Chapter 3

Ready to Explore, Willing to Wait

So we both lived in a town called Flushing.  OK, not really, that would be way too corny for this story.  Remember also that we are starting to get into some fiction here, and we will go `off the deep end' from time to time.  Bear with us as we continue and, well, just lose yourself in the story and forget about reality.  That will help you out tremendously.

And so, I was counting down the days until my parents left on their trip.  Just a few left, like three or four I think.  Granted, I liked my parents, but they could be a bit much sometimes and I was really wanting to be rid of them for a while.  And, if things turned out fairly well during their absence, then maybe they would leave me alone more often!

Unlike Matt, I had no toilet in my room to directly play with, and couldn't stay in the bathroom longer than `normal' otherwise I'd hear my parents wondering aloud, "Is something wrong with him?"  I really wanted to continue exploring toilets, but I kept running into dead ends.  As my parents were `too much' too often, I couldn't always go off and explore places when I was out with them.  That meant that trying to better understand toilets in public restrooms was out of the question.  And even my own toilet at home in my bathroom, as beautiful and amazing as it was, I just couldn't hang out with it long enough or flush it more than once to really start to `get it'.  I had started getting those `sensations' and `energy streaks' running through me more often over the past few months at the end of every flush of my toilet, and sometimes just while looking at it.  I had started to wonder more and more about a burning question that I had: "What would it be like to get flushed?"  When I would think through that thought in my head, my whole body would shudder.  Not violently, but enough that it was kind of spooky.

I had started to ponder the same question that Casey wondered about.  And I also started to get the shudders when I would really think about it.  As time went on, the sensations didn't freak me out as much.

I continued to dodge questions about my toilet in my own room when friends would come over.  Eventually, I just resorted to going over to other friends' houses.  No one really cared about it too much or made fun of it, because I was apparently someone not to mess with.  But I felt it best to just eliminate it, if possible, from the discussion.

So, back to that burning question.  Could it be done?  It seemed impossible due to the size difference.  Also, I had no idea what things were like beyond the toilet.  I knew of sewers and pipes and such, and it would seem like you'd get stuck in there and probably just die of starvation or poisoning.  So, it would seem like `getting flushed' was not something one would want to do on purpose, or even on accident.  And, on top of this burning question in my head, those strange sensations were increasing just like Casey's.  I had other weird things that were slowly starting to happen to me as well.  Remember how I spoke about the sound at the end of a toilet's flush?  And how I eventually figured out it was a form of communication?  I know, hard to believe, but true.  At least for me anyways.  I started to `hear' some kind of strange voice or words or simple communication every time that I flushed one of my toilets.  Other toilets outside the house would be not really do much except flush and that would be about it.  But, my bowls were different somehow.  And more so with the toilet in my bedroom.  I'm not sure I can even fully describe this communication, because it wasn't fully clear or intelligible at first, but there was something there that I could `feel' as communication during and at the end of a flush.  And I had to find out more.

Unlike Matt, toilets didn't communicate with me for a while, a long while.  Not until we actually met in high school.  While we're talking about us meeting and getting into talking about their sex lives, here's an important note:

This story takes place in a fictional world, where society is far more liberal than in our reality.  There is also far less crime and there are far fewer problems in general in this fictional world.  With respect to that, the age-of-consent laws are pretty lax and are set at 14, worldwide.  They aren't generally enforced or prosecuted unless something went really wrong, someone got hurt or something was just really out of place.  Also, being gay didn't carry the stigma in Matt and Casey's world as it does in ours.  Gay people were just as `normal' as straight people.

This statement does not mean that the author's views age-of-consent laws as things that should be done away with.  The author believes they have a purpose, but believes the current rules are too diverse around the world and should be standardized according to common sense.

And now...back to the story!

As the final day wound down that my parents were going on their trip, I found things to do to keep me busy so I wouldn't have to count the minutes or hours until they left.  They were leaving at night so that they could get to the cruise ship early the next day.  Then, the ship was sailing like far, far away to an island and they were going to be there for like a month.  So, I think they were going to be gone for like six weeks total.  Sweet!  Like I said, they liked to keep the romance alive.  It amazes me how they never had any more kids.  I guess they were really careful or something!

Something else that I did, being the curious and inventive ten-year-old that I was, was finding a copy of the water bill for our house.  I discovered that we were billed in large increments of water and not `by the gallon'.  This was a relief as I intended to do lots of flushing of both toilets in the house while they were gone and wanted to make sure it wouldn't reflect that, or else I'd probably be in trouble!  Also, with the reduced general water use, it should balance out.  I really didn't know how much water the toilets used, but it had to be at least a few gallons to do the job that they did.

And then, to the opposite of how long I waited for them to leave, they were gone.  Into the airport shuttle with them and all ten zillion pieces of luggage and that was it.  They had hugged me goodbye and wished me luck and everything.  They were going to call once a week to see how I was doing, but otherwise they said they would try to leave me alone.  I had hoped they wouldn't call at all.  But you know, whatever!

I locked all the doors in the house to make sure I would not be interrupted in some way and then I went to my bathroom and just barely closed the door.  I didn't really need to close it since I was the only one there, but it felt weird to not close the door.

As I finally realized I was alone, I shuddered at the thought of being able to explore what I wanted to explore: my toilet.  I raised the toilet's lid, but kept the seat down.  I looked into the bowl, right into the `hole', or as I called it, the `mouth' of the bowl.  And I said, "I finally get to spend some time with you and figure you out."  The toilet sat there, just as it should, not responding at all.  Not that I expected a response, it probably would have freaked me out anyways.  I was curious, but hey, I was still just a kid and certain things could definitely freak me out at that age.  I put my hand onto the front of the bowl and felt its smooth, rounded surface.  Then I closed the lid, turned around and left the bathroom, turning off the light as I stepped out.

Now we'll reveal another little tidbit of information, what type of toilets are these?  Well, there are certain elements in this fictional world that mirror reality.  These toilets are some of the best ever built, built during the golden era of toilet creation, in my opinion.  They are 1970s-era, American Standard elongated-style Cadets.  Back then, they flushed five gallons of water every time.  And, they were works of art.  Some toilets today are still pretty cool and are pretty artsy, but not very many can compare to these.  Smooth lines and curves made for an absolutely beautiful toilet.  That, of course, became part of the attraction and turn-on for me.  There is another toilet that I would eventually encounter, and would be known as the `unknown' toilet until years later when I discovered its brand and history, that would earn an equal place with my first Cadet.  It too had its own beauty and perfect lines, but it also was like no other toilet I had ever encountered.  But let's get back to the story.

I went to bed that night, feeling a little freaked out since my parents were gone.  I was thinking like, "what if the house gets broken into?"  "What if my parents die?"  "What if there is some emergency that our friends can't handle?"  Yeah, I was one to think of lots of possibilities, but in the end it didn't matter and none of those crazy possibilities actually happened.  I eventually fell asleep.  I hadn't set an alarm because I didn't have to stay on any kind of schedule.  How awesome was that?!

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