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Book Worms

Chapter 7

“I let you boys sleep a little longer than the girls since you don’t take as long to get ready,” Miss Gutierrez told me over the phone. “But it’s time to get up now. Breakfast is in the Mesquite Room.”

I hung up the phone and groaned.

Rahfy still lay atop me, and he nuzzled into the side of my neck. I swept his back with my fingers, and fell back asleep.

The phone rang. It seemed like only seconds after the first call.

“I decided I better call you two,” Claudia said. “I know you got zero sleep last night, but everybody’s eating breakfast and they won’t serve it much longer. If you don’t show up, you’re going to get hungry later, and Miss Gutierrez is going to be pissed. So get your butts over here. I’ve saved you a couple of places.”

When I hung up the phone, I rubbed my cheek on Rahfy’s forehead and squeezed his legs between mine. We were both hard with morning wood. I clasped the smooth skin of his bottom with both hands. His hips moved, in a slow, lazy reflex.

“I don’t want to get up,” I whispered. “I could stay like this forever.”

Rahfy nodded, circling his hips again.

“You and me… we’re going to start having sleepovers,” I said. “I guess at my house, since your little brother sleeps in your room. During the week, my mom sometimes doesn’t get home from work until almost six. You can come home with me after school.”

“People will find out about us,” Rahfy said softy.

“They probably already guess, and if so, I don’t care, Rahfy.” I hugged his shoulders tightly. “I didn’t know it would be like this, feeling so… happy.” I rubbed my cheek against his forehead. “I didn’t know I’d feel like this about you, Rahfy.”

I couldn’t imagine lying with any of my friends the way I was lying with Rahfy… not Michael, not Chuy. I couldn’t imagine either of them as a lover.

“Damn, Rahfy,” I murmured. “If only you could sleep over every night, and we could have all the sex we wanted, when we wanted it. We could make love the way we did last night, every night.”

Rafael lifted his head and gazed down into my eyes. He smoothed the hair back off my forehead, his eyes playing over my brow. His own long hair hung down the sides of his face, framing those wonderfully large eyes and long lashes.

He lowered his mouth to mine and his long hair brushed my cheeks. He ground and I ground with him, holding his butt. His balls rested on mine and I felt them slide against mine as we moved. He was warm and comfortable, and we were so damned sleepy.

But I shook my head, just slightly, apologetically.

“I really can’t stay like this. I’ve gotta take a leak, and we probably should get to breakfast.”

He sighed and nodded.

A few minutes later, Rafael and I sat down, bleary-eyed, at a table which was empty except for Sam and Claudia.

“You really did save us places,” I observed.

“They’ll fill up, now that you two are here,” Claudia said.

“Long night?” Sam asked with a bittersweet smile.

I shrugged. “Didn’t sleep much.”

There was a brief, but awkward silence. I took a sip of water.

“I snore,” Rafael said, as if explaining.

Water spewed out my nose, at which Claudia erupted in laughter.

Sam cocked an eyebrow. “You could always sleep with me, Adrian,” he offered.

Rafael and I glanced at each other. Hell, I was tired, and feeling reckless. “I doubt I’d get any more sleep in your bed, tiger,” I said, patting Sam’s thigh with a sleepy grin.

Rafael had a cup of juice at his mouth. It shot out the sides onto his cheeks.

Sam paused with his spoon almost to his mouth and instantly blushed deeply red.

“Leave Sam alone,” Claudia said, frowning.

The food helped, and our heads began to clear.

“Be nice to Sam,” Claudia said to me when Sam disappeared into the bathroom prior to the first session. “He’s got a monster crush on you.”

I glanced at Rafael. “I’ve got a crush of my own, Claude.”

Rafael smiled.

I frowned dramatically and shook my head. “I’m going to need vitamins just to keep up with Rahfy.”

Claudia stepped closer to us. “Did you like the pajamas?” she asked, her hand on my forearm. “Did you like Rahfy’s bikini briefs?”

She hit us with about ten questions in twenty seconds. Claudia was anxious to know all about our evening.

“What things did you try?” she asked.

“Everything,” Rafael told her, “and I’ve got the butt to prove it.”

Claudia gasped and held her hand over her mouth, as if scandalized. Then she smiled. “I knew when you two finally had a chance, you were going to go crazy.”

