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Book Worms

Chapter 5

Texas didn’t have a lot of hippies, and Claudia would have never talked me into it back in Seguin. Dallas was different, and she had obviously put a bit of work and preparation into what she had in mind. So I went along with it.

For the welcoming dinner that Friday night, Claudia dressed the three of us in headbands. She’d woven Rafael’s from tan leather strands, and bound it across his forehead. Then Claudia used the ends of the strands, beaded, to bind Rafael’s hair in back into a high, somewhat masculine ponytail.

My headband was woven from black leather strands. It was strictly decorative as there wasn’t much to do with my hair. Though my hair was thick, it was curly.

Claudia’s headband was fashioned from a pure, white scarf, tied in the back with silver beads. In combination with her black hair, the effect was striking, and her glasses would have spoiled it. Rafael and I talked her into going without her glasses.

Her eyes really were lovely; a more feminine version of Rahfy’s. Without her glasses, she could only see things that were close. As a result, her eyes had a soft, unfocused look. She clung to Rahfy’s and my arms as we walked in.

We turned heads that night. It wasn’t simply the hair. It was the early seventies, and guys’ pants molded to their bottoms and boldly lifted their packages in front. Rafael and I wore particularly low-riding pants – Claudia picked them out. Our silk shirts were unbuttoned down to our sternums. We figured Miss Gutierrez would freak if we left them unbuttoned any lower. Neither of us had any chest hair, and the bare flesh, at least when I looked at Rafael, drew the eye.

Claudia wore a dress of white cotton just thick enough to reveal that she was braless without letting her areoles show through. It had a V neck, open down to her sternum, as well. She wore a silver necklace that showed off her graceful neck.

There were plenty of girls there with bigger breasts, and curvier curves. There were blue-eyed blonds, and tall brunettes. But Rahfy and I agreed, and meant it, the prettiest girl there was Claudia. She smiled, happily, and that was good to see. Almost always, Claudia’s humor was guarded; but that night, with us, she was simply happy.

Along with the older girls, we gathered around Miss Gutierrez at the pre-dinner mixer. She frowned slightly, whenever her eyes traveled across us. A couple of the older girls snickered, as if we were ugly ducklings trying to be swans.

Lots of other girls seemed to like us, though. And I knew that we were swans.

There were so few guys in the room, Rafael and I in our headbands, stood out. Girls flirted with us. “Oh, I love your headband,” many of them told me.

After a few minutes, Sam, the short blond boy we met earlier, spotted us. He came right over.

“You guys look incredible,” he said in an awestruck voice. “I didn’t know Seguin was so hip.”

One of the older girls from our group laughed out loud.

“You look like… ” Sam paused, thinking, then smiled. “You look like fashion hippies.”

Claudia smiled, looking satisfied.

“Why don’t you all mingle,” Miss Gutierrez told us all in general, but with a particular glance at Rafael, Claudia and me. “Sit wherever you want at dinner. That way, you can meet other student librarians.”

“I think she doesn’t want to be seen with us,” Rafael speculated, as Miss Gutierrez walked away.

We mingled. Besides Sam, there was another boy, a year or two older than us, who stopped to talk to Claudia. Sam talked to Rafael and me, but two girls, about our age, seemed to focus on me. They were cute girls, and I thought about Michael’s admonition to get laid, but I already had my plans.

They opened the doors to the ballroom, and we filed in.

Sam and the other boy followed us, and we found a table. Rafael sat between Claudia and me. Sam chose to sit by me. The other boy, who’d been talking to Claudia, took the seat on the other side of her.

Most of the student librarians were older. At our table were two sponsors and several students from the Brownsville school district.

Sam was talkative, and wanted to know all about Seguin, and Rafael and me… were we friends? Same grade level? Why librarians? And so on.

The food was good, at least to a hungry, just-turned-fifteen-year-old boy like me. There were speakers, of course. I was so busy rubbing legs under the table with Rafael and sneaking looks at him, I didn’t hear much.

Back then, some hotels had recreation rooms with arcade games for kids. Sam invited us to go play games with him after dinner. When we declined, he wasn’t deterred.

“How about swimming?” he asked. “The pool is open late.”

“Not tonight,” I told him. “We’re sorta tired, you know. Drive up and all.”

