The following story is false. The names were not changed because they didn’t really exist. No one is innocent. If this story bears any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, it is purely coincidental and unintentional. If this story IS an accurate representation of you life, I greatly envy you. Good job. ;-) Note that although it is written in the first person, I am not really the narrator, as much as I would like to be.

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Don’t read this story if it is illegal to do so in your location. This depicts sexual situations and acts between 2 consenting teenage males and it may be inappropriate for some readers.

I wrote this story because I don’t see many like it around. This is my first erotic writing but not, by far, my first time writing anything. I fully intend “The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way >From Aaron to Zach” to be a series. Each story is self contained but all of the stories in the series will contain the same characters and exist in a linear time line in the same fictitious universe.

And without further adieu, I bring on the teenage homoeroticism.

[t/t, romance, foreplay, oral, anal]

The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way From Aaron to Zach.

________________________ Story 1: The day class wasn’t cancelled________________________

By εpsilon

Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1

            So. This is how it all ends, in the dark and quiet that is my bedroom, alone. I think I had better explain what has been happening up until now. My name is Aaron. . . Aaron Keil and I am 17 years old and I live with my parents in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania. I go to Corbin Zariander high school and I am a junior. It’s ironic because Corbin Zariander was just about my age when he died. He was hung in the late 1800’s for advocating gay rights and it’s my turn next. . . Okay, you got me. Just kidding. He was really a minister who devoted a lot of time to the school in the 1970’s and I’m not in any mortal danger. But I like having fun. I don’t get the chance too often.

            You are probably thinking that no heterosexual teenage male would ever claim to be gay, even in a joke, and you would be totally wrong. I’m bi. There’s a difference, albeit a subtle one. The homophobia is so thick here, that any guy who even thinks about a penis that isn’t their own runs the risk of meeting the football team head on . . . And I don’t mean the good way. I mean the way without padding.

            So anyway, here’s how it all started.

            I’s winter. The spring semester had started less than a week ago so it’s mid January and there was a huge snow storm. Rather than cancel school at 6 in the morning like EVERY OTHER FUCKING SCHOOL IN THE VALLEY, they decided that the 6 fresh inches of snow and the more still falling was not that bad. We risked our lives getting to school that day. Fortunately for me, I literally lived three blocks from the school but unfortunately for me, my car and snow don’t get along. I walked.

            As I arrived in home room, I took my seat and pulled out my book, the Silmarillion, by Tolkien. Hey, I never claimed to be part of the popular crowd. I was reading the chapter where it described the beauty of a certain elf when suddenly my eyes drifted and they rested on a new boy I had never seen before. For a moment, I thought I was daydreaming about this beautiful elf but I then realized that not only are elves not real, but they don’t go to high school either.

            I snapped back to reality to hear my teacher speaking to the class. “Now I’d like to introduce young Mr. Chandler. He just moved here from florida and I’d like you all to give him a nice” she glanced out the window. “Err. . . Snowy welcome. You can take that seat right behind Mr. Keil and he will fill you in on today’s lesson plan while I finish taking roll.” She motioned to the empty seat behind me.

            He walked back to my corner of the room. He was beautiful. He was tall, 6’0, with a light tan to his face. He had blond hair and it sort of tuck up in random spikes, though the roots were black indicating a bleach job. He was not built like a pro wrestler. He had, well, a swimmer’s body. Rather than walking, he seemed to have flowed through the air as if he were standing still and someone was pushing him on a cart. He was soaking wet and holding a thin windbreaker in his left hand and a mesh book bag in his right.

            “Hi.” he said in a sweet voice. “My name is Zach. How are you?”

            “Oh, just fine. Thanks. I’m Aaron. Mr. Keil graduated in the 60s.” I said as I smiled.

            “Interesting place, here. Does it ever stop snowing?” he asked.

