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Book Worms

Chapter 8

We gathered outside the ballroom before supper, and Claudia saw the guy who had bothered her earlier that day, across the foyer. She tensed.

As much as I wanted to go punch the guy, it didn’t make sense. He made every effort to not look in our direction. Rahfy and I simply drew closer to Claudia. We kept her between us at supper, and at the musical.

Sam hung with us again, and we had a good evening. The musical was Babes in Arms, and when they sang, “My Funny Valentine”, Claudia squeezed Rahfy’s and my hands. Sam stole glances at me.

“It’s a little late,” I told Sam as we prepared to head back to the hotel. “Maybe we can swim in the morning after the closing breakfast; before everybody heads home.”

Sam nodded sadly. “Maybe so.”

We went directly from the charter bus to our room, where I took Rahfy into my arms. We kissed. I pressed the side of my face to his and rocked him in my arms.

“Sort of tired?” I asked.

He nodded. “We might need to limit ourselves to having sex only two or three times tonight.”

I laughed. “Yeah, seriously. Tomorrow we have to go home.” I nuzzled into the hair behind his ear. “It’s going to seem like forever before we can be together like this again.”

“We’ll work it out,” he said. “We have to work it out.”

We jumped. There was a knock at the door.

I opened it, and Claudia came in with her duffle.

She glanced from me to Rahfy, smiling, but her smile appeared forced.

“I’m saving your reputation,” she told us. “Everybody’s guessed that you two are screwing each other. Now they’re going to think again. I told the other girls in my room that I’m sleeping with you guys tonight.” She ended with a nervous little laugh.

I frowned. “What about your reputation, Claude?”

She waved off the question. “It’ll probably help mine. Maybe they won’t call me Morticia any more.”

Rahfy and I exchanged glances.

“Don’t worry,” Claudia said, in a rush of words. “You guys can do whatever you want under the covers. I’ll take the other bed.” She grabbed up her duffle. “I’ll use your bathroom to get ready. Don’t mind me; I’ve already seen both of you naked… with hard-ons.”

As the bathroom door closed, I turned to Rahfy. “I think what happened today really shook her up.” I leaned closer. “I think girls are different about that sort of thing.”

He nodded. “I don’t mind her being in here if she needs to be,” he said.

“I don’t either.” I stepped up to bathroom door and tapped lightly. “It’s okay with us, Claude,” I called through the door. “We’re glad you’re here.”

The door opened and she threw herself into my arms.

I held her and rocked her. Rahfy gave her back a friendly rub.

She leaned up and kissed my cheek. Then she kissed Rafael’s. “I just really needed to be with you guys tonight,” she said, apologetically. “I know it’s your last night, and seriously,” she said, looking sincere, “you two can do whatever you want in your bed. I just didn’t want to be alone.”

We gave her a three-way hug and Claudia smiled happily. “Why don’t you put on the bikini briefs,” she suggested, heading back into the bathroom. “That way, I get to see you both in them at the same time.”

She closed the bathroom door.

Rafael smiled sadly.

I wrapped my arm behind his waist. “It is our last night Rahfy. We are going to have sex.”

He nodded, smiling. “It’s not like she doesn’t know what’s going on.”

“And it’s not like she hasn’t seen us worked up before,” I agreed.

With a smile, he began unbuttoning my shirt.

Claudia came from the bathroom in a long t-shirt that came down to the middle of her thighs.

She wanted to see us in our bikini briefs, and Rahfy and I needed to take a last piss and brush teeth before sleep, so we weren’t in bed yet. In only our briefs, we stood belly-to-belly between the beds, kissing.

Claudia paused, her eyes traveling up and down our bodies. Then she smiled. “Damn!”

Coming around the bed, she came right up to us and ran her hands admiringly over our backs and bottoms. Then she stepped back. “Let me see.”

Rafael and I glanced at one another.

“Sorry, Claude,” Rafael said as he stepped back from me. “We got a little excited.”

We each had erections pointing out to a hip. Her eyes dropped there, and then down our legs, and back up our torsos. She sat on the bed and smiled.