I glanced at Rafael. “Maybe a little crazy,” I agreed.

Rafael and I sat side-by-side in the general session that morning, rubbing shoulders, and stealing glances at each other. I wanted to put an arm around his shoulders. I wanted to do more than that. I didn’t, of course, but we did rest the sides of our shoulders and legs against one another.

One of the breakout sessions that morning was on research librarians. The four of us, Sam included, chose that one to attend. Again, Rafael and I sat side by side, and I got hard, remembering the night before. I kept my hands in my lap.

“In general and specialized libraries all over the country,” the speaker told us, “there is a great need for research librarians – librarians who are trained to provide research assistance to their patrons, and to help them identify resources for inquiries into rapidly expanding fields of knowledge. Young librarians like yourselves, particularly, if you specialize in the right field, could find yourselves in great demand, and able to pull down excellent salaries.”

At lunch, the four of us were joined at our table by a bunch of girls. We introduced ourselves, and the girls flirted. We ate while there were announcements, and a brief report, with the promise of another speaker to follow.

In the brief silence after that announcement, Rafael leaned across Claudia toward me. “I know what kind of research librarians we ought to be,” he said.

Claudia was ahead of him. “Sex research librarians, right?” she asked with a cocked eyebrow.

From my other side, Sam leaned in to listen.

Rafael grinned. “Of course. We’ve already started preparing.”

“Yeah, right,” Claudia said, with a wry laugh. “I can see all the high school freshmen beating a path to our library for sex answers from you guys.”

Frowning, I shook my head. “We don’t have the right books,” I pointed out. “We’d need to expand the library.”

“I thought,” Rafael said, with a wicked grin, “that you would know that you don’t always need books.”

The girls around the table had grown silent; obviously listening in.

I glanced up. Two girls were looking directly at me. One, a brunette, smiled.

“You know,” Rafael said in a speculative tone, “We could do that... offer sex research for high school students. Miss Gutierrez doesn’t have to know. None of the teachers has to know. Even if they did find out, well… aren’t they talking about putting sex ed in schools anyway?”

“Good grief, Rahfy, I was joking. Who would come to us for answers?” Claudia asked.

“You might be surprised,” the brunette said from across the table, still looking directly at me. “They would come to you if they know you had experience.”

“And that you would keep everything confidential,” Sam added, looking as though he might want a confidential consultation of his own.

“You could be like… The Love Librarians,” one of the other girls suggested, snickering.

“Do you think we could ‘pull down excellent salaries’?” Rafael asked with a grin.

“The work would be its own reward,” I told him.

Claudia elbowed me.

“Well,” I told her, “it’s at least fun to pretend.”

One of the afternoon sessions was on the importance of audio and video resources. “And if you can’t find what you need,” the speaker said. “Don’t hesitate to make your own audio or video tape. Some libraries are experimenting with just that. If you don’t have your own equipment, get help from a local TV station. They might even help you find local subject experts.”

I immediately had a vision of us making a sex video tape, and I wasn’t the only one.

Claudia glanced at me, then jerked in her seat suppressing a laugh. She tried to hold back, but it came out in a loud wheeze followed by a snort. We exploded into laughter; Rafael included.

Sam could guess why we were laughing, and looked as though he might move away. People around us stared; some seemed annoyed. Every time we tried to calm down, though, one of us started up again.

From time to time that day, we saw Miss Gutierrez and the older girls from our school. Or they saw us.

“They’ve been staring at us a lot today,” I complained to Claudia, when Rafael went for a drink of water. “I don’t think that Miss Gutierrez thinks we’re taking this seriously enough.”

“You can’t be that dense,” she said, shaking her head. “They’ve been staring at you and Rahfy. The two of you might as well hold hands. This is like the first time all day you haven’t been touching each other. And the way you keep looking at each other! You realize, don’t you, that when we get home, they’re going to tell everybody that you’ve gone gay.”

“Oh,” I said, my face growing hot.

“Why do you think that girl from Houston quit hanging around you?” Claudia continued. “It was pretty obvious you only have eyes for Rafael.”

“What girl from Houston?”

“See what I mean?” Claudia asked. “The brunette with big tits who sat at our table at lunch and almost propositioned you. Did you even notice her?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”

She stepped closer and patted my arm. “Just be more subtle, Ahdy,” she said. Then gazing into my eyes, she squeezed my hand. “And don’t get so into each other that you two forget me. After all, I brought you two together.”

