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Book Worms

Chapter 4

For the trip, Miss Gutierrez secured the use of one of the district’s eight passenger vans. She drove. One upper class girl rode shotgun and three more rode in the middle seat. That meant that Claudia, Rafael, and I had the back seat to ourselves.

Claudia claimed a susceptibility to motion sickness again.

“Do you need to sit up front with me, dear?” Miss Gutierrez asked.

“No,” Claudia answered happily. “Not as long as I can be next to the window.”

She picked the window seat closest to the sliding door, since that seat was more exposed to the front of the van, and her sitting there would tuck me and Rafael that much farther back. I took the other window, and Rafael sat in the middle. Like me and Claudia, Rafael wore regular school clothes. We were saving the new stuff for Dallas.

I leaned close to Rafael and sniffed. “Aramis?” I asked with a grin.

He nodded, and leaned close to me. “Sandalwood?”

I nodded, and leaned close to him again, and whispered. “I intend to smell more Aramis, later.”

“I put it behind my ears,” he whispered, blushing.

I glanced at the hollow under his ear, under where his long hair feathered. His olive skin was pale there, and pure. I swallowed, and looked away.

As we started out, the girls in the center seat glanced back at us frequently, as if they expected us to launch into some depravity. They gave up looking, though, when it was obvious that three of us were simply happy.

And we were… happy; laughing, talking. Rahfy had been smiling more than I’d ever seen him smile in all the classes we’d had together. It’s a great feeling to have; knowing someone is that happy to be with you.

Rafael brought a traveling chess set which he set up in his lap. I twisted a little, to face him, the sides of our knees coming together. I put my arm up on the back of the seat and laid my hand right on the back of his shoulder without being obvious. He smiled at me, our faces close, and for a moment, I could see the roadside, passing by in the reflection of his large, dark eyes.

He returned my gaze, and then smiled. “White or black?”


“The pieces. Do you want white or black. White goes first.”

I scratched the back of his shoulder with my fingers. “Black,” I said, almost adding, ‘to match your hair and dark eyes.’

He beat me two games, then trounced Claudia. I’d brought cards and taught them spades. One of the girls in the middle seat wanted to play, too. She turned around, kneeling in the seat and we played partner spades, and then hearts.

The girl in the middle seat didn’t notice how Rafael and I kept the sides of our legs against each other or how we had to cover our laps from time to time.

When we stopped for a bathroom break north of Austin, I thought Rafael and I might finally get a look at each other’s dick, but the urinals had dividers and there were other guys around.

When we hit the outskirts of Dallas, the girl in front faced forward again, and everyone watched out the windows. I took the opportunity to grab the inside of Rafael’s thigh and give it a squeeze. He had a nice thigh, slender, firm; I left my hand there. I glanced at him and he smiled. I figured him for a hard-on like I had, and I furtively shifted my hand tot the front of his pouch. He was hard. I grinned.

“All we’re going to do,” Miss Gutierrez said as she handed out the room keys, “is put our belongings in our rooms and then meet right back here in the lobby so we can get over to the conference hall.”

She gave Rafael and me each a key to our room. The hotel was the old Marriot, over by Love Field. Though it was a nice hotel, the layout was a bit like a motel with rooms opening to the outside; at least ours did.

Rafael and I walked down the line of rooms, carrying our bags. He was in the lead, looking for our room number; I was watching him. I liked his slender body and little, bubble butt. That his movements were light and graceful, excited me. I remembered the feel of his body. I imagined him naked.

He found the room and we went inside. I closed the door behind us. There were two double beds, and he stood between them, looking from one to the other. “Which bed do you want?” he asked.

“Same one you take,” I said.

He looked up at me with a grin. I dropped my bag and stepped up to him. He dropped his bag and laid his hands on my shoulders. I took the sides of his waist and pulled his slender body to mine. I kissed him.