“You two are so different, but you’re perfect together, and so… handsome.”

I glanced at Rahfy. “And hot.”

He grinned.

I took his hand. “Our turn in the bathroom, Claude,” I told her. “We need to brush teeth and calm down enough to take a piss before bed.”

She waved us on. “Go ahead. They’ve got cable here. I’ll see if there’s a good movie on.”

I swatted Rahfy under the butt, ushering him into the bathroom. “We’d be better than a movie,” I whispered, and he laughed.

I closed the bathroom door.

“It’s going to seem funny,” he whispered, “with her in the next bed.”

Grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste, I agreed. “We’ll turn off the lights and keep the covers up. I don’t mind if we just rub dicks, for now, since we already did anal and a sixty-nine today. I like rubbing with you anyway.”

Rafael’s eyes met mine in the mirror. “Later,” he whispered, “when she’s asleep, if we want to do other things under the covers, we can.”

Claudia was watching an old movie when we came back into the room. The only light still on was the lamp on the nightstand between the two beds. Also on the nightstand, the TV remote lay next to our tube of KY jelly. Claudia had to have seen it.

I cleared my throat. “Hey Claude, okay to turn off the lamp?”

She glanced up and nodded. “Sure. I’ll turn off the TV if you want.”

I shrugged. Rafael did, too.

“You can leave it on,” I told her.

I turned off the light. Rafael crawled under the covers of the other bed, and I followed. The room remained well-lit from the TV.

We skinned out of our bikini briefs under the covers, and I took Rafael’s from him, placing both on the nightstand next to the KY. Claudia glanced at them, then at us, caught me looking, and looked back at the TV.

I rolled to face Rahfy, and we moved together, slipping legs between legs. He smiled, laying his hand on the side of my face, and mouthed, ‘I love you’. He kissed me, and I slipped my hand behind his bottom, pulling us more tightly together.

We rocked out hips forward and back. At first, it was difficult to ignore Claudia’s presence, but it was our last night. We felt over each other’s bodies using our hands like eyes; Rahfy finding pleasure in my muscles, and me finding pleasure in his slender body.

We paused for breath, and I rubbed my cheek on his. He sucked on the side of my neck and I ground my cock against his.

I massaged his nipple with my finger and he grabbed my side tightly. His ear was beside my mouth and I stuck my tongue in it. He shuddered.

Our mouths met again, and we probed deeply with our tongues.

Claudia turned down the volume on the TV, and I realized that Rahfy and I were making kissing noises. It was impossible not to, just as it was impossible to stop. Our kissing heated.

We rolled, me onto my back and Rahfy onto me. I opened my legs for him and his legs settled between mine. He held my face in both hands, licking from my mouth like a kitten licking from a bowl. I held his bottom, feeling over his soft skin and the now-familiar shape I so liked.

He moaned. I moaned. We weren’t trying to bother Claudia. I expected her to turn the TV back up, but she didn’t.

Rahfy pumped his hips between my legs, grinding our cocks together. I pulled a knee up outside his hip, stretching the tendons between my legs to give him a hard platform to rub his cock on. I ran my hands up to the backs of his shoulders, holding on there, as Rahfy’s hips pumped faster.

He pressed the side of his face to mine, breathing hard. I licked in his ear; it came naturally. He moaned and arched.

We rolled to put Rahfy on his back and let me have a go at being on top. The bedcovers caught on my knee, and with two of us rolling, we tangled in the covers. I jerked them away, thinking I’d kept my butt covered as I moved up over Rahfy, my right leg between his legs, my erection on his hip. I grabbed his face in both hands and probed into his mouth as hungrily as he had probed into mine.

It was when I ground with my hips that I realized the covers had fallen back down our thighs. My butt was exposed. Probably my balls, too, splayed on Rahfy’s hip.

‘In just a minute,’ I thought. ‘In just a minute, and I’ll pull the covers back up.’ For the moment, Rahfy was unaware of our exposure. He had my hair in both hands and he was writhing under me, rubbing his cock on my leg while I rubbed mine inside his hipbone.

