Chapter 5

Be Careful What You Wish For

So we both invented our own position that day. Oh yeah, did I mention that Casey and I actually both started `officially' playing around with our toilets on the exact same day? Of course, we didn't know each other, but we both remembered the date because it was really important. It became a special date for us both later in life.

Call it whatever it was, it was holding and hugging the toilet like you'd hold your lover. And in essence, that's what we were doing: slowly falling in love with our toilets. But we just didn't truly know it yet. I, of course, had a bit of a lead on Casey as I had the whole bathing experience earlier and my initial connection with my toilet was pretty solid. Speaking of connections, I had started to `hear' more and more communication from my bedroom toilet. It was really strange, because it wasn't really clear at first, but slowly it seemed as though I could understand it a bit better. But I couldn't really say what the toilet was `saying', if it was saying anything at all. I had been spending some more time over the past few weeks with my toilet, pretty much every day. I'm sure that I really cleared out our sewer pipes if anything was stuck in them with all the water that was going down my toilet.

As I continued to experiment and play with my toilet, I wanted to understand it more and more. I didn't have a problem touching the toilet itself during a flush, but I was still a bit shy about touching the water during a flush. For even though I knew exactly what I wanted, I was afraid to admit it and think that it might actually be possible. And with more and more sensing of the communication coming from my toilet during its flushes, I was getting nervous about what I was doing -- even though I actually enjoyed every minute of it.

The past few weeks I had spent holding and hugging the toilet in every possible way. Front, back, side and even upside-down. OK, me being upside-down, not the toilet. I loved to feel the vibrations and the trembling of the bowl during a flush, and would sometimes sit on the seat and flush it. There were slightly deeper bowl sounds that it would make in this position. And speaking of those sounds, they would really start to trigger those energy pulses in me. Pretty much every time I flushed my toilets. Or any toilet for that matter. And at the end of a flush, with the magical sucking and gurgling sound, I'd feel energy waves in my groin, and my dick would move around just a bit. As time went on that summer, it would actually get a little longer sometimes. And on rare occasions, it would get a bit `stiff' and I wasn't sure if there was something wrong with it or not. One fateful day later that summer, I'd connect the whole dick-movement thing with the hand of a good friend of mine and finally understand what it was all about.

Yeah, even though I was more social than Casey and I was pretty cool with everybody, I was still a bit dumb when it came to `certain' things. And my parents' "hands-off" approach to child-rearing didn't help me out there. Oh well, I found out for myself!

Over the past couple of days when I was playing with my toilet, I'd started really giving it some things to flush. Lots of toilet paper and even a paper towel or two now and again. I was just absolutely amazed that it could `swallow' down just about any amount of the stuff that I gave it. I was careful to not go too overboard, because I didn't want to have to explain anything crazy, like clogging the pipes or causing a flood! After watching all of my little toilet paper balls and wads and Xs and other shapes of toilet paper get sucked down with a mighty gurgle, I was really getting curious about the whole way that the toilet actually flushed these things down. On top of that, I was beginning to feel emotions from the toilet in its bizarre communication. Certain flushes seemed to be `happier' for it than others. And I really swore that the sucking and gurgling sound at the end of the flush was actually telling me something. I just couldn't crack it, I just didn't know `exactly' what it was trying to communicate.

And trust me, I tried to understand it. I put my head close enough to the bowl during a flush, without getting wet, so that I could try to `hear' anything extra the toilet was trying to tell me. I tried just pointing my ear into the bowl and flushing the toilet. Nothing. Just the same little emotional bits and strange sucking/gurgling `voice' that I couldn't quite understand.

And then I woke up on the morning of Tuesday, July 17, 1984. A day that I would remember forever. The day that I took a risk, and I didn't really know what I was doing! It was today that I got to understand my toilet. I think it understood me even better. And had understood me for a long, long time before then.

I had created a rule for myself that I wouldn't get wet from the toilet. I wasn't sure why. It was perfectly clean. I cleaned it once a week. It never had any waste put it in it. And I assumed that toilet paper and paper towels were pretty clean. The toilet brush was only used in my toilet, and I kept it in my closet to make sure it wasn't accidentally used for our other toilets. Today, I changed my rule. I decided that I had reached the limit in my ability to learn about my toilet by just watching it and feeling the outside of it during a flush. I wanted to know what the flush felt like. I wanted to feel the water and the toilet paper swishing around. I wanted to feel it as it went swirling around the bowl and then as it got sucked down into the mouth. I wanted to feel the gurgly-sucking sound up-close and personal. My whole body shivered at that thought, my dick stirred in my underwear. I felt it with my right-hand's fingers, and it was getting slightly bigger. It also just felt weird. My whole groin area felt weird. But, "oh well," I thought, "I'm sure it still works fine for what I need it to normally do."

