The following story is false. The names were not changed because they didn’t really exist. No one is innocent. If this story bears any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, it is purely coincidental and unintentional. If this story IS an accurate representation of you life, I greatly envy you. Good job. ;-) Note that although it is written in the first person, I am not really the narrator, as much as I would like to be.

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Don’t read this story if it is illegal to do so in your location. This depicts sexual situations and acts between 2 consenting teenage males and it may be inappropriate for some readers.

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I wrote this story because I don’t see many like it around. This is my first erotic writing but not, by far, my first time writing anything. I fully intend “The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way >From Aaron to Zach” to be a series. Each story is self contained but all of the stories in the series will contain the same characters and exist in a linear time line in the same fictitious universe.

And now, without further adieu, I bring on the teenage homoeroticism.

[t/t, romance, foreplay, anal, oral]

The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way From Aaron to Zach.

_________________________ Story 4: Going Out for my Birthday_________________________

By εpsilon

Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1

            It was not my birthday. There were no parties or fun and games. I was not getting older and that's all there was too it. . . at least, that's what I kept telling myself. The fact was that it was as much not my birthday as it was not Friday, March 14th. In other words, it was both.

            "18." my father said the day before. "Time to become a man." he said.

            "Yah." I replied. "Now to quit school and get a job with a drill." I said unenthusiastically.

            "Don't be a smart ass." he replied. "Now you can do all those things you've always wanted to. Vote, buy lottery tickets, drive past 11, see R rated movies. . ." he was almost nostalgic of his own youth.

            "Right, because I don't get enough porn on the internet now." I said laughing a bit.

            "It's not the porn I'm concerned about. I was a teenager too, once. Back in the stone age. You just be sure you're safe." he said referring to my boyfriend.


            "If I ever talk to my father about sex again, please kill me." I said to Zach later that day during lunch. "It almost seemed like he was. . ." I bent my head down low to whisper to Zach. ". . . was glad I was getting some. Ugh." I shuddered at the thought. Zach got a weird look of uneasiness on his face too before he changed the subject.

            "We're still on for tonight, right?" he asked. My head sank. I had hopped he'd forgotten and he knew that look.

            "Your parents invited me over to dinner for the evening and we are going. BOTH OF US." he said definitely. "I don't get what the big deal is. I'll be 18 in less than three weeks." he closed in to whisper for a second. "If you're afraid of being with a minor. . . you know. . ." he began but I cut him off.

            "No, no. It's not that. It's just a drastic life change. I'm old now. I feel like I missed out on parts of my life." I said.

            "Like?" he asked motioning with his hands to continue my train of thought.

            "I never went to parties, or dances, or anything like that. I don't have a lot of friends. . . Hell. I can't really think of any other than Carlos." he straightened up his back and grunted. "Present company excepted, of course." he hunched over again to lean on his elbows. "It's just all that." I said.

            "Well, there's still some time left to underage drink." he replied with a gentle smile and my heart instantly warmed up a bit.


            Gym class was especially fun. The theme for the week was karate and the school had a guest instructor teach the class. All week we had practiced some minor moves and now, we could spar with one another. Zach had played dumb the entire class after an altercation when he had called the instructor sir, instead of senci. The instructor talked down to him a bit so the very first thing he did was to challenge the instructor to a sparing match.

            Zach had him on his back within 20 seconds. "The next time you speak down to a 5th degree black belt, make sure you are a 6th." he said referring to the instructor's 3 white stripes. Our regular gym teacher looked up from his class book, sighed, and then returned his gaze back to his notes mumbling "damn ninjas" or something.

            I had been partnered up with Jonathan Keesher, a football player, but one who spent most, if not all, of his time on the bench. Zach had taken the liberty to train with me a few days a week. He was interested in teaching me how to defend myself and I was too, but I really needed the cardio workout the most so the actual training wasn't that important. That was until I actually beat someone fair and square. After that day, I paid much closer attention to Zach’s comments.


             I know I was nearly drug kicking and screaming to dinner, but it was, in fact, kinda nice after I actually got to the table. I don’t get the chance to have dinner with my parents that often so it wasn’t as bad as I thought. In a surprise welcome, my sister even popped out of the living room when Zach and I entered the house.