I heard Claudia move on her bed, and assumed she was turning away from us. But a moment later, I felt the covers slide down the backs of my legs.

Looking up, surprised, I saw Claudia standing at the foot of the bed, drawing the covers off us. I leaned back to look at her. Rahfy lifted his head and looked, too.

Her eyes traveled up our bodies; my leg still between Rahfy’s. When her eyes met ours, she paused a moment, then without a word, she lifted her sleep shirt over her head.

Claudia wore nothing underneath. First to appear was the small pubic patch between the tops of her legs. And then, her breasts; full little handfuls with dark nipples that angled up. Later, I found the word for them… perky.

She knelt up on the bed at our feet. Silently, Rafael and I moved apart.

Claudia crawled up between us, and rolled onto her back. Rahfy and I drew close; close enough to press our erections against her hips. She reached for my face, laying a hand on my cheek. She reached for Rahfy’s cheek with her other hand, and then looked from him to me.

“I want you to love me, too,” she said. Her head rolled toward Rahfy. “I want you both to love me, too.”

“Claudia,” I said, gazing down into her eyes, “we don’t have to have sex with you to love you. We love you already.”

Rafael drew his fingers up the inside of her thigh. Claudia’s eyes rolled up and she arched slightly on the bed. Then I knew that she was already worked up, and that excited me as well. At fifteen, you never see red lights, and when you see a green one, you go.

I laid my hand low on her belly, just above her pubes, and her eyes met mine. I gazed down into them a moment, then lowered my mouth to hers. As I covered her mouth with my own, I slid my hand between her legs, cupping her mound.

Her legs parted and her hips lifted under my hand. The fingers of the hand she had against my cheek, ran into the back of my hair, and her mouth opened to mine.

Under my fingers, I felt her damp labia. Her skin there was very, very soft. I slid my middle finger up and down the crevice between them, and felt with my fingertip for an opening at the spot where Show Me pictured a cock entering a vagina.

Claudia was very wet there. Her opening had a lining as smooth and wet as the inside of my cheek.

Claudia shifted under me, and moaned. Rafael’s hand joined mine between her legs. I glanced; while I was kissing her, he had been sucking her nipple.

Her hips moved and she reached down with her hands. We lifted our heads and watched as she covered our hands with hers, rubbing her labia with our fingertips.

The three of us watched between her legs as she showed us how to move our hands, and the things to do with our fingers.

“It’s my clitoris,” she murmured when our fingers found the hard little projection. “Rub around it or over it, but not on it. It’s too sensitive.”

I made a mental note. If her clitoris was as sensitive to friction as our glans, then a tongue could drive her wild.

Rahfy and I moved our hands and fingers on our own. Claudia clutched our forearms. I bent over her breast and closed my mouth over her nipple. Rafael kissed her.

Claudia murmured and moaned, responding to our manipulation of her labia, our probing of her vagina, and our stimulation of her clitoris. We would learn all the names later. That night, we learned all the parts.

Those parts grew even hotter and damper, and Claude’s hips started to writhe under our fingers. I didn’t need a book to tell me she was ready. Sitting up, I spread her legs and then knelt between them.

Through Rahfy’s fingers, I could see her labia clearly now. They were bald; the only hair she had down there was in her dense little pubic patch. Her lips were wet, and I wondered if it would be good to use KY like Rahfy and I did on our bottoms. From what we’d read, it seemed a good idea.

I leaned over her and grabbed the KY off the nightstand, and then, sitting back on my haunches, I smoothed some into Claudia’s labia, and in the process, got a look at the pink lining of her vagina. The hole looked awfully small to put my cock into.

Kneeling up, I spread KY onto my cock. Rafael, hand still on Claudia’s vulva, lifted his head and the two of them watched.

It looked like I would have to aim low, so I grabbed a pillow like I had done for Rahfy’s butt, and shoved it under Claudia’s bottom. Then splaying my knees to the sides, I scooted forward, aiming my crown for the base of her crevice.

