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"Boy #6"
(Part 1)

Marc, Ralphie, Jeff, Mickey, and Daniel.

Those are my five 'special missions' today. Five treasures, all waiting to be uncovered. After six months of working on the high school's newspaper, this has to be my most important investigative report yet. Even if it is just for my own benefit and no one else's.

My name's Kevin, and this is my experiment. Hopefully one that will bring a lot of good fortune in the long run. You see, I have spent the last three weeks looking all through last year's yearbook, studying it closely, ruling out obvious wastes of time and effort, and out of all the 15 and 16 year old Sophomores in classes with me, those are the ones that I'm MOST expecting to be gay. I've been watching, I've been listening, I've been testing them all with little flirtatious grins and smiles since Christmas vacation. I've been trying them out with certain 'loaded' conversations here and there, and have also been keeping written records of my results. Including any gay traits, gay interests, or gay gestures that I can recall. So far, these are my best subjects. And all of my current data leads me right to their individual doorsteps. So I am going to find out, once and for all, who could be my very first boyfriend. Or boyFRIENDS, for that matter! Right now, I'd screw every last one of them TEN TIMES each if I thought they'd let me! But this isn't the big city. It's a small rural town, where everybody knows everybody else, and doing something as simple as tripping while going up the stairs would spread throughout the entire town like a spring rain by the end of the day So one little slip to the wrong person, and my entire life is technically OVER! This has to be done with extreme caution, and expertise. Minimal risk and minimal exposure, at ALL times, until the moment of truth. When the other guy is already hard, naked, and waiting for me to suck him off, preferably!

It was such a delicate practice...being gay in a desolate piece of shit place like this. I don't think I've ever felt so alone. If there was just ONE other gay boy around here....just ONE...he's probably hidden so far in the closet that I'd have better luck finding evidence of an alien craft landing behind my house than a hint of homosexuality. I've been online, and I've seen the sites. I've seen the pics, and the videos, and read the stories...some of them 'true'...and I KNOW that gay people EXIST! I mean, they've fucking GOT to be SOMEWHERE!!! It's not like this town had them genetically written out of existence in this particular part of the world. So....dammit....where ARE they? Why are they hiding? Are they as terrified of being outed as I am? In a place this small...there's gotta be just ONE! Just ONE! And with sooooo many cute boys at my school...I'm just hoping and praying that it's one of them. After all, I can't just fantasize forever. This virginity thing is KILLING me! And masturbation is, quite frankly, getting 'boring' at this point.

So, with what little hope there was for me to work with...I decided to take a chance on something that I normally would have shrugged off of my shoulders and forgotten about. I saw a site online, that was full of members from all over the world. They did'roll call' thing one time, and there were like almost 100 names that popped up! And they were from everywhere! Teenagers, like me. Adults. Men. Women. Younger. Older. I have to intrigued me. My instincts kicked in, and I started taking notes, as I always do. And the odds of someone being in my little homophobic chunk of the planet was 'slim'...but certainly not impossible. So it made me wonder about all the people who didn't post, or didn't see it, or didn't even know the site existed. That would increase my chances by a LOT, right?

Anyway, so they've got this 'mark' thing that they were doing for a whole week, and today was the first thing. You put a 'C' on your hand, and look for other people who are wearing one too. Now, this is a pretty flawed 'science', as there are too many variables to really make this anywhere close to foolproof! I could see if something like this was advertised on the Super bowl or something. But it's a very small place, with a very loyal following. It would be like betting on which tree would get hit by lightning during a thunderstorm. But I got to thinking...trees actually DO get hit by lightning around here. Just like they do everywhere else in the world. People win the lottery, and survive shark attacks, and get pulled back after having their heart stop for a matter of minutes. I'd like to think that a boy my age, who's constantly horny, and likes other boys as much as I do, reading the same stories online that I am...wouldn't be all that farfetched. I mean, what is life if you don't believe in a little 'magic' every now and then, you know?

So I decided to draw my 'C' on, and review my notes, just to see what I could find out. A little research, a little faith, and a little luck, might just shine a spotlight on a few possibilities. Here's hoping.

I got on the bus, still a bit groggy from a restless sleep, and saw Carter in one of the middle seats. He was of the few people that I knew well enough on this bus to bother saving me a seat when I get on. Thank goodness for that, because I'd hate to have to go through the awkward exercise of finding somebody to sit next to day after day. Carter doesn't talk much, but he's friendly enough, and he helps me out with the school paper. Good help is hard to find. Especially when there's no 'money' involved.