He looked more than disappointed. He looked like he thought we were rejecting him.

“Let’s do it tomorrow,” Rafael suggested. “We have a break or two tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Why don’t we meet for breakfast?”

Sam smiled sadly. “Okay. But if you guys decide you want to do anything tonight, call me. I’m in room 233.”

“By yourself?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No. They put me in with a guy from Houston. The chubby one in the red shirt… over there.”

We spotted the guy and nodded, sympathetically. The guy from Houston was blimp-shaped, with a round, sour-looking face and small, dull eyes. He looked like a loser, and to stand out as a loser in a convention of librarians, was pretty bad.

We felt sorry for Sam, but Rahfy and I’d been looking forward to that night far too long to be sidetracked. We said our good nights and headed for our room.

Claudia caught up with us at the door.

“Wait till I bring you what I have for you,” she told us.

We waited outside the room, and, in a moment, Claudia returned, breathlessly. She handed each of us a gift-wrapped package the size of a shirt box. She kissed my cheek and then Rahfy’s.

“Open these separately, and wear them! And don’t forget to wear what we bought!” she reminded.

She gave us each a hug and a bittersweet, ‘happy for you’ smile, and then turned for her room.

I closed the door behind us, and Rafael and I faced each other. I smiled.

“Finally,” I said.

Rafael nodded, smiled, and then his eyes met mine.

Funny, but now that the night had finally arrived, we were each a little uncertain. There was in his look, what I felt in my own heart; the desire to make this night everything that we dreamed it would be.

Rafael swallowed and stepped closer. “Would you help me take off my head band?” he asked, turning his back to me.

“Sure.” I moved behind him. Until that moment, I had been excited, but not hard. The closeness of his body, though, relaxed me, and made me hard.

I loosened the leather strands at the back of his head. The scent of his hair and of his skin, and the smell of the cologne filled my nostrils. His hair really was like something out of a shampoo commercial. Silky-smooth, jet-black, thick, long; it had weight to it. I stroked it. I removed the headband and dropped it aside. I moved closer to his backside.

Pulling long strands of hair away from the side of his neck, I kissed the hollow under his ear. He relaxed back against me, and I tongued in that hollow. He murmured and leaned his head back on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his chest and licked under his ear.

I tasted the Aramis at first, but I licked it away, and then, I could taste Rafael. I licked down the side of his neck. There was something warm about the taste of his skin, something different from the taste of mine; perhaps from a different diet, a different home.

He turned in my arms and his mouth found mine. We were both hard, and his hardness felt incredibly good against mine. Rafael’s hands moved into my hair, loosing the strands at the back of my head band. The headband fell between our faces, and Rafael laughed into my mouth, blowing out my cheeks.

“Augh!” I gasped, pulling back.

Rafael covered his mouth and tried not to laugh.

“You blew my ears out!” I told him, giving him a playful poke in the stomach.

He dropped his hands there, doubling slightly, backing.

“Are you ticklish?” I asked, grinning.

He backed another step, and I grabbed him, tackling him onto the bed. We rolled and I tickled him.

Rafael had a great laugh when he was tickled; the kind of laugh that comes happily up from the belly and breaks in the reedy voice of an early teen boy. He was beautiful, and especially so when he was happy; especially so if I had made him happy.

He struggled, but weakly. Rafael was one who goes weak when tickled.

His laughter made me happy. I stopped tickling him, and gazed down fondly into his face. His smile went sweet and he laid his hand on the side of my face.

“You’re fun, Ahdy,” he said softly.

“And you make me happy,” I told him.

“Really?” he asked.

“Really,” I repeated. I kissed his lips softly. I pressed my cheek to his. “I feel really, really happy, Rahfy.”

I hugged onto his side, pressing my erection to his hip and covering his erection with the inside of my knee.

“And horny,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “Really, really, horny.”

“Yes,” I whispered, brushing his lips with mine.

His eyes went soft and his hand on my cheek caressed it softly. “You aren’t like other jocks,” he said, looking at my lips. “You aren’t like any other boy.”

“Except you,” I whispered, as the thought struck me for the first time.

Rafael’s eyes rose to mine in surprise.

“Seriously, Rahfy,” I told him. “I know we’re different, you and me… I mean, I’m a jock and… ”

“I’m a sissy,” he said.

