The following story is false. The names were not changed because they didn’t really exist. No one is innocent. If this story bears any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, it is purely coincidental and unintentional. If this story IS an accurate representation of you life, I greatly envy you. Good job. ;-) Note that although it is written in the first person, I am not really the narrator, as much as I would like to be.

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Don’t read this story if it is illegal to do so in your location. This depicts sexual situations and acts between 2 consenting teenage males and it may be inappropriate for some readers.

This story also contains accidental drug use. I do not condone anyone using drugs and neither would my characters. No one will get hurt in this story but that is not always the case of accidental overdoses so be aware of yourself and don’t do anything dangerous.

I wrote this story because I don’t see many like it around. This is my first erotic writing but not, by far, my first time writing anything. I fully intend “The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way >From Aaron to Zach” to be a series. Each story is self contained but all of the stories in the series will contain the same characters and exist in a linear time line in the same fictitious universe.

And now, without further adieu, I bring on the teenage homoeroticism.

[t/t, romance, oral, mast]

The Boyfriend Chronicles: All the Way From Aaron to Zach.

______________________ Story 2: A Trip to the Grandparent’s House______________________

By εpsilon

Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1

            I was actually a virgin, before our first time. Can you believe it? An even bigger shock was the fact that he was a virgin too! The only real difference was that he came from a bigger city where he could easily sneak into a porn shop and buy a dildo without much embarrassment (Which was why he bottomed first) I’m Aaron, and “He” is, of course, Zach, my boyfriend.

            My parents think I am gay and are fine with that. I’m actually Bi but the thought of having to explain the difference to them makes my head spin so my usual attitude to their ignorance is to just say “Ah, fuck it.” It’s not that I have a girlfriend or anything, it’s just that I can occasionally be swayed by the rack on a hot girl just as easily as I can be swayed by a package on some cute guy I see on TV. Well, maybe I’m a little biased to the hunk, but that’s irrelevant and away from my point which is simply this: I can easily pass for straight. The unfortunate problem with Zach being totally gay is a slight problem. He cannot easily pass for straight.

            Oh, he tries, alright, but there’s always that certain word he uses or that certain gesture that tips the observant one off that Zach knows Dorothy, if you know what I mean (And if you don’t, then you are probably reading the wrong story.)

            The very first time my parents met Zach, they pulled me aside as soon as they could. “Now Aaron, we’ve had our little talks and you know all about being safe, right?” My father asked. If there is anything other than your parents having sex that will gross out a teenager more, it would have to be your parents talking to YOU about YOUR sex. I also noticed the conclusions they were also jumping too. They had no idea when they met him that Zach and I were dating. Just because he was gay didn’t mean I was all over him. It was just a coincidence that they were totally, exactly, and mind-boggleingly right. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

            It was the end of January when my parents both took the week off to go on a quiet romantic cruise alone together. I was fine by this. They needed a break from their hectic lives. The problem arouse when they also decided to have the house fumigated that week. In other words, I was being shipped to visit my grandmother and grandfather in Scranton, a good 6 or so hours away, as the bus moves. Two good things did eventually arise from the situation in the end, though. I would take that week off from school, and zach would be able to come with me for the week.

            I was almost disappointed that he could come because I had been dying to try out the new web-cams I had bought for the both of us. Almost. I was no idiot and even though Scranton was as backwater as my home town, no one there knew us so we could be as gay as we wanted without a care in the world, so long as they didn’t trace us back to my grandmother. My parents knew. My grandparents did not and that was going to stay that way.

            The bus trip was the biggest pain in the ass you could imagine. The bus driver apparently thought we were all going to Atlantic City and we were passing the sign that said “Welcome to New Jersey” before we realized our misplaced trust in him. My right eye was twitching I was so pissed off at him. As it turned out, everyone else was pissed off at him too because the final stop was apparently Albany, not Atlantic City. We later learned at the receiving end’s ticket window that the buss driver had actually gotten on the wrong bus! I usually love a good humerous story, but not when it takes 12 hours to get to the punch line.

            We tried to play cards using the small fold down trays in front of us but after three hands of 5 card stud, we gave up and just tried to sleep. I laid back into the corner the seat made with the window and he leaned against me. We only slept 2 hours each but it passed some of the time, I guess.