“Yeah, Claude. You did.” I put my arm around her shoulder. “No way Rahfy and I would get that carried away. You’re the only sister either of us has.”

Claude’s face screwed up at the word, ‘sister’.

I chuckled. “What, Claude? Did I say something wrong?”

“Ahdy,” she said, impatiently. “I don’t care if you are gay. When a boy looks like you do, no girl wants to be his ‘sister’.”

I frowned. “You can hold off calling me that, Claude.”

“Don’t call me sister,” she said, “and I won’t call you gay.” She gave me a last flash of her dark eyes as Rahfy rejoined us.

They announced that we had two and a half hours before an early supper and our trip to a high school musical. We agreed to go swimming, but a moment later, Sam caught back up with us.

“I can’t,” he complained, sounding bitterly disappointed. “Our advisor is going to take us to the Dallas library.”

“Bummer,” I agreed.

His eyes pleaded. “Will you guys go swimming again tonight? When we get back from the musical?”

I glanced at Rafael. He shrugged. Claudia did, too.

“Maybe,” I said. “Depends on how late we get back. I’ve been a little sleepy today.”

“Take a nap,” he suggested.

I grinned. “I haven’t taken a nap since kindergarten.”

As soon as Rahfy and I closed the door to our room, we were in each other’s embrace, and hard. He felt so good now, so ‘right’ in my arms. He kissed hungrily. I was sleepy, but I’d been waiting for this all day. I figured it was the same for him.

“Claudia’s waiting,” he reminded me. “We need to hurry.”

I started unbuttoning his shirt.

With a little laugh, he started on mine.

We slipped our shirts back off our shoulders and embraced, skin to skin. We kissed, then fumbled with one another’s belts and pants, pushing pants back off hips and onto the floor. We reached into the front of each other’s briefs at the same moment, grabbing erections.

“How about a fast sixty-nine?” I asked.

With a light laugh, Rafael backed from me, and stripped off his underwear, dancing out of his briefs with long, slender legs. His cock wagged. His balls hung low. He dove onto the bed and rolled up on his side. With a smile, he propped his head up on his elbow, waiting.

I stripped out of my briefs and angled to reverse his body position. I dove onto him, literally. Grabbing his hips, I buried my face in his warm, moist crotch. It rolled him to his back, and by accident, we discovered that sixty-nines could be done over and under. As I swallowed up what I was able to of Rahfy’s erection, he lifted my knee over his face, so that my cock and balls were directly above him.

Between Rahfy’s legs lay my new toys. I sort of thought of them that way, and I played with them. While I held onto the shaft of his cock and sucked on the end, with my other hand, I tugged up his legs and explored his balls, and behind them, back down to his opening.

We worked our hips more this time, restraining one another with a hand so that we didn’t choke. We stroked, and sucked, and tongued, and I thought Rahfy’s thick cock was the most wonderful thing I’d ever gotten to play with.

It struck me as weird, briefly, that I could feel that way. Only months before, I would have considered myself ‘straight’. But I did like Rahfy’s cock. Its thickness, hardness, and heat excited me. I even felt a fondness for it… it was Rahfy’s cock. And it truly was beautiful.

I pulled off from sucking, swallowing extra saliva, and I stroked the foreskin forward and back, watching, fascinated. And then I sucked it up again, getting it all wet with my slobber. When Rahfy suddenly and firmly pressed my perineum, I had a swallowing reaction. For an instant, Rahfy’s cock went down my throat without me gagging.

Our sex had relaxed me, including my throat. I tried taking his cock down my throat again, and then again. I didn’t get all of it down my throat that afternoon, but I was learning.

The phone rang, and I jerked awake. I’d fallen asleep with my head on Rahfy’s belly.

He answered the phone. “Sorry, Claude,” he said. “We accidently fell asleep for a moment. We’re on our way now.”

Sleepily, I got up. Rahfy and I hit the john at the same time, and pissed side-by-side into the toilet.

“Like I used to do with Jimmy,” he said, referring to the youngest of his older brothers.

I wrapped my arm behind his waist and pulled the side of his hip to mine. “Sort of chummy,” I said and kissed under his ear.

We shook off. His cock was still thick.

“I love your cock,” I told him.

