The following story is false. The names were not changed because they didn’t really exist. No one is innocent. If this story bears any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, it is purely coincidental and unintentional. If this story IS an accurate representation of you life, I greatly envy you. Good job. ;-) Note that although it is written in the first person, I am not really the narrator, as much as I would like to be.

The small conversation in the beginning is inspired by an actual conversation I had myself with a close friend of mine and I’d like to thank him for adding a new sense of utter confusion to my life. ;-)

I understand if some of the logic in the story doesn’t make perfect sense. . . just ignore it. . . it’s fiction. ;-)

Anyway, comments, send to I will make it a point to respond to all appropriate e-mails. Criticism will be appreciated. Flames will be ignored. Yada yada yada.

Don’t read this story if it is illegal to do so in your location. This depicts sexual situations and acts between 2 consenting teenage males and it may be inappropriate for some readers.

I wrote this story because I don’t see many like it around. This is my first erotic writing but not, by far, my first time writing anything. I fully intend “The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way >From Aaron to Zach” to be a series. Each story is self contained but all of the stories in the series will contain the same characters and exist in a linear time line in the same fictitious universe.

And now, without further adieu, I bring on the teenage homoeroticism.

[t/t, romance, oral, anal]

The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way From Aaron to Zach.

_________________________ Story 5: The Application Enigma_________________________

By Epsilon

Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1

            “I am not the woman!” I demanded into the phone. “I’m just sensitive, that’s all.” The sigh coming from the other end was so loud, I had to pull the receiver away from my ear. “Besides. . . He’s just as sensitive. He’s only quieter than me in public.”

            “Aaron,” Carly quietly asked. “What color shirt are you wearing right now?”

            “Red.” I nodded defiantly.

            “And your pants?” she asked.

            “Jeans.” Score another one for the A man.

            “How about your underwear.” she asked with a sly tone to her voice.

            I started to answer but suddenly dropped down to silence. “Grumble.” I responded. . . well, grumbling.

            “What was that lil’ Cuz? I think I missed it. What color underwear are you wearing?”

            I grumbled more loudly. “Purple.” I said. “With red hearts.” I added.

            “Right. Like I said, dear. There be ovaries in the house.”

            “Damn it, Zach. How the hell does she do that? She talks me into a corner and there’s no escape!” I said to Zach the next day while jogging around the track for gym. “What could I have said to counter that?” I demanded.

            “You could have said we had matching pairs.” Zach replied quietly.

            “I don’t want to lie to win the argument, hun.” I replied and he slowed to a stop.

            “Aaron. We DO have matching pairs. We bought them yesterday at Old Navy.” he had a look of total incomprehension on his face, probably due to the look of utter total incomprehension on mine.

            “DAMN IT!” I exclaimed as I marched off again down the track. “Now I REALLY fucking hate her!”

            Zach chuckled to himself. “I’ll be right there, missy.” he called before sprinting to catch up.

            It was Thursday, April 24th and Zach had just turned the magic number of 18 a whole 3 weeks prior. We had a party for him the day before but things had suddenly taken a turn for the worse when Zach began to vomit uncontrollably while we . . . Well, let’s just say that I had to brush afterwards. . . Yah. I know it’s gross, but love isn’t ever as simple (or as fun) as it seems.

            He had acquired a stomach virus somehow which inevitably meant I was next. He spent the day before his birthday in bed, and I spent the day of his birthday in bed. We also avoided each other the next day to prevent the endless cycle of reinfection. It was only three days apart but it felt like an eternity. Now, 3 weeks later, I realized that we had entered a totally new aspect of our relationship. . . We were buying underwear together.

            I was still kinda pissed off at the “woman” remarks from Carly and Zach, but as I was sitting in my room watching Angel on the WB, I suddenly realized that they were right. “Ah!” I yelled out in frustration.

            “What’s wrong?” my father asked as he came into my room after hearing my anguish.

            “I’m the woman!” I exclaimed as I flopped back onto my bed.

            My father, turning a bright shade of red realized that he did not want to know ANYTHING about my statement and he simply excused himself by saying “Oh, well. . . Hope it gets better.” I swear, he ran down the hall.