He smelled good. I nuzzled under his hair and took a deep breath through my nostrils. I kissed the side of his neck and his body melted to mine. We were hard. We pressed our hard packages together.

He slid his arms around my neck. Our cheeks pressed together.

“Let’s tell her we’re sick,” I whispered, breathlessly. “Car sick. And we have to stay in the room.”

He rubbed his cheek on mine and ran the fingers of one hand up into the back of my hair. “I wish we could.”

I took a deep breath and again covered his mouth with mine. Dropping my hands to his bottom, I widened my stance slightly, and pulled on his bottom, pulling our hardnesses firmly together.

Rahfy’s hands slid down my back, and pulled the back of my shirt from my pants. He ran his hands up under it, feeling my bare skin. I pulled his shirt out, and we lifted our shirts, pressing bare belly to bare belly.

I slipped a hand between us, into the front of his pants, the back of my hand against his skin. I wanted to feel it, to feel his erection. I slid my fingers down, finding his erection pointing off to the side. I pulled it up, closing my hand around it.

My first time to hold another boy’s erection. It was warm inside his pants and a little damp with perspiration. He moaned and rocked his hips, moving his cock in my closed hand. Like Claudia’s first reaction to my dick, my first impression was how soft the skin on his cock felt and how hard his shaft. He did feel thicker than me, and his cock was hot, literally.

Wrapping my other arm around his back, I pulled his chest tightly to mine and probed into his mouth with my tongue while I squeezed his erection.

The phone rang.

We groaned.

I pulled my hand from Rafael’s pants and stepped from him to pick up the receiver.

“We’re all waiting in the lobby,” Miss Gutierrez said.

“Sorry,” I started to say, but then cleared my throat. My voice was thick. “Sorry. Call of nature,” I said.

Rafael grinned, tucking back in his shirt.

“We’ll be right there,” I promised.

As I hung up the phone with one hand, I lifted the hand I’d had around Rahfy’s erection to my nose. I took a deep breath, my eyelids heavy. “Oh, shit,” I murmured. “This is better than Aramis.”

I started to reach for him, but Rafael darted away, laughing. “We have to go,” he admonished.

Reluctantly, I tucked in my shirt and prepared to follow him. “I’m not washing this hand,” I told him.

He glanced back at me and smiled.

I stopped him at the door, wrapping my arms around his belly and chest from behind and pulling him back to me, his bottom to my hardness. I took a deep breath of his hair. He smelled wonderful. The back of his body fit the front of mine perfectly.

“It’s going to be so hard to wait until tonight,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he whispered. “Hard’s the right word.”

I chuckled, and released him. “You better walk in front of me,” I said. “I’ve got something to hide.”

“You think I don’t?”

Really, looking back on it, it’s a wonder that neither of us came in our pants. After riding with him all day, and the kissing we had just done, all I wanted to do was rip our clothes off and go at it.

One thing Miss Gutierrez was right about; there were a lot of pretty girls at the conference. There were even a few other boys. At registration, one of them, a blond guy about the size of a twelve-year-old, but who looked to be our age, drifted over.

“Not many of us guys here, is there?” he asked with a smile. He held out his hand. “I’m Sam.”

We shook. “I’m Adrian,” I said, “and this is Rafael, and that’s Claudia.”

He shook Rafael’s hand, and I noticed that he held on to Rafael’s hand a little longer than was customary. He nodded at Claudia.

“So you guys go to the same school?”

We nodded.

He looked from me to Rafael and back to me, and smiled sadly. “I wish I went to your school.” He glanced around. “Are you staying here in the Marriot?”

“Yeah,” I told him.

“Cool. Listen,” he said, leaning closer. “There’s an indoor pool back behind the lobby. They’re gonna keep it open tonight ‘til eleven. A bunch of us will be swimming later. You guys gotta come.”

Rafael and I glanced at one another.

“I don’t think we can tonight,” I told him. “Maybe later, though.”

Just then, Miss Gutierrez called for everyone to gather around her.