            My sister knew about me just like my parents did, however she was not expecting a significant other and she was caught off guard. “My baby brother is growing up.” She said as she went over and hugged Zach. I was starting to get a little pissed off at everyone just assuming that we were screwing. He could have just been my friend. Or did our relationship show that much? I brushed the thought away.

            We had a feast that could only be described as big. There was everything you could want from turkey to tuna. Even though we were a wealthier family, we never spent much on our food. We weren’t the “caviar” kind of family, so to speak. The dinner conversations ranged from a new medical procedure my mother was using on test groups to the national debt to gay marriage. It was moments like that when I realized how much I loved my family.

            After dinner, we sat around the living room as each of them handed me a wrapped package. My father got me a new wrist watch. My old one had just finally died and I had been wearing a junky $3 digital one for the last three weeks. The new one was one of the new Casio G-shocks. . . the ones with the solar batteries and the time server receiver so it never gets off time and never needs a new battery.

            My mother got me a new coat to wear. It was longer than my other coats and it sort of flapped in the breeze. I thought it was really cool, though it might have been a little geeky. My sister, being unimaginative, got me a gift card for Borders book store.

            Then, I got to Zach’s gift. It was wrapped in silver wrapping paper and it had my name stenciled on it. The card read: To the love of my life, may we never be parted. I began to rip the paper off but he quickly told me to stop. “Gently.” He said. “It’s fragile.”

            I carefully removed the pieces of paper from around the object and found an old hard bound book. I looked at the title and it boldly said: The Return of the King, being the third part of the Lord of the Rings. I flipped the delicate book open to the copyright page. It said 1955. “A first edition!” I exclaimed excitedly.

            “And more.” He said smiling. He then flipped it open to the title page. Going right across, just under the title, was a scrawled out signature.

            “Oh, god, Zach. A Signed first edition! How much did this cost?” I asked.

            “It was my grandfathers. I think you should have it. It means more to you than me.” Zach replied

            “Oh, Zach. I can’t accept this. It’s too valuable.” I replied.

            “You can take it now, or wait until Christmas. Either way, you’re getting it.” He took my hands in his and he looked me in the eyes. “It means more to you than it does to me.”

            “Zach, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much.” I said as I placed the book onto the coffee table gently and grasped him in a huge hug.


            We didn’t have sex that night because my sister had to sleep on the couch just outside my bedroom. She only lived 30 minutes away but her husband and the kids were in Iowa visiting the in-laws and she didn’t really want to go back home alone at night.

            The next day, We spent most of the day over at Zach’s house. His family consisted of him and his mother. His mother worked a lot and they weren’t rich but they weren’t poor either. His mother was a nurse for one of the local hospitals (She was actually a trauma nurse in the same hospital as my mother.) But she also freelanced by going over to one of the big Philly hospitals for a weekend once a month. There was some really good money there because of the nurse shortage and they paid her nearly an extra month’s salary for the one weekend she put in, though, granted, it was a 48 hour shift.

            We spent most of out time cleaning his room. It was full of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan action figures and other karate related stuff. His mother was sick with the flu this weekend so even though it was her weekend away, she was still at home on the couch watching some talk show, trying her best not to vomit.

            I liked his mom, and from what I heard, I would have liked his dad. They were simple, honest people who only wanted the best for their child. His parents had. . . err. . . Caught him, well, you know. Caught him while looking at some pictures of a guy from the high school swim team in his Speedo while Zach was only 14 years old. This sparked some very “interesting” conversations. They both, of course gave in and accepted him for who he was, eventually, but it was a difficult struggle for a few months.

            But they both got over it and realized that it was they who were flawed, not Zach. “The truth is, we moved away from Miami because of some Neo Nazi who found out. He had killed 4 gay teenagers and had gotten away with them all, until he got a senator’s son. That put him in prison, but we realized that there were more out there. We had to leave.” It’s almost enough to make you want to argue against the first amendment. . . Almost.

            I was helping him move his bed over to clean under it when the footboard I was holding it by fell off and the bed slammed to the ground. Nothing was broken so we quickly pushed it back into place, but before he walked back over to his end, he leaned in and kissed me. It was nothing drastic. It didn’t even last that long. It was just a simple kiss. That’s where all the trouble started.

