Boyhood Experiences


This is a true story of my experiences in my boyhood, it will be from about age 9 or 10 up to age 16 or 17, my memory of those days is not the best, but I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible.


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Chapter 2


During the summer holidays I spent a lot of my time in the fields with a couple of friends but they used to get bored messing about with the huts we built and leave me on my own, the days were hot and I liked to be shirtless, I even went naked sometimes, but was always looking to see if anyone came around, I decided to try and find a place where nobody went to so I could be relaxed and naked when I wanted, there were lots of thickets about and tall bull rushes by the river so I decided to try there, the grass hadn't been disturbed so I built a shelter there and stripped naked and lay in the sun, it felt great to be like that and my cock got hard all the time and I had to wank off or rub on the towel I brought, the feelings were fantastic, always I was thinking of Tom and our medical exam and seeing his cock.


I was in town one day and saw Tom with a man, Tom waved and I went over to him, we greeted each other and Tom introduced the man as Bruce who was the housemaster at the home he lived in, I was taken aback as I didn't know much about Tom and didn't know he lived in a children's home, Bruce saw my surprise and sent Tom to buy some sweets for us and then explained that Tom's parents had died in a fire and Tom had no relatives at all and he was placed in the home, he asked if I was going to the same senior school as Tom after the break and I said I was going to St Peters Boys School, Bruce nodded and said that was Tom's school as well and would I look out for him there as he was a very lonely boy and hadn't any friends in the home, although he had mentioned me a few times, something I found strange as I didn't know him that well, I said I would and perhaps we could spent time together this holiday, Bruce thought that was a great idea and when Tom came back he told him about my plan, Tom's face lit up and he said that would be great.


We arrange to meet the next day and go swimming at the local baths, we met by the town hall and made our way to the baths, Tom was eager to get and swim he said as it had been awhile since he had, the baths were crowded because of the school holidays and we couldn't find a changing cubicle, eventually one came available so we said we would share, it wasn't very big so we had to shuffle around as we undressed, that made us both laugh, we got down to our underpants and Tom stopped, "we are going to see each other naked" he said "well we did see each other undressed at the school medical, we saw each other's bare bum and cocks" I replied and coloured up somewhat after say the word "cock", Tom giggled and said he called it that too or "willy". He took down his pants first and again I saw his lovely cock, with the bare helmet, then I took down mine and my cock flopped out with its hooded helmet, we both stood naked staring at each other's cocks, mine started to erect and I wanted to die, I tried willing it down, but to no avail, as I reached down in my bag for my swimming trunks my helmet brushed Tom's bare helmet and I got a kind of shock that ran through my body, Tom smiled and gave my helmet a squeeze and bent down to get his trunk, we both managed to wriggle in our trunks despite the cramped space and gathered our clothes and bagged them up to drop into the secure locker, we found one empty and I took the rubber band that had the key on and placed it on my wrist and we went into the main swimming pool and soon got into racing each other, I was beating him easily when we had the space to swim a bit as the pool was packed, one of the lifeguards came over and said he thought we were strong swimmers and if we wanted we could go next door into the diving pool where there were no younger kids and do some serious swimming, we agreed and climbed out and did as he said, the pool next door wasn't as big but a lot deep starting at 5 feet deep and going up to 15 feet at the deepest part where the diving boards were, only a few adults and older boys in at the deep end doing diving, something I and Tom had never done.


After a good swimming session we were getting tired so I suggested we go get showered and changed, Tom agreed and we headed for the showers, we managed to get two shower heads together, but the soap containers were empty, but Tom found a small bar of soap and used that, we kept our trunks on as there were other boys in there and some men also, we had the end two showers and Tom said just turn and make sure no others can see us and he slipped his trunks down and soaped up his cock and balls and bottom quickly, washed himself and rinsed off under the shower and quickly pulled up his trunks, he passed the soap to me and we changed places and I did the same, quickly pushing my trunks down and washed my cock and balls and bum quickly and showered off the soap and pulled up my trunks, we left the showers and headed for the changing cubicles after getting our bags from the locker, we found an empty one at the very end and quickly went in, it was small and we decided to dry each other off and Tom went first, taking off his wet trunks and stood with his back to me as I dried him off, it was easy at first until I reached his cock and balls and I wrapped the towel around him and rubbed at his cock and balls, he leaned back and he closed his eyes as I was doing it and he was fully hard and breathing shallow, he whispered to me not to stop and I carried on wanking him through the towel, he whimpered and moaned then jerked forward with his hips and I knew he had had a dry cum, "oh wow, that was great" exclaimed Tom, I grinned and fished drying him and he took the towel off me as I slipped off my trunks and let him dry me, my cock was rampant and he wanked me with his hand and soon I was whimpering and thrusting forward and I had a dry cum as well, time was getting on so he dried me off and we dressed in turn and left the changing rooms, we bought some crisps and sweets to eat on the way back and then it was time to say goodbye to Tom as we went our different ways, having made a time the next day for Tom to come to my house.


