Boyhood Experiences


This is a true story of my experiences in my boyhood, it will be from about age 9 or 10 up to age 16 or 17, my memory of those days is not the best, but I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible.


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Part 3


Mum and dad decided to join the fostering register and duly filled in the application and sent it off, it was agonizing waiting for a reply from them but eventually they sent a letter saying they were doing background checks on us and would be in touch about an interview, Tom was agitated as he really wanted to move to our house, school started and we looked great in our new uniforms as we entered the gates to the school, we recognised a few boys that had been at the junior school with us, we were lined up as newbies and led into school, we met all the teachers and sorted out lockers and such and deposited our PE kit, such as it was, new football boots and shorts, and socks, the school would provide the football shirts, we broke for lunch and went to the school canteen, Tom had vouchers provided by the home for his lunch but I had to pay, it was a set two course lunch of a hot dinner and dessert, varying every day, after lunch we had a tour of the facilities  and were issued with timetables and a copy of school rules.


Last up was the outbuildings and the biggest we were told was the swimming pool, inside we saw it had only windows at the top and on the school rule list I noticed nothing about swimming costumes and asked the teacher who was taking us round and he said we would have a swimming test another day and that swimming lessons were to be in the nude as per the policy as to stop any fabric getting in the pool and clogging the filtration system up, we all looked at each other and smirked at the thought of nude swimming, the building would be locked after we had entered so no unauthorised persons could get in and your swim teachers would be male.


It was getting near to home time now, so we were dismissed for the day and lessons would start next day after assembly in the main hall, Tom and me made our way home discussing the nude swimming and wondering what if we get aroused whilst nude, I asked him if he wanted to come to our house and have a bit of fun before my parents got home and he grinned and said he did, we quickly made it to my house and shot upstairs and quickly stripped naked and lay on my bed, we had been kissing a lot lately and lay on the bed in a passionate embrace, our cocks quickly got hard and we rubbed them together and then Tom sucked my hard cock and I returned the favour, we decided to have a good cock rub and both of us had a hard dry cum and then we lay on the bed getting our breathes back, then after a few minutes I started sucking on Tom's bare helmet, it took longer for him to climax, he wanked me off then, then we got dressed and it was time for Tom to head off back to the home.


The next day we started school proper, from the start I was struggling as the stuff we were learning was over my head, Tom seemed to understand it and did explain some stuff at lunch, but I was feeling a bit apprehensive as the lesson after lunch was maths, it was as bad as I thought and managed to get through it, last lesson of the day was PE and we trooped to the gym and started to strip off in the changing room, as we should we dressed in just PE shorts and filed into the main gym hall and the PE instructor told us what he wanted, Tom and me were doing the vaulting horses and then swapped to the parallel bars, I really enjoyed it but Tom struggled, he had told me he wasn't an athlete, he preferred classroom work, 20 minutes before school end we were dismissed and headed back to the changing room and pulled off our shorts and headed naked into the shower room, the showers were in carousels around the room with 6 shower heads per carousel, Tom stood next to me and then a few other boys filed in and came over, casually I looked at various sizes of cock some with long foreskins and a few circumcised like Tom, we quickly showered and then went to dry off and dress , on the way home we discussed the cocks we had seen and Tom said he was getting hard thinking of them, on the way home I spotted a narrow hidden alley and took Tom in and started feeling the front of his shorts, I then unzipped him and fished out his hard circumcised cock and started to wank him, he was groaning and soon shook all over and had a dry cum, Tom undid my shorts and wanked me to a dry cum also, we waited until our cocks had softened somewhat and then zipped up and Tom left me to go to the home.

As the first few weeks at school past, we still hadn't heard from the social worker about fostering, the weather at the end of Sept was very good, we had had warm days in the week and it lasted into the weekend and I asked Tom if he fancied going to the river, he said yes he would like that so we said we would go on the Sunday, we hadn't been for weeks, but the hut was in bad shape at all, the vegetation we had put over it needed changing but that was all and after we sorted it I suggested we take a swim, Tom jumped in first and squealed it was freezing, I laughed and called him chicken, but when I jumped in I realised he was right, we were shivering in the water and our cocks and balls had disappeared, so we swam back to the bank and crawled out, we ran shivering to the hut and grabbed our towels and quickly dried, Tom said he couldn't stop shivering so I said I would light a small fire to warm us up, I slipped into just my shorts and went and gathered some wood, I too was feeling shivery as I light the fire and got it going with some paper I found and twigs then put the wood on, Tom came out of the hut wrapped in his towel and stood trying to get warm, but still couldn't stop shivering, I helped him dress and said lets go home and get warm, even though when we had come out it felt warm.

On the way back Tom said he didn't feel well and had to go into the bushed and be sick, he looked so pale when he came out, when we got home dad said we both looked pale and felt at mine and Tom's brow and said we were burning up, mum went to use the phone at the end of the road and called Bruce, he came after a bit and took Tom back and I went and had a hot bath, I felt better and mum said I should go to bed, so I dressed in my pyjama's and got in bed, I felt awful again and mum took my temperature and said it was high, she gave me a couple of aspirins, and said to get some sleep, I lay thinking of Tom and how he was.