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2

            It wasn’t until school the next Monday that anything seemed strange. As I entered home room, it seemed like everyone was staring at me. Mrs. Fronder lectured as usual about the intricacies of the Napoleonic Wars but something seemed not right. Zach said I was being paranoid.

            2nd period was the same. Even Carlos, my only friend, if you could call him that, seemed distant. Between 2nd and 3rd class, I walked over and asked him. “Carlos, is anything wrong?” I asked him.

            “No, man. Nothin’s wrong.” he said and he took a slight step back. Zach walked up to us and stood at my side. “Ah. . I gotta go, or I’ll be late.” he said nervously.

            “Wait up Carlos.” I said as I reached out and grabbed him by the arm. His reaction was as if I had just shot his dog. “Ah. Don’t touch me.” he exclaimed as he tried to back away. As he turned around, he found that Zach had silently and inconspicuously moved to block any exit. Zach reached forward and grabbed Carlos by the front of his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

            “What is going on?” he quietly asked.

            “Put me down.” Carlos yelped.

            “The boy asked a question.” I said angrily. “And you would be smart to answer him.” I said.

            “Fine.” he said. “You’re gay. Everyone knows. It’s gotten to the whole school, by now.” Carlos stammered. Zach froze and dropped Carlos.

            “What do you mean ‘EVERYONE KNOWS’?” I asked in a loud whisper, if that’s possible.

            Carlos caught his breath. “Kenny Fisher said that he saw the two of you making out at Zach’s house. He lives a few houses down, ya see? The window was open and all.” Zach lowered his raised hand. “I don’t want no trouble, man. We can’t hang around no more. Sorry.”

            I slowly eyed around the hall and found 30 to 40 other students staring at us. Carlos, now free and finished talking, quickly ran through the circle of onlookers. “Zach.” I said.

            “Yes, Aaron?” he answered.

            “This isn’t good, is it?” I asked.

            “I don’t believe so.” he responded.

            “How bad is it?” I asked, still staring out into the crowd.

            “It’s a logarithmic scale.” he answered.

            “Maybe we should go to class.” I added.

            “Maybe we should.” he responded. We slowly walked outwards towards our 3rd period class. Virtually the entire school was motionless as we walked past them. Then, standing in the center of the hallway, just outside the door to Mr. Grephel’s room was Robert Stallenbein, the captain of the football team. As we went to walk around him, Robert stepped to my side and said. “Oh, no. Ain’t no little faggy gonna just walk past me. They wait for me to pass.” he said as I saw a blinding flash of light in front of my eyes. I then saw Robert heaved in to the air where he arched up backwards and then, receiving no directions from his brain to the contrary, fall to the ground with a thud. Lastly, I saw Mr. Grephel run from inside his room as I fell to the ground. He knelt beside me and turned to another student to go for the nurse. I then blacked out.


            Slowly, I opened my eyes. My head hurt like what could be only described as a mother fuck, and I could hear ringing and I still saw stars. Standing over me was Zach and Mr. Grephel as well as the school nurse and Mrs. DeTaytori, the Principle. “Son, are you okay? Open your eyes.” Mr. Grephel asked.

            “Hu? What happen.” I stammered. “I know no.” I said.

            “Make that a second ambulance, Mrs. DeTaytori.” said the nurse. “He’s going straight to see a doctor.” she then got up and knelt down a few feet away.

            “What happened?” I asked again, though this time a little cleared.

            “That moron Stallenbein slugged you.” Zach said as he grabbed my hand. “It’s okay, you’re going to be alright.” he added. My head felt wet so I reached up to feel but Zach moved my arm back. “Your nose is broken and you’re bleeding from it, but you’re okay. We’re gonna get it fixed. You’ll be as good as new.” Zach said too.

            “And what about, Mr. Stallenbein?” asked Mrs. DeTaytori. “You nearly killed him.”

            “And I would have, if Aaron hadn’t been hurt like he was.” Zach replied a little coldly. “Suspend me, arrest me. Do what you want, but no one hits my. . .” he paused for a moment. “My boyfriend like that and gets away with it.” he said. He was a little flushed but his eyes remained fixed on mine, even while mine wandered around like two fish separately exploring two fish bowls.

            “We shall see, young Mr. Chandler.” Mrs. DeTaytori replied as she walked over to instruct the paramedics as to what happened.

