Chapter 6

Going Down!

And so here I was, as vulnerable as a sheet of toilet paper (and as small as one too) and actually in my toilet's bowl. And not just sitting there idle, but during an actual flush! As I splashed down into the water, I just barely missed hitting my head on the bowl surface (that would have sucked!). For a brief moment, I got really, really scared. I think that it was probably a normal reaction to have. But, it was the only time I would ever be scared when in a toilet from that point forward. I also initially thought I would drown or die. The currents in a toilet bowl during a flush are extremely strong. Much stronger than one would think, and I just really thought to myself "what the hell have you gotten yourself into? You wanted this for so long and yet now you'll be dead in a few seconds!" Of course, I could swim like the best of them, but I couldn't breathe underwater or fight the current of a flushing toilet bowl.

It's also a bit scary being a flushing toilet bowl for the mere fact that you are whipped around the bowl forcefully by the swishing action, and it gets faster as the flush progresses. And just as my fear had appeared, it was totally washed away with a massive shockwave of happiness that came over me. Everything I was worried about didn't matter anymore and I was just able to focus on what was going on around me: the flush. Also, I felt my dick pulsating and looked down through the water to find it bigger and longer than I'd ever seen it. I could feel it as it was so stiff, like it was some new muscle that I was growing.

And so I was being swished around the outside of the bowl, and I kept getting zapped every time I passed under one of the rim jets. For a now-tiny boy like me in the bowl, they were huge and sprayed with more force than a garden hose on full! After flushing this toilet, my toilet, so many times, I knew what was coming up and when it was coming. I could tell by the sounds in the bowl, which were so loud and crystal-clear now that I was `flushable size'. How exactly I was shrunk to this size, I had no idea, but I was ready for what was next: the part I'd been dreaming of for years.

I started to feel a little more undercurrent below me as my feet started to drift to the center of the bowl, and I thought to myself, "not just yet, I really want to enjoy this!" And so I bent my legs and pulled them up close to my chest, so I could keep my body close to the water surface. The water in the bowl had risen up just as it should and had stayed at the same level for about two seconds. I knew what the toilet was doing now: getting ready to start sucking. And then I heard something that I had never heard before while just watching a flush. A faint `pop' or a sound like a `watery air bubble' being popped. Yes, it was definitely an air bubble sound, but it was watery and weird. Right as I heard that sound, I felt gravity acting on me just a bit. As I gazed toward the center of the bowl, I saw the little vortex start to form. Of course, from my position near the outside of the toilet bowl, I couldn't see into the vortex, it seemed more like a slight depression in the water instead. And, if the depression didn't signal it, the next sound did: the flush valve in the tank closing. I heard and saw the water stop coming out of the rim and all the holes made their little sucking sounds. It was sort of like a message from the toilet to whatever and whoever was in its bowl, "if you don't want to be flushed, get out now." This was the point of no return. And I couldn't have gotten out even if I had wanted to. The toilet bowl was super-slick when flushing and it was made that way to efficiently clear the waste from the sides of the bowl and get it ready to be sucked down. And now it was me who was about to get sucked down. And I couldn't wait! I pulled my legs in close to my chest and squeezed my whole body together tightly.

The next few things happened in literally less than two seconds: The depression in the center of the water got deeper, and the water became a funnel. As the depression deepened, I sank down in the bowl and the flushing current pulled me closer to the center as I was whipped around the bowl. And then, in what seemed like an instant, I was in the dead center of the bowl, just above the toilet's mouth. And for just a brief moment, I was almost face down, and staring right into the mouth, which was bigger than I had ever seen it, and it was smiling back like I would have expected. And in an instant, everything became a blur. I actually thought I was going to throw up. I got really dizzy and I knew what was happening, but I just couldn't really see it or understand it all. But like everything else in the flush, it was over just as soon as it began. My toilet had given me a chance to slow down for a brief moment to look at me and for me to look at it, closer than either of us ever had. And then it was time for it to get to know me and for me to get to know it on a more intimate level.

