Chapter 4

Summer Flushing

After school was out for a few days, and it was nice and hot outside (we lived in the semi-desert region, so it was decently hot in the summer), I woke up late in the morning and just stretched out in bed and looked around my room. It was cool, I had swimming posters of cool athletes that I was inspired by, my bedroom furniture, little knick-knacks and my beautiful toilet. The one that I was bathed in back in the day. I obviously couldn't fit my whole body in it anymore, but I still flushed it once a day just to keep the water fresh. It had that mixing valve still on it and so the water that would come into the tank after a flush would be perfectly warm. Unless you flushed twice in a row, that valve had no real purpose. Back in my bathing days, it was great. I sometimes wondered if I should just turn it to `cold', but I left it at the perfect warm setting it had always been set at. Little did I know that it would be pretty convenient fairly soon.

I looked over at my toilet. It was, of course, just like Casey's, another A/S Cadet elongated. Pure white and had beautiful curves and smooth lines. I'd never really touched it much since I didn't use it for waste purposes. It had its own cleaning brush that was never used for the other toilets in the house. As I became older, my parents told me that I could care for the toilet and clean it and they didn't need to do it anymore. It never really needed cleaning. We had a filtration system in the house, so our water was really perfect compared to the regular tap water. Hard water was something they didn't really like, so they had built the house with the filter system installed from the start.

Cleaning the toilet was as close as I had gotten to it since being bathed in it. I did it like every few weeks, if the bowl started showing a water line or something. And I used mild cleaners and not the regular toilet bowl cleaners that we used for the other toilets. There was no need for extremes since this toilet stayed really clean anyways.

I thought to myself, "'let's figure this out." Referring to the toilet and its flush. I really wanted to know it more. I knew that no one could hear it flush outside my room, and was pretty sure the extra water wouldn't matter since my parents were well-off anyways. I decided that I wanted to feel the toilet, something I really hadn't done since being bathed in it.

I left my room for a moment to get some toilet paper, ok, a couple rolls, since I would experimenting with the toilet for a while. I went back to my room and closed and locked the door. I put the paper rolls on the floor next to my toilet. The toilet was located in one corner of my room, on the opposite side from my bed, but not too far from the window. It was cool that I could look over from my bed and explore the toilet with my eyes from far away. I usually would stare at it for a short time before falling asleep at night and before getting out of bed in the morning. But now, I was going to get close to it. Closer than I had been in a long time. I sat down cross-legged in front of my toilet and just kind of looked at it in a generic way. I noticed really just how beautiful it truly was on the outside, perfect curves and angles that were never really sharp. Even where the top part of the bowl met the bottom section that seemed to hold up the front of the bowl.

I was sitting like about a foot or so from the toilet bowl, directly in front of it. So I really couldn't see into the bowl or the sides of the toilet. I wanted to see more, I wanted to look the toilet straight in the `mouth' and watch it flush up-close. I wanted to know everything that I could, and I wanted to bond with it somehow. As I started to move closer to the bowl, I got that sensation that raced through me and at the end of it, another shudder. Like I said before, these were becoming more frequent. Maybe two or three times a day. It was a little odd, but it always was when I was thinking about my toilets or looking at them. And now I was very, very close to my bedroom toilet.

Something important to note here, is that Casey and I had not yet flushed a toilet while being in contact with the bowl. For whatever reason, that was too weird or freaky or people had told us we shouldn't do it. And I really wanted to know what a flushing toilet felt like, so I was going to slowly find out. You'd think that I would have remembered more from my bathing in the toilet from years past, but I guess I wanted a more `recent' experience with my toilet.

I was just a couple of inches from the toilet. I leaned forward a bit and looked over the rim and into the bowl. Something that I noticed right away was just how deep it was. Granted, we're not talking about the ocean here, but I was amazed how far it went down from the top of the rim down to the bottom of the `mouth'. The other thing I noticed was the `smile'. Now, I know that this is really going out on a limb, but yes, all toilets `smile', or at least smirk, in some fashion. At least the ones who have more rounded than squared `mouths' in their bowls. And depending on what angle you look into the bowl, the smile changes a bit. From my angle, the toilet was `grinning' from `ear to ear'. Just a bit of a curve where the mouth starts forming from the front of the bowl itself is how you can see it. I bent down a bit to look at the mouth from the longest point without losing sight of it beyond the rim. And it smiled back at me, just sitting there. Having an elongated bowl let me see the toilet's mouth from the most narrow angle possible, and it showed me its cute smile!