            Robert was taken away on a stretcher first and it was a few more minutes before I was placed on one. First, they put a collar on my neck and they then strapped me to a hard board so I wouldn’t move my back or neck, just in case. They then lifted me onto the cot and took me to the ambulance. They stared an IV and checked my pulse and blood pressure.

            As we pulled into the Emergency Room dock, I realized where we were. “Aaron, Aaron.” Came a voice. “Are you alright?” then, my mother came into my view. “What happened Zach?” she asked.

            “Some bully hit him before I could do anything about it.” he replied jumping out of the front passenger’s seat of the ambulance. “He was really dazed at first, but he’s a little better now.”

            “Aaron.” my mother asked me. “What’s your name?” she asked.

            “Aaron.” I responded.

            “What’s today’s date?” she then asked.

            “Monday.” I answered and she frowned.

            “Who is the president of the united states?” she asked at last.

            “Billy Monica.” I replied. My head was spinning and everything was moving so fast.

            She frowned. “Get neuro over here.” she barked to someone. “And page plastic surgery.” She then turned back to Aaron. “We’re going to have a long night, dear, but I’ll be here and Zach won’t be more than a few feet away. You’re going to be alright.” I then slowly began to fade to black.


            I awoke alone in the dark but a hand quickly found mine. “Hu?” I spoke.

            “Don’t worry dear, you’re all right now.” The voice was my mothers and it came from the chair sitting next to me.

            “What hawpened? Where’s Zwach?” I asked as I tried to get up.

            “No, no, no. Stay lying down. Everything’s alright. Zach’s asleep in my office. I made him go there so I could watch over you for a few minutes by myself. My sweet little angel.” she said softly.

            “What hawppened?” I asked again.

            “Some bully punched you in the face with some sort of metal glove. He broke your nose and gave you a very bad conclusion. You’ll stay in the hospital for a few days, but you’ll be alright. You needed surgery to fix your nose, but Dr. Whillheim does nothing but the finest work and it should heal with little scaring.” My mother squeezed my hand.

            “Ebewy one knows, dow, don’t tey?” I asked blatantly.

            “Yes, every one knows now, and those who didn’t today will know by tomorrow, I’m sure.” she replied. “Are you okay with that?” she asked.

            “Not reawy, but what is done is done. Their’s no poind id denying id dow.” I replied.

            “So now what are you going to do?” she asked.

            “I ab going to heal and I am den going to pay cwoser addention to Zwach when he teaches me Kawate.” I said. I smiled weakly but it hurt very much so I stopped and simply grinned and fell back to sleep.


            “He got expelled.” Zach said the next afternoon. He had not been able to stay home from school, despite his protests. “Hate violence is not tolerated by the school board, though the Superintendent and the football coach argued for his side. They claim that you made a pass at him and was justified in hitting you.” Zach sighed irritably. “They think that all we do is try to seduce straight men over to ‘our side.’ It’s stupid.”

            “Id’s judst t’hah area, Zach. It’s bedder odher places.” I said. I still couldn’t talk right with my nose in the condition it was.

            “I know, but this is your home. This is my home now too. I won’t run away again.” he said. “Which is why I got suspended for tomorrow.” he added shyly.

            “Whad?” I shouted. (Meaning “what?”)

            “I approached the coach and I informed him of a decision I made. I said that if anyone, especially any of his players, threatens either me or my boyfriend again, they will require the intensive care unit afterwards.”

            “And dat got you suspended?” I asked.

            “Well, no. I might have also added that I would also take care of him should he spread any more lies about us.” Zach Shrugged.

            I rolled my eyes backwards up into my head and instantly wished I hadn’t because of the intense pain it produced. “Zach!” I exclaimed.

            “Think of it as a day to spend with you.” he smiled.

            “What ever happened to dhat shy kid I met?’ I asked rhetorically.

            “He found out that he loved you more than he cared about what others thought.” Zach replied.

Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3

            I had the entire week of the 18th off from school to recuperate. The next Monday, I finally went back to school. The two of us walked down the hall together side by side. I wore dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt. I also had dark sunglasses on, as well as a thin latex bandage that was formed to fit my nose. A few still starred but most of everyone else thought it would be best for all if they simply minded their own fucking business.