“See ya later,” Sam said.

“I think he’s cute,” Claudia said, as Sam walked away. “Don’t you guys think so?”

I glanced at Rafael. “Not cute enough,” I told her.

There was an opening general session that afternoon, and then workshops. I barely remember them. While my side rested against Rafael’s, I imagined the things we would do that night.

Miss Gutierrez gave us an hour to relax in our rooms before supper. Claudia started to follow Rafael and me back to our room.

“Claudia,” I said. “No. Rafael and I have been waiting weeks to be alone. Finally! We can.”

“You can’t do that now!” she said, appalled. “You have to shower up and get ready for tonight. I was going to help Rahfy with his hair.”

“With his hair?”

“Yeah, and I have something for your hair, too.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “For my hair?”

Claudia ignored me. She bit her lip, considering alternatives. “Look,” she said, “there are going to be three girls fighting for our bathroom. I’ll bring what I’m wearing tonight, and my cosmetic bag, and I’ll shower in your bathroom.”

“You’ll what?” I asked

“Don’t start doing anything unless it’s to take a shower,” Claudia warned, turning for her room. “I’ll be right there.”

Rafael glanced at me. “Miss Gutierrez will freak if she finds out.”

I threw my arm over Rafael’s shoulders and continued on toward our room. “I’m already freaking, Rahfy. I thought we’d be alone.”

“We will be while she showers,” he said with a smile.

I grinned. I was euphoric. Not only were Rahfy and I of similar, horny minds, not only were we about to get laid, by each other, sometime, but also, I really, really liked him. I liked everything about him. I liked that he was quiet until you got to know him. I even liked that he was a little feminine. I liked that he was intelligent and gifted. I liked his body. I loved his face and his hair. As we approached the room, I felt like my cock would burst from my pants it was so hard.

And my balls were getting sore! It was my first experience with blue balls, or at least, the early onset of blue balls.

No sooner had I closed the door, than Rafael was in my arms.

Our mouths locked. I closed my hand over his crotch and felt the outline of his hardness with my fingers and palm. He did the same to me.

Our kissing and groping grew frenetic. We were two, fifteen-year-olds, tortured all day by our closeness, and almost mad with the need to have sex together.

Then Claudia knocked.

Reluctantly, I stepped from Rafael’s arms. His erection couldn’t be more obvious; a thick tube pointing out to a wet spot on his hip. I looked down, mine was the same.

We eyed each other, catching our breath, flushed. With a shuddering sigh, I let Claudia in.

She came in quickly with her clothes and cosmetic case. She came in talking.

“The other girls are freaking out about my coming over here to shower, but they won’t tell Miss Gutierrez; I made them promise. And you should have seen their looks. This isn’t going to hurt your reputations at all, though I can’t say what it will do for mine.”

She paused, studying me. She looked at Rafael. Her eyes rolled up.

“Geez, guys. Save it for tonight.” She headed for the bath. The toilet and tub were behind a door. The vanity counter wasn’t. She put her bag on the counter and hung her dress in the closet. “I’m going to shower first,” she said. “Then while I fix my hair and makeup, you shower, Rafael. And then while I work on Rafael’s hair, you shower, Ahby.”

We nodded dumbly. She went into the bathroom, smiled happily at us, and closed the door.

Rafael and I looked at each other. His hands went to his shirt; he started unbuttoning. I quickly followed. We watched each other undress until we were in only our underwear.

Rafael climbed onto the bed farthest from the bath, and, lying back, he removed his underwear, tossing it to the side. I was anxious for my first look at his cock, but he covered his middle with his hands and pulled his knees up, planting his feet on the bed, modestly. He laid his head back on the pillow and watched me, his eyes dropping to my body.

I pulled off my underwear, and his eyes locked on my erection. My cock felt the longest it had ever been in my life. I knelt up on the foot of the bed and scooted forward on my knees until I was kneeling at Rahfy’s feet and knees.