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2

            I wasn’t really depressed over the whole ‘woman’ thing, of course. It just gave me something else to think about for a while. We were having a serious problem and it was not something simple. We were seniors in high school. Carlos had found out that he had been accepted to Gettysburg University over three weeks ago and neither Zach nor myself had even applied anywhere yet.

            There is one single problem with being with someone for the past 4 months. . . It was only four months. Could we really justify arranging our entire college plan for each other? The answer is, of course, “no”. We could not justify it. Luckily we were young and stupid so we weren’t actually forced into justifying it. We did, though, try our best anyway.

            We had both sent out a slew of applications. Our biggest hindrance was Zach. Well, not Zach, exactly. . . It was more like Zach’s SATs were our biggest hindrance. Zach is not stupid, by any means. His grades were above average. . . Not the A+ range like mine were, but they weren’t Ds either. All in all, he had a good, solid, B+ or better. Unfortunately, even with all the preparing we did together, Zach only scored a 1080. It was a respectable grade, to say the least, but not an award winning score. I got a 1520, myself.

              My heart sank when I got accepted to Cornell. It was my number one choice but because Zach could never get in, I had hoped that I would be rejected too, making the overall situation easier.

            “Just go.” Zach said. “We’ll visit each other every weekend, whatever the cost.”

            “I will not go off to New York and leave you.” I said. “Five days apart every week for an entire semester is not going to happen. . . I can’t do that.”

            “But it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.” Zach replied. “Ivy League, Aaron. IVY LEAGUE!”  

            “It doesn’t matter it they are the platinum league. . . I won’t go anywhere without you, and that is my final stance on the subject.” I took a stand and I would not back down, no matter how much he pleaded.

            We did have a few things going for us. We were both accepted into Penn State Main Campus and that was probably going to be where we would go. Zach, of course, wanted me to go to Cornell regardless of his academic standings.

            We never fought over the subject but you could tell that he was very hurt. He was hurt because his dating me would hurt me in the long run, with school and all. And then I was hurt because he was hurt because I was hurt. It was a vicious cycle.

            His mother told me that she would walk past his room and see him sitting by the window silently weeping over the whole ordeal. When she said this, it nearly broke my heart. There must be a solution. There’s a way out of every box. I only had to find it.

            I tried to speak with my guidance counselor, Mrs. Paste, but all she did was talk about how I should give girls another try and that it was healthy to be curious about other guys but I should give them up and go for girls. I excused myself and went to the nurse in hopes that she could give me something for the nausea Mrs. Paste had induced.

            I needed to stop at the Convenient Mart after school the next day. Zach had a dentist’s appointment so he had driven himself. Margie Riblson was behind the counter as usual. “Hello, Aaron.” she said. “How are you this afternoon?” she was actually smiling.

            “I am well, Margie. How are you?” I lied. I wasn’t well, but I didn’t need to dump my problems on anyone else, let alone Margie Riblson.

            “I hear that you got accepted to Cornell.” she said. “Congratulations. Maybe we’ll see each other there. I was also accepted.” she said holding up a letter with the university’s letterhead.

            This totally confused me. “How did you get in? You didn’t graduate.” I asked.

            “Don’t believe all the rumors you hear, deary.” she said. “I didn’t drop out of school. I took extra classes and some credits at the local community college over the summer. I graduated three semesters early.”

            “Really?” I asked flabbergasted.

            “Yah. I still go at night. After the summer, I’ll have my associate’s degree in graphical Design and Studio Arts. “ she said. She was smiling and nodding a bit.

            “You know.” she said. “You’re the only one out of our entire class that has ever really spoke to me and had a conversation. . . aside from your boyfriend. He spoke to me too, though he seemed a bit more uncomfortable. Anyway, thank you for not being dicks.” she said before she snickered a bit at her accidental pun. I was a little uneasy at the fact that she knew about me and Zach, but then again, you’d have to live in a bubble, in a zip-lock bag, in a box, under a bed, in a seal room, in bunker to not know about us.

            After that, I started talking to Margie a little bit more. She was weird, don’t get me wrong, but that was the only thing I could hold against her. I found out a lot of useful information from her. She was, in fact, a lesbian and her lover was none other than Mrs. Paste’s daughter, Elaine! She also told me about a group of her girlfriend’s friends that were gay. “Take heart, young Padewan, for it’s a much larger world than you think.”