My crown slipped inside easily, snug between her lips. I scooted my knees forward, and then leaned up over her, propping on an arm, going deeper.

Claudia had a thin hymen, and I slid through with little resistance. She gasped, clutching Rahfy’s back and forearm as my shaft sank all the way in and I watched my red pubic hair press flat against Claudia’s black ones.

Rahfy was tighter; his ring was tighter. But Claudia’s vagina sheathed my entire length snugly, warm, damp. My balls rested between her legs.

I lowered my body to hers, our eyes meeting on my way down. Rahfy pulled his arm from between us, and Claudia wrapped her arms over my shoulders as I settled onto her, supporting my weight mostly on my elbows; the palms of my hands under the back of her shoulders. I covered her mouth with mine and pumped my hips. The second time I pumped, her own thrust met mine.

We kissed deeply. I felt her breasts against my chest and reached between us to caress one. I rested my forehead on hers. “Oh, damn, Claude,” I murmured.

She reached to the side drawing Rahfy to our sides with an arm behind his shoulders. It seemed right. I wrapped my arm behind the small of his back, pulling him against our sides. I plunged my mouth onto the side of his neck and sucked there while he kissed Claude and fondled the breast that I had abandoned. And while Claudia and I ground me deeper inside her, Rahfy ground his cock against the side of our hips.

It’s good that Rahfy and I had sexed earlier, or I would have come almost instantly inside Claude. The sensations on my cock were overwhelming. And not just on my cock. The way our bodies moved… it was almost a contest between Claude and me to see who was fucking whom.

She climaxed, her hands pawing at Rahfy’s and my backs and her heels digging into the backs of my thighs. I drove hard for her, and she went rigid for a long time before moving with me again. And then I came, gasping, arching up over her, driving deep, squirting hard inside her.

I crumpled onto her, and immediately, Rahfy gave me a little shove. I moved off and he moved between her legs. I held Claudia and kissed her while Rahfy found his way in and laid his body down onto hers.

Running my hand over his back and bottom, I kissed the backs of his shoulders and down the long muscles of his spine. I watch the rising and falling of his bottom and sat up part way to see more clearly. I didn’t know watching sex could be so exciting. Rahfy’s hips moved fluidly, rocking forward and back, his fleshy little bottom rising and falling. Claude moved with him and there were sounds to their passion.

Claudia’s arms were tightly around Rahfy’s shoulders. His long hair draped her forearms. Her face was beside his, eyes closed, mouth open. I watched the muscles work in his back, and in his bottom. It occurred to me that we could try this someday with me inside Rahfy while he was inside Claudia.

I rubbed his perineum for him and felt the pulses of his orgasm when it hit. Claudia gasped and clutched him more tightly, and it seemed to me that she was coming again as well.

“Are you sure we’ll be okay, Claude?” I asked as we lay together later. I lay on my back between them with their heads on my shoulders and their arms across my belly. “If we’ve made you pregnant, you know we’ll stick with you.”

Actually, the idea of me making Claude pregnant was both scary and yet, not scary. It was scarier to think of Rahfy getting her pregnant because it would bind them without me. For my part, I knew I was staying close to Rafael.

Claudia kissed my chest. “I’m pretty sure that it’s a safe time of month for me,” she said. “But when we get home, you guys are buying condoms till I can get some birth control pills.”

She reached across my chest to stroke Rahfy’s face. “Rahfy,” she said softly. “I’m so sorry to horn in. I know how much you love him.” She chuckled. “But Rahfy… you’re quite a stud, too.”

“No shit!” I murmured.

Rafael lifted his head and looked down into my eyes in the light from the muted TV. “I do love Ahdy,” he whispered. “And he loves me.” His eyes dropped to Claudia’s face. “But you belong to us too, Claude.” He smiled, and his eyes returned to mine. “We’ll work it all out,” he promised, and then kissed me softly.

His lips hovered softly over mine. “I love you,” he whispered, each word brushing my lips. Then he laid his head back down onto my shoulder.