            “Oh, sure. . .” I said. “All the time. Now let’s see, it can hail, it sleets once in a while, there’s the freezing rain, and I swear that the other day it was pouring down those dip’n’dots, ice cream of the future.” I said. That got a laugh. His whole body seemed to shake as he smiled widely laughing.

            “Mr. Keil, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I find the Spanish Inquisition that funny at all. That IS what you are discussing with Mr. Chandler, correct?” she asked.

            “Yes, Mrs. Fronder. We were just finishing.” I said.

            “Very good.” she said. “Now, who can remember the name of the Grand Inquisitor from yesterday’s class?” she began her lesson and even I knew better than to talk while she was.

            “I guess we’ll talk later.” I said and smiled.

            “I guess.” he replied back and smiled. Probably not gay, but he’s at least good to look at, even if we only become friends. I began to take my notes.

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2

            Second period was Trigonometry. There were no signs of him and, unfortunately, the hour and a half passed like a British drama movie. . . Long, drawn out, and no point at the end.

            Third period was my favorite period because the subject, AP biology was very interesting to me, the teacher was really cool, and we had to break for lunch in the middle splitting the class up. When I walked in, I also saw Zach standing there talking to Mr. Grephel. He was in this class too!

            We quickly took our seats and since I always sat in the back, the only open seat was either behind me or to my side but because the seats are at chemical resistant table tops, there were two seats to a bench. Zach came over and sat down next to me. “Do you mind?” he asked as he pulled the chair out. He then actually waited for me to answer.

            “Ah. You have manners.” I said. “They’ll be the first thing to go here.” I smiled. “Take a seat, my friend.”

            He quietly sat down just as Mr. Grephel began his lecture of the day. My ears and eyes may have been focused on phospholipid bilayers, but my mind was focused on Zach. Did I mention he was really, ungodly hot? I think I did. If not, I meant to.

            Anyway, because he was in my 3rd block class, that meant he was also in my lunch. As the bell rang, the two of us stood up and made our way to the caf.

            “So, I heard Mrs. Fronder say that you just moved here, right?” I asked.

            “Yah. Me and my mom lived in Miami but she said that gand violence was too much so we moved up here. My father’s parents live up here.” he replied.

            “So, err. . . not to sound to out of line, but what about your father? You said you came up here with your mother.” I said trying not to sound like I was prying.

            “Oh, he died about two years ago. Skin cancer. It’s ironic because he was a chemist for a suntan lotion company.” He shrugged. “I’m okay to talk about it now.” He said. There was only a slight hint of grief in his voice. “So, how about you and your family?”

            “Well.” I said. “I have an older sister but she’s moved out and married now with two kids. My parents both work at night so I usually have the house to myself. It’s great, as long as I don’t cause trouble.”

            “Ah. That’s cool.” he said. We had made it to the lunch room and we secured ourselves a table before getting in line for our lunches. I usually got in the salad line because, despite it’s name, the salad line was the only one to have french fries. Zach, unfortunately wanted something from the pasta line so we both went off alone for a few minutes before rendezvousing back at the table.

            The two of us talked for the entire 30 minutes. It was great. We were so much in common. He was a life guard and I was a safe swim instructor. We played the same video games and we even shared the same brand of cologne. While he never read the Lord of the Rings, he was a big fan of the movies.

            I was lucky to discover that he also shared 4th and final block with me. Even better was the fact that it was gym class. I never really enjoyed gym like most of the other guys. I was usually grouped into the class with the football players. They were neanderthals. To them, physics was spelled G-R-E-E-K, not that many of them could read, that is. There was one shining ray of light that always kept me in good spirits. Two words: Open Showers.

            Most of them were giant built up macho men and I’m not into that, but one or two of them were cute, even by my standards and now, the god of cute would be among them. It was aerobics day. Yes, unfortunately, every one had to take aerobics but as much as I hated it, the football team hated it infinitely times more. Now keep in mind, I don’t have anything against all football players, it’s just that the ones in my school were real jerks, even for neanderthals.