I kept my marked hand hidden from him, but I'm pretty sure he saw it anyway. I don't think he cared one way or the other though. And that's a good thing. Because I had a LOT of investigating to do today, and I didn't need my confidence blown by a series of scary questions. This had to be done right. I needed all the courage I could get.

TARGET #1: Marc McCaffrey

I have a third period study hall every day, which I don't REALLY have to go to if I don't have any outstanding homework to do or make up tests to take. But I go anyway, because...well...what the hell else am I gonna do? I don't have a car, or a license for that matter, and the nearest 'non-school activity' is at least two miles away from here. So this building is basically my Alcatraz until the big yellow bus shows up to take me home at three o'clock. But being in this study hall does have its perks. One of them being Marc McCaffrey.

Marc is one of those really cute boys that you always wonder about, but could never build a solid 'gay' case against him. He's got that awesome boy next door look to him. Soft brown hair, soft brown eyes, and a smile that seems so much more affectionate than ninety percent of the smiles you usually see every day. My notes on him were pretty extensive. He's surrounded by girls who absolutely adore him to the point of being sickening sometimes. They follow him around, eat lunch with him, accompany him to every party and every school dance...and yet...he's never actually 'dated' any of them. Not a single one. As far as I know, he doesn't have much of a history of dating at all. A really cute boy, swarmed with girls, who never dates? Seemed like a nod in the right direction. So I decided to make him my first subject.

I came to the study hall with books in hand, and made sure to sit right next to him so that we might talk a bit. I even made sure to get there a little late so he could choose a seat first. You've gotta think about these things when trying to 'position' yourself correctly. Marc took out his notebook and was basically just drawing pictures in it. Comic book heroes and villains, decked out in elaborate costumes and burning with white hot energy of some sort. He's an artist...which is a plus in the 'possibly gay' side of my notes. I don't know just seems that seriously creative people have a tendency to be at LEAST bisexual, if not full on gay But...I could be making that whole thing up.

"Marc...hey!" I said, initiating first contact.

"Oh, what's up, Kev? Sorry, I didn't see you. I was kind of absorbed in this one." He said, showing me the notebook page. It was a man in a dark black uniform, covered with shadows, and glowing eyes. He was just finishing up the lower half.

"Nice!" I told him, and he thanked me. I took a moment to just...look at him, you know? He has such a pleasant 'aura' about him, he always did. I can see why girls find him so adorable. Not to mention that he has these really cool cheeks. I can't explain it, really...because they're not, like, 'chubby' cheeks or anything. But whenever you look at his just want to press your face against them. They're just really smooth and cute, and thoughts of kissing them a hundred times just immediately seem to cross your mind when you catch sight of them. But...that's a weird bit of data that I'll save for more 'private' moments.

"So...what other ones did you do today? Can I see?" I asked. The plan was now being launched into action. I've established friendly contact, displayed interest, and now I'm going for a deeper interaction. So far, so good.

"Yeah, sure. I started here on Page 23 today, so I've got about six new drawings. My Social Studies class is a major drag, so I had to do sumthin' to keep myself awake." Marc turned around and handed me his notebook. He always made sure to look at the faces of the people viewing his drawings I think he got a kick out of seeing people's first reaction...which was usually complete awe. He was really good!

This is something that I was counting on. I made sure to add it to my notes as a possible ploy to get his attention. When I took the notebook, I made sure to flash the back of my right hand to him, shaking it around a bit to see if it would get his attention. "Ohh, I like this one. And this guy is cool. He's all, like, built. You know? Super strong. It's cool."

"Thanks." Marc was quick to be modest about his artwork, even if it excited him to no end to show it to people. He could balance pride and modesty better than any boy I knew. But...he wasn't taking the bait. So I had to try something else.

"Hehehe, he's definitely got a lot going on in the 'crotch' area here. What's that about?" I asked.

Marc giggled. "What? No I didn't! It's a normal package for a super villain, isn't it?"

"One with a giant wang, sure."

