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Shirtless Teen Boys with Hats

A Fantasy

Part one: Tyson meets Trevor

Sometimes it's really hard to be 17. It's even harder to be 17 and gay. That's me. Tyson Girard. 17, male, gay. Ok, there is more to me than just that, but sometimes it just seems to consume my life. Well, guys seem to consume my life. Even at 17, I have to admit that I am a virgin. Not just a virgin to sexual intercourse, a complete and total virgin to any type of sex at all. Other than a casual glance in the locker rooms, I haven't seen another person naked up close- let alone touched anyone in that carnal way. I'm not sure why, really. I mean, I seem to be a decent looking guy. You decide.

I'm 5'10" tall, but I'm fairly slender, tipping the scales at about 154 pounds. I'm not scrawny, I have decent muscle tone, but I'm not a real muscular guy. My abs are decently defined, I think you can see four or five of my 'pack'. My hair is fairly straight, not real long, and a medium color of brown. I think they call it chestnut? Not sure. It does seem to look good with my crystal clear green eyes though. My skin is clear. I was lucky to never have had that acne problem. My nose, eyes and ears all seem to be proportionate to the rest of my head and body. I have no hair on my chest, but have the start of a treasure trail sneaking into my boxers. I have the average patch of brown hair under each arm, and a medium coat of brown hair on my legs. My butt seems to be nicely sized, although a bit of a bubble butt.

So what do YOU think? My best friend Garret always calls me 'stud'. I have had a few girls ask me out on dates. I've gone, but never really got into girls. They were all nice, and never really pushed things very hard. I just like the chests on my dates to be very flat, and hard. Oh Man. I do love bare chests on guys! Anyway, let me get on with my story.

I first saw Trevor one steamy Chicago night at a gas station. I live in one of the numerous suburbs outside of Chicago. I live in a small town, but we are bordered by a couple other towns that are fairly good sized. I was just out alone, cruising around the neighboring town that seems to have a lot of wealthy people living in it. I was hoping to see some guys out kicking around with no shirts on. Don't you just love that look? I mean a hot guy, with no shirt, his boxers showing over the waistband of his shorts, and a ball cap on his head backwards. That is THE look that drives me nuts. Ok, ok, I admit it. I do that myself sometimes. Usually I don't wear that hat though. Hats make my head hot and I don't like sweating all that much. That night, I was wearing a skin tight sleeveless white tee shirt and a pair of loose cargo shorts. No hat, it was way too muggy out.

Since my car was on fumes, I decided to stop and fill it up. I pulled into a Mobil station and got out to fill up. I was just leaning on the car as the gas was filling, wishing a cool front would come through. I heard a car pull up at the pump across from me and stop. Curious, I looked to see who would get out. My heart nearly stopped as I saw Trevor get out of his car. He had my look. He was shirtless and had a pair of jean shorts on. As he stood up, I noticed the waistband of his black Calvin boxers showing over his shorts. He had a red baseball hat on backwards. From what I could tell, he had blond hair that was buzzed close to his scalp. He was gorgeous! His tan chest and dark brown nipples made my legs feel weak. I couldn't help but just stare at him as he started to pump his gas. He saw me staring at him, and politely said,


"Hey back," I replied, feeling corny, but smiling at him anyway.

"Sure is hot out here, isn't it?" he asked.

"Hot enough to melt the nipples off a wax Madonna" I replied.

Well that must have gotten to him, because he started laughing really hard. I could see his belly tighten and relax as he was laughing, and I just grinned at him.

"That was good, dude," he managed to say after calming down some. "I owe you a Coke for that one."

"Cool," was all I replied with.

We both finished pumping our gas and headed inside to pay.

"My name's Trevor" he said, offering his hand.

"Tyson" I replied, taking his hand and shaking it firmly.

"You from around here? I've never seen you before" he asked.

"Naw. I live over in Montgomery. I'm just cruising around checking out the sights" I answered back, with a wry grin on my face.

Now you must know, I am not usually this forward with people. I certainly had never met Trevor before. He just seemed so fresh, so fun, like one of those people that are really fun to hang around with. Besides, he was HOT and offered to buy me a Coke. I was NOT going to let this opportunity slip by. I may never see him again, but at least I will take advantage of talking to this really cute 18-year old.

We went into the store and headed to the coolers.

"Whad'ya drinkin tonight?" he asked.

"Vanilla Coke for me." I answered.