Rahfy chuckled.

“No, seriously,” I said, “I really love your cock; holding it, touching it, sucking it.”

He glanced at me, biting his lip, eyes twinkling. Then he hugged me.

“I know,” he murmured, rocking me in his arms. “I love yours, too. And your muscles, and your neck and your nose and your eyes and your ears and your red eyebrows and… and everything!” He squeezed me hard, and then whispered. “Every thing.”

That Rafael had a Speedo, was a little bit of a surprise. I would have figured him for a baggy suit guy. We walked, in our Speedos, with towels around our necks, along the buildings, to Claudia’s room. Walking around in my Speedo always felt sexy. Now, with Rahfy looking so hot in one as well, I was glad we’d just made sex, or I’d be fighting an erection.

Claudia met us at the door, wearing a swim wrap and a frown.

“Sorry, Claude,” we both said.

Her frown softened. “It’s alright. I watched a Gilligan’s Island rerun with Rosalyn,” she said, referring to one of the older girls. Her eyes traveled down and back up our bodies, and she cocked an eyebrow. “I’m going to have to protect you two in the pool,” she murmured.

Her swim wrap fit her about like the pajama tops had fit Rafael. I’d not seen so much of her legs before. They were nice legs; long and smooth, but not flabby like some girl’s legs. I could see slender muscles as she walked.

When she took off her swim wrap at the pool, it was to reveal a string bikini and curves which I didn’t know she had… or at least, had like that. Her small hips were nicely rounded. Each breast was the size to fit in a palm. Her skin was paler than Rahfy’s but her pure complexion still had a similar, olive glow. She was slender, she had a little butt, her belly was flat, and without her glasses, she was quite pretty.

Beside a pool full of girls, she didn’t draw the looks that Rafael and I did in our Speedos, but Rafael and I noticed her.

“Damn, Claude,” I whispered in her ear, “You’re the one we have to protect. You look hot! Rahfy and I better jump in the water before you give us hard-ons!”

With a little growl, she pushed me to the edge of the pool and I pulled her with me as she tried to shove me in. Our bodies tangled in the water, and I slipped an arm behind her waist to pull her back upright. She came up sputtering, our fronts pressed together from the waist down.

Our eyes met, and for a brief moment, Claudia lost her characteristic composure.

Rafael followed us in, and jumped onto my back. I let Claudia go, and within moments the older boy, who had hung around Claudia earlier, came up beside us. He and Claudia talked. I clowned around with Rahfy.

Rahfy really did look great in his Speedo, all slender and willowy. I tickled him and wrestled with him in the water; entwining legs and groping under the surface. Despite having four brothers, Rafael wasn’t a natural rough-houser, but our play was light, fun.

When we paused in chest-deep water for a moment, Claudia surprised me by swimming up and clinging to my front. She threw her arms around my neck, burying her face there. I wrapped an arm behind her waist, almost as a reflex, and our bellies came together; her legs floated against mine.

“Claudia, what’s the matter?” I asked. Rafael came up alongside us.

She shook her head. I held her. Her bare legs rested inside mine, her breasts rested on my chest, and her lower belly rested against my package. I tried to ignore those sensations. But I began to grow hard.

I stroked her back, and looked for the guy she’d been talking to. I spotted him, across the pool, red-faced. He saw me looking.

He turned and climbed from the pool. He grabbed a towel and left.

From early on, the fact that Claudia had no dad or older brothers – not to even mention the way she lost her father – had stirred protective feelings in me, not completely unlike those that Rafael stirred in me because he’d been shunned by other boys. Claudia may not have liked me calling her ‘sister’, but I did feel like her older brother at times.

And yet, at the very same moment I felt my anger boil against the boy who had evidently upset her, Claudia’s slender, mostly bare body against the front of mine, stirred distinctly non-brotherly feelings in me. I did my best to ignore them, for Claudia’s sake.

“I’ll beat the shit out of him,” I told Claudia. “Whatever he did, I’ll beat the living shit out of him.”

“He’s gone now, Claude,” Rafael said, patting her back.

She shook her head, and her face nuzzling in my neck brought me fully hard. She had to feel it, against the front of her bikini bottoms, but she didn’t move from it; not at all. Hanging on with an arm behind my neck, she wiped her eyes, and then she chuckled. “It’s silly,” she said. But then her mouth twisted, and she shook her head. “But it’s different with you two.”

