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Book Worms

Chapter 6

Rafael gazed up at the ceiling. The back of his head rested in the crook of my arm while I pressed my tummy to his side and cocked my leg over his legs. His long-fingered hand rested on my hip. I drew my fingers slowly across his chest.

I marveled at the satiny patina of his skin. I marveled at the pleasure I had touching him, another boy… feeling the warmth of his skin and the leanness of his muscles. I marveled at the planes of his cheeks, the fullness of his lips, his long lashes and large eyes… I marveled at everything about Rafael. And now, after wanting him for so long, I had an entire night to enjoy him.

“I used to think you were stuck-up,” he said. “I thought you were almost as stuck up as all your jock friends, but,” he paused, smiling, “I liked you, anyway.” His head rolled and his eyes met mine. “I’ve always thought you were the cutest boy in our class.” His eyes darted up to my hairline. “You and your red hair. I’ve had a crush on you since sixth grade.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised. “You never let on.”

He shrugged. “Like I said, I thought you were stuck up. And you were… sort of, until you started working in the library.”

I thought about what he said. Until I worked in the library, I, like everyone else, had shied away from Rafael. His effeminacy brought guilt by association.

I dropped my eyes. “I’m sorry, Rahfy.” I told him. “I’m really, really sorry.”

He patted my hip and when I looked up, he smiled.

I gazed into his eyes, sincerely. “I didn’t know anything about you, Rahfy, or we would have been best friends earlier.”

His eyes searched back and forth between mine. “Are we best friends, Ahdy?”

“Yes,” I said.

He nodded and glanced again up at the ceiling. “And Claudia, too,” he said.

“Claudia, too; but not the same.” I circled my hand lower down his belly. “Not now, Rahfy. You’ve gotta know that. You and I are lovers.”

His upward-gazing eyes glistened in the soft light of the bedside lamp.

“I haven’t had a best friend for a long time,” he said softly, then smiled, “or a lover… ever.”

I lifted my head from the pillow and looked down at him. His eyes met mine, and he smiled. I kissed him, and as I kissed him, I laid the heel of my hand on his cock and covered his balls with my fingers. I fondled him. I probed his mouth with my tongue, and I fondled him. I wanted to make love again.

‘Make love’… I thought of the phrase. It was appropriate. The way I felt about Rahfy, ‘make love’ was the right way to say it.

We grew hard. I rubbed my erection against the side of his hip, and I stroked his firming cock. I moved over him and Rafael spread his legs for mine to settle between.

We kissed and ground cocks. Rafael caressed my bottom, squeezing and tugging on it in time with my grinding.

We rolled, and I tried frottage from the bottom. I liked it because of being able to grab Rahfy by his fleshy bottom while he circled his hips between my legs. I liked the feel of his flexing bottom, and of his weight on me, and of his balls on my balls.

We rolled back to me on top, and I liked that, too, because of how it felt to drive with my hips. I would have been content to simply keep on that way, but then Rafael hugged my neck and whispered beside my ear.

“Do you want to try anal sex with me?”

I nodded.

“Let’s try it this way,” he said. “Let’s try the missionary position.”

I nodded again, and then knelt up from him. I retrieved the KY from the other bed, and kneeling between Rahfy’s cocked knees, I examined the tube. I opened it and smelled… only a faint scent.

I squeezed some onto my fingers. It felt cool. I glanced down at Rafael.

He was looking at the tube of KY in my hand. His cock and balls were dark against the lighter, olive skin of his legs and belly. His legs were apart; his feet planted on the bed, pointing out to the sides. His thick erection arched up backwards over his concave belly.

Spreading the KY onto my cock and stroking, I splayed my knees under the backs of his legs to lower my cock to the height of Rafael’s opening. There was no way I could go low enough, and I looked around for something to put under his butt to raise him up.

I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his bottom. At the same time, Rahfy pulled his knees up, and his dark little opening rose into clear view. It occurred to me that I could spread some KY there as well, and I did.

Then grabbing my cock, I scooted forward on my widely spread knees until the tip of my cock pressed at Rafael’s puckered sphincter. I pointed it in and pressed, and slipped easily inside.

Without knowing it, we had picked a fairly easy entry for our first try. For kids the age we were, entry is often not much of an issue anyway, and Rafael and I didn’t know that it might hurt. He was relaxed, and I slid slowly in. I watched the first third of my cock disappear inside Rahfy’s bottom.

I felt it, too… the warmth, the tightness.

I glanced at Rahfy. “You okay?” I asked.

He nodded, looking down his belly to where I knelt between his legs.

I rubbed his upturned cock back up against his belly, mainly because it was there and looking so inviting, but also because it seemed right to lay my hand on Rahfy like that while I was putting my cock inside him. Rubbing his cock, I eased my cock farther inside him. I scooted forward on my knees.