We would work it all out. I was sure of that, with the optimism of a strong-willed, redheaded, fifteen-year-old. I nudged my legs between each of theirs and felt their crotches rest against the tops of my legs; Rahfy’s flaccid cock and draping balls; Claude’s damp crevice. I couldn’t help but think of Rahfy’s and my semen, still inside her.

I slid my arms down their backs, holding them to me. I would protect them; both of them. I would love Rahfy with all my heart, but I would hold nothing back from Claude. She needed us to love her, and I did love her. Maybe a little like a sister, but that didn’t seem at all a bad way to love her. I kissed the top of each of their heads. They rested their hands on my belly.

“It will work out,” Claudia agreed with a yawn. “After all, we’re the love librarians.”

“We can come to my house after school every day, before my mom gets home from work. We just have to figure out how to get nights together,” I said. “It will be easier for Rahfy and me. Even though my mom might freak, guys do sleep over with guys all the time.”

“And why not me?” Claudia asked simply. “My mom will let you two sleep over with me. I’m sure she will.”

“You’re not serious,” I said.

“You know my mom,” Claudia answered. “She loves you two, and I can get her to agree to anything.”

I smiled. “I wonder what my mom’s reaction would be if I invited you both for a sleepover.”

“I’d have to get rid of my little brother, for you to come to my house,” Rahfy said.

“No need,” Claudia said. “From now on, our Friday night meetings will be sleepovers at my house.”

“But sometimes, Claude,” I said, rubbing her back and nuzzling her hair, “let Rahfy and me, be just us, okay.”

She nodded. “Maybe, sometimes, it can be just you and me, or me and Rahfy,” she said.

I frowned. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about being left out.

I woke to Rahfy rubbing my butt. He was spooned behind me. I could feel his cock against my butt. Claudia was on her back, sleeping in my arms. Rahfy’s rubbing was giving me a hard-on and that hard-on rested up the side of Claudia’s hip.

“Go ahead,” I whispered to Rahfy. I actually liked the idea of him cornholing me while Claude slept. The primary connection among the three of us would always be me and Rahfy.

His fingers probed with KY into my bottom. Then I felt the blunt end of his cock at my opening. I relaxed for him, and felt his cool thickness slide up my butt. It hit a good spot, and my cock grew even harder.

I knew I could have my turn with Rahfy when he was done, but Claude stirred a little, and she felt really good in my arms. Strong feelings of affection remained for her from our earlier lovemaking. I covered her vulva with my hand and nuzzled in beside her ear. I pressed my erection to her hip, and as Rahfy began to move inside me, his movements rubbed me against her hip. I gently fondled her.

Claudia stirred, turning her head toward mine with a soft murmur. Her hand closed over my forearm. I kissed her and her hand moved from my forearm to my cheek. Her legs parted just a little and her hips moved slightly under my hand. She returned my kiss, waking.

The bed rocked, rhythmically with Rahfy’s thrusts. Claude lifted her head to look, and saw Rahfy molded to my back, clinging to my side, and kissing the back of my shoulder.

She laid her head back down and gazed at me, her dark eyes glistening in the dim light.

I smiled and stroked her cheek.

She leaned her head my way, and we kissed again. Gently, I pulled her leg up over my hip, opening her to me. She reached down to help guide me in.

“Go easy,” she whispered. “I’m a little sore down there.”

Because of the angle, the penetration wasn’t as deep, but I made it deeper when I took her other leg between mine. I could reach between her legs with my hand this way, and quickly found her clitoris, and massaged around it. We shifted, and her breast was close enough that I sucked on it while she held my head in both arms.

I paused for a breath. “Don’t come too fast, Rahfy,” I murmured back over my shoulder.

I woke in the morning when Claude rose from the bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door. She’d been spooned behind me. I was spooned behind Rahfy. I hugged his belly and nuzzled behind his ear. My flaccid cock and loose balls rested comfortably against his soft bottom.

“I love you, Rahfy,” I whispered. “No matter what else happens, I love you.”