Putting a hand on each of his kneecaps, I parted them, spreading Rafael’s legs. He let me. His eyes dropped to my cock as my middle appeared between his opening thighs.

“Rahfy,” I said. “Move your hands.”

Rafael pulled his hands back from covering his cock. It was darker than his light olive skin. Uncircumcised. Pointing up his belly. Looking huge and thick on him. His body was boyish, but lean.

“Rahfy,” I murmured, looking down on him. “You’re beautiful.

He swallowed, looking me up and down, and shook his head. “You’re beautiful. I… you’re… ” His eyes rose to mine. “You’re perfect.”

I leaned forward over him, planting my hands on the bed on either side of his ribs. Carefully, I lowered my hips between his thighs, lowering my erection toward his. His eyes, like mine, dropped to our cocks. Our crowns were wet with precum. Our shafts had the same upward curve. His was dark; mine was pink. They were close in length and circumference. As I lowered mine onto his, I tried to press the underside of mine to his, but it slid to the side.

Holding myself up on my hands, all that showed between our two bellies were the crowns of our cocks. There were a million overpowering sensations, all at once. The warmth and softness of his cock skin against my belly. The tautness of his belly under my cock. The feel of my balls, actually resting on his balls.

I experimented, moving my hips. The head of my cock moved alongside his. Rahfy grabbed the sides of my waist and lifted his hips, reciprocating my grinding.

That did it.

The slit at the end of my cock opened a millisecond before my first stream shot out all the way up Rahfy’s belly and chest. Rahfy moaned. I shot a second time. Rahfy moaned again, and, incredibly, the slit in the end of his cock opened a millisecond before Rahfy shot, too, all the way up his chest.

We ground, shooting; shooting an entire day’s worth of build up; and we ground on, even after the shooting stopped.

I collapsed onto him. I wrapped my arms under him and his arms closed over my shoulders. I pressed my check to his. His ragged breath filled my ear.

“Oh, wow!” I murmured.

Rahfy nodded his head beside mine. “Un-be-lieve-able!” he whispered.

I lifted my head and covered his mouth with mine, and I was so aware of his naked body under mine, our cocks still thick between us, our bellies slick with our mixed cum. And then, like many after their first sex, I felt a rush of affection for Rahfy.

I smiled down at him. I saw the same, happy smile on his face. “Next time we take longer,” I said.

He nodded, then his brow furrowed. “Will we always orgasm at the same time? Is that normal?”

I chuckled. “How the hell should I know?”

He grinned again. He ran the fingers of both hands up into my hair. “It was the first time for you, too, right?”

I nodded, my eyes dropping to his lips. I touched mine to his once more. Soft lips, firm lips, full lips, boy’s lips. I left my mouth there; lips slightly touching.

“It won’t be the last,” I murmured.

I pressed my cheek to his and held him tightly. His arms closed tightly around my neck once more and we hugged, hard.

“Was it like what you thought it’d be?” he asked in a whisper.

“No,” I said. “It was better.”

“Did we do it the way you thought we would?”

“No,” I whispered into his ear. “I thought of us doing other things.”

“Me, too,” he whispered.

“We can try other things,” I said. “We can try whatever we want.”

He squeezed me tightly again.

The shower turned off.

“We’re going to shower together,” I said.

“Ahdy?” he whispered softly.


“I’ve dreamed of showering with you.”

I lifted my head to see his face. He smiled sadly.

“In gym,” he explained, “I’m always… you know… embarrassed for other guys to see me naked. I mean, I don’t have much of a body, and they do, and I’m always afraid of getting hard in the showers, so I always face away from everybody.”

I frowned down at him. “Rahfy, I didn’t lie when I said you were beautiful. I love your body. You’ve got a wonderful body, and, dude, you’ve got an awesome dick.”

He grinned.

“If you and I get hard in the shower,” I whispered, conspiratorially. “It’ll be okay.”