He grabbed two vanilla Cokes and headed to the register. I followed him up, and of course I was checking out his backside. I noticed that he had very nice muscles in his back, and he had the nicest shaped butt I had ever seen. We both paid for our gas, and he paid for the two Cokes. We sauntered back out into the hot night. As I got up to my car, I thanked him for the Coke.

"Hey Ty. I was just out cruising too. All my friends are away on vacation, and I am bored silly. You feel like coming over to my place to wash the sweat off in our pool?"

I decided to keep my humor going with this hunk. "Why Trevor! We just met. What kind of girl do you think I am?" I asked, while batting my eyelashes at him.

That got him laughing all over again. Again, I just grinned at him while watching him holding his belly laughing. He was laughing so hard he was turning red. I was starting to get concerned when he finally calmed down.

"You are too much man. C'mon. Follow me to my place and we'll splash around in the pool for a while. I might even sneak us a couple of cold beers too."

I bent my arm behind my back. "Ok, ok, stop twisting my arm. I'll follow you."

"Cool. You're awesome, dude," he replied.

He jumped in his car and started it up, and tore out of the lot. I had to do the same to keep up with him. He drove like a lunatic, but I was able to keep him in my sight. I was amazed as we pulled into a really nice neighborhood, and pulled up to a huge brick house. Typical. Gorgeous guy and loaded to boot. This night really looked promising.

Part two: The pool party

As we pulled up to the house, one of the three garage doors opened up. Trevor pulled his car into the garage and I pulled up behind his. I discretely checked the mirror to make sure I looked ok. I couldn't believe I was doing this. It was SO exciting. Trevor climbed out his car and waved for me to follow him into the garage. I exited mine and walked into the immaculate garage. I noticed a large SUV in the garage, but the other space was empty.

"My parents are spending the weekend downtown" Trevor commented, noticing my questioning look at the missing car.

I couldn't help the large smile that was spreading across my face. It was infectious, as Trevor immediately got one on his face as well. I couldn't be sure, but I thought I could see a bit of a swelling in his general groin area. It was fairly obvious to everyone (but me) that Trevor had just picked me up at the gas station. My pure sweet innocense kept me from realizing that though. I was just going for a swim with this really hot guy I just met, right? Uh huh, yeah, sure you are Ty.

"Follow me, Ty. The pool is out back."

"No kidding? We keep ours in the upstairs bedroom" I replied, trying to be a smart ass.

He just turned around and looked at me with an unbelieving smile. When he saw my grin, he started laughing again. Man, how I loved to hear him laugh.

"You are too much Tyson. Way too much. Come on."

Trevor walked out the sliding door on the back of the house with me right on his heels. I could smell his fresh scent, obviously the deodorant that he used. He stopped at a locker on the patio and grabbed a couple of towels, tossing them on one of the chairs by the pool.

"Um, Trev, I don't have a suit."

"Don't worry about it Ty. You can swim in your boxers. I won't tell anyone."

With that, he undid his shorts and kicked them onto the chair. He had his back to me so I couldn't see if he was sporting any wood. He then immediately dove into the pool and started swimming to the other side. I decided that would be the best time to sneak into the pool, as I had a very serious semi going at the moment. I quickly ripped off my tight tee shirt, dropped my shorts, and dove in after Trevor. The cool water did its job of squelching my growing tool. The water felt so good on that hot humid night.

Trevor and I spent the next half hour just swimming laps, and generally goofing around splashing each other. We took turns showing each other tricks that we could do in the water. I was amazed as I watched him do a handstand under water. His legs would stick up out of the water, and I watched as the water would drain down his body, and firmly adhering his black boxers to his firm body. I could make out the distinct line of the crack of his butt as the boxers clung to his skin. I was also able to make out the nice size of his tool as it laid against his body, pointing to his head underwater. He surfaced again, and told me to give it a try. Having never done it before, I told him I would give it a shot.

After several attempts, I was able to finally complete the underwater handstand. While I held it there, I opened my eyes and noticed that Trevor was watching me, and sporting a very full hard-on. I grinned to myself and returned to the surface. He applauded my attempt and moved over near the side of the pool.

"Hey Ty, why don't you go grab a couple of Coke's from the fridge on the deck."

"Sure, dude" I replied.

I climbed the ladder and plodded over to the fridge, dripping wet. I grabbed a couple of Vanilla Cokes and began walking back to the pool. As I was walking toward him, I noticed Trevor staring directly at my crotch.

"Whatcha looking at?" I asked him, amused.

"Um, white boxers" he replied with a very large grin.