            We arrived at the bus terminal to find my Grandfather asleep across a bench. His hat had fallen off and there were a few dollars inside from passer biers. I took a picture with my camera before waking him up and showing him what he had earned.

            My grandparent’s house was not very big. It was a one story ranch style with two bedrooms. They kept apologizing for forcing us to share a bed. They suggested the old method of one above the sheets and one below. I know, that’s what I thought. We looked at each other and laughed when they said it too. “I know its tough for boys your age to not seem like one of them homosexuals when you share a bed.” Grandma said.

            We did end up having a lot of fun at first. We spent a few hours at the Coal Mine tour where they actually take you down into a mine and show you how it was to work down there back in the good ole’ days.

            The next day, we went to Steamtown. Back during the steam engine era, Steamtown was a railroad center in Scranton. Now, it’s a national historical site with tours and museums and stuff. We even got to ride a real steam engine to the visitor’s center, though it was, unfortunately, not anything special enough to want to take a train to.

            We caught a concert at the Arena in Wilkes-Barre the next day but it wasn’t until that night that we finally went out without my grandparents. My grandmother had to meet with her bridge club, though oddly enough, none of them knew that bridge was not poker.

            We decided to go to Tinks. Tinks is a local club / bar where all the younger people our age hang out. It was kinda cool, but I never liked places like that so we only stayed because Zach was enjoying himself. A cute girl even came up to Zach and asked him to dance. He accepted and pretended to be interested but gave me a quick wink before following her off onto the floor. Then, I saw HER.

            “Carly? What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.

            “Aaron? It is you! I should ask you that question. I live here.” She replied. “So what’s up, cuz? Givin’ the straight scene another try?”

            “No.” I said. “Not exactly.” I drew in closer to her to speak into her ear (As if anyone could hear even a shout with all the music) “I’m here with my boyfriend.” I said.

            Her eyes widened. “You actually found someone? Way to go, little cuz.”

            “Will you stop calling me that? I’m a week and a half younger than you and that’s only because you were born premature.” If Aunt Bonnie went to full term, I’d have been the older one.” I said.

            “But you’re not, Little cuz, so ya might as well bite the bullet and accept the fact that you’re the baby in the family. And so cute too.” she said and grabbed my cheek and pinched it.

            The song ended and Zach drifted over and for a moment, he was in shock to see me talking to a girl. A pretty hot girl, as they go, too. When I saw the look of dismay on hsi face, I called him over. “Zach.” I shouted over the crowd. “This is Carly, my cousin.”

            “Shirley, you’re muffin? What the hell does that mean?” he yelled back.

            “No, Carly, my cousin! Blast, damned infernal noise! Let’s go outside!” I screamed.

            “You’re not making sense.” he yelled back. “What’s a funeral poise have to do with Wolfenstein?” I just grabbed him and the three of us want outside.

            “This,” I said rubbing my ears. “Is Carly, my cousin.”

            “Nice to meet you, now who died in a funeral parlor?” he asked.

            I slapped my forehead and instantly wished I had slapped his instead. My head was really ringing now. “Ah, man. My head hurts. Everything is spinning.” I said.

            “Still don’t like the club scene?” Carly asked.

            “No, it’s not that. . . I. . . I think I’m gonna be sick.” I said.

            “You okay?” Zach asked but I began to stumble. I grabbed him around his neck as I lost control of my feet.

            “Carly, call an ambulance” was the last thing I heard before everything went black. . .

Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2

            The black void slowly gave way to a blur of bright lights. I was in a tunnel and the light was moving towards me. Then, a face suddenly moved into view. It was beautiful. The face of God. “Yes, I understand! I finally understand!” I said.

            “I think he’s coming around.” the face said in a familiar voice. “He’s babbling but his eyes are starting to open. Aaron, can you hear me? Wake up, Aaron.”

            The darkness around the light slowly gave way to reveal a fluorescent exam light directly over my head inside a well lit room. “Hu?” I asked. “Where am I?” I managed.

            “You’re in the hospital.” ‘God’ said. “You’re gonna be alright.”

            “Are you God?” I asked. He got a confused look on his face.