            I didn’t tell her about Zach and my problems because I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. It was Zach, of course. It turned out that he would need to have a tooth pulled and he needed to be put under for it. That meant he couldn’t drive home.

            “If you need any help or advice, let me know.” Margie said as she scribbled down a number on a piece of paper. “If I don’t answer right away, it means that I’m in class and I’ll call you back when I get out.” she smiled. “I know something’s wrong but don’t worry. You’re not alone in this anymore.”

            I felt MUCH better after I left. I then felt bad because I had forgotten to pay her for the gas I had pumped and I had to turn around to go back and pay her. Other than that, I really did feel better. I think I started to like Margie. She could become a friend. Zach would love to hear about this one.

Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3

            I picked up Zach’s mother at their house before making my way back to the doctor’s office. It was literally in the middle of nowhere. The long country road lead back nearly 20 miles into the countryside before we came to a small outlet complex. The doctor’s office was around the back and I parked in front of the curb so he wouldn’t have to walk very far.

            Because she was as late as she was, Zach’s mother could not stick around to even go into the office. This tooth pulling was just as a surprise to her as it was to Zach and me. She was due to be in Philadelphia within two hours and she had no time for delays. She more than trusted me to take care of Zach for the few hours it would take for the anesthesia to wear off.

            I walked in to the office to be greeted by the dentist’s 24 year old secretary. “Do you have an appointment, young man?” she asked. She seemed about as professional as a hooker. She wore a tight red outfit and her legs seemed to say “spread me open ‘cuz I’m bored.”

            “Err, no. I’m here to pick up Zach Chandler. Is he ready?” I said a bit distracted.

            “Oh. He’s still in recovery. You can take him as soon as he’s awake enough to answer a few simple questions in a row.” She said as she cracked her gum. I seriously doubted that she could produce the answers to any type of question that were to be mistakenly directed at her. She then pulled a brand new pencil out of the drawer and inserted it into the pencil sharpener. She then ground it down to the eraser.

            “You’d think they would fix this, already. It’s been broken for over a year.” she then said in disgust.

            After wrestling with it for a few minutes, my curiosity got the best of me and I made the mistake of asking how it was broken. She of course responded with the answer I already knew she would. “You can’t tell when it’s sharpened unless you wait for the metal rim to stop it from going in anymore.” she replied. When I inquired as to why she didn’t simply stop it early, she smirked with a loud laugh. “You’re smart like me. You think we should hook up or something?”

            “No thanks.” I responded. “I’m queer.” and I walked over to a chair next to a few other patients and I quicky began to read a magazine on the finer points of Feng-shui very intensely.

            The dentist came out to see me a few minutes later. “I’m terribly sorry for my niece’s attitude. She’s, well, ah, special. She’s no Einstein, but she means well.” he then shifted his eyes for a moment. “Is Zach’s mother here? I need to release him to a family member.”

            “Well, um, no. She’s not. But you can release him to me.” I replied. “I’m good enough.”

            “I’m sure you are a very good friend, but I need to talk about his home care over the next few hours and it’s all confidential. You understand.” the doctor said.

            “Zach will be spending the weekend with me.” I said. “His mother is in Philly at work.”

            “But I can’t just release his information to you. You aren’t family.” he replied again.

            “I’m his boyfriend. I think that’s good enough.” I finally said, getting a bit fed up.

            The doctor then took a slight step back. “Oh? Really? Well, that’s not right. Not right indeed. You shouldn’t insult your friend like that or yourself. It’s not nice.”

            I sighed really loudly. “I am not insulting him but you seem to be. He is my boyfriend. We are gay. HO-MO-SE-XU-AL.” I said the last word loudly and slowly. “Now take me in to see him.” I demanded.

            “What would his mother say?” the doctor resounded a little nervously.

            “Fine.” I said. I pulled out my cell phone and opened the flip. I hit the speed dial and after a few rings, Zach’s mother answered so I put her on speaker phone.

            “Yes, dear. What’s wrong.” she asked.

            “Answer me these questions truthfully, please.” I said. “Am I dating your son?”

            “Why yes, dear.” she answered. 

            “Is Zach gay?” I asked. 

            “Um, yes. . . is there something wrong?” she asked.