Sometimes in the past few days, I had really wanted to understand the toilet's flush so much. But yet I wouldn't break my rule, so instead I would try really dumb things. I'd spin around in my room, getting really dizzy and then sit down on the toilet (with the seat down) and flush it. As my dizziness would subside, the toilet would flush and suck. During the gurgle, I'd feel all kind of loopy and still a bit dizzy. My groin would fill with energy pulses as I felt the whole toilet shudder as it finished sucking down everything in the bowl. But even that intense experience would only fulfill my needs for a little while.

As I was starting to be accustomed to these crazy energy pulses, and also understanding just how many pleasurable areas there were in the mid-section of my body, I figured out how I wanted to experience a `wet flush'. I thought, "well, I've sat on the seat and on the lid, so why not just sit on the bowl?" I knew I was too big to actually go down the toilet, so I was safe, even if I accidentally fell into the bowl somehow. I had only worn my underwear to bed, so I got out of bed, slipped them off and threw them onto the bed. I went and got some toilet paper from my closet and sat down in front of the toilet. I opened the lid and seat and looked into the bowl. The toilet's mouth smiled back at me. I had a strange sensation when I looked into the bowl this morning, and I shuddered all over. More energy pulses ran all over me, all ending at my groin, and also behind me in my butt. Something was different about today. I flushed the toilet and pulled myself to the bowl. I realized it was the first time I had ever hugged the bowl totally naked before. As I got into my favorite position, it was still amazing to me just how well I fit into this position with the toilet. It really seemed like it had been made that way just for me to do this. The toilet gently swished its water around and then started pulling it down into its mouth. Happily sucking away, there was the little silence while everything disappeared from the bowl, followed by the mighty sucking gurgle. A wave of happiness, that came from nowhere, spread over me. I also felt something hard between my stomach and the front of the bowl. My dick had gotten completely stiff. It was weird, it wouldn't move all that easily. It was very, very sensitive. Almost strangely painful in a way, so I left it alone. All these sensations and new things were happening to me all at once. If I was Casey, I would have stopped and just quit probably. He can freak out quite easily, or at least he used to. After we met, he, well, I taught him how to calm down a bit. OK, well, it was how we met each other that actually calmed him down a lot. Maybe it was my dick that had a calming effect on him ... Oops! I'm giving away too much again!

And so I got up from my position. And, I took my first step toward really understanding my toilet. I sat my smooth butt onto the front rim of the toilet. My feet were still touching the floor and I held the side of the toilet's rim with my left hand. With my right hand, I grabbed the flush lever on the tank. I pulled it down. The toilet flushed below and behind me. I could really feel the vibrations of the bowl through my skin and bones. I hadn't ever been naked and sitting on the bowl like this. When the toilet finally sucked and gurgled, energy shot around my body like lightning. My groin area `hurt' a bit. And I said to myself, "well, I'm not gonna get wet if I just stay up here!" I also wanted to feel the toilet paper twirling under me. So I got up and filled up the bowl with paper. I sat back down gingerly onto the toilet's front rim the same way I had before. And then, I eased myself back two or three inches. This also allowed my butt to descend a bit into the bowl. I felt just the tips of the toilet paper in the bowl below, pressing against my posterior skin. I flushed my toilet and held the side of the bowl for `safety'. The sensations of the paper twirling around below me as I felt it on my bare butt were just unbelievable. My whole groin area was in `pain' and my dick was waving around in my lap like crazy. As the toilet entered suck mode, I felt the paper doing its counter-clockwise movement on my butt and getting pulled to the center of the bowl. And then, at the last possible moment, a wad of paper slid past my butthole on its way to the toilet's `hole'. That was the first time I had felt anything pleasurable from that particular part of my body.

And then I felt nothing else. Silence, and then a massive gurgle from below me. Another wave of happiness came over me. I couldn't explain it. But nevertheless, I was really enjoying this. I could feel the circular nature of the flush. I could feel the paper as it slid on my skin and then was sucked down. I had my toilet gurgling at me from below.