She looked from me to Rahfy, and looped an arm around his neck to pull the three of us together. The move put her leg between mine and her hip against my erection. Her other leg had to be between Rahfy’s legs.

Rahfy and I slipped our arms around Claudia and each other. Our foreheads rested together.

“It’s just, he was rough, you know. Sort of… ” She swallowed. “He had a hard-on and he backed me against the side of the pool, and he…” She squeezed our necks, rolling her forehead against ours.

“What’d he do, Claude?” I asked angrily.

She chuckled and kissed my cheek. “My beautiful champions,” she said, and rubbed her wet cheek against mine, then rubbed her other cheek against Rahfy’s.

“What’s really silly,” she said, with another small chuckle, “is that you both have hard-ons and it doesn’t bother me a bit.”

I glanced at Rafael, mildly surprised that Claudia gave him an erection, too.

“Well, shit, Claude,” I said, “with the three of us almost naked and all hugging like this, there isn’t much Rahfy and I can do about it.”

She smiled, and shook her head. “He didn’t do much different than we’re doing now,” she said. “It’s just, I didn’t want to with him, and he forced me.”

She seemed more composed now; almost the self-confident Claudia we knew. But she clung to us, and a few minutes later, came to shower in our bathroom before supper the way she had the day before.

Rahfy and I peeled off our wet Speedos and crawled under the covers on one of the beds while Claudia showered. We’d gotten chilled in the air-conditioned room, and I spooned Rahfy from behind to keep us both warm. We actually slept a few minutes.

“Your turn,” Claudia said, patting my bottom through the covers.

I snuggled onto Rahfy’s back and groaned. “Let us sleep, Claude. You go on to supper and tell us all about it.”

She threw the covers back, exposing our nested bodies.

Rahfy and I lifted our heads, frowning at her.

Claudia laughed lightly, and traced a finger down my side and over my hip. “You two are sexy,” she said. “But you have to get up.”

“It seems to me,” I complained, “that you think your mission this weekend has been to wake us up whenever we’ve tried to get a little sleep.”

“Ha!” she said, sitting down on the other bed in her towel. “I know what your mission has been. Now go shower together so I can get dressed.”

The way she sat, my eyes could have dropped to the space between her towel the tops of her legs. There was a little dark space there. But I resisted. After what she’d been through with the other boy earlier, I didn’t think it would be cool.

So naked, Rahfy and I climbed from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“Geez, Claudia,” I murmured. “You’ve seen us naked as much as we’ve seen each other.”

She grinned and blew me a kiss.

Rahfy kissed me, sleepily, after he started running the shower water. We held each other, and he rested the side of his head against mine.

“We’re getting too used to each other,” he murmured. “Neither one of us has a hard-on yet.”

“Give it a minute,” I told him. “Once I start washing your body, I can guarantee we’ll have at least one.”

He chuckled, and I hugged him more tightly.

We stepped under the warm water with two washrags, and then took turns with the soap, lathering the washrags up, and getting ourselves wet. We moved down the tub and out from under the direct shower spray. We faced each other.

With one hand, I grabbed Rafael’s shoulder; with my other, I used the washrag on his chest. He did the same to me, at the same time. We scrubbed one another’s chest, taking tender care of nipples. Chuckling, we scrubbed under each other’s arms, and Rahfy squirmed because he was ticklish. We scrubbed bellies and played with each other’s navels. We washed tenderly under one another’s balls and in the seams of our legs. By then, we were sprouting semis.

I flopped my washrag over my shoulder and used my soapy hand to clean Rahfy’s cock, gently skinning it back. I loved his foreskin. He threw his washrag over his shoulder and took my cock into his soapy hand. For a moment, we watched one another’s face while we manipulated each other’s cock.

Rahfy’s cock may have become a source of endless fascination for me, but as I gazed on his face, it was as if I really saw it for the first time.

After talking to other people about their early sexual experiences, I realize now that the intimacy and connectedness I had with Rahfy was pretty unique. But fifteen-year-olds can love deeply, and no matter how different Rahfy and I were on the surface, our bonding had begun to run deep.

The very best lovers give themselves over completely to each other. Though we didn’t know it, by that weekend, Rahfy and I were prepared to be the very best of lovers because Rahfy and I had become friends before we became lovers; best friends.

