Chapter 7

Life After Being Flushed and What's Next

After all my ultra-high emotions subsided, I had a thought, "how do I get back to normal size?  Even though this is way cool, what happens next?"  In answer, a response came into my mind, "you've taken an important first step, a step we've been waiting for you to take for a very long time.  We could show you more, but it would be overwhelming for you now."

"OK", I thought.  "Makes sense I guess, since I'm already totally used up emotionally at this point."

"And, we?"   "Let's leave that for later, just realize that it takes more than just one of us to make what just happened, possible," came the response.

"Use the same technique that you used to move up the drain pipe, to climb up and out of the bowl.  As you start to come out of the bowl, your body will start to enlarge back to normal size."

I opened my eyes to finally really see where I was.  And I really was down in the mouth of the toilet bowl.  At first I kinda got freaked out, I was still taking in this whole new experience.  And I also realized just how small I was, to be able to get flushed down my toilet.  I looked down the smooth my body toward my feet and saw the darkness of the toilet's throat beyond, and where the bowl curved to form the mouth.  I had never seen it from this perspective, and I was looking at it from inside the mouth, which added a whole new special quality of knowing how the mouth works and sounds during a flush.  I turned my body around and looked the other way, which was looking right into the siphon jet.  It too was dark inside, and it was just a perfectly round hole in the smooth porcelain surface.  I thought, "I wonder what it's like to be like a `piece of shit' sitting here in the mouth and then get flushed down?"

"You'll find out eventually, we're sure that you'll come up with all kinds of ways to be flushed.  Probably more than we could even come up with."

That was good enough for me.  I stood up in the mouth at the bottom of my toilet's bowl.  I still wasn't sure about this whole breathing underwater thing.  I mean, it was working and I hadn't drowned, but it still was a bit strange!  I `walked' over to where the curve of the mouth's opening meets the bowl and placed my hands on it as far apart as they could go.  I lowered my head down to the mouth's opening and kissed my toilet, right on the mouth.  I had wanted to do that for a really long time.  I held the position for a minute, and it felt really good.  I wasn't made content by this whole flushing experience, well, I was definitely content now.  I released my `embrace' and let myself float up to the top of the water line.

I let my head bob up, out of the water, and I coughed out water from my lungs.  "Wow, that was weird!"  I thought.  I then breathed air normally again, for the first time since being flushed.  It felt good to breathe real air again.  I turned around and looked down into the mouth, and it was more from my regular perspective that I'm used to.  It looked familiar again and smiling.

I then took one final glance around the bowl, knowing that I would be back in here many times again.  It was still a bit weird and creepy to actually be flushable size in my toilet bowl, I felt very vulnerable to being flushed down, but I guess that was normal!  I put my hands down on the smooth bowl surface, pressed down hard and pulled myself up and out of the water.  Climbing up a bit farther, I reached up to the top of the bowl rim so I could get a good grip on it, and that hand that was gripping the rim started growing larger.  I reached my other hand up to the rim and held on as it too, began to grow.  My arms started next, along with my head, shoulders and chest as I `walked' up the bowl surface to get more of myself up and out of the bowl.

I changed my grip on the bowl rim so my feet could push me totally out of the bowl and I could swing myself around. And as soon as I was out of the bowl, the rest of me started growing too.  I figured that I would have to perfect this `exiting the bowl' thing because there was probably only a few ways to do it safely.  "All in good time," the message said that came into my mind.

I pinched myself just after my feet touched down on the carpet in my bedroom, and I was standing in front of my toilet.  I didn't wake up or anything, so it must have been real!

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