            “Don’t worry, that’ll pass in a few minutes.” said a voice out of my view. The beautiful face moved away and an older face with a red mustache and red hair replaced it. “How do you feel?” The face asked.

            “Wow. God has a father and he looks Irish.” I replied.

            The other beautiful face came into view again. “Aaron, snap out of it.” he snapped his fingers right in front of my face and a quick memory of a game I played as a kid suddenly came back and slowly the other memories followed.

            “Zach?” I asked.

            “Yes!” he said. You remember.

            “What happened? Where am I” I asked confused again, but at least this time, I was confused and not ‘out to lunch’ or so to speak.

            “You’re in the hospital. Someone slipped you some rohypnol.” the doctor said. “Ruffies. Not extremely dangerous unless you combine it with alcohol but it’ll play games with your memories for the next few hours or so. I’m afraid that you are going to have to spend the night.”

            The doctor left me and Zach, and after a few minutes, Carly was shown in. “I just got off the phone with your mother. She said that she could get air lifted by chopper to Miami and fly back in from there but I convinced her that you were okay and they didn’t need to go through all that.”

            “What happened?” I asked again. “Who did this to me?”

            “It wasn’t just you. Someone slipped about 200 pills into the sprite soda container. There were about 30 people who got hit. The police expect that it was someone’s idea of a prank.”

            “What time is it?” I asked.

            “Four. In the afternoon. You’ve been unconscious for 19 hours.” Zach said. I closed my eyes and sighed.

            “Great, another extended punch line.” I said referring to the last joke that had been played on us. The buss driver mixup. Only Zach Got it.

            I was transferred up to the 2nd floor. The only room open was in the pediatrics ward. I didn’t mind because the rooms had video game machines. They were only N64s but it still gave us something to do. Zach never left my side and I don’t think I could possibly love anyone with more love than the love I had for him at that moment.

            I was still drowsy and had to pee every ten minutes. There were two huge IV bags attached to both of my hands. I think they were trying to flush out my system. After 9 at night, my grandparents were finally going to go home and were going to take Zach but I told them to let him stay. They objected and said that my friend would come and visit in the morning but Carly insisted too and they finally left. Carly had to drive them home, in the dark anyway because grampa couldn’t see that well after sundown. We were finally alone.

            Zach slowly walked over to the door and gently closed it as to not make any sound. “Oh, Aaron. I was so worried about you.” he said as he took my arm and began to stroke it (He would have taken my hand but the IV had other plans for it) “During the first hour, there was a chance that you were gonna die.” He laid his head on my chest. “One of the real clubbers who had been drinking alcohol all night suddenly decided to try and sober up for the drive home. He’s in a coma. They had a priest perform last rites.”

            Tears slowly began to flow down his cheek. “What if I lost you?” he said. “I don’t think I could bear that.” he said and I patted his head.

            “I’m all right. No need to worry, now. Worry tomorrow when Grampa drives us back to the house. Now THERE’S something to worry about.” I said and smiled.

            He sniffed a bit and then quietly chuckled. “I, ah, I don’t wanna ruin this moment, but I really have to pee.” I said and he laughed a bit louder now and he wiped his tears away. He helped me up out of bed and walked me over to the bathroom like he had been doing all day. He waited inside with me and he even helped me aim so I wouldn’t make a mess. God, how I love him.

            When we got back to the house, I told my grandparents that Zach was up all night and we were both so tired that we were going to take a nap. I closed the door and undressed to my underwear like always before I go to sleep. Zach did the same and pulled the covers down for me and he stood by me until I got into bed. I was still a little awkward on my feet but I was doing much better now.

            I was lying on my side. It felt good to get the IVs out. My hands itched from them and I would disturb him every 20 seconds scratching. He finally turned around to face me. I’m keeping you up.” I said. “I should go out on the. . .” I probably got the word ‘couch’ out but it was taken directly into Zach’s mouth as his lips reached mine. He sucked on my tongue gently and it felt like he was sucking the last of my energy away.

            I wanted to reciprocate but I was drained. As horny as I was, I could not muster the energy to even kiss back, let alone do anything else with him. I tried to tell him but he simply put his finger to his lips and motioned me to be quiet. “No worries.” he said. “I wanna have some fun. You just close your eyes and let it come.”