I looked down, and noticed that I was indeed wearing my white Calvins. I also noticed that when white Calvins get wet, they become nearly transparent. I must have blushed three shades of red at that moment. As I looked at myself, I noticed that everything I had was clearly exposed to anyone looking.

"Damn" I gasped "I didn't know these would do that!"

"I'm NOT complaining" Trevor said enthusiastically.

I climbed into the pool and waded over to Trevor and handed him his Coke. From the closeness, I could tell he had a full boner, and it was tenting his wet boxers straight out.

"Looks like someone likes what he saw" I said with a smile.

"Oh yeah. I like everything that I saw"

"Well, since you saw most of me, isn't it only fair that I see you?" I asked in my most 'fair is fair' tone.

"Help yourself to whatever you want" he replied, raising his arms and locking his hands behind his head.

I slowly approached him, and laid my hands on his firm chest. I was staring at my hands as they made their way down his tight pecs to his firm abs. My fingers toyed with the soft hair around his navel, which was just barely out of the water. My hands made their way down his hips, sliding over the wet boxers clung to his body. One hand slid around to his perfect butt, cupping it firmly. The other hand found his rigid pole, and gently squeezed it. He gasped loudly as my hand made contact with his seven-inch hard tool. At this point, my own 6 ½ pole was rock hard. Slowly, I slid his wet boxers over his pole and down his legs. I had to dip under the water to get the boxers over his feet and off his body. As I was under the water, I opened my eyes and took in the full view of his hard dick pointing out at me. As I resurfaced, I grabbed his cock in one hand and began to stroke him. He flung his head back and moaned loudly, obviously enjoying the attention he was getting. I took a deep breath of air, and sunk back underwater, taking all of his hard cock in my mouth at once. I immediately began sliding my mouth up and down his gorgeous piece of meat. It wasn't long and I was out of breath, so I had to resurface again. When I did, he pulled my mouth to his and kissed me passionately, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth. The sensation of his firm wet body pressed tight to mine was driving me mad. I could feel my own cock begin to drip precum into my wet transparent boxers. As we were kissing like mad, he reached behind me and grabbed my butt, pulling my hard cock into his. He began grinding our cocks together while exploring my mouth with his tongue. I felt my legs begin to quiver, and he stopped.

"You are SO hot Ty!" he breathed hoarsely into my ear. "I want to taste you."

We turned around in the pool so my back was against the wall. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me out of the water, sitting me on the edge of the pool. Both of us were staring at my hard cock, completely exposed in the nearly invisible fabric of my wet, white Calvins. He placed his mouth directly over the end of my cock and began sucking the precum thru the wet fabric. My whole body was shaking at this intense stimulation that I had never before felt. He then moved up to my navel, and began licking all the water out with his tongue. He played with the fine hair of my treasure trail, before grabbing the waistband with his teeth. Gently, he pulled the wet boxers over my cock, and slid them off my legs. He licked his way back up my right leg, dancing his tongue delicately along the wet hairs on my leg. When he got to my balls, he began massaging them with soft strokes with his tongue. He licked up the bas of my shaft until he reached the dripping hole of my cock. With soft precision, he licked everything he could from my cock head. He then slid his mouth over the entire length of my rigid pole. I was in heaven with the feelings of his warm tight mouth around my pole. I began lifting my hips and forcing more of my aching cock into his throat. He had no problems taking everything I had to offer him. I was getting very close to blowing my load, and he only sped up his motions.

"Trev, I'm about to blow," I moaned out loudly.

He made no move to stop, but instead, began to massage my balls with his hand. He increased his speed on my cock and I couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Trev, I'm cumming" I yelled out.

I felt my entire body tense, as the orgasm took over my body. I felt immense streams of cum shoot from my cock and fire deep into his waiting throat. Trevor didn't miss a drop as he swallowed load after load of my hot cum. After I stopped shooting, I collapsed on the edge of the pool, as he gingerly licked the remaining drops of cum from my dick. He then pulled me back into the pool, and attacked me with another lip lock. I could taste my cum in his mouth, and greedily lapped at the inside of his mouth.

"That was awesome Trevor!" I gasped as we broke our kiss. "That was the first time I have ever done something like that."

He just grinned at me and replied, "We aren't done yet. Let's go to my room."

We climbed out of the pool and collected all the stray clothing. We grabbed the towels and I followed him up to his room. I called my parents to let them know I was spending the weekend at a friend's house. Let's just say, Trevor and I spent the entire time naked, and we experienced about everything two guys can experience together. It was the best weekend of my young life!


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