Adjusting, I took Rahfy by the hips and pulled him onto me as I edged forward. I watched in amazement as my shaft disappeared almost completely inside him. My cock was sheathed in warmth. The tightness of Rahfy’s opening squeezed the base of my shaft. My balls rested on his bottom.

Mostly by instinct, I leaned forward, pulled my hips back, and thrust. It rocked Rahfy’s body slightly, and I glanced up at him.

He nodded that he was okay.

I fell forward over him, leaning onto my hands. He clasped the back of my neck with both hands. Our eyes met. I trembled slightly. His lips parted as he took a breath.

I laid down onto him, doubling my body over his. I slid my hands under the backs of his shoulders and pressed the side of my face to his. He clung to my neck. I pumped my hips very slowly and felt his tightness travel up and down my shaft.

“Oh!” I murmured, and pumped again.

Rafael adjusted, wiggling his hips, and that felt good. I drove in firmly and felt his bottom bones press either side at the base of my shaft. I drove again, and I discovered sensations I didn’t get from Rahfy sucking me, or even from us frotting. I discovered the gut-deep pleasure of ramming a thrust home into a warm, snug opening and a hard bottom. I pulled back and thrust again, and again. Each impact triggered the reflex for another pleasurable thrust and impact.

“Oh, Rahfy,” I mumbled. “This is good.”

“It doesn’t feel bad for me either,” he murmured, and confirmed it by grinding his bottom into my lap. Doubled over him as I was, my belly pressed his cock, and he ground it up against me. I tightened my muscles there, to give him something hard to rub against, and continued my thrusting.

I had imagined sex countless times. I had imagined sex with Rahfy. But I never imagined how it would feel, being together… the intimacy… Rahfy and me. I felt it acutely. We held each other, the sides of our faces pressed, only our hips moving. “Oh, Rahfy,” I whispered in his ear, pressing my cock inside him.

I slowly extracted most of my length, and then plunged home. Rahfy rocked under me. His hands slid down to the small of my back and pulled as he ground his erection up against my stomach and wiggled his hips against my thrust. I straightened my legs out to go even flatter on him.

We kissed, and I discovered that kissing Rahfy while my cock was deep inside him, closed a circle somehow; somehow, made us one… physically. We were fucking.

Rahfy clung to me, his body under mine, and I held him tightly while moving my cock around inside him as deeply as I could probe. My cock felt long inside him, and my skin stretched tight over the length of my shaft.

I managed to go a long time, exploring the sensations, before my orgasm built up on me and my hips took on a life of their own. I pumped harder and faster; each impact returning a sexual jolt.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I heard myself gasp, and somehow, it felt better to have my mouth open, making the noise.

When it hit, I discovered that a ‘pounding’ orgasm was also different from anything I’d experienced before. I discovered it with an arching of my back, and a cry of fifteen-year-old ecstasy and triumph.

I froze, rigid; my back arched tightly, my cock shoved to the hilt inside Rahfy, throbbing to empty itself.

Slowly, I collapsed onto him. “Holy shit!” I murmured.

Rahfy ground his cock up against my belly, and I remembered that he needed to come. I pushed up off him, and withdrew my cock slowly, pleasurably from inside him. Then grabbing a pillow for under my butt, I rolled onto my back. “Your turn, Rahfy,” I said, smiling at him.

In an instant, he was kneeling at my bottom, applying KY. With his long, black hair and rampant, thick erection, Rahfy didn’t look effeminate at all. He looked as male as a young stallion, and I marveled for a moment at the transformation, and at how an aroused, long-haired youth was truly a little awesome, and beautiful, in a wild way.

I pulled up my knees for him, and felt the coolness of the KY as he applied it to my opening. He scooted forward, just as I had, and I felt the blunt end of his cock at my hole. He glanced up at me, smiled, and then Rafael was inside me, a surprising sensation; his cock feeling larger than it looked, cool with KY.

I tensed, and it hurt, a little. Rahfy’s cock was a little thicker than mine. I figured, though, that if Rahfy could take it, then, sure as hell, I could. I forced myself to relax, and after a moment, I adjusted to him being inside me.

“Go ahead,” I said.

He slid in, and the coolness went up my butt. It wasn’t unpleasant; just surprising; and instantly, the coolness vanished.

Rafael pressed his palms to the underside of my thighs, forcing my bottom up while he tested the feel of his cock inside my butt and watched his cock slide in and out of me. I could feel him moving around inside.

“You like it?” I asked in a thick voice.

He nodded, mouth hanging open. He glanced up at me, heavy-lidded.

“Rahfy,” I said, “cut loose. I did. Do what feels good, because it’s amazing.”

He nodded, his eyes dropping again to our joining. He grabbed my hips firmly, then banged into my bottom, and again. He closed his eyes. His head tilted back as he rose on his knees, lifting my hips. He showed muscles in his shoulders and neck that I didn’t know he had. He banged into me again and again. He paused and ground into me; long, grinding, savoring.