            He curled his arms around me and dug into my mouth again. I let him explore every inch he wanted to. He then pulled away and pulled his pants down and took them off. He then grabbed my briefs and moved them to my ankles. He grinded against me and I could feel the heat of his penis against mine. He curled his leg over mine and passionately kissed me again and again.

            He withdrew from that and turned me onto my stomach. He sat on my butt and gently kissed and caressed my shoulders. He ran his fingers down my spine and followed with his mouth kissing every inch of my back. He inched back and eventually laid between my legs and he began to massage my ass with his hands.

            He kissed my cheeks and he then put his tongue to my crack. He pulled them apart and started at the top and worked his way down until he reached the glory hole. He continued to massage my cheeks with his hands as he ate out my ass with his tongue. The feeling of his tongue at my hole was like heaven. He darted around it and would lick it right up. He was even able to stick his tongue out and penetrate me a little.

            He prodded me with his finger and he tickled my prostrate. He turned me over and took my penis into his mouth head on. He licked up and down the shaft and fingered my ass at the same time. I clenched my butt down on his finger but it was stronger than me and he was still able to move it. He bobbed up and down on my pole faster and he hit spot after spot in my ass. I grabbed a pillow to muffle my ecstasy. With a whimper, I finally came in his mouth. Like a cactus in the desert, he soaked up every last drop of my creamy rain. He slowly pulled his finger out of me and he licked the last spot of cum off of my dick. There wasn’t even any stuck in my pubes.

            Zach then crawled up the bed and leaned against the headboard next to my head. He caressed my hair for a few seconds before he took his own cock in his hand. He slowly massaged his own tool. He stroked it up and down with his right hand as his left wandered about his chest and body. He rubbed his nipples as his motion sped up and slowed down. Sped up and slowed down.

            His leaned over and began to kiss me again. The feel of his waiting mouth and accepting tongue felt like I was wrapped in warmness. He dug deeper and deeper into my mouth as he stroked himself faster and faster. I gasped for my breath as he sucked my tongue into his mouth. My lips went numb with ecstacy. Then, he gently bit my lip as he reached his own orgasm.

            He emptied his rocks with a grunt as his chest became covered in cum. A few droplets of his warm, sticky semen even struck me in the face. He pulled his lips away and I licked around my lips and took his saltiness into my mouth. He then laid his head down on my chest and closed his eyes.

            I awoke the next morning to find Zach dragging a suitcase out of the room. “What’s going on?” I asked.

            “Time to go home today. Your parents get home tomorrow, but the fumigator said the house would be ready today, remember?” Zach said to me.

            “Yah. Vaguely.” I stretched my arms. I was wearing a shirt.

            “I put it on you yesterday evening. Thought it would be a good idea just in case your grandparents came in to check on us during the night.” He said. “We’re all packed and ready to go. The buss leaves in three hours. . . Just enough time to grab some breakfast, stop by the hospital for a followup, and go home.” He said. He turned to leave, but then added. “Oh, and Carly’s here to see us off.”

            I struggled out of bed but realized that my strength had returned, for the most part. Carly was sitting at the table and when I walked into the room, she turned pale. She quickly stood up and ran over to me to whisper something in my ear. “Was you face, for Christ’s sake! You have jizz stains on your cheeks!” I instantly turned beet red and made for the bathroom.

            We had finished breakfast and loaded the car when Carly finally said her goodbyes, though not before threatening to visit us some day. Piled into the car and arrived at the buss station. The bus was already there so we decided to just go ahead and board. “Come visit us anytime.” My grandma said. “But please, no dance halls next time. You’ll kill your old grandpa and me.” she said and wished us goodbye.

            We arrived at the buss station and found my car just where we had left it. Zach drove and we went straight home, aside from picking Freddie up from the neighbor’s house. We got downstairs and sat on the couch. “So, what do you wanna watch?” I asked him. “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, or Spider man?”

            “Charlie’s angels. Sorry Drew, Lucy, and Cameron, but you’re not the real hotties we’re interested in. There’s a few good beach scenes.” He said. We cuddled next to each other, pulled the blanket up, and settled in for the movie.