. But hell, it was just Claude. I nodded.

Taking the elastic waistband carefully into the fingers of her two hands, Claudia peeled the front of the briefs down. My cock sprung up and straight out at her.

Claudia jumped with a squeal, releasing the elastic so that it lifted my cock, pointing it up my belly.

I shushed her.

Claudia bent closer and touched the exposed underside of my cock with her fingers. “It’s soft,” she whispered. She moved her fingers around. “The skin is very soft.”

I’d quit breathing. No one else had ever touched my boner before, and though her touch was light, it was a touch. Precum appeared at the end of my cock.

“Ahdy,” she whispered, looking closer, “are you… coming?”

“That’s precum,” I told her. “It’s lubricant a boy makes. When I come, it’s a lot.”

It was difficult to keep from pressing my cock back against her fingers. “You keep rubbing me like that,” I whispered, “and you’re gonna see cum.”

“Really?” she asked.

She sounded serious. With her eyes locked on my upturned cock, she pressed her fingers harder against the underside.

“You aren’t going to make me come in here,” I whispered, incredulously.

She grinned up at me. “I wanna see it.”

I swallowed hard. Any fifteen-year-old with a hard-on wants to get off. Hell, any fifteen-year-old wants to get off, period.

“Well,” I acknowledged, “it would go down then, and make it easier to try things on.”

She smiled, rubbing.

“Wait,” I said. I peeled the bikini briefs off and tossed them to the side. A small plastic trashcan was on the floor. I put it on the bench. When I turned back to Claudia, her eyes were locked on my wagging cock and dangling balls.

We were both ‘righties’. Turning her to face the direction I was facing, I took her right hand and closed it around my cock. “Close your hand around the shaft and move the skin up and down, like this.” I closed my hand around hers and jacked.

“Oh,” she murmured. “It’s very hard under the skin, isn’t it?”

“You’ve no idea,” I murmured, my eyelids starting to drop.

She leaned back into me, jacking me on her own. I let go of her hand and wrapped my left arm around her waist. It was natural to pull her back against my side. Her hand looked small on my cock. With my right hand, I cupped my balls and fondled them.

“Ahdy?” she asked thoughtfully. “Does this mean that girls turn you on, too?”

“Sure, girls turn me on. I thought you knew that.”

She shook her head without looking back at me. “No. I didn’t.”

After being hard for much of the ride up, and being stroked by someone else’s hand for the first time in my life, it didn’t take long. I grabbed up the can just in time. The unmistakable sound of liquid hitting plastic filled the little room, along with the sounds of my gasps.

“You can stop now,” I said, when it was over.

Reluctantly, Claudia let go of my cock, but then she took the trashcan from me. “All that goes inside a girl?” she asked softly, gazing down into the bucket. “That’s gotta feel weird.” She lifted the bucket and sniffed. “Interesting.”

I wiped the end of my cock with the inside of my own briefs. “We need to get back outside,” I said.

Claudia looked up at me with a frown. “Not till you try some of those others on.”

“You guys took forever,” Rafael said, unhappily, when we found him.

“Oh, hush,” Claudia said. “We’ve got all afternoon. It’s your turn now. I’ve got some things you have to try on.”

When she returned from ‘helping’ Rafael try on briefs, Claudia was grinning from ear to ear. “I’ve seen both your boners,” she said in a sing-song taunt.

My eyes met Rafael’s. He blushed.

She leaned close to me. “We put it in the same trash can. He squirts as much as you did.”

I couldn’t resist asking. “Whose is bigger?” I grinned at Rafael.

Claudia’s face screwed up as she considered the question. “You both look huge to me… down there, that is. Rahfy’s is a little thicker. Yours is a little longer.” Then she grinned. “They’re both beautiful. I bet they’re more beautiful than any other boy’s in our class.”

“You intending to conduct a survey?” I asked with a grin.

She glanced at me from the corner of her eye and the corners of her mouth curled up in a sly smile. “I could,” she said. “But I don’t need to.”

I shifted my shopping bags to my left hand, and slung my arm over Rafael’s shoulder, pulling him close as we walked out of the store and back into the mall. “I get a turn holding your boner, sometime soon,” I whispered in his ear.

He grinned. “I can’t wait to see what you’re going to wear at the hotel, because I know what she picked for me to wear.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Really?”

He grinned. His face was so close and happy, I almost kissed him right there in the mall. It was good I didn’t. Right after that we ran into a brother, sister, and their parents from school. I should have realized that with everyone doing Christmas shopping, we’d probably see someone from back home. Fortunately, at the time, I didn’t have Rafael under my arm. The family only caught us being happy together.

It was right after that we were given free samples of men’s cologne. Aramis was one. There was a sandalwood I liked. They gave us little bottles to take with us.

“I need for you two to go off that way for a while,” Claudia told us. “There’s a little something I want to get you two for our trip.”

“What?” I asked.

Claudia scowled at me. “It’ll be a surprise,” she said. “Now loan me ten dollars that I’m not going to pay you back… each of you.”

“I need to buy something, too,” I told Rafael as we watched Claudia walk away. I turned to Rafael. “Just walk that way for a while. I’ll catch up.”

He eyed me a moment, smiling slightly, then turned away.

I hurried back to the place with Aramis samples.

“I need a lotion,” I told the guy at the counter. Rafael seemed to like the Aramis. “Is there an Aramis lotion?”

“Sure,” the guy told me.

“Would it be good for massages?” I asked.

The guy smiled. From the display case, he retrieved a container about the size of a soda bottle. “It’s a body silk lotion,” he said, removing the cap. “Hold out your hand.”

I extended my hand, palm up, and he squeezed a small amount onto my fingertips. It felt thicker than hand lotion, and… soft. It smelled expensive. The scent was cool, almost metallic, with a hint of something citric.

“I’ll take it,” I said. The lotion might not be suitable for lube, but then, it might be. Giving it to Rafael would only imply that I would rub it onto him, and I would like that. Of course, if Rafael took it to mean I was offering something else, well, I wouldn’t be offering it outright, and even so, it would be cool with me. I hoped we’d both be ‘offering’.

We were happy together, all that week in the library, and I cared less and less about people knowing it. Claudia smirked every time she passed Rafael or me. Rafael grinned every time he saw me, and we whispered “Friday” to one another, all week.

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