            “Do you, Mrs. Chandler, give the doctor consent to release Zach’s medical directions to me, his boyfriend?” I then asked.

            “Well, yes, of course. You know that. . . Is that idiot dentist making things hard again? I even phoned him that you would be picking Zach up before you picked me up at the house.” she responded.

            “Thanks. I think we’re good, now.” I said to her and hung up the phone. “Now take me to the recovery room, or I’ll go looking for it myself.” I demanded.

            “But I. . .” the dentist began.

            “Oh, just take him into the goddamn room. You’ve been bickering for nearly 10 minutes now. You’re 30 minutes late for my appointment and I’m not even the next one on the list.” Came a call from one of the women in the waiting room. She was obviously very cross at the dentist for her own reasons too.

            The dentist then quietly pointed to the door to the back room. “Third door on the right. Across from the bathroom.” He said. I stormed back and found Zach in a dimly lit room. He was lying on a small leather-covered table sound asleep. He was snoring loudly and his mouth was covered with drool.

            I wiped his face before I gently woke him up. He began to babble something about cats using umbrellas or something but he was compliant enough to stand and walk out to the car with assistance.

            I was given a small packet of information on how to care for him over the next few hours. I don’t know why I needed a packet when all I really needed to do was let him sleep it off and wake him every few hours.

            The next day was a Saturday. Zach had slept well into the night. He got up a bit early. . . nearly 6 AM but he didn’t wake me. I found him watching TV outside my room on the couch around 10 eating chocolate chip cookies. I went upstairs looking for breakfast but I soon returned. “Where’s my parents?”

            “Visiting your sister.” he said. “They left about an hour ago. They said they’d be back before dinner.”

            “Ah.” I said. “Did you shower yet?” I asked.

            “Nope.” he said, still looking at the TV.

            “Good. I’ll turn the heater on.” I said. Zach looked at the cookies and he then turned to look at me. For a moment, he panned back and forth but at last, he tossed the cookies over his shoulder and made for the steps.

Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4

            There are two things that I had learned during my 4 months with Zach. One is how to give fellatio in a Jacuzzi without drowning (don’t ask), and the other is how to beat him in a race through my own house. Let’s just say that I know how to motivate him to lose. 

            I arrived at the bathroom and quickly stripped off all my clothes and turned the heater and water on. Zach came in a close second and he instantly had his shirt and boxer’s off. As he bent down to take his socks off, I quickly slapped him in the ass. He shot up with a start and gently grabbed me by my stiffening cock and pulled me towards him. He looked into my eyes and quietly said “That wasn’t very nice.”

            I reached around and slapped him in the ass again. “You’ll get over it.” I replied. He let go of me and I walked into the shower where I promptly sat down on the floor. Zach then walked into the shower with me, his penis in perfect view for what I had planned.

            I reached up and gently fondled his dick with my hand. As his member stood up to attention, I slowly began to kiss his left hip, and then right hip. I kept rubbing his tool with my right hand as I slowly turned him around. I took the movable shower nozzle and sprayed his back with the steaming water before I pushed his upper body towards the wall, keeping a tight grip on his lower half. With a sigh, I used my tongue as a torpedo and went right for the pucker hole.

            I am not a fan of rimming. I don’t like it done to me and I certainly don’t like doing it myself but there are some concessions we all have to make to help please our lovers. I pushed his cheeks apart with my chin and my left hand as I massaged his opening with my tongue. I gripped his cock from around the back and I toyed with it as I ate him out.

            He cooed with ecstacy as I rimmed his ass. Now and then, I would insert a finger, just to change things a bit. I could feel his precum drip down my right hand like a leaking hose and I occasionally brought my hand back around to get his ass nice and slippery. For a few minutes, I worked his bottom up. Finally, when he could take no more, he stood straight up and got down on his knees. He then slowly slid back while I aimed my rock hard tool at his prepared opening.

            He sat down on my lap as I was pushed back against the wall. With a swift motion from his hands, he lifted himself up a few inches and then released as he dropped back down onto my cock. The water was hitting me right in the face but it felt good so I didn’t stop to move it.

            I felt more sticky precum on my hand so I withdrew it again to lick it clean. The position we were in was making it difficult for anything to get done so I slowly pushed Zach down onto all fours. I interlocked my legs around his and I pushed him down onto the ground as I sprawled out on top of him. I buckled my hips and began to thrust into him again.