            That’s when the commotion started. I was in the middle because all the football players were too embarrassed to stand in the front and had taken my usual position in the back of the class. Suddenly, one stumbled over a jump rope or something and barreled head first into my back knocking me to the ground. During the surprise, I must’ve twitched my leg and the guy who fell into me jumped up yelling how he was, to quote, “Gonna beat my ass in.” I stood up and prepared to take the hit. The jerk aimed his fist and flung it at me with ungodly speed when suddenly, it diverted away by some unknown force. Suddenly, as if to follow suit, the rest of the guy began to flip over following his stray punch. With one hand, Zach had flipped the guy flat on his back and was holding him down with one finger to his forehead.

            With his free arm, he gently clutched the sprawled out jock by the shoulder and from the look on his face, the pain going through his body must’ve been enough to cause even the most macho man to cry out in pain. “You will stand up and apologize to him right now or I will break your shoulder and your upper arm. I will not ask again.” Zach spoke sternly but calmly. He didn’t appear to be excited at all from the altercation. The jock shook his head yes the best he could and was literally pulled to his feet by Zach with the hand he still had on the shoulder.

            “I’m sorry.” the player said.

            “Good, now go back and play with your friends like a good little boy. . . and never come my way again.” Zach said just as calmly, though the last part was by far more threatening.

            My nose was bleeding from hitting the ground so I was excused to see the nurse. Zach came with me in case something happened in the hall. That was the normal protocol for gym injures.

            “Where did you learn to do that?” I asked though the ice pack, later in the nurses office.

            “I don’t look it, but my mother’s a quarter Chinese. My grandfather learned some kung foo from his father and he used to teach me before he died. I could do back flips at three years old.” he explained with some pride.

            “Cool” was my only response. Then suddenly, an announcement came over the school speaker.

            “Attention all students and faculty. Due to the inclement weather, all busses will be delayed on getting here until after the storm is over and the roads are plowed.” I glanced out the window to see a blizzard beyond it’s pane. “Only students who are going to get picked up by a parent or guardian or usually walk home may be excused at the 2:45 bell. Thank you.”

            Zach’s face turned instantly from proud to depressed. “Ah, man! What a great way to start at a new school. I have to stay later!”

            Without thinking, I quickly spoke. “Hey, you could hang out at my house for a while. I only live a few blocks down the road. It’s a five minute walk, even in the snow.” I said.

            “Really? That’d be great!” he exclaimed. “It’s nice to know that I made a new friend so quickly.”

            I wasn’t cleared by the nurse until a few minutes after the last bell rang because of a janitor with a head injury who slipped while deicing the front walk. When she finally did return, she simply gave me a ‘you’re still here?’ look and shooed me away.

            Before we left, though, I ran to my locker and grabbed an extra coat that had ended up there one day when the morning was cold but the afternoon suddenly became warm. “Here.” I said giving it to him. “You’re not in florida anymore. A wind breaker’s not gonna cut it in April here, let alone January.”

Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Chapter 3

            When we arrived, the house was empty. My father was a bank vice president at a 24 hour banking firm. Due to the weather, he had simply stayed the day so he wouldn’t have to travel the 2 hour commute in the storm. I also found a note from my mother. She was a trauma surgeon and because of the snowstorm, she was called into work early.

            As Zach took off his coat, I realized that he was soaking wet. The coat I had given him, while warmer than a windbreaker, was a fall jacket, not a winter one. I took it off his hands and threw it into a pile of dirty laundry next to the bathroom off to the side of the living room. “I’ll run up and grab you some cloths so you can get out of those wet ones.” I said before turning and running downstairs into the basement where my bedroom was. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top and made my way back upstairs.

            There, I beheld the beauty that was Zach. I found him standing in front of the gas fireplace in only his white briefs, a pile of his wet cloths on the floor next to him. I tried my best not to look, but he just absorbed my mind. His underwear was even wet and being white, they almost let me see the fine ass inside them. I put the dry cloths on the chair next to him and gathered up his wet ones. “I’ll just toss these in the dryer.” I said weakly. “I’ll be right back.”