"Do you think I should make it smaller? I don't think it sticks out that much. It'll look better when I go over it with ink and shade everything in." He said. He STILL wasn't really giving me any signals yet. I thought the crotch comment might have gotten at least a little bit of a shy blush out of him. Then I came across a picture of a female drawing in a 'very' seductive position, with breasts bulging almost out of control, and an ass so round that it nearly leapt off of the page in 3-D. Marc must have seen the look on my face, because he snickered out loud, and had to look back to make sure the study hall monitor wasn't ready to give us a warning about goofing around. This time...he DID blush. "Yeah...I kinda did that one last period. Can you tell who it is?"

This...didn't feel like it was going in the right direction. "Who it is? Um...I give. Who?"

Marc leaned forward and whispered, "It's Mrs. Avery...the Fine Arts teacher. Isn't she fine? I was hoping to get the tits right, know...the bigger the better. So I just kept letting the circles get bigger until it felt 'good'. Hehehe!"

Disappointment hit me pretty hard, and I was really hoping that my reaction to THAT statement didn't show too much on my face. "Mrs. Avery, huh? Yeah...I can tell by the hair, and...and stuff..."

"Dude, I'm telling you, if I'm EVER lucky enough to be one of those students who gets to bone his teacher...she's my number one draft pick. I'll keep my mouth shut, baby. BAM! Hehehe!" He chuckled. target number one is a complete washout. And it sucks too, because I was REALLY hoping to get a chance to kiss those cheeks someday. Who would have thought that Marc was just attracted to older women? Shit. That just KILLS me! Some fiery hellcat in her 30's is gonna find out this cutie likes older chicks and she's gonna fuck him SENSELESS! Sighhh...and to think, that could have been me riding that hot, hard, long..well, whatever. Scratching him off the list.

"What's this last one?" I asked.

"Oh, it's one of those thingies from that 'S-K-Y-L-I-G-H-T' movie coming out this fall. You know, the one from the big teaser last night?"

I slapped myself on the forehead, covering my eyes. "Ugh! Shit! I COMPLETLY forgot ALL about last night! I was gonna watch it!"

"Hehehe, sucks to be you, dude. It was just a teaser, but the movie looks badass. Just look it up on YouTube or something. If they can have '2 Girls, 1 Cup' and 'I'm Fucking Matt Damon', I'm sure they'll have THAT." He smiled. Arrggghh! Marc is really cute when he smiles. Screw him for being..'hetero'! Dammit!

"Right." I said, and I handed him back the notebook, making sure to wave my 'C' mark in front of him just ONE more time! You know, just in case. You never know, maybe he just likes boys on the side or something? I mean..I'd be down for just hours of hot passionate sex on the weekends if that's all he wants. But I got no response. I doubt he even paid any attention to the fact that there was a mark on my hand at all. But that's ok. One down...4 to go. I didn't really need more than one boyfriend anyway. With Marc's cute little ass in my bed, who else could possibly get a chance?

Final Analysis: Not Available. (Still cute though)

I tried to figure out where I went wrong in my original theories about Marc. Tried to see if maybe my calculations with the other boys might be slightly off as well. But going back through my notes, I was pretty sure that Marc would be one of my best bets. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, due to the fact that he's always so damn sweet. I've just got to be a little sharper in my calculations from now on. And I'll get another shot at this...just as soon as lunch rolls around.

TARGET #2: Ralphie Escott

This was even more of a tricky situation, as I'm sure that the cafeteria was going to be full of people when I tried to approach him. Also, I don't know him all that well. He's sort of been a vision of loveliness that I always had to appreciate from afar, I'm afraid.

Ralphie Escott was immensely popular with both the girls and the guys alike. The concept of him being away from his group of loyal 'followers' was almost unheard off. ALMOST...but not quite! You see...according to my study of his habits, I know that he has a class on the first floor right by the cafeteria right before lunch everyday. So all he has to do is walk over, grab some food, and wait at his table while the rest of his friend catch up and join him. The cafeteria won't be 'empty', but I should have a window of a few minutes to talk to him before he gets surrounded by his protective force field of companions.

He was beyond beautiful. Model gorgeous, slim and sexy, medium length platinum blond hair and a set of striking blue eyes that would blind you if you looked into them too closely. He's, by far, the cutest of all my targets. Rumor has it that he once got offered a HUGE amount of money to model for Abercrombie And Fitch, but was too young for his parents to approve He was seriously sex on legs...and if he's gay...I SWEAR that I would get down on my knees and suck the skin right off of him every chance I got!