I frowned. I stroked the hair from his forehead and shook my head, just slightly. “You’re exciting, Rahfy. You’re exotic. You’re sexual. And you really are beautiful.” I kissed him softly. “Even your name is beautiful… Ra-fa-el.” I smiled, and taking my hand from his hair, I laid it over his heart. “Down inside, you have a heart that’s like my heart. You think like I think. You like the things I like.”

I gazed into his eyes, sincerely. “I haven’t met another guy like you, Rahfy.”

He slid his fingers up into the sides of my hair and pulled my mouth to his. We kissed more firmly this time. He rolled up to face me, and our legs entwined. Our mouths opened, and our kiss grew fervent, yet intimate.

Our hips rocked and we ground our erections against the inside of each other’s hip. We gasped for breath, embracing.

“I like your name, too,” he murmured. “A-dree-an.”

His hand slipped inside my shirt, feeling my chest. I ran mine over the side of his waist and hip. We gazed into one another’s eyes. He smiled.

“Why don’t you change in the bathroom,” he said, “and I’ll change out here.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “We’ll meet back here.”

Using the bathroom mirror, I carefully pointed my erection out to the side of the black nylon bikini briefs; the ones I bought with Claudia. The snug fabric, low on my hips, cupping my balls and my butt, gave the rest of my body a dramatically naked feeling. I’d never worn anything that made me feel so sexy.

I opened the gift box Claudia had given me. Inside, I found silk pajama bottoms; just the bottoms, black. They looked expensive; possibly more expensive than the twenty dollars we had given Claudia.

I slipped them on, tying them low around my hips at the level of the bikini brief waistband, and then studied the effect in the mirror. Despite being out of sports for several months, I was still lean; no body fat. I could see all my muscle seams.

I tensed and slapped my belly. Still hard. I traced my outie belly button with a fingertip, then slid my hand down to the waistbands of my briefs and pajama bottoms. I pushed them even lower to barely clear my red pubes. I didn’t want my body to go soft. I loved Rafael’s soft body, but I didn’t want mine to be soft. I suspected he liked my body hard as much as I did. I needed to get back into sports.

From my bag, I took out the body silk lotion. It was in a box, or I would never have been able to figure out how to gift wrap it. As it was, I did a passable job. With a deep breath, I opened the bathroom door.

Rafael, wearing the top half of the silk pajamas, stood between the two beds. He wore the pajama top like a robe, wrapped around him, and tied at the waist with a colorful, silk scarf. In his hands, he held a small, gift-wrapped box.

The pajama tops left his smooth legs mostly bare, almost all the way up. My eyes were drawn there, to where the black silk contrasted with the pale olive skin inside his thighs.

The black silk also accentuated his jet-black hair and dark eyes. I noticed that his eyes were taking in my body.

I felt my cock thicken.

Stepping around the bed, I came to him, and handed Rafael my gift. He handed me his.

“Go ahead,” I said, anxious to see his reaction.

Rafael carefully tore open the wrapping paper, examined the box, and pulled out the bottle of lotion.

“Open it,” I urged. “Smell it. Put some on your fingers.”

He did, rubbing it between his thumb and finger. He sniffed it, and smiled.

“We can use it,” I told him, “to give you massages.”

His smile widened. But then his eyes dropped to the box in my hand, and he swallowed.

I opened it, and found inside, a tube of KY ‘Personal Lubricant’.

Was it an invitation for me to cornhole him? Or for both of us to try? I stepped closer to him. “We can share our two gifts, Rahfy,” I said.

He smiled, and took the box from my hand, setting both boxes down on the bed to the left. He came into my arms.

“You look incredible,” he said, his hands caressing my shoulder muscles.

“You, too, Rahfy.”

I loosened the scarf belt from around his waist. The belt dropped. I opened the pajama top, and my eyes traveled down his flat chest and belly to white bikini briefs. The thick tube of his erection angled out to the side, like mine.

“Oh, damn, Rahfy,” I murmured. I pushed the pajama tops back off his shoulders and they dropped to the floor.

For a moment, Rafael stood before me, eyes down; an olive-skinned boy with flowing black hair and a very big erection inside tight, little briefs. Taking him by the sides of the waist, I pulled our bellies and hardnesses together.