It began to feel good inside me.

His eyes opened, and he gazed down at me. Letting go of my hips, he doubled over onto me, like I had onto him.

It’s surprising how, in sex, guys of modestly differing heights still fit together in so many different ways. With my head and butt up on pillows, Rafael easily stretched from my bottom to my lips to kiss me.

“Ahdy,” he murmured, brushing his cheek against mine, sounding like I did when I whispered his name while inside him. He wrapped his arms under me. I held onto him, his hips between my thighs. He rested the side of his forehead against my cheek and I took a deep breath, taking in the scent of his hair. His belly rubbed pleasurably on my still-thick cock.

“Rahfy,” I murmured, “this doesn’t feel bad.”

He stayed inside me after he came, nuzzled into the side of my neck. When his softening dick slipped out, I woke, realizing I had dozed for a couple of minutes.

Rafael came up onto me, resting his dick beside mine, and he kissed me. We kissed deeply, but not with the hunger and desperation of full-on sex. Rather, we shared a kiss as lovers, true lovers, connected now, changed, infinitely familiar.

There was a tenderness between us now. We had done intimate things to one another.

I stroked his back with my fingers. “Did you like it?” I asked.

Rafael nodded.

I nuzzled the side of his hair. “Damn, you’re sexy Rahfy,” I murmured. “I didn’t know you were such a stud.”

He chuckled and lifted his head to smile at me. “I knew you were,” he said. “I liked doing that, both ways.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

He glanced at the clock. “It’s hard to believe it isn’t even midnight yet,” he said.

I nodded. “Time flies…” I said with a grin. “Hey! You want a backrub?”

My friend, Chuy, and I had given each other backrubs a couple of times, in just our underwear. I almost sprang a boner each time, sitting on his butt, rubbing his muscles. I did spring a boner with Rafael.

Sitting just behind his fleshy bottom, my balls rested in the space between the backs of his legs, my cock rested on his butt and rubbed it as I bent over him, working the fragrant body silk into his shoulders.

My shoulder muscles, my deltoids, were tight and hard. The chords of my trapeziuses were strong and pronounced. Rafael’s shoulders, though, were angular. His lean trapeziuses came high up the sides of his long neck forming little hollows over his collarbones. His shoulders excited me more than muscular shoulders would have. I liked Rafael, just like he was; willowy.

I caressed the muscles at the sides of his neck and glanced down at his small, fleshy bottom in the V of my legs and at my cock lying up his crevice. “Sometime,” I told him, sitting up to warm more lotion in my hands, “I want us to try anal sex this way, on our stomachs.”

“Go ahead,” he murmured as I spread the lotion onto his back.

“I’m okay,” I told him, massaging his muscles. “For now.”

I worked lower down his back. “I like your body, Rahfy,” I told him. “I really do.”

“You’re not serious,” he murmured.

I bent down over him, hands on the backs of his shoulders, cock wedging in his crevice, and I whispered behind his ear. “I am serious,” I told him. “You have a really nice body.”

“Not like your body,” he said, softly.

I rubbed my cock in his crevice. “I like your body the way it is,” I told him. I kissed the side of his neck. “I like your soft bottom and your smooth skin. I like that you’re slender. I like how our bodies fit.”

He smiled. I saw the side of his mouth twist up. “I like that, too,” he said.

I backed my butt down his legs, working lower and lower on his back. I spent a lot of time on his bottom; pulling his butt cheeks apart to get a good look at where I’d been. He was still wet down there. I rubbed my fingers down between the backs of his legs, onto his perineum. He was hard again.

I worked down his legs, massaging them, stroking them, chopping them with the sides of my hands. I kneaded his calves. They were firm. He had good calves.

Backing off him, I patted the back of his thigh. “Roll over.”

I smiled to myself as he complied; I was so comfortable, so casual now with Rahfy. We had been lovers for only a few hours, but here we were, totally naked, me giving him a rubdown and telling him to roll over as easily as if we’d been best friends all our lives.

He rolled to his back, smiling at me as his thick cock rolled up onto his belly. I smiled back at him. It excited me, strangely, that he was thin and effeminate and had a thick cock. I straddled the tops of his legs so that my balls and cock rested on his. I bent forward over him, feeling happy, feeling a fresh surge of affection for Rahfy. I kissed his lips before sitting up and spreading more lotion onto my hands.

He closed his eyes, smiling, as I worked over the fronts of his shoulders and his flat pecs. On impulse, I bent down and kissed his dark little nipples; right first, then left. I didn’t know why. Maybe because I was breast fed as a baby; I liked nipples… at least his. I sucked on them and licked them, and was surprised when they hardened and Rahfy moaned.

