B o y i n t h e C h u r c h

Editor Needed!

Hi guys!

The first chapter of Boy in the Church is almost done, and I've decided that I need a reaaaaaaaly good editor to help me along the way. The story kicks into high gear from this part onward, so I want to make it the best that I possibly can. I know my own limitations, and I know that I will need some help to tie up all the loose strings and whatnot.

That's right, boys and girls. Roo ain't perfect! Shocking, I know. I'm still trying to get over it myself.

I've had one or two editors in the past, but I found the process a bit limiting and not always to my satisfaction. Maybe I'm just a snooty writer, but hey.

So if anybody wants to give it a shot, please pop me a mail. I promise from my side that I'll try my level best to co-exist with the unlucky person who gets the unenviable job of editing Boy in the Church. :-P

And really, I'm not as bad as I make myself out to be :-)