Rafael reached between us to unfasten the pajama bottoms.

I rested my forehead on his while he loosened the drawstring and then pushed the pajama bottoms off my hips. They fell to the floor.

“Oh, Ahdy,” he murmured, stepping back from me, his eyes on the front of my briefs. He traced my erection through the fabric with a finger tip, then stepped back farther. “Turn around,” he said in a soft, but eager voice.

I turned my back to him. His fingers traced the long muscles down either side of my spine. He closed a hand over one globe of my bottom. Then I felt the unmistakable hardness of his erection against my other butt cheek as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back against him. He kissed the back of my shoulder.

It struck me, with his cock pressed to my bottom, that as effeminate as Rafael acted, he might be just as hot to cornhole me as I was to cornhole him. His maleness pleased me, surprisingly. Standing with his cock pressed against my butt, I thought I might enjoy being cornholed by him, and him being male.

I turned around in his arms. “Your turn,” I said. “Let me see your butt.”

He turned, and I caressed his fleshy bottom with both hands. The nylon of his briefs was stretched snugly over the two globes. Like he’d done to me, I pressed my erection to his bottom and hugged his belly from behind.

Rafael laid his head back on my shoulder. It was something like lovers do; me holding him like that and him laying his head back on my shoulder. I liked the feeling of having a lover; of being old enough to have a lover. I liked the feeling of Rafael’s slender body backed up against my belly and chest. I liked the feel of him in my arms; his soft skin, the scent of his hair, the way his butt fit my lap.

I kissed the side of his neck and slid a hand down over the front of his briefs. His erection felt as thick as it looked. The way it pointed out to his hip, the underside faced out, so that my fingers pressed the spongy underside.

“Umm,” he murmured, reaching back with his hands on both sides of my head, keeping his butt against my erection, but arching back with his torso. I ran my other hand over his belly; a firm belly.

Sucking on his neck, I grabbed his hipbones with both hands and ground against his bottom with my cock. Rahfy felt good. Rahfy felt incredibly good.

I peeled his briefs down from his waist, but had to step back to take them lower. Having to bend anyway, I dropped to my knees behind him, and took his briefs down each smooth leg with my hands. He stepped from them, and I ran my hands admiringly over his butt.

I turned him to face me, and his thick cock hit my cheek. I examined it more closely. The thick shaft was somewhat flattened like the body of a snake. I wrapped my hand around it and skinned it back. Rahfy’s crown was wet and smooth, very smooth. I did what I knew I would want to try with Rahfy, almost from the beginning. I closed my mouth over the end of his cock.

Rahfy gasped and swayed. There wasn’t much taste for me except for a very mild saltiness and the smell of musk off his precum. It was much like closing my mouth over a skin-covered rubber tube.

Unsure of what I should do, I tried taking more of his shaft into my mouth to suck on. I went too far and gagged, jerking back.

“Ah!” Rafael exclaimed. “Your teeth scraped me!”

I would have apologized, but his cock was in my mouth. I tried to show it with my eyes.

“I think you’re supposed to cover your teeth with your lips,” he told me, “or keep them off me somehow.”

Nodding slightly, I covered my front teeth with my lips, and taking as much of his shaft as I comfortably could into my mouth, I sucked him. It was exciting and pleasurable, but not knowing any better, I simply sucked. It excited him, too, and I caught a whiff of sex from between his legs.

“Let’s get on the bed,” Rafael suggested. “That way I can do you at the same time, like the guys in the picture in Show Me.”

Letting go of him, I stood.

“But first,” Rafael said, laying a hand on my chest to stop me from moving toward the bed. There was a twinkle in his eye. He dropped his hands to the waistband of my briefs and rolled them down, dropping to his knees to take them down my legs. He let my cock rest against the side of his face. When my briefs were at my ankles, he took my cock into his hand and studied it.

Rafael extended his tongue and licked under the head of my cock, tasting. He kissed my crown. He closed his mouth over it and sucked. And then he did something that sent a bolt of intense pleasure from my crown, up my cock and into my balls.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, my knees buckling. “What was that?”

Holding my cock in his mouth and hand, Rafael looked up at me quizzically.

“What’d you do?” I asked again. “That felt incredible.”