Tom was early at my house the next day and I wasn't yet ready to go out, he met my mum and they chatted whilst I got ready, it was going to be a hot day with a chance of a thunderstorm later, so mum said to get back early, I said I was taking Tom to my hut by the river and we would shelter there if there was a storm, mum had packed us some sandwiches and water and orangeade and fruit, we set off and I told Tom it wouldn't take long to walk to where the hut was, we arrived some 30 minutes later and Tom said "wow, what a great hut you made Tom!" "it needs some more work to it Tom, want to help me sort the roof out?" I replied feeling proud Tom liked it, "yes sure, but I need to take off my shirt as I am sweaty already" Tom said, and he quickly undid his short sleeve shirt and stood proudly baring his sexy boy chest, I gulped a little and then undid mine and took it off and said "okay let's start".


I had stashed some wood I had found by the small river and we started to make a good roof out of it, slightly at an angle, so if it rained the water would run off it, then we stretched an old tarpaulin we had found over the top and weighed it down with large stones, it was hard work and we were getting really sweaty and stopped now and then to drink some water, eventually we were happy with the result and then gathered some vegetation and scattered it on the floor of the hut making it cosy, I had brought a couple of old big towels and spread them over the top of the vegetation, we stood looking at our handiwork, "I think it looks great John!" exclaimed Tom, "well I couldn't have managed the roof on my own, so thanks to you Tom we got it done" I replied and smiled at Tom, "well I don't know about you John, but I'm all sweaty and fancy a swim in the river to cool off" said Tom and grinned at me "yes I think that's a great idea, but I didn't bring my swimming trunks" I replied, "do we need them, as I haven't either?" queried Tom. "I guess not, let's strip naked then" I answered and started to undo my sandals and take off my socks and watched Tom do the same then we quickly undid our shorts and took them off with our underpants, we both had rock hard cocks and giggled as we ran down the grassy river bank, our hard cocks slapping up our bare chests, diving in the coldness of the clear water took out breathes away and we whooped and then proceeded to swim upstream a little then turn back and swim with the flow of the water, we spent a good 20 minutes swimming and horsing around in the river then decided we had had enough, and waded out, our cocks and balls had shrivelled up now with the cold water and were a fraction of the size they were when we ran into the river, we lay on the grass outside the hut and dried off in the hot sun, chatting about our swim.


I lay on my back drying off with my cock slowly getting back to its normal size, Tom's hand came across my thigh and he grabbed my cock and started to wank me, "Mmm I love your foreskin" he said as he pushed it up and down my rapidly hardening cock, then he did something that took my breath away, he leaned over and pushed my foreskin right back and sucked on my swollen helmet, he continued sucking until I had a dry cum, and when I got my breath back I asked him where he learned that from and he said he sucked older boys at the home, they could sperm and he often swallowed their sperm also now and again they "bummed" him , his cock was hard as he told me about it so I thought it only right to suck his and I sucked on his bare helmet and made him dry cum, we felt hungry after all this sexy stuff so went inside the hut and ate our sandwiches, we did some more repairs to he hut after and then had another naked swim and I simulated "bumming" him against the river bank, with my hard cock sliding up and down his bum crack, by now it had gotten very humid and soon the thunder rolled in so we went into the hut and watched the storm unfold, cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning in a darkened sky followed by heavy rain, the hut roof stood up to it with only a few leaks in the corners, so we were dry.


Eventually it stopped and soon the sun was out and it was steamy, so we dressed and made our way back home, after having some tea and cake at my house Tom left for the home, such was the coming weeks, now and again though we went to the swimming baths when the weather was bad, just over a week now to the new school day and we chatted about our fears, we both had had letters setting out the school rules and Tom pointed out that no underwear was to be worn under PE shorts and also no vests on in the gym as well as barefoot. As we made our way down the street to my house Tom said that was Bruce's car parked outside, we went round the back and mum was in the kitchen make tea and said Bruce had something to say, we sat down and Bruce explained that he had asked my parents if they would consider becoming foster parents and fostering Tom, Tom's face lit up and so did mine, Dad said nothing was decided yet as he and mum had to think about it, so that put somewhat of a dampener on the conversation, Tom and Bruce left to go back to the home and I told Tom not to worry my dad would come through.


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