I sat there for a minute and got another shudder. I then leaned forward again and looked into the bowl from directly above. To do this, I had to be in contact with the bowl. This was the beginning of what I called Position One, but we'll get to that more in a bit. I was only wearing my briefs, so I was very sensitive to feeling my toilet. As I leaned forward, the cool, smooth surface of the front of the bowl met my chest. It seemed to be a perfect match. I was developing tiny little muscles from all the swimming I was doing, and the indentation in the upper middle of my chest matched perfectly with the outer curve of the bowl. I pressed harder and leaned head out and over the bowl. I looked into it and saw a different perspective on it. The mouth still smiled at me, but differently from this new angle. Actually, it almost looked a little bit scary for some reason. Maybe it was the darkness of what lay beyond the mouth that I couldn't see. It was an unknown. I couldn't really see into it from the front either, so maybe I wasn't supposed to see into it at all. After all, if you were in the toilet's mouth during a flush, you were pretty much a `goner' as that would be the `point of no return'. That thought sent shivers running through my body. I put my hands on the sides of the bowl rim to steady myself and keep from losing my balance since the shiver was really intense. My hands, forearms and chest were all in contact with the toilet's smooth porcelain surface. I felt like I had made a new friend somehow.

Unlike Matt, I got up the next morning and just decided to feel the toilet straight away. I had put my hand on the toilet's front the night before and I wanted more. I really, really wanted to watch it flush and be close to it, and maybe finally touch it. A shudder ran through my body and the energy streak raced through me, settling on my groin area. I was just a boy, so I had no hair to speak of except on my head. My penis had yet to do much of anything except to be used for relieving myself. But, that energy streak caused a slight shift and `stirring' down there that I couldn't explain. I left my room and went to the bathroom. After entering the bathroom, I decided to check the house and make sure I was really alone and the doors were locked. After a quick run around the house, I was sure all was ok.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door anyways, but didn't lock it. Somehow it felt better that way. We had a good supply of toilet paper in there, and that would be important. I only had my briefs on, so I didn't have to really worry about getting my clothes wet if something weird happened with the toilet and it started spewing water everywhere or some crazy thing. I sat down in front of the toilet, with my legs spread out in front of me, on either side of it. I raised the lid and the seat and looked into the bowl. It was clean, as we normally had a maid service that came once a week. And they had come just before my parents left Also, I was generally the only one to use this toilet, so I knew its cleanliness-level pretty well. I looked into the toilet's bowl, staring at its mouth and the question came into my head again, "what would it be like to get flushed?" Something in my groin stirred and I felt my dick move on its own for a brief second, and then it stopped moving and was motionless again. There was a strange impulse that went along with that movement, something I had not felt before, so I couldn't describe it or identify what it was. It was pleasure, of course, something that I'd recognize as I started to slowly bond more and more with the toilet. More specifically, with this toilet. My toilet.

I looked up from the bowl to the raised seat and lid, and then left to the flush lever at the top of the tank. It was silver and had a round `knob' on the right side where it connected to the flush mechanism in the tank. It then had a long lever that extended out about two inches to the left and was thin from top to bottom, but was as deep as the `knob'. It had "American Standard" engraved on it. I put my hand up to it and felt it with my fingers. It was just as awesome as the toilet. And I felt really connected to the toilet when I held the handle. I pulled down on it very, very gently, just raising the flush valve some microscopic amount, and the bowl made tiny little water jet sounds as a tiny bit of water escaped the tank and ran into the bowl through the little holes under the rim. I knew a couple things about toilets already because I had looked at so many and studied so many of them, but I never got to study one in slow-motion as I got to do it now.