            Everyone quickly got out of our way as we walked down the hall together. One of the upper popular football players didn’t as we approached but Zach quickly tossed him out of the way with little effort.

            In home room, Mrs. Fronder quickly welcomed me back and hoped my recovery was fast and painless before recapping the previous day’s lesson. I had missed the entire lesson on Chinese culture and I had been actually looking forward to her lecture on the subject but fate was not on my side last week, or so it seemed.

            Mr. Bandeluphi, my 2nd block trig teacher, insisted that I removed the sunglasses, even after I produced a doctor’s excuse stating that the light would bother my eyes for a while and sunglasses were the best treatment in this case. I was sent to the principal’s office, she got agitated and sent me back to Mr. Bandeluphi’s class with a sealed note that read (if you held it up to the light) “stop being a baby and just teach your goddamn class for once.” Needless to say, the rest of the class went by smoothly.

            I met up with Zach outside of Mr. Grephel’s room and just as we were about to go in, Carlos came up to me and asked if he could talk with me for a moment. Alone. Carlos was physically stronger than me but I knew that if he hit me, he would regret it for months while he recovered from the injuries Zach would give him later on, so I waved Zach on in to the class room and me and Carlos stepped aside and stood in the short hallway that lead to a bathroom that was out of order.

            “I have to apologize.” he said outright. “We’ve been friends for 10 years. Not as close as other friends I’ve had, but I should not have betrayed you so easily. It’s easy to get scared of different people.” he said as he lowered his head in shame. “Especially when they aren’t really that different.” he said. Had he just said what I thought he’d said? “You can’t blame me for my reaction. If I didn’t do that, then they would suspect me too. . . and, uh. . . I uh, can’t have that.” it all made sense, all of a sudden. Carlos’ father was the Superintendent who was trying his hardest to get Zach and myself suspended or worse for all the trouble that happened because of us.

            “It’s okay, Carlos. I understand completely.” I leaned in. “But if you ever do that again, I will make sure everyone knows.” I said. He nodded compliantly.

            “I would deserve it.” he said. “Thank you for not hating me.” he added.

            “It never happened.” I said. “Now, I have to get to biology before Zach comes out looking for me.” We both smiled as we parted ways.


            Biology went by without being any weirder than usual. Mr. Grephel was always known as a strange teacher and that was why most of the students liked him. He added life to a potentially boring subject. I remember him explaining a carbon ring as a group of dogs all sniffing each other’s asses. It seems kinda stupid now, but it was funny how he said it. . . I guess you had to be there. On our way out to gym, Zach got a phone call from his mother. It was short and he whispered back to her but he continued on down the hall with a smirk on his face and he wouldn’t tell me what had happened, declaring it as a “Surprise.”

            Gym was a bit awkward. The football players didn’t brush me off as a geek like they used to. They almost seemed afraid of me and of all the bad that happened to me this week because of “coming out” this was one thing I was sort of glad about. They were afraid of me because I was gay (and because Zach could take them all on at the same time and win, but that’s not the point.) It was mostly because I was gay and they feared me. That was a great feeling. The class had moved on to ball room dancing, anyway, and I found it incredibly funny as they all had to pair up with each other in order to pass the unit.

            During shower time, me and Zach had the entire wall to ourselves and the others kept looking over at us as if they were expecting us to suddenly run over and jab out penises up their asses. It was Zach that cleared the entire shower room out when he said “Relax boys, you’re all too damn ugly for either of us, but if ya work at it, you might get some pity sex.” They all promptly left the room, including the two boys who’s hair was still covered with suds.

            The walk out to the parking lot was something I was uneasy about. Any fight worth having happened in the parking lot after school hours. And I got what I was expecting. Terrence Delwitz was standing inches in front of my car. The headlights were bashed in and there were a few dents in the hood. I shrugged. “I may be gay, but I also have insurance.” I said nonchalantly.

            “You’re gonna need health insurance by the time I’m finished with you.” he yelled. “Rob got expelled because of you!” he pointed at Zach.

            “No, he got expelled because of himself. He didn’t know when to quit. Our sex life is of no concern to ANYONE other than ourselves.” Zach replied. He was quiet, but not nearly as quiet as he was the last time. “And if YOU do not know when to quit, then you will also be expelled.”