Now, Ralphie was a theater boy. Drama club, Comedy club, he did a little bit of everything. He could be really animated on stage, and didn't seem to mind singing if the part required it. Which put him right at the top of the 'maybe' pile. Also, he is also without girlfriend. A special girl being absent in that boy's life, when he's soooo amazingly attractive, seemed another sure tell tale sign of possible 'gayness'. Not to mention that he has a few gay gestures that I've seen him demonstrate on occasion, and they come off as a bit effeminate. I think he tries to hide them, or at least tone them down, but every now and then, he'll let one slip. And that gives me a chance. So I made my approach, and prayed for the best.

I got down to the cafeteria as soon as possible, and sure enough, my calculations were correct. Ralphie had walked into an empty lunch line and gotten himself something to eat. I made sure to stand right behind him and get something myself. My God...the look of him. The smell of him. I let my eyes wander down to his ass momentarily, but his low riding pants offered so little detail. It's a shame, because I know it's got to be something to see. Jesus he's hot! Ok...enough of that...I've gotta keep my mind straight. Don't go getting all gooey over him now. Stay focused.

We both bought our lunches, and I nervously followed him out to his table Normally he just sits there by himself until his friends get there, and I chickened out at first, so I actually ended up walking past his table instead. I made sure to walk slowly enough to make my 'C' mark visible, hoping that he would notice. I had it facing him, and looked at his face for any reaction whatsoever. But he was opening a carton of chocolate milk, so he didn't see me.

I circled around, and made another pass. I cleared my throat this time, but he didn't look up. So I pretended to sneeze, and I saw a flash of his bright blue eyes as he said, "Bless you." They were like HEADLIGHTS, those eyes. Wow! So...I made contact, but then Ralphie's attention went right back to his lunch. I tapped my fingers underneath my tray, feeling a trembling quake take over my body as I tried to get the courage to sit down. I can't believe I'm doing this. Shit...ok...we don't have a lot of TIME here, Kev! Let's do it!

"Is anybody sitting here?" I asked, and put my tray down at the same table.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Oh..." It wasn't a question that I was really...'ready' for. "...I just thought...I mean...nobody was sitting here, so..."

"Yeah, well, my friends are gonna be here any minute. So...could you, like...sit somewhere else? Like, slide down or something?" He asked me. Those eyes...I couldn't break away from those eyes. "Dude...seriously." He said, and 'shooed' me away with a flick of his hands.

It sucked, but I figured I'd get more accomplished from a distance than I would fighting over my strategic positioning. So I slid a few seats over so I'd still be able to talk to him without raising my voice. "So...I saw your last play in the big auditorium. You were good."

"Further." He said.

"Say what?"

"Further, dude. Seriously." He gave me another gesture and I was forced to slide further away from him to make room for his invisible friends. I stopped about half a lunch table away, and he said, "A little bit more." And that pretty much pushed me to the other end of the table entirely. Which might as well have been a mile. Okaaaaaay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

I opened my soda, rather loudly, and made sure to drink it with my 'C' facing outward. He HAD to see it this time. No way he could avoid it. Is he just not saying anything? Maybe he's worried somebody will hear him. I could hear the other students now getting into the lunch line and knew that I had to work fast. "So...Ralphie?" I said, practically shouting from my distant location at his empty table.


"Are you working on anything else these days? Like, another play...or maybe...something outside of school? I think you could totally try out for movies or TV or something if you wanted to." I said, speeding up the 'compliments' part of my plan until it sounded haphazard and weird.

"Dude, is this a joke?" He asked.

"No. I'm just saying..."

"What ARE you saying? I don't even know you." He sneered. Ouch. Something about it hurt sooo deeply. I'd like to think that I've built up a thick enough skin to not be completely crushed by a few abrasive comments...but something about being looked down upon by someone so...damn....BEAUTIFUL, just cuts you right to the bone! I mean, geez, I had a CRUSH on Ralphie for almost a year now! Could he at least 'pretend' to give a shit and take it easy. My heart's not exactly bulletproof, ya know?

"Ralphie! Dude, what's happening?" Two of his friends arrived at the table and gave him high fives as they sat down with their lunches. He seemed to have no trouble welcoming them with a smile. They shared a few laughs, and then one of them looked over at me, sitting all alone at the other end of the table, and asked, "What's with the pipsqueak?"

Ralphie rolled his eyes slightly, shaking his head. One of the very gay gestures that I had noted previous to this train wreck of an attempt. And he said, "I don't know. It's just some weird kid, popped up out of nowhere." Omigod, I wanted to CRY! Are you serious? That's, like, the cruelest thing I've ever had said about me. Ever.