That Rafael was effeminate, and that I would loose my other friends because of him, no longer mattered. To a degree, I’d lost them already. We’d still have Claudia, and I’d trade every other girl in our school for her, any day, because as strange as she was on the outside, inside, she was intelligent, and sensitive, and knowledgeable, and cocky, and uninhibited, and… simply, Claude.

Not all those things went through my mind that afternoon in the shower while Rahfy and I cleaned one another’s cocks with soapy hands and watched each other’s face. I simply knew that being with him made me happy; very happy, and that if he wanted me to stand on my head for sex, I’d do it for him.

I gazed fondly at his features; his large, wide-spaced eyes, and perfect eyebrows, his long lashes, his straight nose, his red lips, and glowing olive skin, his thick hair that came down so low on his temples … many boys are beautiful, each in his own way; but Rafael’s beauty was rare. That he looked at me in much the same way I looked at him… amazed me.

We leaned in to kiss, at the same moment. We stroked, and licked inside one another’s mouth. I clasped the back of his neck with my free hand and leaned my forehead onto his. “I’m in love with you,” I told him.

He nodded, his forehead rolling on mine. “I love you, Ahdy.”

There is no more marvelous feeling than to be in love at fifteen. There are no bounds to it; not in time, not in depth.

I let go of his cock and threw my arms around him; one around his ribs and one over his shoulder. I hugged his naked, wet body to mine, hard. The sides of our faces pressed hard.

We kissed again, longer. Rahfy’s hands swept my back and his long fingers ran into my hair.

I pressed my cheek to his. “Ra-fa-el,” I whispered, almost singing his name. “I love Ra-fa-el, I love Ra-fa-el.” It felt wonderful to say it aloud.

Rahfy squeezed me hard.

But then some detached part of my brain reminded me that we had limited time. This particular eternal moment, needed an end. I patted his bottom.

“Let me wash your back,” I told him.

He turned in my arms, and I retrieved the washrag from my shoulder. I resoaped it and worked over the backs of his shoulders. Then I worked down his slender back, down toward his fleshy, little bottom.

Love at fifteen, is not without desire. Love at fifteen, is a form of pure desire. Your lover’s presence becomes an aphrodisiac; his naked body, an intoxication.

I rubbed the washrag over his bottom, and then, gently, down into his crack, and then down onto his perineum. My erection slid up over his bottom, and I imagined it sliding up inside him.

“Rahfy,” I murmured. “I think we could do anal sex, standing up… sometime.” I wiggled the end of my cock into his crack. “I think it could work.”

“Try it,” he said.

“We don’t have the KY in here, but we are all wet and soapy,” I said, thinking aloud. I pushed on his upper back. “Lean over a little.”

Rafael leaned forward under the shower, placing his hands on the wall. Water cascaded down his back and washed the soap from my cock. ‘It’s wet,’ I thought. ‘It might still go in.’

I bent my knees on either side of his legs so I could angle up. I found his opening with my crown, and I pressed up. I slid in, and Rahfy went up on his toes, almost coming off me. I waited until he came back down, and then holding his hips, I eased the rest of my length in, watching it vanish between his butt cheeks, feeling his tightness slide down my shaft.

And then his butt was flat against my belly and I could see only a little spot of my cock between his buttocks. My legs were outside his; his legs felt good against the insides of my thighs. I rubbed my hands over his wet back. (This was back when some hotels had endless supplies of hot water.) His back was warm from the water.

“Oh, Rahfy,” I murmured, my eyes taking in the way his lean torso tapered down to a final little flare of his butt into my lap. His long, wet hair lay heavy down between his shoulder blades. I ran my hands over his long back muscles, then down his flanks.

My hips pumped. I grabbed his hipbones and pumped again. I held on, and kept pumping. Soon, over the shower noise, I could hear the slapping of my loins to his bottom. Each little jarring impact sent a brief ripple through his flattened butt.

I grabbed his shoulders for even better leverage and pounded away. It felt different, standing. I liked it lying down, better. But this was good. I bent and kissed the back of his shoulder.

“You try me next, Rahfy,” I said. “You’ll like it.”

“I like it already,” he said.

I bent over, hugging his belly, driving my hips. “You make it all fun,” I murmured. “You make it all incredible.”

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