            “Coach will find a way to get him back, and when he does. . .” Terrence began.

            “He will not.” Zach interrupted. “He was relieved as football coach this afternoon by the school board for spreading unscholarly rumors about students. The superintendent was also ordered to drop the subject or his position would be next.” he turned to me. “That was what my mother called about. . . she saw it on a news special report, live from the school board meeting.” he smirked turning back to Terrence “So to repeat myself, and I do hate repeating myself, He will not.”

            The furry built up in Terrence’s eyes as he lunged towards us. I felt myself tapped slightly as Zach pushed me out of the way. He then grabbed the bat that was aimed for his own head and in one fluid motion, he diverted Terrence over his shoulder and snapped the bat in half with just it’s momentum.

            Zach then slowly walked over to Terrence’s face, which was now deep inside a snow bank. “I have warned you all before. I will not hesitate to seriously harm you. You cannot hurt me. Just go home and be what you really are there. . . a small insignificant worm who will have already passed the best years of his life at 22.” Zach got up to walk away. “And remember. At any time I chose, I could put you on the bench for life. I wonder how Michigan State’s Scholarship offer is standing, now that bits of Robert’s jaw decided to divorce the rest of his skull.” Zach smirked as he tossed the shattered bat fragments to the ground inches from Terrence’s face.


            “Aaron.” Zach said to me on the way home. “I need you to do me a favor.” he said.

            “Anything. What?”

            “If you ever see me close to the edge, please stop me, because I won’t on my own.” He answered.

            “Of course I will.” I said.

            “Thank you.” he added as he took my right hand into his. “I came from a violent world, and if I ever hesitated to hurt someone, my pity would come back to haunt me.”

            “I understand.” I said but he squeezed my hand a bit harder.

            “No you don’t. And I pray you never do.” he replied.

            It bothered me that he had such a bad life where he came from. Things were bad here but I never thought that I would have to leave because of it. The difficulties here made life. . . interesting. Maybe I didn’t fell like I was in danger because Zach was there to protect me.


            We arrived back at my house within half an hour. Zach had asked me to drive him over to the convenient store a few blocks away before returning to my house. Zach was a diabetic and he had run out of emergency candy bars and wanted to pick a few up until his mother got to Sam’s Club to buy a case of them. That scared me too. Diabetes in this time and age was nothing to worry about, but the thought that something could go wrong with him at any moment terrified me. “I take a pill.” he used to tell me. “I don’t even need the insulin shots.” but as much as he tried to reassure me, it still bothered me. . . and probably would for life.

            I waited in the car because Margie Riblson worked there. Margie was really strange. She dropped out of school last year to get a job, but she had been a straight A student until then. She was a huge fan of Sailor Moon, a semi popular anime show in the US (which was fine) but she wore, on occasion, the outfit of one of the characters to school. That’s what I found strange about her. She was also rumored to have been a lesbian but I had heard that rumor from a football player so it’s validity was never tested. That’s another thing that pissed me off about straights. . . Lesbians were cool, but gays were evil.

            Zach got back in the car. “She sure is a strange one, isn’t she?” he asked referring to Margie.

            “Yah, but I get the feeling that there’s more to her than she’s letting on.” I replied.

            We drove back to my house but on arrival, we found the door open just slightly. “It’s the middle of March, Zach. My parents wouldn’t leave the door open this time of year.” I said.

            “Let’s check it out.” Zach replied. Taking my hand, he lead me into the hallway. It was all dark and I couldn’t see anything beyond Zach’s shadowy head. We got out into the living room when I saw a shadowy figure.

            “Who’s there?” I whispered to Zach.

            “Maybe it would help if you took your sunglasses off.” Zach suggested. I swore at myself for being so stupid and as I took them off, the lights flared up.

            “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! ! ! ! !” shouted a slew of guests.

            Flabbergasted, I fell backwards but Zach kept me on my feet. “What? How?” I babbled.

            “It was my Idea, actually. It was planned for last Friday, but with getting put in the hospital, things really didn’t go as well as I would have liked.” Zach said. “We drove to the convenient mart so Carlos could walk over from school without being late.”