His friend asked me, "Hey...what's your deal?"

"I'm just...I was..." I couldn't even speak. My heart was so heavy at that moment that it was almost hard to breathe, and all I could do was look down at my tray of food.

Ralphie's other friend jumped in and said, "I think he thinks you're 'pretty', Ralphie. You think my friend over here is pretty, kid? All sweet and sexy?" They all got a big laugh out of it.

And Ralphie asked me, "Do you? Did you come over here to, like, 'get to know me' or some shit?"

I was too hurt to answer. So I just grabbed my stuff and stood up from the table to leave. My eyes watered up a bit on their own, but I think I was more angry than hurt at that moment. Total fucking waste of time! I don't know why I ever liked that jerk in the first place!

"Aww, now look! You broke the little pipsqueak's heart! Look what you did. He's gonna go cry now." His friend said, and Ralphie couldn't stop giggling at my misfortune. I could hear more of his friends arriving at the table and they couldn't wait to whisper about it some more, making sure that everybody got a nice little grin off of it.

Yeah...whatever. I ate my lunch all the way on the other side of the room And ended up throwing half of it in the fucking trash because my appetite was ruined. I made sure to scratch Ralphie's name out extra hard in my notebook, nearly tearing a hole in the page. Fuck him AND his friends. They can have him.

Final Analysis: Who The Hell Cares? Straight Or Gay, He's A Fucking Asshole!

Well, it looks like I've got to hate Ralphie now for the rest of my life. Stupid! My calculations couldn't have been more wrong. I should have been so much more careful. I just...I was hoping that he could...just be....

Sighhhh....whatever. I don't wanna think about it anymore.

I was sulking my way back to class, doing my best to just disappear in the crowd of students so I wouldn't have to connect eyes with Ralphie and his band of goons again. Not only does this hurt, but I feel like an IDIOT for letting it hurt! I should be angry enough to let it go, but I wasn't. I guess that's strike two. And my previous ideas about being the only gay boy in this whole stupid town has been further supported by my current findings. But I'm not giving up. Not yet. I've still got more research to go.

"Well YOU look like a big steaming pile of shit." If it hadn't been Carter's voice, I probably wouldn't have bothered to lift my eyes from the dirty tile floor. He was just teasing me for my moody appearance, of course, but when he didn't get a smile out of me, he looked concerned. "Kevin? Are you alright? What's going on?"

"Nothing. Just...leave it alone. K? It's a longer story than I care to go into." I told him in a pouty voice. I didn't really need his pity at that moment, so I changed the subject. "Did you get any student quotes for this week's article on standardized tests?"

"Plenty. I actually got...hmmm...about ten responses. I can get more if you need them."

"Ten? Really? Sweet...that's more than enough. Good job, dude." I told him. "Do you think you'll have a chance to type them up so we can bring them to the staff meeting after school?" I could hardly finish my sentence before Carter reached into his bag and handed me a neatly pressed folder with the comments typed up, and extra copies made for everyone to read. "Damn, dude...I knew there was a reason I loved having you at my side."

"Well, I figured you wouldn't have time to do it yourself before the meeting. You've still gotta do that interview with Jeff about the basketball game against Southland High. Don't forget."

"Oh me. I'm not gonna forget." He was a part of my plan, after all. And who knows? Third time's the charm, right?

"Cool. Well, I'll see you after school then." Carter said, and then he reached in his bag and pulled out a videotape with no case. He tossed it to me, and I barely caught it.

"What's this?" I asked.

"I figured you'd forget, so I taped the big teaser trailer for 'S-K-Y-L-I-G-H-T' for you last night. There's also a short making of special right after it. I looked it up online."

"Omigod, Carter...THANKS!!!"

"Somebody's gotta keep your life together. Later." And he hurried off before I was able to even give him al the praise he was worth. He's sooo sweet to me, sometimes.

I made an attempt to just swallow the pain from my last investigation, and readied myself for my interview with Jeff. Let's hope this one isn't half as disappointing as the last one.

TARGET #3: Jeff Patton

I was fully expecting to give Jeff his interview in the hallway by the window, before he got ready for practice at the end of the day. Imagine my surprise when he came walking up with a white towel over his shoulder, and said, "Hey, come on. Let's just do this in the locker room. I've gotta get there early so I can warm up." I think my body was literally incapable of moving for the first full 60 seconds. Was he inviting me in the boys locker room him get ready for practice??? Oh this is ALREADY turning out to be a bonus! I need to put a fucking star next to this notebook entry!