            I headed over to the laundry room and deposited the cloths inside the dryer and I expected to see Zach in the shorts by the time I got back but he was still standing in front of the fire nearly naked. “Do, ah, they not fit right?” I asked.

            “No, they probably fit fine.” he said in his normal calming voice. “It just felt good standing here and I didn’t want to turn away just yet.” he said. He then turned his face towards me and the flicker of the fire cast strange and beautiful shadows on his face. “I’m not making you uncomfortable, am I?” he asked.

            “Err No. . . of course not. It’s just that. .” I really liked Zach and I didn’t want to lose him as a friend so I just decided to come out and say it. “I, ah. There’s something I think you should know.” I said. “I am, uh, well, I’m bisexual and I thought you should know before you decided wether to keep standing there like that with me in the room.”

            Then, to my surprise, his only response was “Nope. I’m fine with it if you are.” but then he did turn away from the fire. “I think I’m all warmed up now. Do you wanna show me around your house?” he asked.

            “Sure.” I said turning my eyes to the pile of cloths for him but he made no indication that they were welcome or needed. “Upstairs is my parents area. They have their bedroom, their bathroom, and they each have a separate office. My sister’s old room is up there too but now it’s just used as a spare room. There’s also the junk room where we keep the stuff we don’t use anymore but is too valuable to throw away just yet. That was my old bedroom.” We didn’t bother going upstairs because there was nothing of interest up there anyway.

            “On the ground floor, is the shared space. There’s another bathroom, though no shower or tub. The kitchen, the living room, the TV room, laundry and sun room. There’s also a three car garage of to the side.” I quickly walked him through all the rooms and showed him all the neat little trinkets in each room. The best was an actual tri-dimensional chess board from Star Trek. It was neatly kept up and played regularly by my parents or me.

            “And downstairs is my place.” I said leading him down the staircase careful not to obviously look back because his crotch was at eye level while on the stairs. “Other than the furnace room, this place is pretty much all mine.” There, I had my own den with it’s own gas fireplace as well as a 52 inch plasma Hi Definition television. There was a couch and a few arm chairs as well as a table. The walls not lined with the fireplace or the TV were lined with book shelves filled with my books.

            “Wow, you must read a lot.” he said.

            “As much as I can. This is most of my life.” I said, trying not to sound that much of a geek.

            “Awesome.” he said to my surprise.

            “And here’s the real room.” I said pointing to a bookcase against the wall. It was identical to all the others save a small empty section on the floor. “Watch and be amazed.” I said. I grabbed the large red cover to my right that was marked “The Secret Garden.” and pulled on it. The book tilted out but at a 45 degree angle, it stopped and the entire case slid open like a door revealing my bedroom.

            His eyes widened. “Fucking awesome.” he said in amazement.

            “Yah, my dad really got me into secret passages and stuff when I was a kid. I think it might be from reading all those stories about the underground railroad. So, when I decided to move down here from the Junk room upstairs, My dad turned this place into a really cool room to hang out in. He knew That I would spend all my time down here in ‘the dungeon’ as my mom calls it.”

            There was my bed, a queen sized (No pun intended) with tiger stripped sheets. Lying on it, was Freddie, my cat (That’s why there was an opening in the bookshelf door.) My computer desk sat in a corner and there were a few dressers for cloths. The closet was another hidden room behind my dressers. There was also a smaller plasma TV along with a few video game machines and games spewed about a small table. There was also an arm chair with a light behind it for reading.

            Zach walked over to the door and pulled it tightly closed until it clicked. “You wanna see the best part?” I asked him. He simply nodded yes. He was still in amazement from the rest of the room. I picked up a small LCD touch screen and turned on the TV. It appeared normally of a large framed map of Middle Earth, but as soon as I switched it to TV mode, the Discovery Channel High Definition came blaring to life; I quickly muted it out. Then, the image changed to the front porch as I tapped a few buttons.