            Carlos walked over and handed me a card that read “For not forgetting that we were friends, even if I had.” I smiled and hugged him. The guests included Carlos, Zach (duh), both my parents, Zach’s mother, my aunt Bonnie and uncle Carl (I only had one set from my mother’s side), and Carly and her boyfriend Mark. My sister couldn’t make it because of work issues.

            “So, little cuz. How’s the out scene hangin? Zach told me about you’re little adventure when he called to tell me the party plans were changed.” Carly smiled and poked me in the ribs.

            “It’s about as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.” I said. “Not very much fun at all.” I added when I realized that some people might consider monkeys “fun”.

            “That’s only because you don’t get the right kind of monkeys.” she said with a wink. Zach raised an eyebrow assuming that the joke was directed at him and he simply sighed when he realized that he was right.

            The party was awesome. I really liked seeing my family and friends. I had a slight headache from the concussion and I had been downing Advil like it was going out of style, but all in all, I had a pretty good time. Carlos was the first to leave. He and his mother were going to tour a college the next day so he had to be up early. My mother was the next to leave after her pager went off. She was pissed because she wasn’t supposed to be on call that day, but Dr. Delbami had accidentally stuck himself with enough Valium to sedate a cow while he was checking expiration dates. No, we didn’t know how either.

            I had gotten the Leather bound copy of “The Lord of the Rings” from my aunt and uncle and Carly got me the Leather bound edition of “The Hobbit”. I would never actually read either of these editions because they cost nearly a hundred dollars for each, but they looked really good on a book shelf. I had already gotten gifts from Zach and my parents the week before so that pretty much covered it all.

            “I wanted to get you a male stripper, but Zach was against the idea for some reason so I got you another copy of a book you’ve read too much already.” Carly said later on. Her parents had already gone to bed on the air mattress that we kept up in the junk room that was my sister’s old bedroom. They had wanted to just sleep on the couch downstairs outside my room, but Carly quickly convinced them to change their minds. She said that she would be sleeping down there. She was actually going to sleep on the couch upstairs, but she didn’t want to have to explain the concept of privacy during sex to her parents so she simply made up a little white fib.

Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4

            With the party over and everyone asleep, Zach and I finally went back down to my bedroom and secured the door. Carly and Mark had been watching some chick flick on HBO the last time I had seen them. They periodically kissed but it never got much further than that. Mark was buff and definitely Carly’s type. . . Average intelligence, average height, strong, and sweet when it came to the little things.

            Freddie was out prowling the house so I snapped the door lock on his kitty door. It sort of freaks me out when he’s in the room while I. . . do stuff. “I did get you one more gift.” Zach said quietly after I had turned back to face him. He walked over to me and slowly, his lips entered mine as he kissed me passionately. Not to say that I never kiss him back, but when he kisses me, I let him have total control. I nearly become weak in the knees as he explores my mouth with his tongue, nibbling gently on my own tongue.

            I was wearing a button down dress shirt. . . not fancy. A casual dress shirt, actually, if that makes sense. He guided me over to the bed and laid me down as he unbuttoned each button one at a time. He gently tugged my shirt off my arms and tossed it to the hamper with a quiet ‘thud.’ He massaged my chest with his hands before moving down to my belt buckle. Without much effort, he opened my pants and unzipped them carefully avoiding a confrontation between my tool and the zipper (That would have been a show stopper, if I ever heard one.) I never wore socks around the house so that left me lying in only my powder blue underwear briefs.

            “Close your eyes.” he said gently into my ear and I complied instantly without any hesitation. I trusted Zach beyond any trust I had ever felt. I then felt an odd sensation on my chest. Zach had placed a few drops of a liquid right between my nipples. He then gently began to rub it into my entire chest. Then, he explored down my arms and onto my stomach, pausing only long enough to get a few more drops on.

            “What is it?” I asked more out of curiosity than anything else.

            “Oil.” he said as he made his way down my legs and covered my toes. He then stopped for a moment before I felt his newly naked body lie across mine. He took his arms around my back and passionately began to enjoy my mouth again with his own. I could feel his member pressing against mine through the fabric of my underwear.

            He slid down my slick body and moved his hands back up to my chest and rubbed my pecks, slowly messaging the oil into my skin. He pushed himself up and sat on my thighs as he worked the tension out of my chest. It made me glad that I hadn’t gotten that message with him on Valentine’s day. It might have taken away something from it now, I think. I had an erection, of course, and occasionally he would graze his hand past it but he would never linger more than a moment; he kept it there just long enough to give me the feeling of anticipation and not let it go away.