When you've gone past the `point of no return' in a flush, you are in the center of the water vortex and you spin extremely fast. Ever watched your toilet flush toilet paper down? Yeah, it's that fast. And when you are tiny, you spin even faster. It's more intense than any amusement park ride. You only stay in the dead center of the vortex, on top of the vortex, for a very short time. Less than a second. Instantly, you're in the toilet's mouth, at the very bottom of the bowl. You feel the slight remainder of the jet's water shooting out at the bottom of the bowl and you are sucked into the toilet's throat, and into total darkness. The spinning slows as you experience a whole new sensation: water-flight. You were just in the center of the vortex, spinning at like 10,000 rpm, then you were pulled down into the toilet's mouth and then sucked into its throat in the inner depths of the toilet. And then you go up, way up. And fast. Like the fastest elevator ever made, or being on the space shuttle during take off. The sucking water thrusts you upward, but yet you don't smash into any kind of ceiling, your body actually follows very closely to the center of the water's path. And that path goes over a `dam' of sorts, and then its down the other side!

So my need to throw up subsided, mainly because it became pitch black really quickly after I started spinning. The force on my body was unlike anything else I'd experienced, and I really hadn't been ready to be sucked down so quickly. I thought it would have been slower or something. I went underwater swiftly as I was sucked into the toilet's throat. Oh, did I mention that I was right-side-up when I was in the vortex? As I fell downward through the vortex and into the toilet's mouth, I turned with the vortex and kept the same orientation to the flow of the water. The toilet really did indeed apparently want to "suck down that beautiful butt" of mine, because I was being flushed, butt-first.

As I had been sucked underwater so fast, I stupidly gasped for air. But what happened next proved to me that there was way more to this whole thing than I could have possibly imagined. I instinctively coughed the water out that I had just breathed in, but it didn't really feel like a normal cough. My lungs felt completely normal. This was bizarre. I breathed in normally and filled my lungs with, water! And then I breathed out. I was breathing normally! "How the hell was this possible??" I thought. Had I been turned into a fish? I couldn't think about this whole breathing thing because of everything else that was going on around me. There were just too many new sensations during this whole experience. I was on complete emotional and physical overload here.

There was a new twist at every turn apparently. As soon as everything went dark, the spinning had slowed and I felt like I had gone airborne. But I couldn't have. So maybe it was `water-airborne'? My body turned again and my butt was straight up in the air. And that's what my body did, it shot straight up, but never crashed into any kind of `roof' or `ceiling'. Instead, I felt my back brush this hard `wall' of sorts, I guessed porcelain. I turned yet again to have my back facing `down', or what I thought was down anyways. And then, I felt nothing except the water rushing around me. I was falling, but not really like free-falling (like I'd really know what that was.) It was slower, probably because of all the water around me. I wished I could see what was going on all around me, but it was just damned pitch black! I guess I hadn't really thought of the toilet on the inside. What was I thinking, that there would be like emergency lighting or something? No electricity, duh! And who would install the damned lights anyways? Toilet Elves?!

I could tell that I had turned again, and I was falling butt-first down this passageway, or whatever it was, inside the toilet's throat. Next, after understanding that I couldn't see no matter how much I squinted, my lower legs and feet smacked into something really hard. My forearms felt it too because they were wrapped around my legs. My first reaction was severe pain, broken bones, smashed fingers, all the worst things possible. But even though my brain `thought' pain, there was none. In fact, I felt the impact, but everything that should have been in pain or been broken felt more like rubber just springing back on itself. I thought, "what the hell?" And then I remembered how this first flush started, with my `pliable' body parts that I had discovered after getting slightly wet! Before I could finish that thought, I slid down that hard thing, whatever it was, and once again felt like I was falling.

The falling sensation was almost immediately replaced by my, now soft and pliable butt striking bottom. OK, I guess it didn't strike it since it was pliable. I felt it as more of a thud than anything. And I felt the water pressure on top of me and I also felt a new suction force behind me. I didn't have time to think about what was happening before the force behind me sucked my butt toward it and turned me to have my butt headed straight for the suction. There wasn't any way to avoid getting sucked backwards since the toilet bowl was still sucking down water and therefore, there were gallons (literally) of water raining down on me from above. As my whole scrunched up body was pulled into the suction, a new wave of happiness came over me. Actually it was like five or six waves all at once. They started as the suction rotated my body and they ended as I realized where I was. I was right where the toilet was connected to the drainpipe. I was turned again, and I went down through the drain coupling butt-first. As the happiness waves came over me, I realized what they were, because I could actually feel the toilet gurgling as it finished its flush. I could hear the gurgles, feel them and I experienced them like never before.