I awoke later that night and felt sick and went to the bathroom and was sick, mum must have heard me and came to see how I was, she helped me back to bed and went for dad, he suggested we call a doctor, so he dressed and went to phone for one, eventually a doctor arrived and he examined my chest and took my temperature and said it was extremely high, he got some pills and medicine out of his bag and explained to mum how and when I should take them and if I was no better in the morning then to call him, I felt really awful laying there in bed as mum went to see the doctor out and get some water for me to take the pills, I went back to sleep and didn't wake until morning, mum said I will have to take a few days off school and went to ring the school to tell them, when she came back she said that the school had had a call from the boys home and said Tom had been taken to hospital during the night with a serious chest infection, I started to cry and said it was all my fault because I had suggested we swim, dad was furious and said we both could have gotten pneumonia and maybe Tom had got it, I sobbed uncontrollably and kept saying I was sorry, mum scolded dad and said getting mad wasn't solving anything, so he left for work, I was still crying, so mum cuddled me and said she thought Tom was strong and would be okay and not to worry and to get better myself and then we could visit Tom if he still was in hospital, I had more medicine and fell asleep again.

For the next few days I was in and out of sleep, just having a hot drink now and again and the medicine, mum told me dad had been to see Bruce about Tom and they both went to the hospital and he was over the worst and although awake he was weak and would have to stay in hospital until he was stronger, I was pleased with that and hopefully soon when I was stronger I could go and see him.

I got stronger in the next couple of days and was able to get out of bed and have a good bath, dad told me he had had a letter from social services and they had been accepted for fostering, that made me feel cheered up and I asked if we could go see Tom in hospital, there was a knock at the door and it was Bruce, he said he had good news, Tom would most likely be let out of hospital today and he had some clothes for him to change into and would we like to with him to the hospital, I jumped at the chance to go and dad said yes so we set off with Bruce.

Tom was in the main children's ward and was awake and he beamed when he saw us, I gave him a hug and we chatted, I told him we had clothes for him, but a nurse said the doctor would have to come and give Tom a brief exam before he could discharge him, dad and Bruce went off to the hospital cafeteria to get us some drinks, they hadn't been gone long when a doctor came in and the nurse said she needed to draw the curtains around Tom's bed so the doctor could examine him, I sat in a chair outside the curtains but could hear what the doctor said, he asked Tom to remove his pyjama jacket so he could listen to his chest and back, then he asked him to undo his pyjama bottoms and slide them down, I guessed that he was examining Tom's cock and balls and I felt myself getting hard thinking of him lying there with his cock exposed, the doctor said that Tom was fine and he would discharge him and the nurse stuck her head out of the curtains and asked for his clothes, I gave her the bag and she said "I will leave you to get dressed Tom and come back in a little while", Tom called me through the curtains and he started to take off his pyjamas until he was naked, he stood in front of me smirking "wanna feel my cock and balls John?" he asked, I looked at him and grinned "I would love too, but dad and Bruce will be back any minute, so get dressed and maybe later okay?" I replied handing him his clean underpants and socks, he frowned and then smiled again and slipped into his pants and sat on the bed and pulled on his socks and I handed him a clean shirt and his shorts, he had just finished dressing when dad and Bruce came back with two cartons of orange juice and some biscuits, "come on you two, let's get going" said dad, the nurse had come back and Tom hugged her and thanked her for looking after him and then we left.

As we approached my house Bruce said that the car outside was the social workers, so Tom chimed up "maybe she has come to tell you I can now move in with you to be fostered?" Bruce said that was unlikely as Mr and Mrs Holmes had only just been approved and they had to do an emergency fostering first usually to let them get used to fostering and ironing out any problems. Tom frowned at that and sat back as we pulled up outside, going into the lounge, I saw a boy about 14 or so sitting on the couch with the social worker Sarah, mum said that Sarah had brought Ben asking us to look after him for just a few weeks while his mum was in hospital, but she said that she would have to ask dad first so we waited for you, I saw dad look at the boy named Ben and he nodded, "yes that's fine, it's what we signed up for" he said smiling, Tom looked glum and I squeezed his hand and whispered "you'll be next I'm sure" he gave me a weak smile, dad chimed up "why don't you two show Ben where he will be sleeping?" we helped Ben with his bags and went upstairs, I showed him to my bedroom and told Ben he would be sharing with me and his bed was by the wall, showed him the chest of drawers for his clothes and a wardrobe to hang up his trousers and jackets, as he unpacked I asked him what school he went to and he said St Joseph's "ohh that's a posh school" Tom exclaimed, Ben smiled and said he didn't know if you could call it posh, but it was a good school, he went on to say he was 14 and liked cricket and football and running.

Tom had to go now as Bruce was calling him that left just me and Ben, mum called us down to eat and then Ben said he had homework to do so I showed him the room that I used which doubled as an office and left him to do his homework, when he had finished it was close to bedtime so Ben asked if he could have a bath and I showed him the bathroom that was closet to us upstairs, the house was 3 storeys high and we had the top floor with its own bathroom, mum and dad had the first floor with its own bathroom, it had 5 bedrooms but not all were used as it used to belong to my grandparents, dad was slowly refurbishing the rooms but hadn't got round to the top floor yet, hence Ben sharing with me.


Mum said that Ben should have a clean set of towels and sent me to take them to him, I knocked on the bathroom door and explained I had towels for him, he said to come in and he was in the bath, I went and hung the hand towel on the rail by the sink and turned round to see that ben had stood up, "pass me a towel please John" he said, I stood in awe at his 14 year old naked body, his cock seemed massive to me, he had hair above it and his balls hung down, "have you not seen a naked boy before John?" Ben went on, I gulped and said not one older than me, he smirked and I walked up to him with the towel..


End Of part 3

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