Backing down him, I drew my lips down along the soft skin of his belly. I held the sides of his waist and kissed his navel and lower.

“I’d suck you again,” I said softly, “but you’ve had this thing up my butt.”

He chuckled, and, reaching down for me, he pulled me up onto him. We kissed, and he opened his legs, letting mine settle between.

We nibble kissed and ran tongues over lips. We ground our cocks together and Rahfy grabbed my bottom. But after a few moments Rahfy patted my butt.

“Your turn for a backrub,” he said.

I groaned and he chuckled.

“You felt me up,” he pointed out. “Now it’s my turn.”

“I was giving you a backrub,” I protested. “But it was fun, feeling you up.”

“Uh-huh,” he said, cocking an eyebrow. “Move over on your stomach.”

I complied, and Rafael sat down on my butt with the lotion in his hand. “Ahdy, you have a really firm bottom,” he observed. He applied lotion to the back of my shoulders and I jumped because the lotion was still cool.

“Sorry,” he said, and it was the last thing he said, until, after doing all the things I did when I worked on his back, he told me to turn over. I rolled to my back.

He straddled the tops of my legs the way I had his so that our balls nested together and our cocks pointed up my belly. Rafael smiled at me and rubbed lotion into my pecs.

“These are firm, too,” he said, kneading them.

He swept his hands over my ribs, my flanks, and he traced the mid seam down my belly with a lotioned fingertip. When I tightened my gut, he grinned and shook his head.

“I wish I had abs like yours,” he said.

Rafael squeezed more lotion onto his hands, and applied it to our two cocks. He held them together and stroked the lotion up and down them. He pointed mine up at the ceiling. He studied it a moment, then smiled.

He scooted forward over my cock, his knees coming up along my ribs. Then he pointed my cock upward again, behind him, and backed onto it. I felt a brief pressure on my crown as he sat on it, and then, like a mouth, his bottom swallowed the end of my cock.

I grabbed the sides of his thighs.

Slowly easing back, he took my entire length inside him, settling into my lap. He sat up. He wiggled, adjusting, but then moaned as if the wiggling felt good.

“This feels different,” he muttered, brow furrowing. “I think you’re hitting my prostate.”

“You mean I missed it the first time?” I asked with a grin.

He glanced at me, distractedly, and shook his head. “This feels… ” He wiggled his butt again, and his eyes drooped. “Oh,” he murmured. And then he closed his eyes completely and tentatively rocked his hips forward and back.

I kept my eyes wide open. I was watching Rafael… his slender body with that long hair, him rocking in my lap with my cock up his butt – squeezing it, impaling himself on it, his own cock jutting up over my belly from between his legs, wagging.

His cock had lotion on it, and I stroked it, using my thumb on the underside. But then Rafael’s rocking picked up speed, and I grabbed his legs with both hands, holding on. I pulled my knees up partway and planted my feet so I could lift my middle under him.

He fell forward, his hands on my chest, and he ground his butt back into my lap. His long hair hung down on either side of his face. He looked up at me, his large eyes watching my face. My mouth fell open. I ran my hands over his flanks, feeling the movements of his lithe body, feeling him making sex with me.

He bent down to kiss me, and his hair draped both our faces. He paused there, breathing into my mouth as his hips rocked forward and back. He sat up again – all the way up – sitting all the way down onto my cock, rocking, almost dancing in my lap.

I did very little except watch him, feel him, and do a little bucking at the end. I came, and he kept going until, without even touching himself, he shot cum up my belly and chest.

He rose off my cock then, as if it were suddenly less comfortable. He fell forward onto me with a sigh.

A moment later, he stretched out on my side. We kissed. Softly. Sleepily. He laid his head on my shoulder, the top of his hair under the side of my jaw. I kissed his hair and stroked his back. He stroked my chest and fingered my nipple.

As much as he might have been a young stallion earlier, at that moment, he wanted to be held, and I sensed it. Rafael had moods I could sense, and that pleased me.

“What we just did… that felt good for you?” I asked.

He nodded on my shoulder.

“Then I’ll have to do that for you sometime,” I said.

Rafael hugged my chest. I stroked his back. We slept.

I woke in the night with Rafael spooned behind me, my butt in his lap and his arm around my waist. It was comfortable. He wasn’t hard, but if he wanted to try that way sometime, I thought I might like it.

I woke before dawn, on my stomach. Rahfy lay on my side, his erection grinding against my buttocks. I stirred, lifting my head.

He kissed me, and rolled me to my back, moving over me. His body was hot and his muscles were tight. He was fully aroused and his arousal instantly stirred mine. I opened my legs and his legs fell between them. He covered my mouth with his. I grabbed his butt. He grabbed my shoulders. We ground cocks, thrusting hard enough that the bed rocked.

We came in moments and fell back asleep almost instantly, with Rafael lying on top of me, a pillow pulled onto my shoulder for his head.

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