But I wanted more.

So I decided to get wet. It was, by itself, a good idea. I could have probably gone swimming instead, you know, in our pool. I did that late in the morning normally at the school's pool, since I was constantly making `waves' as I was becoming an incredible swimmer for my age. Yep, I could have even taken a shower that morning to get wet. But no, I wanted to get wet from my toilet. So here I went. I had felt the paper sliding around, swishing and getting sucked down. But, I wanted to feel it all. The paper, the water and the flush. As I got up to fill up the bowl again with paper, I shuddered at the thought of this new adventure.

"Hey Matt, can I get a `word in edgewise' here? It's your loving boyfriend and life-partner!" Sorry Casey, I've got to at least get to the end of this chapter since our readers are on pins and needles right now. "Alright fine, I really like the next part of the story anyways, hehe."

The toilet bowl was filled up with toilet paper wads and little balls, arranged in a nice circle around the outside edge of the bowl. From sitting down just slightly into the toilet on the past few flushes, I didn't seem to have a problem fitting my young butt into the bowl. In later years, I had to sometimes resort to going in from the side of the bowl, but right now I could just go in just with my back to the tank. So I sat down onto the rim like I had for the previous flushes. And I slowly lowered myself down into the bowl until I felt it, something I hadn't felt in this toilet for years: the water. It was perfectly lukewarm. It stirred emotions within me and conjured up memories from when I was bathed in this very toilet as a baby. I remembered the flushes and the first big gurgle that I got to experience. Now I really had energy impulses racing around me. I could also feel the toilet paper on my butt. I think I put my butt just less than an inch into the toilet bowl water. At this point, my feet weren't touching the floor. They were just off of it by like an inch or so. And that felt a bit weird, but kinda cool too. Damn, I was in an adventurous mood today. I knew what I had to do next. My left hand reached under the bowl and my right reached for the flush lever. I said to myself "here goes!" And I flushed my toilet.

The bowl's rim jets got my butt nice and wet. Under it, the sides, the front and, well, dick and balls. If they weren't wet from the spray, they got a nice opportunity to swim in the rapidly rising water in the bowl below me. I was overwhelmed with new sensations as I felt the water swishing around on my butt and the toilet paper swirling around, too. I wasn't in the bowl that deep, so I wasn't preventing any normal movement of the paper during the flush. This was the first time I had ever really had my butt `played with', and it was pretty automatic by having the toilet do it. It was beautifully caressed by the swishing water and wads of toilet paper. As each piece would pass under my skin, jolts of energy would run through my body, and my groin area was in more `pain' than ever. As the toilet got closer to suck-time, the paper moved around counter-clockwise and got closer and closer to the center of the bowl. Some of it was going under my hole and even under my balls, as they had gotten into the water just a bit, too. It was all really overwhelming. And then the tank closed down and the toilet was in full suck mode. I felt one or two last twirls as the toilet paper gently traced my butt and then disappeared downward. I could actually feel the whirlpool on my butt as it was sucking everything out of the bowl, something I had waited to feel for it seemed like forever! And then the water started dropping and it the sensations of it disappeared from my butt starting on the outside and then the water kissed the center of my underside goodbye. And a few seconds later, a massive gurgle came from below me. I had truly experienced my toilet like I never had before. I just sat there in awe and was remembering the massive gurgle when another wave of happiness came over me. It was so large this time that it almost hurt my brain and nearly knocked me off the toilet. I just couldn't figure out what those `happiness waves' meant! I was, of course, having a ball (literally) with this whole experience, but gee whiz, how happy do I have to be?