I nervously walked behind him, entering the heated, hormone filled, boys gym locker room, and watched him put in his combination. "Is this...ok?" I asked.

"Of course it's ok. Why wouldn't it be?" He said, opening his lock. Now..Jeff Patton was an all around sports star. Basketball, Football, Baseball, matter what sport we played in gym class, he was a valuable athlete in every one. No exceptions. He could run, he could jump, he could climb, he could dodge, he could name a sport, and he was the guy to have on your team. And his body showed it. My was the most sexually sculpted form of human perfection in the 10th grade. His muscles weren't really bulky or big, but they were sleek and tight. His chest was flat and looked like it was carved out of marble, with abs that were invisible until he tightened his stomach...and the well defined lines of a six pack would appear like magic. His arms had the kind of powerful biceps that you could see, even when he wasn't flexing them for you. His legs were long and strong, adding to his 6 foot height, his smooth tight calves were rock hard and hairless, almost like he 'shaved' them or something. And he had the tightest....most succulent ass that I had ever seen in my life. His cheeks were two perfect ovals that looked like they were tightly clenched 24 hours a day, even when they weren't. I actually had a wet dream about him a couple of months ago, and came just from the idea of fingering him while he was laying down on his stomach on the locker room bench. I never fingered somebody in a dream before, or since. But for was a mind-blowing experience.

And don't think that he wasn't pretty in the face, because he was certainly the sweet definition of a 'total package'. He had this short, spiked, dark brown hair that stayed immaculately perfect, even when wearing a helmet. Never knew how he worked that out. He had a strong chin and cheekbones, and cold crisp brown eyes that looked like they could cut you to pieces with a single stare. Not to mention a set of full luscious lips that were literally made for you to slide your tongue in between their cushioned embrace. Mmmmm....kissing him would be enough to weaken me to the point of falling back in a faint...just hoping that he'd catch me. He was, in a word...amazing.

"So what kinda questions you got for me?" He asked, pulling his shirt over his head. Oh GOD...does he really expect me to concentrate while he's ummm....DOING that???

"Uhh...right. Ok..." I fumbled around to open my notebook, pressed record on my mini-recorder, and get my pen working right "So...what do you think our chances are against Southland High this weekend?"

"Psh, please! They don't stand a chance against us. They've got some good shooters, but their defense is weak. We've studied their past three games, and they're all offense. The second you put pressure on their basket, they crumble..." I half listened to Jeff's explanation, and kept enough of an act up to make him think that I was enthralled with his sports talk. But in all honesty...all I could do was notice the way his smooth muscles would flex all by themselves every time he moved. Something as simple as twisting his trim little waist would cause little ripples in his already mesmerizing frame. And he had no shame whatsoever being shirtless in front of me. I wish I had the kind of body that would allow me to just...'walk around' like that. "...And their lead scorer has been suspended for the last two weeks. They think they're just gonna let him 'jump' back on the court this weekend and run game on us? Forget it!" He said, and then gave me a strange look. "Uh...are you getting all of this?"

Shit, I had to peel my eyes away from his body long enough to remember what the fuck I was doing here. "YES! I mean...uh...definitely. Sure. I got it." I needed to put the plan in action quick before I lost him. "So, you're out there, practicing for this big game all week long...has it affected anything else lately?"

"Anything else like what?" He asked me. Jesus, his lips were scrumptious.

" know? Your studies,, maybe a girlfriend or something?"

He wrinkled his brow a bit, and then said, "Whatever. Next question." Ok..should I take that as a good sign or a bad sign? He doesn't want to talk about it? Hiding select information concerning sexuality...definitely a possible tell tale sign of 'gayness'. And certainly not in tune with typical jock behavior, which would usually jump at the chance to use the word 'pussy' as often as possible.

" you think we can make the finals, the way that we're going now?" I asked, still trying to find a way to get some more answers from him.