He rolled inside my arms, to face me. We interlaced legs and he laid his long-fingered hand on the side of my face. He smiled. He kissed my lips softly.

“We love Claude,” he whispered. “But we love her together… like a sister.”

“Geez,” I said, “don’t tell her that. She does not want to be our sister.”

Rahfy grinned. “I guess not.” Then his gaze softened. His eyes roamed mine. “I’ve waited so long to love you,” he said softly. “I’m barely getting started.” He pulled me into his arms, pressing the side of his face to mine. “It’s going to be hard to sleep alone tonight.”

I nodded; my cheek rubbing his. “I’m so damned tired, though, I might manage.”

“I’ll call you before I go to bed,” he said, “and then sleep with the phone under my covers.”

I laughed and nuzzled under his ear. “Then I will wish I was your phone.”

“I love you, Ahdy,” he whispered. “I love you so very much… ”

“Here’s my phone and address,” Sam said, handing me a sheet of paper as we all stood at checkout the next morning. “Could I come see you some time?”

I glanced at Rahfy and Claude because I knew what kind of ‘seeing’ Sam was interested in. Claude fought a smile.

“You could help me with research,” Sam added, with a hopeful grin.

One of the older girls from our group cocked an eyebrow, studying us. I could almost hear her wondering ‘what kind of research.’

I shrugged. “Maybe, Sam. We’ll have to see how it works out. I’ll give you my address and phone as well.”

“Seriously,” Sam said with a grin, and a touch to my forearm. “If you’re going to help people with that kind of research, you might as well get started.”

I smiled.

Claudia stepped over to me and whispered in my ear. “Take him into the john and give him a kiss goodbye, Ahdy. He’s pined for you all weekend.”

I chuckled. And then I thought, ‘why not?’

“Rahfy,” I said, nodding for him to come, too. I led both of them down the hall to a men’s bathroom, and pulled them inside. No one else was in there, and so I backed against the door to keep anyone from simply barging in.

“Claudia suggested we give Sam a kiss goodbye,” I told Rahfy.

Sam went white.

I pulled him to me and planted my lips on his. Rahfy was game. He pressed Sam from the back, and we sandwiched his twelve-year-old-size body between us.

I gave Sam a hell of a kiss and got us both rock-hard. Then Rahfy kissed him, and Sam became a wet noodle between us… except for his hard cock.

The three of us were flushed and breathing hard when we separated. We all reached into our pants to adjust.

Sam looked at me sharply. “I hope you aren’t teasing me, Ahdy,” he said. “It would be cruel to tease. You don’t know what it’s like to be the only gay guy in your school, or at least the only one you know of.”

Rahfy’s look softened. He slipped an arm around Sam’s shoulders. “I understand, Sam,” he said. Then his eyes met mine as he told Sam, “We will have you come visit. Maybe after Christmas over break.”

The van hit a bump and I cocked an eye. One of the girls in the seat in front of us glanced back, disapprovingly.

Claude was asleep across my lap. We had pulled my duffle forward from the back, along the window. She had her head back on it, and I had the side of my face on it, close to hers. My arm was behind her shoulders.

Rahfy was curled on the seat beside me, the back of his shoulders against the side of my belly and his head in Claude’s lap. I had put my hand on his chest to steady him as he settled in, and he hugged my hand there, to his chest, sleeping.

The girl turned back forward, and I smiled as I thought to myself that I really didn’t care. Not what she thought; not what anyone thought, including my mom.

But then I thought about Mom, and in a moment of honesty, realized that I did care in her case. I did want her to like Claude and Rahfy because they were my friends. And Rahfy… I gazed down at him, sleeping, and rubbed his chest with my hand… Rahfy was the most important person in my life.

I smiled at that thought, too; about Rahfy, and loving him. It occurred to me that I was smiling a lot now. I nuzzled into the side of Claudia’s hair. Somehow, we’d work it out. I was as stubborn as my mom, and I wouldn’t lose this time; not like with football. We’d work it out.

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