He smiled and pulled his head back. “I licked it with my tongue; you know, your glans.”

He’d obviously studied those diagrams as much as I had. I knew what the glans were.

“Do it again,” I said.

He closed his mouth back over the end of my cock, and I saw his jaw work as the bolt of pleasure shot up from my crown once again. Again, my knees went weak.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, pulling my hips back. “Oh, damn, Rahfy! Get on the bed so I can do that to you, too.”

We scrambled onto the bed and into the sixty-nine position we’d seen in the picture. My face was right at his crotch, and I paused for a moment to simply study him there… the small, black pubic patch, his thick cock, his smooth ballsack, dangling down at an angle, moist-looking from between the tops of his thighs. I had him cock his top leg up so I could get a better look.

I scooted a little farther down the bed. Pulling his balls forward, I could see his perineum. The skin there was stretched taut over the base of his thick erection. Rafael had a seam of flesh that ran down the middle of his scrotum, bisected his perineum, and ran all the way back, almost to his sphincter. I wondered if I had a seam like that.

Knowing that I had a smell between my legs when I was aroused, I did to him what I sometimes did to me when jacking off; I rubbed my fingers on his perineum, and then smelled my fingertips. It was a jolt; a sexual jolt, just like I got when smelling me, only more so. I bent closer and sniffed. His scent was similar to mine.

My scooting farther down the bed had given Rahfy the same opportunities to explore me that I had exploring him. I felt his tongue swipe under my balls and I jumped. It felt good, so I did it to him.

We followed each other’s lead. I licked the back of his balls and he licked mine. He sucked one of my balls into his mouth, and I did his. Then the other ball. We licked scrotums. We scooted back and licked the underside of our shafts and probed with our tongues at the sensitive spot where the underside meets the scrotum.

We held each other by the base of the shaft and licked all over, like a mama cat licking her kittens clean. And then we licked the crowns, and both trembled. We closed our mouths over them and sucked as well as licked.

His wet mouth and tongue, as well as his firm lips, played all over the end of my cock. And when he slid my cock farther into my mouth, and the sliding felt good, I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. He did the same, and our hips responded.

With the fingertips of one hand, Rafael stroked the skin inside my thighs. He fondled my balls and rubbed my perineum. I did those same things to him.

That I was doing these things with Rafael seemed really natural, somehow; so like the way it was supposed to be. I could do anything with him. We were doing anything. Sucking a cock, after all, was supposedly about as taboo as things got for a boy in South Texas.

And I liked it!

And I liked having it done. It electrified me… the feel of his mouth, of the saliva, even the wet sounds of our mouths on cocks.

I knew I was going to taste and swallow his cum. I wanted to. I figured him for the same. At some point, I realized there was an extra viscosity in my mouth, and, because of the taste, I figured it for more precum, and that excited me… drinking another boy’s precum; Rafael’s precum.

For the second time that day, we came at almost the identical moment. I half-expected powerful squirts down my throat, but was surprised that I only received mild mouthfuls of slightly-salty liquid which I had no trouble swallowing as fast as it came. His taste wasn’t bad. I could easily get used to it.

We licked each other clean, and then lay up on the pillows facing each other. We kissed and tasted each other’s semen in our mouths. We interlaced legs, and stroked each other’s side.

“What’d you think?” I asked, our noses almost touching.

He grinned. “We’re going to do that again,” Rafael said.

“Maybe even tonight,” I agreed.

Rafael smiled and ran a finger over my lips. “Again? You really are a stud.”

I smiled at that, but suspected he could come just as prolifically. I didn’t know it was because we were young. I just knew it didn’t take long to recharge.

“My friend Michael,” I told him, “once bragged to Chuy and me that he jacked off three times in one hour. Of course, Chuy and I had to try it, too, so like the next afternoon, I did it. The funny thing was, I was even hornier than normal that night, and I had to jack off again before I could get to sleep.”

I grabbed a handful of his butt and looked into Rafael’s dark eyes. “We’ve got other things to try, as well, Rahfy. At least, I want to try them with you sometime. We’ve gotta use the gift you gave me.” I smiled. “I’ve been thinking about doing all sorts of things… me and you.”

He nodded, grinning. “Me, too.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding. “We read-up on it together.”

Rafael’s grin widened.

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