I wanted to see what parts of me actually got wet `down there'. Just to see how deep I had gone and maybe I could go deeper without getting too wet on this first day of `wet flushing'. Still sitting part-way in the toilet bowl, I reached under me and felt my rock-hard dick, balls and butt. Pretty wet alright. Pretty much all over down there. No problem to get dry with a towel, but I wouldn't need one of those for a while. Just as I was going to take my hand away, I noticed there was something different about things down there. Now, I noticed this because, of course I, like most boys my age, was very curious about things down there. And if there was any change in anything down there, I'd usually notice it immediately. Well there was definitely a change. A pretty significant one in my opinion. Like a reverse growth spurt; my dick, balls and the part of my butt that was wet had actually SHRUNK a bit! In fact, my `hard' dick had become a bit `pliable'. Kind of like play-dough, but it still held its shape. If I bent it, it would come back to its correct position and angle, and it didn't hurt to do that either. I had discovered in recent days that if you bent a `hard' dick too much, it was very painful. But in this case, it wasn't a problem. I couldn't really tell that about my balls, since they were pretty soft as it was. But my butt (no pun intended), definitely felt a bit pliable. Especially so when I pulled myself out of the bowl and sat down directly on the toilet bowl rim. I could feel myself `sink' a bit since part of the bone structure had become pliable, but yet I didn't just completely sink and become a large mass of goop or something. I was still able to sit down. This was weird. Really weird.

But with everything else that had been going on that day, from the weird `voice' communications that I couldn't figure out to the energy streaks racing around my body to the waves of happiness...

Wait! Waves of happiness? At the end of every flush? Even though I wasn't a real `thinker' like Casey, I could still `use my noodle' to figure things out. The other thing I thought of was, "maybe this is the communication I'm looking to decipher?" And then, out of the blue, the thought came into my head again. This time, it was powerful. It sent shudders around my whole body, energy streaks going everywhere, more groin `pain' and a giant wave of happiness came over me. But this time, it started at my butt and traveled down my legs and up my torso, ending in yet another set of energy streaks.

Energy streaks. Waves of happiness at the end of every flush. And then a wave of happiness just from a thought that had the word `flush' in it. Feeling my first `wet flush'. And the parts of my body that were wet had gotten smaller and were made to be like play-dough. What could this all mean? I knew I was too big to go down the toilet. Maybe the toilet knew that too? I knew I had an intimate connection with the toilet in some crazy way. I had imagined what it would be like to go down the toilet, but to actually do it? Could I really trust a toilet? Why wouldn't I trust a toilet? My whole life was toilets. I had done everything possible I could with a toilet. And I was... I had reached the limit.

But I hadn't given myself permission to do this. I couldn't even admit what it was. What did I want? And then it came into my head: the exact desire. I had wanted to bond with my toilet in a way that I hadn't before. I thought to myself, "I want... I... I. I want to go down the toilet?" An even more massive wave of happiness, nearly pure joy, came over me. It started in my groin and it was truly, truly painful. My dick felt like it was going to blow up or something, and then the wave spread to the rest of me. It coursed throughout my nerves and ended in my brain. And just after the wave reached my head, it felt like my brain exploded into a billion particles. Actually, it was just my mind exploding. I had just given myself permission to do it.

And then it all just clicked. This was my chance to do what I really wanted. Not just watch from above, but watch from below. Watch from the inside. I repeated the words in my mind, "I want to be flushed, down the toilet" I lowered myself back down into the water, just an inch of it. And then things REALLY clicked for me. Five words mysteriously appeared in my mind and I `read' them to myself "You know what to do." I then lowered myself the rest of way down into the toilet bowl. My feet dangled above the floor and my knees were bent at the bowl's rim. I felt the toilet's mouth under my butt. The mouth was directly under my hole. My balls rested on the smooth surface of the bowl. I realized how cool it was to sit in the toilet. My dick was partly covered by the water. I loved the feeling of leaning back against, not the tank but, the back of the bowl itself. The toilet bowl felt, just how my favorite position felt, like it had been made that way on purpose. And I felt a rush of happiness come over me. My dick stirred. And in my mind, I heard my toilet gurgle. I knew what I had to do next. And I did it without fear or hesitation.

I reached up and bravely pulled down on the flush handle.

I had never experienced anything like the following. At the instant that the flush started, I felt my body quiver as all the parts of it that were underwater started shrinking. Also, the incredible action of the rim jets and the swishing nature of the water got more of me wet at the same time. As the flush began, I did get a bit scared, but three more words came into my mind: "there is another". And I let go of my fear. Those three words, actually, had a double meaning. But I wouldn't learn the second meaning for a while. Did I mention I had been holding onto the left side of the bowl? I let go of that too when I let go of my fear. I guess I needed to let go completely so I could experience what happened next. I felt something that I had wanted to feel for a long time: suction. The bowl was still technically flushing and not sucking, but my shrinking body was being tugged at from below. My dick and balls were dangling below me in the toilet's mouth and I felt like they were going to come off and be sucked down by themselves. Obviously, I really didn't want to part with them. But I let go of that fear too. Then I felt it, the tank valve closed as it sat down above me. The toilet bowl was in suck-mode. And I was slowly descending as more and more of me shrunk down, starting from my butt and going up my thighs and chest. But only a certain amount of me shrunk down. Just the parts that were wet.