            “There are about 20 cameras all around the outside and inside of the house. My parents have their own controller in their room too. Most of them are outside, but there’s one in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the garage, and one in the hall. There’s also a sky cam with a zoom that lets me see what’s going on all over the neighborhood.” I clicked a few times and a white image popped up on the screen. “If there weren’t two feet of snow on the roof, you’d be seeing the school right now.”

            “Really totally fucking awesome.” he said. He walked over and sat down on my bed. He then turned to me and asked a surprising question. He had just been full of surprises. “Are you really bi?” he asked.

            “Yah.” I said. “Why?”

            But rather than answer, he asked another question. “Do you find me attractive?”

            I almost said no but I decided that the truth had worked well so far so I went for it. “I’d be lying if I said no.” I replied.

            He then smiled. “Good.” he said simply and patted the bed for me to come over and sit down. I walked over and sat as he asked but he then grabbed my arm and gently yanked me and I flew over and landed on top of him. I was about to struggle to get up but I suddenly felt his lips on mine and I began to fall into a dreamy state. I never knew my mouth could feel so much pleasure from a simple kiss. I closed my eyes and just let come whatever would.


Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4

            “I’ve been attracted to you ever since I first laid my eyes on you.” Zach said as he paused for a moment. “I’ve been trying to play it cool all day now but I can’t anymore. I just need you with me. If you don’t want to do this, I’ll understand, but please don’t send me away.” he said.

            “Shut up and kiss me again.” I said panting. He plunged his tongue into my mouth again and the taste of his saliva sent shivers down my spine. The smell of his body, the taste of his mouth, the feel of his crotch grinding against mine all sent me into heaven.

            Zach clawed at my button down shirt but soon gave up and lifted it over my head along with my tank top undershirt. I whimpered as his lips were removed from mine but the smooth warm feeling of his bare chest against mine soon remedied that. His hands wandered down to my belt and buckle as he undid them both and slid my jeans down a few inches. Now, he was licking my chest and sucking my nipples.

            I suddenly flipped him over onto his back and began kissing down his neck and shoulders. I then took his right nipple into my mouth and began to fondle his left with my open hands. He ran his hands down my back and slowly pushed my jeans down a bit more until they were around my knees. All I had on covering myself was a pair of white boxerbriefs.

            I stood up and stepped out of my jeans as Zach began to kiss down my chest and stomach until his mouth came to the magic area. He pulled my underwear down just an inch to reveal my pubes. With his wandering hands, he moved them over my legs and thighs and ass being careful to avoid my now rock hard cock.

            He then turned me away from him and slowly pulled them all the way down to give him a perfect closeup view of m ass. He kissed each cheek and then ran his tongue down my crack. He then laid back down on the bed and I crawled over next to him upside down.

            With my 6 inch person in plain view, he took it in his hands and gently began to flick his tongue out at it before taking it all into his mouth. I, on the other hand, got to work with my own feast. I yanked his briefs down and I began to twirl my tongue around his cock head. His salty precum began to ooze out of it’s vessel into my awaiting mouth. I heard muffled coos as I began to bob up and down on his long shaft. My own juices were beginning to flow so I told him to back down a little.

            I was like a wild man trying to get his dick as wet as possible. I slobbered all over his manhood and his hips were bucking as I went down on him. “Slow down, man. . . I’m getting close. . .” Zach tried to say but I ignored him. I wanted him in my mouth. I NEEDED him in my mouth. His own handy work on my dick slowed as he neared his climax. Then with a moan and a sigh, he emptied his semen into my mouth as he came. It was far more than I expected and globs emptied out of my mouth and dripped down the sides of my cheeks

            I rolled his softening cock around in my mouth as I swallowed more of his warm cum. He purred with ecstacy as I liked every drop of it off his beautiful penis. He slowly turned around and came up to my ear and whispered into it. “I want more. I need you.” he said. “Do you have any?” he asked.