            He gently rolled off my thighs and gently flipped me onto my stomach before he resumed his sitting place on the back of my thighs. He leaned down and gently began to nibble on the back of my neck. He stopped and paused for a moment until a few cold drops of something hit me on my back. He then gently began to message the oil into my shoulders and back.

            He gently tugged my underwear down revealing my butt. He then began to work the oil into my cheeks. He worked it just like the rest of my back. It felt so good to have him there touching me all over. . . it was like heaven. I could feel his own penis erect and exposed, lying on my ass crack as he leaned over to put some time in on my shoulders.

            “You’re good at this.” I said with a smirk and a smile.

            “I read some books.” he replied slyly. “Just the basics, but enough for now.”

            He slowly worked his way back down my back to my rear and I cooed with ecstacy. “Are you ready for me, my love?” he whispered.

            “Hell yes.” I replied. He then gently moved off my legs and pulled me onto my side.

            “Let me do all the work. It’s part of my gift.” he said as I submitted to him fully. I curled my legs up just a little bit in a sort of fetal position as soon as I felt something begin to poke into my butt. I felt a few small drops of that same cold liquid on my side before Zach’s hand scooped some up and gently applied it to my awaiting opening.

            He entered me with his finger first. He was gentle, as I have been saying the entire time. His soft hands caressed my butt cheeks before his hand slowly began to message my hole. He worked at it slowly and cautiously before pressing on. With a feeling of pressure on my ass, he entered me with his finger before he added a second.

            My own dick was stiff and leaking pre-cum like an open faucet. Zach reached around and grasped my tool and squeezed, ever so gently, allowing more of the slick stuff to come out. He then rubbed in on his own prick before he removed his fingers from me.

            He then replaced them with his cock. The pressure on my anus seemed impossible to withstand, at first, but I knew from past experiences that it would not last long. With a sigh of relief, Zach’s head pushed through my sphincter. I sighed as he slowly inserted the rest of himself inwards into my ass. Upon feeling his pubs against my cheeks, he slowly withdrew himself 3/4 of the way out before making an about face and undertaking the journey back in.

            I moaned quietly as he started to move in a rhythm Zach squeaked slightly each time he plunged his willy into my temple. Then, he began to move faster. I could hear his balls slapping against my own as he began to hump my ass. With each thrust, get got faster and faster. He was banging my ass like there was no tomorrow and I squealed in ecstacy at each pump.

            I began to lose control over myself as I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. The pleasure I felt in my ass was so euphoric, I was nearly drooling. Zach leaned in and began to nibble on my ear as he pumped me faster and faster. He sped up and slowed his rhythm so he wouldn’t go off too soon himself. He reached his top arm over and gently massaged my nipples. He then began to move even faster. He was slamming my ass like a madman when Zach finally let out his own moan of pleasure. With a final thrust, he emptied his seed into my ass as he slowed down his humping.

            We both breathed a sigh of exhaustion as he slowly removed his still rock hard member from my butt. As soon as he did, he turned me onto my back and he grabbed onto my penis for the first time that night. He not-so-gently began to rub the shaft as he took the head into his mouth. He worked on it like a man with a mission and since I was already so close o climax just from Zach’s working on my ass, he finished me off in no time at all. I spewed my white cream right into his awaiting mouth and like a vacuum, it was swallowed down forever.


            We snuggled together for quite some time that night. I loved it when we just held each other in our arms. I felt warm all over. . . the kind of warmth that can only be felt by two people who were head-over-heels in love.

            We cuddled on the floor with only a blanket in front of the soft glow of the gas fireplace in my room. We looked into the flames and wondered exactly what our futures held for us. We made love a few more times that night, in front of the fireplace, and that warm feeling did not go away. It had been a strange two weeks but regardless of what happened, who knew, and all the pain that it caused, I would not trade it for anything.

            There would be more trouble, of course. The Superintendent was determined to get us expelled one way or another, but it didn’t matter in the end. It was our senior years and we only had 3 months left until we were free. Even more importantly, was that we had each other. And that would never change.

            God, how I loved that boy.