And then I was falling. Fast. I hit a turn in the drain and then I was going backwards again, butt first. This lasted literally for two seconds. And then there was another turn, but this one went down, and there seemed to be no bottom to it. I rode the water that had flushed me down the toilet as the pipe turned a corner and I started to fall. I felt it, this was going to be a free-fall. I was starting on the second story of the house, and the pipe would lead underground somewhere. As I turned and started to fall, a single word came into my mind out of nowhere. It was "reach." I was sort of like `huh?' And then I started falling, and fast. Free-fall. No parachute. I had not only just gone down the toilet, but now I was going down the drain. I doubted if any amount of `pliable-ness' would prevent me from being killed when I hit the bottom of this pipe. But, as most people do when are falling, they flail around wildly. Or, they `reach'. And that's exactly what I did.

My left hand touched the plastic pipe wall. And my descent slowed. I reached out my right-hand and touched the pipe. In a few seconds, friction built between my hands and the smooth, slippery plastic drainpipe. And I stopped. Just like an elevator stopping at its next floor. I was hanging in the vertical drainpipe by only my hands. This was impossible! I had to be dreaming. I thought, "somebody, somebody please pinch me!"

Oh, did I mention that I was totally soaked? Not that it mattered. Back then I couldn't grow any body hair so the water just ran off my smooth skin, but my regular hair was just a mess. I hung there hanging in the drainpipe as the flushed water from above finally came to an end. I could hear it rushing and draining away below me. I wondered to myself, "so am I just gonna hang here for like forever?" "No, silly boy." Those words appeared in my head, no voice, just words. "You have a few new abilities that you didn't have before you got wet this morning. Climb. Climb up and come back into the bowl."

This was really crazy. But I just "went with the flow", no pun intended. I slowly pulled one hand away from the drainpipe wall, and my body started to slide down. "Push," the word said in my mind. And so I pushed my other hand harder against the pipe wall. And I stopped. Now, you are wondering: "what was he pushing against so that he could push his hand harder into the pipe wall?" Good question, but even I couldn't answer it at this point. I just pushed. And so I climbed up the pipe, at first not making much progress. But I made it up the pipe and around the turn, going vertical once again. Damn it was good to be on level `ground' again! As I turned, I saw faint light at the end of the pipe. Finally I could see something! I thought, "that must be where the toilet is." "Yes. But why don't I help you out so you can get back into the bowl quicker, ok? Close your eyes." My eyes closed just as the pipe filled with water that came out of absolute thin air. The water then rushed toward the toilet and me right along with it. As soon as I felt my body going upward, I lost all sense of direction and my other senses went all `blurry'.

Literally one heartbeat after my senses going blurry, they cleared. I was laying down with my arms spread out and hands touching opposite `walls' of some kind. My back was against some smooth surface. And I was holding myself there apparently. As soon as my senses had cleared, there was a rush of water over me. My eyes were still closed, so I couldn't see anything. And for some reason, I kept them closed. But I knew where I was. There was a place I had always wanted to be during a flush, and I was there. In the toilet bowl's mouth. As the flushing water rushed past my body, I could feel the swirling action of it all on my smooth torso. I was in total ecstasy waiting for what came at the end of the flush. The water and the toilet gurgled in as much ecstasy as I was in, with me right in its mouth. I felt like I could just die of happiness.

"You were the first. And you definitely won't be the last." I'll remember those words forever. As I read them in my mind, I truly felt content.

Oh yeah, he definitely wasn't the last! Matt and I have been flushing now for years. For him, he had an edge on me in that department by a few years. My introduction to being flushed was a bit more dramatic than his, and it turned out to be really, really special. But we'll leave that story for later.

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