He laughed, and I thought he was quite beautiful when he laughed.

“We better get up,” he said. “Maybe we should put on our underwear again. Claude really wants us to stick to her plan for the evening. Let’s wipe our bellies and pretend we haven’t done anything yet.”

“Agreed,” I told him, climbing off Rahfy. I knelt there, beside him for a moment, looking down at his body.

“I have a lover,” I murmured out loud. “I have a beautiful lover.”

Rahfy sat up, laying a long-fingered hand on my chest. “I have a lover,” he said. “A young, Greek god.” He looked up at me and grinned. “With red pubic hair… that’s wild!”

As we stood, waiting for Claudia to come out from the bathroom, Rafael came into my arms again. We kissed.

“Do you always whimper like that when you come?” he asked, leaning back from our pressed middles.

“What? I whimper?”

Rahfy laughed, drawing a finger down my jawline. “Yes. You whimpered.”

“Do you always groan when you come?” I asked him.

Rahfy laughed. “I groaned?”

His brow furrowed and he drew his finger tip over my lips. “Does it bother you that I’m not macho?” he asked quietly.

I laughed. “Does it look like it bothers me?” I asked.

His eyes searched mine.

I drew him to me. “It excites me,” I whispered in his ear. “You make me feel… masculine; more masculine than any girl’s ever made me feel.” I rocked him in my arms, and he rested his hands on my shoulder muscles.

“You make me want to protect you, Rahfy,” I told him. “You make me feel strong.”

“You are strong,” he said quietly, pressing his fingers on my shoulder muscles where they’re really hard. “I like that you’re strong.”

The bathroom door opened and Claudia came out with a towel around her. She wasn’t wearing her glasses, and I did a double-take. I didn’t know she had such pretty eyes.

Claudia glanced at us, put on her glasses, and frowned.

“Behave!” she said.

“Claude,” I told her, “You should get contacts. You’ve got really pretty eyes.” My eyes dropped to the towel she wore. The bottom of the towel almost didn’t cover her. “Damn!” I murmured.

Claudia smiled.

Rahfy and I headed into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Claudia asked.

“We’re going to shower together,” I told her. “It’ll go twice as fast.”

She frowned.

“Sorry,” Rahfy said with a giggle as we closed the door.

“Don’t spoil your appetite for later,” she called through the door.

“Don’t worry,” I yelled back. “My mom says boys our age are always hungry.”

“Yeah, right. Don’t get carried away in there. We don’t have that long.”

We already had our underwear off, and Rafael started the shower, which effectively cut off further instructions from Claudia.

He stepped under the shower and I stepped in at the other end. Rafael got his long hair wet, and it hung down between his shoulder blades. He reminded me of a statue that I’d seen a picture of. It was in one of the library’s encyclopedias, and I had run across the picture one day while looking for pictures of naked statues – they were the only things remotely erotic in our library. The picture was of a Greek youth, a Minoan boy. Rafael with his angular shoulders, back, and his wet hair down his back, looked like that boy.

I never realized how intimate bathing someone can be. I certainly learned a lot more about Rahfy’s body, from the hollows above his collar bones, to the veins that showed in his forearms, to the fleshy globes of his bottom. When I scrubbed his bottom, I discovered that his pucker was dark like the skin of his cock and balls. He told me that mine was pink.

I learned how to skin back an uncircumcised cock to clean it, though Rahfy’s cock had pretty well skinned back on its own by the time I got there. And I learned what a pain it can be to shampoo really long hair.

For his part, Rahfy seemed to like my muscles.

We both jumped when Claudia stuck her head around the shower curtain.

“We’re running out of time, guys!” she said, glowering at us. Then her eyes dropped to our semi-hard dicks. “Looks like you already cleaned everywhere,” she observed before closing the curtain.

Claudia was already dressed when we came out with only towels around our waists. I was disappointed. I’d never seen a naked girl in person.

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