"Of course. By this time next month, we'll be rated number one..." He continued on with his explanation, and that's when I saw him reach for his belt. My heart stopped. My breath got caught in my throat. And I think my hands started shaking. I felt time freeze for a quick second as I heard a 'zip', and then, while facing the other direction...I saw Jeff Patton lower his jeans right in front of me. Revealing a pair of all black boxer briefs that hugged his prize winning ass tightly, with just enough flexibility to let the fabric dip into that sports sculpted cleft of his. Omigod..I had to use a hand to close my mouth and keep my tongue from wagging. It was just as tight and fit and dimpled and AWESOME as I remembered! My chest refused to expand, as my lungs nearly popped from lack of exhaling the deep breath I took when his pants hit the floor. He kept talking as though it was no big deal at all, but I was seriously doing all that I could to keep from grabbing his waist and pulling him back until I smashed my FACE in that ass and chewed my way through those underwear until I struck boy gold!

He put his pants in his locker, his tight buns flexing and moving under that soft black fabric...teasing me...making me dizzy...and when he turned around, I caught a brief glimpse of the mouthwatering bulge in the front before snapping my eyes up to look him in the face. I could feel the deep heated blush flood into my cheeks, and pulled my notebook on my lap to hide an uncontrollable erection that was reaching full hardness against my will. "" What the hell did he say last? Was I even listening? What do I ask next? God...he's NAKED except for those boxer briefs. His body is KILLING me.

"What are you looking at?" He asked me, out of nowhere.

"Nothing." I said, keeping my calm. At least on the OUTSIDE, I was keeping my cool. "So...what do you think our chances High?"

"You already asked me that."

"Oh?" I said. My mouth went dry, and I swallowed hard as I looked back down at my notebook, allowing my gaze to lightly sweep over the front of his underwear along the way. I swear, I could almost see the soft tube of flesh, flopped over to the left, and the hint of a ridge at the tip of it. I would only be able to fit it all in my mouth until it was half hard. Then it looked like it would grow beyond my ability to swallow it all. Thoughts of his strong body lying on top of me, kissing me deeply with tongue while I wrapped my legs around his middle and grabbing two handfuls of those firm perky cheeks as his biceps flexed beside me ran through my mind. And I glanced up again at the package being presented to me.

"Are we done here, or what?" Jeff asked me.

"Done?" Shit...I'm not getting ANYWHERE with this! I kind held my notebook in a way where the 'C' mark on my hand would be visible, and I waved it a bit, so he'd notice it. Come on, Jeff....PLEASE notice! I'll suck you off right here if you'll just notice and tell me you feel like I do! Please?

"Yeah. Done. Like finished?" He said, and this time, when I took a little peek at his package again, he caught me. "What the fuck are you LOOKING at???" He said angrily.


"Nothing? No, I don't think it was nothing. I think you were checking me out." He said, stepping closer to me. You know, I kinda had fantasies that started like this, with him doing exactly what he's doing now. with the angry look on his face. "So what the fuck are you looking at, faggot?"

Wow! ok, NOT the response I was looking for! ABORT mission!!! "Ok...well, I've got everything I need, so...good luck and all that. With the game, I mean."

I stood up and he pushed me up against the lockers. Then he got in my face, and those brown eyes reduced me to a quivering mess instantly. "Were you looking at my dick? Huh? Were you?" His muscles had never been so intimidating. He could literally beat me to a pulp right here, and they wouldn't even find my mutilated body until first period tomorrow. "WERE YOU???" He yelled, causing me to jump.

"No..." I was hoping my voice would make that reply sound a little bit'manly'. But it came out like this girlish little whimper, and all I could do was cower in fear while silently thanking God for the fact that intense, life threatening, situations do WONDERS for losing an erection.

"Yeah, right." He said, and I made a move...ducking under his arm, backing out of his presence while he watched me like a hawk. Making it out alive was all I cared about at that point. This investigation is turning out to be more risky than I ever could have ever hoped for.

Final Analysis: Definitely NOT Gay! (Subject Offered To Pound My Ass, And NOT In A Good Way)

I waited until I was far far away from that locker room before opening my notebook, and crossing Jeff's name off of the list. My hands were still trembling violently from the confrontation. I worried for a moment that Jeff might think about this some more, and come and find me later. And God forbid if he and Ralphie were to somehow trade notes on our interactions today. I'd be SUNK! But...the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Jeff would have probably gone through with a thorough beating if he had really taken the incident seriously. I doubt anybody would have been able to stop him.

Then, as my adrenaline stopped pumping, and the fear wore off some...this intense sadness began to creep into the void it left behind. Three tries, three failures. And...I'm still alone. All alone.

What if my original theory was correct after all?

What if I really am the only one?

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