And now I had a whole new experience, something that, in later years, would always make me cum like clockwork. But on that day, that system wasn't quite operational `down there'. My butt was now small enough to fit into the toilet's mouth, not just the part in the bottom of the bowl, but the part that forms the throat where I had watched water, paper and waste disappear for years in every toilet I had ever flushed. And now I was going there. I was being sucked down. But not all the way. A huge wave of happiness came over me as my butt entered the toilet's mouth and the toilet sucked itself dry, gurgling happily. The toilet gurgled with me in its mouth. Words cannot describe this, other than utter joy.

I sat in that position for a minute. And I knew what was next. I didn't know how it would happen, but I knew what was next. I had come this far, and I was gonna go for it. I wanted the `royal' treatment. I was ready for anything now. I wasn't sure what `anything' was exactly, but I was ready.

I thought that it might be easier for the toilet to flush me if all of me was actually in the bowl to start with. The only parts of me sticking out of the bowl at this point were my head and lower legs. And boy, it is really bizarre to see the world from this perspective. My eyes were basically level with the rim, which wasn't really bizarre since I'd done that many times before with my toilet. You know, looking across the bowl, then down into it. But I'd never looked out at the rim from INSIDE the bowl. Also, I thought my legs looked pretty awesome sticking out of the bowl like that. It was a mental image I'd pictured for a while now. And boy, I wish there had been digital cameras back then, this would have been awesome to see pictures (and video) of! So I brought my legs all the way into the bowl. I sat in the bowl with my butt nestled down in the toilet's mouth and my legs in front of me. It was kind of a strange position. From the side, I formed a V-shape. My back was straight up, coming out of the toilet's mouth, and my legs went up the bowl's surface. They were angled so that I could put my feet under the bowl rim. "Wow!" I thought, "it's as if I'm being bathed again!" I couldn't believe that just ten minutes before this, I was only feeling toilet paper wads on my butt. No one would ever believe this!

And I was ready. From just a little desire to getting wet from the toilet to totally letting myself go. I was ready to start the next phase of my life. And I knew, that whatever it held in store for me, it was going to be absolutely wonderful. The thought came into my head again and I said it aloud to myself, shuddering as I did so, "I want to be flushed, down the toilet." And it would seem, sitting here down inside my toilet's mouth, that it might actually happen! And then a thought came into my mind, "Well, we better get you totally wet if I'm going to suck down that beautiful butt of yours." I didn't need any more information than that. My own waves of happiness started coming all over me. I knew I wasn't alone anymore, I knew I had a friend for life. I was sitting in him.

And now, it was time to become better friends with him.

You know how kids get disappointed and sad because they aren't `tall enough to ride' at theme parks? Well my arms were barely long enough to reach the flush handle and I thought I wasn't going to be able to do this! I stretched and pulled myself up just a bit by grabbing the raised seat. I then thought, "well, at least there's not that much water in the bowl to start with!" I dug my feet into the toilet bowl rim and stretched my mostly-pliable body just as far as I could and I grabbed the flush handle. And with all of my shrunken body weight, I pulled it down. And something happened that I totally didn't expect, I was tickled! The warm spray of water came down from the toilet bowl rim and my feet were totally tickled as they were under the spray. As an automatic reaction, I tried to move my feet away from what they were being tickled by, and then I slipped from my position as my feet lost their grip on the porcelain. I learned pretty quick just how slippery toilet bowls are designed to be, especially when they are wet! My feet and legs were dangling below me in the bowl, as they were no longer able to grip the bowl surface. I thought, "I need to get in there, and there is no problem in releasing the handle now that the toilet is flushing." So I aimed my head for the center of the toilet bowl and let go of the flush handle. And it was perfect. I was literally tossing myself into the toilet! The bowl had started to fill with water, which was helpful in not having my head smack into the bowl surface, and I splashed down right into the center of my flushing toilet. Then, the rest of my body near-instantly shrunk down to what I would later come to know as, "flushable size." And now, it was me who was being swirled and swished around in the bowl.

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