            I didn’t need to ask him what it was that he needed. I knew already. I got up and walked over to the dresser and pulled the closet open. Inside the walk in closet, was another dresser set. All of the drawers were filled with underwear and such but the bottom one had a lock on it. Spun the combination as fast as I could but not fast enough to screw me up forcing me to start over. As the final number ‘69’ fell into place, the fake drawer plopped open like a door. Inside were bonds and stuff but in the way back sat a tube of k-y.

            I closed the safe (More out of habit than anything else) but didn’t even close the closet as I ran back to him. My excitement grew as he sat me down on the side of the bed. He crawled off the bed himself and stopped as he spread my legs apart. He took the k-y from my hand and smeared a big drop of it on his hands. He then rubbed it all over my groin he covered me in it using up almost the entire tube. He then jumped onto the bed and landed on his stomach. He lifted his rear into the air slightly and then slapped the bed as if to say ‘well, come on already.’

            I placed a few more drops in his crack and massaged it into his cheeks good. I then slipped my finger around his pucker hole and I massaged it a bit. I fingered and played for a bit but not long because I had no intentions of letting the lube all over my own cock dry up. I positioned myself behind his rear and aimed at that gorgeous opening of love. With a slow push, I began to enter him.

            He grunted as I penetrated him. The head of my mushroom slid in past the opening and more grunts and noises emanated from my lover beneath me. I paused for a moment but he only squeaked “More” so I began the last leg of my journey into him. I my thighs finally came to rest on his ass but we kept going until he was flat on his stomach and me flat on his back. I then began to slowly grind into his ass.

            I began to nibble on his left ear when he spoke to me again. “You can do better than that.” he said slyly. I began to bump him faster and I pulled him up onto his knees in a full doggy style. He was panting now but managed to whimper a “That’s more like it” between sighs of pleasure.

            I was worked up now and going at his hot ass like a, straight teenage virgin in a french whore house. The bed was shaking and beating against the wall so hard that dents were forming in the drywall. I plunged into his butt over and over again as he panted and cooed. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, I reached my own climax. I tried to pull out to finish off but I had no control over myself anymore. With a last thrust, I jammed my exploding member in deeper than ever.

            Zach yelled as he came a second time without even touching his dick. The sudden hypersensitivity I experienced in my penis when I came combined with the thrashing I was giving his ass made me scream out like a banshee. I couldn’t take it anymore and we both collapsed together on the bed, exhausted and our pulses racing.

            After a few moments, I slowly withdrew my now softening prick from his back door and a small stream of my cream came out with it. I was lying in the small puddle of sperm he had left on my bed, but it didn’t matter. Our lovemaking had been beyond measure and we were now complete.

            Zach reached down and dipped a finger into his asshole and withdrew a drop of my own orgasm and smeared it across his lips and smiled. “We’re gonna kiss now and if I have to taste my own cum, you gotta taste yours.” he smirked and laughed gently. I took him in my arms and held him tight.

            “I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know.” he said as he kissed me.

            “Me wither.” I said. “And you know what? I’m glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have been available for you.” I said.

            “So, I guess we’re dating, hu?” he said in a statement, not a question.

            “I guess so.” we kissed again.

            We didn’t make love anymore that night so our first time together would be one to remember. We took a shower and cleaned each other up before washing the bed sheets. He called his mother and told her our plan. Because there was 4 feet of snow on the ground by now and more on the way, he would just have to spend the night. I called my mother and left a message. She was probably still in surgery but if the answer was no, she would have had a nurse call me back immediately. The news said that school was cancelled for tomorrow, and despite the best efforts of the superintendent, the school board gave the final order overriding him.

            I turned the news and the TV off.       So. This is how it all ends, in the dark and quiet that is my bedroom, alone. I’m alone because Zach had to use the bathroom. He will be back, though. We’re together now and we can never be separated again. . . Except maybe by our 2nd period class. . .

Talk to ya later.