I stopped pulling on the handle and the bowl was silent again. I looked into the toilet bowl and marveled at the beautiful curves and design that made it work like it did. But also, it was just beautiful and it seemed to be that most people didn't care about the beauty. I wondered if the people designed it cared about the beauty of it. I imagined that they did, otherwise they probably would lose their jobs. I laughed to myself for a second, but then decided it was time to get down to business.

Looking into the bowl, still sitting in front of it, my fingers holding the handle was my only contact with the bowl. I pulled the handle down and the toilet came to life.

Ah yes, it came to life alright! But what about mine!? I'm still holding it in a sort of big awkward hug. I held the toilet like this for a minute, while looking into its bowl and smiling back at the `scary' smiling mouth. Then I moved my hands down the sides of the bowl, letting them follow the contours until they came across the intersection of the `pedestal part', bowl and back of the toilet. And it came to just a smooth little area. "Very interesting," I thought. I looked to the left of the bowl where my hand was and it seemed to be aligned with the mouth of the toilet in the bowl. "Hmm," I thought as I fingered the sides of the toilet at these points, "it's the main –flushing chamber-?" I didn't really know how it all worked or even why the toilet worked, so I just made up names for things that I didn't really know much about. My thoughts once again drew me back to wanting to watch the toilet flush, up-close and personal. But, for this first one, I pulled my hands away and pulled my chest back a tiny bit. I stretched out my legs to be more comfortable and grabbed the shiny flush handle at the top-left of the tank. And the words went through my mind, "to get flushed down, wow that would be cool! But, of course, impossible" I shuddered at the possibility.

It was time, I firmly pulled the handle down and the toilet came alive. The first little sound from the bowl is much quieter than just a second later, something like air being released or something. Just barely a second after I pulled the handle, the water was squirting into the bowl from under the rim. I had never seen it this close before and I actually got a little spray on me even from not touching the toilet bowl. The water started coming up in the bowl. Our toilets all kept very little water in them between flushes, for whatever reason. As it turned out, it made for a great flush! After a few seconds, the water was really moving, and rising, in the bowl. It seemed like it would maybe overflow the bowl, but it never really came up past a certain height. The water was trying to spin around, counter-clockwise. The little rim holes seemed to angle the water that direction, so that's probably why it did it that way (actually, it's the coriolis effect of our planet, but never mind!) There started to be less water coming into the bowl and the water that was in the bowl was now really spinning. In fact, there was a `whirlpool' that formed in the bowl, directly above the mouth and it started at the top of the water surface and slowly got deeper and went down into the mouth. Then, the flush valve in the tank `dropped'.

It made a slight clunk and a little suction noise that you could hear it stopping up the water from going into the little rim holes. At this moment, the toilet bowl didn't seem to care if there was no more water entering it, it was just sucking anything and everything out of its bowl. It was also pretty silent now, except for the water refilling the tank. Just the sound of the swishing water in the bowl and a sort of `draining' sound that was slightly audible if you were close enough to the bowl to hear it. The water in the bowl at this point was a complete spinning vortex. If you were in there, you'd be super-dizzy. It probably would be the coolest ride ever if you could fit your body in the bowl. But that, of course, is impossible. The water was being sucked down in the bowl, and I was watching all of this with wide eyes and my mouth slightly open. And then, it happened. The last of the spinning water dropped down into the mouth and the loud `toilet' noise came at my ears from out of the bowl. It was actually like a couple of noises, all in a row. The water bounced around in the mouth and also behind it where I couldn't really see. And then, it was over. The water then came up just a bit into the bowl and hung there. The toilet `noise' (actually it's deep gurgling, known as `siphon break'), sounded `happy' for some reason. The toilet seemed to `communicate' that it was quite happy with what it just did: sucking down a nice few gallons of water and flushing itself of anything in its bowl. I felt a new connection to the toilet. I hadn't experienced a flush that close since I had bathed in it. I put my hands out and put them onto the outside of the `flushing chamber' on the opposite sides of the toilet bowl. I pulled myself forward and my chest met the top of the bowl. My groin met the front of the bowl and my legs wrapped themselves around the bottom of the toilet. My body fir around the base of the toilet like it had made to be that way. I crossed my feet behind the toilet bowl and pulled myself tight to the bowl. This became known as Position One, or the `front hug'. I looked into the bowl and the toilet's mouth smiled back at me. As I was looking at it, the tank finished refilling with water and went silent. And I held my toilet. I started to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And then, I shuddered, and held the toilet tighter as I did so. Energy streaks went zapping around my whole body and centered themselves on my groin, which was touching the base of the toilet through my underwear. The shudder went away for a few seconds, and then came again. And then I felt something really strange: movement in my groin area. I had never ever felt anything down there move or change its size or shape. But it did, just ever so slightly. After that, I felt really warm and fuzzy inside.