            I put thrust after thrust into his butt getting faster and faster. I still held onto his own organ with my right hand and I was jutting up and down with it trying my best to get him off too. I leant over to his shoulder and I gently nibbled. He would probably have a hickey, but it would be too low on his body for anyone to see.

            He started to grunt which meant he was getting close. I knew at this point that it was going to get interesting. We were going to cum together for the first time. As he began to empty his boy juice into my hand, the inside of his ass began to clench down over and over again on my own orgasming item. The added sensation on my now supersensitive member threw me well over the edge and I nearly screamed. My entire body began to go numb and my legs flailed out behind me. I couldn’t control myself as my pulse shot up and my voice rang out.

            Then it was over.

            Exhausted, I collapsed on top of him. My dick was so sensitive at the moment, I couldn’t even withdraw it from his ass without making me yelp again. I relaxed against his back and sighed.

            “What the hell was that?” he asked genuinely surprised. He also giggled. “I never heard ANYTHING even remotely like THAT before.”

            “You came as I did.” I panted. “I couldn’t take it.” I added.

            “I know you get sensitive after you cum, but hell, that almost hurt my ears.” he smiled jokingly.

            “Was it good for you too?” I asked as I burst into laughter.

            He started laughing too as he quickly turned to the side to avoid drowning in the pool that formed as a result of us blocking the drain. I let out a yelp as he pulled away from me, causing my cock to fall out finally.

            I rolled onto my back and let the water hit me square in the chest. Zach leaned against the wall and held my head in his lap. “We’ll find a way.” he said gently, stroking my hair. “It might not be easy, but we’ll find a way. I promise.”

            I closed my eyes and we stayed there like that until the water ran cold.

            The next day was Sunday and like every other Sunday, I went to Wegman’s to do some grocery shopping for my parents. Since they worked nearly 60 to 80 hours a week, I took the responsibility of picking up the food on the shopping list. Zach was waiting for a call from his grandmother so he wasn’t with me this time.

            I was about halfway finished when I saw Margie standing in the imported foods isle. She had in her hand a large 20 pound bag of semolina flour. I rushed over to help her as soon as I realized that she was struggling with it and she didn’t have a cart of her own.

            “Thank you.” she said in a huff. “I buy one of these every year and every year, I forget to grab a trolley.” 

            “It’s no problem.” I said. I then remembered what she said last time. If I ever need advice, just ask. “Um, Margie. Can I ask you for your advice on a matter?” I asked.

            “Of course, hun. What can I do for you?”

            I quickly explained the whole college problem to her straight from start to finish. She listened intently on every word I said and when I was finished, she asked me which schools he had actually applied to. When I read her the list, she suddenly got a puzzled look on her face.

            “What does he want to major in again?” she asked.

            “He’s undecided.” I replied.

            “And he doesn’t care where he goes himself?” she asked.

            “Not really.” I replied again.

            “Then why isn’t Ithaca on the list of schools he applied to?” She asked.

            “Ithaca?” I asked. “Cornell is Ithaca, right?” I replied.

            “No. Ithaca university is on the opposite hill from Cornell, just a mile away from each other and while the two schools may be rivals, I doubt that fact would cause too much problems between the two of you.” Margie stated. “And Ithaca isn’t an Ivy League school. It’s just like any other university so Zach should be able to get in, if he tries hard enough.”

            My jaw dropped. “Margie, I could kiss you.” I said.

            “Please don’t. I have an image to keep up.” she replied smiling.  

            “Is there anything I could do to repay you?” I asked.

            “Well, you could carry my flour to my car.” she said. “Even a little pretty boy fairy should be able to lift 20 pounds.” she joked.

            I rushed home to call Zach about my discovery. Even better, I found out that My Uncle Carl’s brother was a professor there. None of these things guaranteed Zach acceptance, of course, but it was a real shot. We had a real chance of getting things to work out. That night, we went out for dinner to the Olive Garden. As we ate, I gazed into his eyes.

            “What?’ he laughed.

            “We have a chance.” I said to him for like, the tenth time.

            “Yes.” he finally responded. “And that’s all I could ever ask for.” he smiled as we both went back to our meals. He paid. God I love him.