As my toilet sprang to life, I instantly wanted to know more of how the toilet felt like during a flush. I released my fingers from the handle and my hands grasped the outsides of the toilet bowl rim and I pulled myself into contact with my flushing toilet. I could feel it as like you feel someone's pulse, pulsing as water rushed through its many little chambers. I watched with awe as the bowl's little jets squirted water and the water level rose. The water was also trying to spin around in the bowl, but at first it really didn't seem to have its act together. As a few seconds went by, the water coming down from the rim seemed to slow down a bit. And the water in the bowl was definitely now spinning. I noticed how the rim water jets shot perfectly down the sides, apparently designed so that anything stuck to the sides of the bowl would get washed down into the water. I shuddered at that thought. The water now started to take on like a third dimension and there was a little spinning whirlpool kinda thing in the middle of the water. It had seemed like the bowl was just going to keep filling up and overflow, but the water had come up very rapidly in the bowl and then just stayed about an inch below the rim for a while. This Jacuzzi-whirlpool thing in the center of the bowl got deeper. I could actually see through it, to the bottom of the toilet's mouth. If I looked down into it all the way, there was calm inside it. OK, not that calm since the whole toilet was flushing itself, but you know what I mean, like an eye of a hurricane or something like that. The water shooting down the sides of the bowl had really slowed down now. And just when I thought it was time, the tank flapper or whatever it was in the middle of the tank, sank down and sealed the flush valve. A little sucking sound could be heard from the rim as the water stopped coming out of the holes in it.

And the toilet was really flushing now. Or sucking, or something. The whirlpool thing was spinning fast and the water was going out of the bowl, down the drain presumably. I thought to myself again, "that would be really cool to go down with it, but how?" I shuddered a bit violently for like 3 seconds and held the toilet tight until it faded. The remaining water went down in the bowl and got sucked into its mouth. As it did, my favorite sound in the whole world emanated from the toilet's mouth. The sucking/gurgling sound at the end of a flush. I loved it. The toilet actually shuddered a bit as it finished its business. The water bounced a bit back and forth in the mouth and from side to side, the toilet gurgling deeply. And then it was over, and the bowl was silent. The water crept up a bit, but stayed pretty low in the bowl. Just covering the mouth by maybe a half inch on all sides. The tank was refilling. And in a few seconds, it would be silent too.

I did as Matt, since it seemed to be the natural thing to do. My legs wrapped themselves around the toilet and I ran my hands over the outsides of the bowl until they found those wonderful little intersections at the `flushing chamber'. I pulled myself even closer into contact with the toilet, trying to get as much of my body in contact with it as possible. I looked into the bowl and stared at the mouth. I realized, just like Matt had realized, in that moment, that it was `smiling'. I smirked back at it. I didn't want to say it, because that might have been too weird at the time. But I thought it, and hoped the toilet could `hear' me. The words went across my mind, "one day, take me with you!"

These two very important moments in both my and Matt's lives, actually happened at the exact same time. Both of us remembered the date very well and had pretty sharp memories of the events of that morning. After we met, and told each other about everything we had done with toilets over the years, we were both blown away that it had actually happened simultaneously. And, in a way, since all toilets are connected to each other via pipes (go with me on this one), we were actually touching each other through our toilets. And, to top it all off, this whole bonding and `first flush' day had actually been pre-arranged, but we won't tell you by who just quite yet. In this alternate universe, just about anything was possible. Matt will consume quite a bit of the next two chapters. And for good reason. Read on.

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